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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Nimrod Segol 2018 Neftin Danny Abstracts Injectiveness of Rational Functions
Tal Monderer 2018 Neftin Danny Abstracts Genus 0 Subfields of Symmetric and Alternating Extensions
Michael Bersudsky 2018 Band Ram Abstracts Courant-Sharp Eigenvalues of Neumann 2-Rep-Tiles
Igor Khmelnitsky 2018 Meshulam Roy Abstracts D-collapsibility and its applications
Kay Barshad 2018 Reich Simeon Abstracts Iterative Coherent Methods for Solving Convex Optimization Problems in Hilbert Space
Hagay Shacham 2017 Moriyah Yoav Abstracts Combinatorial Conditions which Affect the Heegaard Distance
Gal Yehoshua 2017 Nevo Amos Abstracts Applications of Quantitative Estimates on Matrix Coefficients
Antonius Hase 2017 Hartnick Tobias Abstracts A study of the Out(F2)-action on second bounded cohomology Hb2(Fn,R)
Amir Abu-Fraiha 2016 Meshulam Roy Abstracts Homology of Random Simplicial Complexes Based on Steiner Systems
Baruch Epstein 2016 Polyak Michael Abstracts A Combinatorial Encoding of 3-Manifolds
Guy Amram 2016 Shapira Uri Abstracts Continued Fractions and Geodesic Flow in Positive Characteristic
Shlomi Gover 2016 Wolansky Gershon Abstracts The Lady in the Lake Revisited
Reut Zuck 2016 Shapira Uri Abstracts The limiting distribution of random Cayley Graphs
Ido Nachum 2015 Bader Uri Abstracts Coarse Symmetries of Groups
Zuly Leonela Salinas Pillajo 2015 Reich Simeon Abstracts Infinite Products of Operators
Netanel Regev 2015 Pinchover Yehuda Abstracts Criticality Theory of Half-Linear Equations with the (p,A)-Laplacian
Alon Lessel 2014 Bader Uri Abstracts Compact Models for Group Actions
Evgeny Tenetov 2014 Baruch Ehud Moshe Abstracts A Voronoi-Oppenhein Summation Formula for Totally Real Number Fields
Hagai Lavner 2014 Ziegler Tamar Abstracts Problems in Multiple Pointwise Convergence
Alan Lew 2018 Meshulam Roy Abstracts Spectral Gaps of Generalized Flag Complexes
Miriam Farber 2013 Berman Abraham Abstracts Bounds for the Eigenvalues of Symmetric Matrices
Tamir Hemo 2017 Nevo Amos Abstracts Homogeneous Asymptotic Limits of Uniform Averages on Fuchsian Groups
Lital Shemen 2013 Reich Simeon Abstracts Iterative Methods for Solving Nonlinear Problems
Miel Sharf 2016 Bader Uri Abstracts On Reduced Horoboundary Action of Groups and Property (EH)
Doron Elad 2013 Sonn Jack Abstracts Enumerating Semiabelian p-Groups
Wissam Boulos 2013 Reich Simeon Abstracts Best Approximations; Farthest Points and Porosity in Banach and Hyperbolic Spaces
Zohar Shapira 2015 Nevo Amos Abstracts Horospherical Entropy for Actions of Free Groups
Shay Levi 2013 Shafrir Itai Abstracts On the Distance between Homotopy Classes of Maps from the Sphere to a Convex Surface
Eliran Avni 2012 Cwikel Michael Abstracts Topics in Interpolation Spaces
Vladimir Finkelshtein 2013 Bader Uri Abstracts On The Horofunction Boundary of Finitely Generated Nilpotent Groups
Dror Ozeri 2012 Offen Omer, Baruch Ehud Moshe, Abstracts Spherical Functions on 2-Adic Ramified Hermitian Spaces
Tal Horesh 2012 Nevo Amos Abstracts Zariski Density of Prime Points in Orbits
Anat Lev-Ari 2012 Pinsky Ross Abstracts Random Walks in Cookie Environment
Ofir David 2012 Aljadeff Eli Abstracts On Regular Gradings of Algebras
Irina Gorelik 2012 Aharoni Ron Abstracts Weighted Kernels in Digraphs
Michal Lenkiewicz 2011 Katchalski Meir Abstracts Intersecting Convex Sets
Maxim Gurevich 2011 Solel Baruch Abstracts Ideals in Non-Commutative Hardy Algebras and Subproduct Systems
Adi Wolf 2011 Aljadeff Eli Abstracts Automorphisms and Forms of Path Algebras
Yuval Shpigelman 2011 Juhasz Arie Abstracts Solution of the Word Problem in Certain One-Relator Free Product
Nitay Arcusin 2011 Pinsky Ross Abstracts On The Asymptotic Behavior of the Principal Eigenvalue for Diffusion Processes with Jumps
