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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Guy Salomon 2018 Shalit Orr Moshe Abstracts Operator Algebras of Directed Graphs and Noncommutative Varieties
Adi Wolf 2018 Aljadeff Eli Abstracts Galois Descent and Forms of Path Algebras
Daniel Sebbag 2017 Gelaki Shlomo Abstracts On the Structure and Properties of Supergroup-Theoretical Categories
Yohai Maayan 2017 Mayer-Wolf Eddy Abstracts Fractional Brownian Motion
Elimelekh Geva 2016 Aljadeff Eli Abstracts On the Structure of Projective Schur Algebras
Oren Spector 2016 Loewy Raphael Abstracts The Symmetric Nonnegative Inverse Eigenvalue Problem
Omer Lavy 2016 Bader Uri Abstracts Groups Actions on Banach Spaces
Ofir David 2016 Aljadeff Eli Abstracts The Center of the Generic G-Crossed Product
Igor Karasik 2016 Aljadeff Eli Abstracts On Graded and H-module Algebras Satisfying a PI
Alexander Kemarsky 2016 Offen Omer, Baruch Ehud Moshe, Abstracts Distinguished Representations of GLn(c)
Nicola Sambonet 2015 Aljadeff Eli, Ginosar Yuval, Abstracts On the Exponent of The Schur Multiplier
Yuval Shpigelman 2015 Aljadeff Eli Abstracts On the Codimension Growth of G-Graded Algebras
Or Beit-Aharon 2015 Baruch Ehud Moshe, Offen Omer, Abstracts A Voronoi Summation Formula for the Fourier Coefficients of Maass Forms on the Three Dimensional Hyperbolic Space
Leonid Helmer 2014 Solel Baruch Abstracts Factorizations and Reflexivity in Non Commutative Hardy Algebras
Shira Zerbib-Gelaki 2014 Pinchasi Rom, Aharoni Ron, Abstracts Problems in Combinatorial Geometry
Eliezer Appleboim 2014 Moriyah Yoav Abstracts Quasi Normality of Least Area Incompressible Surfaces in 3-Manifolds
Daniel Rabayev 2013 Sonn Jack Abstracts Upper Bound on the Minimal Number of Ramified Primes for Solvable Groups over the Rationals
Seadia Bartz 2013 Reich Simeon Abstracts On Abstract Convex Antiderivatives in Analysis and Geometry
Eyal Subag 2013 Baruch Ehud Moshe, Mann Ady, Abstracts Contraction of Representations of the Three Dimentional Lie Algebras as Direct Limit
Tali Pinsky 2012 Nevo Amos Abstracts Knotted Geodesics on Hecke Triangles
Izhar Oppenheim 2012 Bader Uri Abstracts Groups Acting on Simplicial Complexes
Shoham Sabach 2012 Reich Simeon Abstracts Iterative Methods for Solving Optimization Problems
Sergei Lanzat 2012 Polyak Michael Abstracts Symplectic Quasi-Morphisms and Quasi-States for Non-Compact Symplectic Manifolds
Alon Dmitriyuk 2011 Gordon Yehoram Abstracts Asymptotic and Probabilistic Estimates on Distortions of Linear Mappings between Convex Bodies
Ehud Meir Ben Efraim 2010 Aljadeff Eli, Gelaki Shlomo, Abstracts On Certain Cohomological Properties of a Group and their Reflection in a Finite Index Subgroup
Mark Kozdoba 2010 Mendelson Shahar Abstracts How Much is Typical Better than Worse in High Dimensions
Felix Goldberg 2010 Berman Abraham Abstracts The Colin de Verdiere Number of a Graph
Daniel Reem 2010 Reich Simeon Abstracts Voronoi and Zone Diagrams
Michael Brandenbursky 2010 Polyak Michael, Entov Michael, Abstracts Knot Invariants and their Applications to Constructions of Quasi-Morphisms on Groups
Uri Weiss 2010 Juhasz Arie Abstracts From Combinatorial Plane Geometry to Word and Conjugacy Problems
Itay Ben-Dan 2010 Pinchasi Rom Abstracts Topics in Combinatorial Geometry and Combinatorics
Marina Levenshtein 2009 Reich Simeon, Shoikhet David, Abstracts Rigidity Theory for Holomorphic Mappings
Fabienne Chouraqui 2009 Juhasz Arie Abstracts Decision Problems in Tableau-Groups and Tableau-Semigroups
Orr Shalit 2009 Solel Baruch Abstracts Product Systems, Subproduct Systems and Dilation Theory of Completely Positive Semigroups
Amitai Perlstein 2008 Pinchasi Rom Abstracts Topics in Combinatorial Geometry and Combinatorics
Eyal Masad 2008 Reich Simeon Abstracts Skew Products of Topological Flows and Applications to Nonlinear Analysis
Aviv Censor 2007 Aljadeff Eli, Solel Baruch, Abstracts Taking Groupoid C*-Algebras to the Limit