Evgeny Musicantov 2011 Gelaki Shlomo Abstracts Extensions and Equivariantizations of Fusion Categories
Igor Karasik 2011 Aljadeff Eli Abstracts Crossed Products and Their Corresponding Central Polynomials
Alon Ivtsan 2010 Cwikel Michael Abstracts Topics in Interpolation Spaces
Sarit Buzaglo 2010 Pinchasi Rom Abstracts The VC-Dimension of s-Intersecting Curves
Yohai Maayan 2010 Mayer-Wolf Eddy Abstracts Fractional Brownian Motion
Michal Dina 2010 Berman Abraham, Hershkowitz Daniel, Abstracts Spectrally Arbitrary Patterns
Hila Maayan 2010 Chillag David (Deceased) Abstracts On Zeroes of Characters of Finite Groups
Rachel Hess Green 2009 Pinsky Ross Abstracts A Probabilistic Approach to Bounded Solutions of the Schrodinger Equation
Avital Musiya-Oknin 2009 Baruch Ehud Moshe Abstracts Identities between Bessel Functions attached to Representations of Matrix Groups over a Finite Field
Aya Wallwater 2009 Reich Simeon Abstracts Almost Convergence and a Dual Ergodic Theorem for Nonlinear Semigroups in Banach Spaces
Gregory Shapiro 2009 Nevo Amos, Sageev Michah, Abstracts Amenable Algebras and Ends of Algebras
Erol Hallufgil 2009 Aharoni Ron Abstracts Coloring with Two-Way Independent Sets
Daniel Rabayev 2009 Sonn Jack Abstracts Polynomials with Roots Mod n for All Positive Integers n
Oded Talker 2009 Solel Baruch Abstracts Wold Decomposition for Commuting Row Isometries
Elimelekh Geva 2008 Aljadeff Eli Abstracts On Center-by-p-groups which Span Central Simple Algebras
Or Beit-Aharon 2008 Baruch Ehud Moshe Abstracts A Kernel Formula for the Action of the Weyl Element,in the Kirillov Model of Representation in the Unitary Principle Series of SL(2,C)
Igor Margulis 2008 Lerer Leonid (Deceased) Abstracts Inertia Theorems Based on Operator Lyapunov Equations and their Applications
Avihu Meir Gamliel 2008 Juhasz Arie Abstracts Equations over Groups with Finite Order Solution
Joseph Shtok 2007 Gelaki Shlomo Abstracts On Group-Theoretical Categories
Sergei Lanzat 2007 Polyak Michael Abstracts Configuration Spaces and Real Enumerative Geometry
Omer Biran 2007 Holzman Ron Abstracts Efficiency and the Final Consumer in Resale Markets with Externalities
Alexander Kemarsky 2007 Haran Shai Abstracts Weil Sums, Tate Thesis and the Semigroup
Efrat Bank 2007 Loewy Raphael Abstracts Symmetric Matrices with a Given Graph
Shira Zerbib-Gelaki 2007 Aljadeff Eli Abstracts On the Projective Analogue of the Brauer-Witt Theorem
Mark Kozdoba 2006 Benyamini Yoav Abstracts Extension of Banach Space Valued Lipschitz Functions
Seadia Bartz 2006 Reich Simeon Abstracts On the Subdifferential
Amit Einav 2006 Benyamini Yoav Abstracts Lipschitz Maps and Lipschitz Functions
Jonathan Charbit 2006 Sonn Jack Abstracts On p-Groups and K-Admissibility
Tali Pinsky 2006 Wajnryb Bronislaw, Fishman Shmuel, Abstracts Characterization of Periodic Orbits by Topological Considerations for a Kicked Particle
Mohammad Abu Hamed 2006 Gelaki Shlomo Abstracts Frobenius-Schur Indicators for the Representation Categories of Semisimple Lie Algebras
Ehud Meir Ben Efraim 2006 Sonn Jack, Aljadeff Eli, Abstracts An Explicit Formula for the Action of a Finite Group on a Commutative Ring
Itay Ben-Dan 2005 Holzman Ron Abstracts Time Sharing under Dichtomous Preferences
Yael Algom Kfir 2005 Wajnryb Bronislaw, Sageev Michah, Abstracts Diagram Groups and Their Action on Farley Complexes
Shir Sivroni 2005 Moriyah Yoav Abstracts Free Actions of Surface Groups on R-Trees
Alon Dmitriyuk 2005 Gordon Yehoram, Benyamini Yoav, Abstracts Volume Respecting Embeddings of Finite Metric Spaces
Nir Ben David 2005 Aljadeff Eli, Gelaki Shlomo, Abstracts On Groups of Central Type
Elad Dokow 2005 Holzman Ron Abstracts Aggregation of Sets of Judgments
Nir Ludar 2005 Chillag David (Deceased) Abstracts Group Characters with Many Values
Ori Kfir 2005 Aharoni Ron Abstracts Systems of Representatives and Their Applications
Orr Shalit 2005 Paneah Boris Abstracts Guided Dynamical Systems and Applications to Functional and Partial Differential Equations
Daniel Reem 2005 Paneah Boris Abstracts The Generalized Goursat Problem with General Operators
Rakefet Rozen 2005 Holzman Ron Abstracts Ex Post Equilibrium for Two Buyers in the VCG Combinatorial Auctions
Tomer Baum 2005 Meshulam Roy Abstracts The Hamming Number of Graphs
Yair Elblinger 2004 Sageev Michah Abstracts HNN Extensions of CAT(0) Groups over Free Abelian Groups
Miriam Nechama Wallach 2004 Zaks Abraham Abstracts Modeling of Actuarial Life Tables
Uri Weiss 2004 Juhasz Arie Abstracts Small Concellation Techniques in Automatic Groups
Orit Davidovich 2004 Sageev Michah, Brooks Robert (Deceased), Abstracts Congruence Surfaces and the Congruence Subgroup Problem
Elinor Mualem 2004 Zaks Abraham Abstracts Advantages in Merging Insurance Companies
Uri Itai 2004 Ziegler Zvi Abstracts On the Eigenstructure of the Bernstein Kernel
Felix Goldberg 2004 Berman Abraham Abstracts Laplacians of Graphs, Quasi-strongly Regular Graphs and Completely Positive Graphs
Fabienne Chouraqui 2004 Juhasz Arie Abstracts Rewriting Systems for Alternating Knot Groups
Dmitry Donin 2003 Juhasz Arie, Lin Vladimir, Abstracts On Laplace Operator and Homology of Some Lie Subalgebras of the Loop Algebra sl2
Irena Kofman 2002 Chillag David (Deceased) Abstracts On Zeros of Characters of Finite Groups
Nurit Segalescu 2002 Berman Abraham Abstracts Majority Operator on Finite and Infinite Graphs
Eyal Masad 2002 Reich Simeon Abstracts Convergence of Learning Processes in Uncertainty Spaces
Nathan Keller 2002 Hershkowitz Daniel Abstracts Positivity of Principal Minors and Sign Symmetry
Iddo Ben-Ari 2002 Pinsky Ross Abstracts Absolute Continuity/Singularity and Relative Entropy Properties for Diffusions
Arkady Poliakovsky 2002 Shafrir Itai Abstracts On Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems Involving the p-Laplacian
Aviv Censor 2001 Solel Baruch Abstracts Lie Ideals in Nest Algebras
Eli Berger 2001 Aharoni Ron Abstracts Dynamic Monopolies of Constant Size
Yoel Feler 2001 Wajnryb Bronislaw, Lin Vladimir, Abstracts Effective Finiteness Theorems for Analytic Functions Omitting Two Values
Dan Mangoubi 2001 Brooks Robert (Deceased) Abstracts Riemann Surfaces and 3-Regular Graphs
Michael Natapov 2001 Aljadeff Eli Abstracts Groups of Central Type and Division Algebras
Irit Orgil 2000 Chillag David (Deceased) Abstracts On Zeroes of Characters of Finite Groups
Joseph Cohen 2000 Sonn Jack Abstracts Prime Values of Quadratic Polynomials
Ariel Libman 2000 Benyamini Yoav Abstracts Norm Attaining Operators
Maria Chudnovsky 2000 Aharoni Ron Abstracts Systems of Disjoint Representatives
Andrei Asinowski 2000 Abstracts Geometric Permutations for Planar Families of Disjoint Translates of a Convex Set
Michael Berezin 1999 Brudnyi Yuri, Dyn'kin Evsey (Deceased), Abstracts Trace Theorems for Non-Homogeneous Sets
Luka'cs Ga'bor 1999 Juhasz Arie Abstracts P-Automorphisms of Lie P-Rings and Finite P-Groups
Anna Klebanov 1999 Abstracts Heegaard Splittings of Knot Complements
Yevgenia Apartsin 1999 Abstracts The Core and Bargaining Sets in Glove-Market Games
Elena Guralnik 1999 Aljadeff Eli Abstracts Relative Semisimplicity of Twisted Group-Rings Over Discrete Valuation Rings
Nira Mashal 1998 Hershkowitz Daniel Abstracts On Stability and Block Stability of Matrices
Ariel Landau 1997 Mayer-Wolf Eddy Abstracts Stochastic Analysis and Regularity of Measures
Ilan Zohar 1997 Zakai Moshe (Deceased) Abstracts Some Results on Abstract Wiener Spaces and Causality
Yael Frenkel 1997 Chillag David (Deceased) Abstracts Eigenvalues in Semisimple Algebra and Values of Characters
Evgeny Koyfman 1996 Pinsky Ross Abstracts Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions for Some Second Order Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
Nissan Lev-Tov 1996 Holzman Ron Abstracts Strong Equilibrium in Congestion Games
Evgeny Dreiman 1996 Reich Simeon Abstracts Products of Projections in Hilbert Space
Uri Onn 1995 Aljadeff Eli Abstracts On the Relaive Semisimplicity of Twisted Group Rings
Ofer Porat 1995 Haran Shai Abstracts Riemann's Zeta Function and the N-Dimention
Robert Shwartz 1995 Chillag David (Deceased) Abstracts Ordered Generators of Finite Groups
Tiferet Saadon 1995 Bshouty Daoud Abstracts The Exact Bound on the Number of Zeros of Harmonic Polinomials
Eliyahu Bar-Yahalom 1995 Holzman Ron Abstracts Characterisation of the Automorphism Groups of All The Classes of the Johnson Scheme
Eliezer Appleboim 1995 Moriyah Yoav Abstracts Heegaard Splittings of 3- Manifoldswith Boundry New Examples of Sub Additivity of Tunnel Numbers
Miron Spiegel 1994 Solel Baruch Abstracts Isometries of Operator Algebras
Eliyahu Tel 1994 Paneah Boris Abstracts On Some Aipriori Estimates for Pseudodifferential Operators
Shahar Mendelson 1994 Benyamini Yoav Abstracts The Farthest Point Problem
Olga Rovinsky 1994 Juhasz Arie Abstracts Lie Algebras and Relation Lie Modules
Vladislav Tsipenyuk 1994 Pinchover Yehuda, Abstracts On Absolutly Continous Spectra of Schrodinger Operator With Slowly Decreasing Potential
Aliza Malek 1994 Loewy Raphael Abstracts Rank Preservers on Spaces of Symmetric Matrices
Ilan Yona 1994 Chillag David (Deceased) Abstracts Applications of Graph Theory to Finite Groups
Hadar Porat 1994 Sonn Jack Abstracts Galois Groups of Small Order
Galit Mizrachi-Glantz 1994 Moriyah Yoav Abstracts Groebner Basis and Grnerating Systems of Groups
Boris Begun 1993 Benyamini Yoav Abstracts Lipschitz Projections in Banachspaces
Nizar Radwan 1993 Loewy Raphael Abstracts Space of Matrics with Founded Rank
Inna Kozlov 1993 Cwikel Michael Abstracts Interpolation Theory and the Sedaev-Semenou Theorem
Alexandr Leibman 1993 Juhasz Arie, Abstracts Topics in the Combinatorial Group Theory
Boris Ginsburg 1993 Yoffe Alexander Abstracts General Scheme for Maximum Principle in Optimal Contzol
Vita Shtivelman 1993 Aharoni Ron Abstracts Integral and Fractional Covers in Hypergraphs
Janos Englander 1993 Pinsky Ross Abstracts A Probabicistic Investigation of the Martin
Felix Smmidel 1992 Hershkowitz Daniel Abstracts Eigenvalues of P-Matrices
Anat Lev-Tov 1992 Har'el Zvi (Deceased), Burt Michael, Abstracts Classifgcation of Surfaces Separating the Three Dim Space
Hamutal Orgad David 1992 Aharonov Dov Abstracts Hexagonal Packings in the Plane Their Use in Function Theory
Gershon Hanoch 1992 Hershkowitz Daniel Abstracts Forcing Sequences
Liat Berger 1992 Granovsky Boris Abstracts Time Dynamics of Lnteracting Particle Systems on a Lattica
Graciela Gomez 1991 Aharonov Dov Abstracts Applications of the Kolmogorov-Arnold-Moser Stabilitytheorem
Sara Mayberg 1991 Ziegler Zvi Abstracts Shape Preserving Approximation
Uri Keich 1991 Aharoni Ron Abstracts A Generalization of the Ahlswfde Daykin Inequality
Moshe Baruch 1991 Loewy Raphael Abstracts Linear Transformations on Spaces of Hermitian Matrices
David Nashtir 1990 Katchalski Meir Abstracts On a Conjecture of Danzer and Grunbaum
Fathi Saleh 1990 Katchalski Meir, Aharoni Ron, Abstracts Algebraic Shifting and Its Applications
Nader Agha 1990 Hershkowitz Daniel Abstracts Height and Level Characteristics for Matrices
Jacob Avimor 1990 Chillag David (Deceased) Abstracts Solutions of Equations in Finitgrups
Emil Saucan 1989 Srebro Uri (Deceased) Abstracts Teichmuller Spaces of Compact Riemann Surfaces
Eyal Faragy 1988 Chillag David (Deceased) Abstracts Graphs of Normal Subsets in Groups