Elena Olvovsky 2006 Yoffe Alexander, Nemirovski Arkadi, Abstracts Novel Gradient-Type Optimization Algorithms for Extremely Large-Scale Nonsmooth Convex Optimization
Dan Mangoubi 2006 Entov Michael, Leonid Polterovich, Abstracts Topics in the Geometry of the Laplace-Beltrami Operator
Anna Klebanov 2006 Polyak Michael, Moriyah Yoav, Abstracts Heegaard and Gauss Diagrams of 3-Manifolds
Emil Saucan 2005 Srebro Uri (Deceased) Abstracts The Existence of Quasimeromorphic Mappings
Dan Guralnik 2005 Wajnryb Bronislaw, Sageev Michah, Abstracts Coarse Decompositions of Boundaries for CAT(0) Groups
Uri Bader 2005 Nevo Amos Abstracts Simple Lie-Group Actions on a Pseudo-Riemannian Manifolds
Michael Natapov 2005 Aljadeff Eli Abstracts Central Simple Algebras with a Projective Basis
Arkady Poliakovsky 2005 Shafrir Itai Abstracts Lifting in BV Spaces and Related Problems
Iddo Ben-Ari 2005 Pinsky Ross Abstracts Topics in Diffusion Processes
Joseph Cohen 2004 Sonn Jack, Zeev Rudnick, Abstracts Primitive Roots in Algebraic Number Fields
Uri Onn 2003 Haran Shai Abstracts On the Grassmann Representation of GL(n)
Igor Vestfrid 2002 Benyamini Yoav Abstracts Affine Properties of Almost Isometries and of Almost Jensen Functions
Hadar Porat 2001 Haran Shai Abstracts Riemann Zeta Function and Q-Deformation of Multi-Dimensional Markov Processes
Irina Gorelik 2017 Aharoni Ron Abstracts Weighted Parameters of Matchings
Maxim Gurevich 2016 Offen Omer Abstracts On Distinguished Repesentations of P-Adic General Linear Groups
Nir Lazarovich 2015 Sageev Michah Abstracts Non-Positively Curved Regular Complexes
Nir Ben David 2013 Aljadeff Eli, Ginosar Yuval, Abstracts On Groups of Central Type and Involutive Yang-Baxter Groups: a Cohomological Approach
Aviv Gibali 2012 Reich Simeon, Yair Censor, Abstracts Algorithms for Solving Monotone Variational Inequalities and Applications
Danny Neftin 2011 Sonn Jack Abstracts Admissibility and Finite Groups over Number Fields
Elad Dokow 2010 Holzman Ron Abstracts Aggregation of Opinions on Interrelated Issues
Boris Begun 2000 Benyamini Yoav, Bergelson Vitaly, Abstracts Weakly Wandering Vectors for Mixing Actions of Countable Abelian Groups
Arkady Aleyner 2009 Reich Simeon Abstracts Iterative Methods for Solving Convex Feasibility Problems
Nathan Shimon Wallach 2008 Meshulam Roy Abstracts Topological and Combinatorial Properties of Random Simplicial Complexes
Andrei Asinowski 2005 Katchalski Meir Abstracts Geometric Permutations in the Plane and in Euclidean Spaces of Higher Dimension
Eliahu Levy 2000 Benyamini Yoav Abstracts Kac's Formula, Vertices of Chains, Infinitesimal Measures, And Equidecomposability of Functions and Enhanced Functions
Yoel Feler 2005 Lin Vladimir, Entov Michael, Abstracts Some Analytic Properties of Configuration Spaces
Boaz Gelbord 1999 Meshulam Roy Abstracts Extremal Problems on Matrices and Tensors
Igor Zelenko 2002 Yoffe Alexander, Andrei Agrachev, Abstracts Invariants of Curves in Lagrangian Grassmannian and Differential Geometry of Smooth Control Systems
Haggay Katriel 1999 Yoffe Alexander Abstracts On the Number of Solutions of Nonlinear Equations
Irina Karelin 2000 Lerer Leonid (Deceased) Abstracts Factorizations of Rational Matrix Functions, Generalized Bezoutians and Matrix Quadratic Equations
Alexander Brenner 1999 Paneah Boris Abstracts The Mixed and Cauchy-Goursat Problems in Several Time Variables
Avraham Levy 1999 Rubinstein Jacob Abstracts Optimal Low Dimensional Approximation – Theoretical and Computational Aspects
Inna Kozlov 1998 Brudnyi Yuri, Cwikel Michael, Abstracts Interpolation and Approximation in Banach Spaces With a Cone
Graciela Gomez 1997 Lerer Leonid (Deceased) Abstracts Bezout Operators for Analytic Operator Functions And Inversion of Structured Operators
Eyal Faragy 1997 Sonn Jack Abstracts Relative Brauer Groups of Local Fields
Janos Englander 1997 Pinsky Ross Abstracts Applications of Criticality Theory
Miron Spiegel 1997 Solel Baruch Abstracts Ideals in Analytic Crossed Products
Yuval Ginosar 1996 Aljadeff Eli Abstracts Projective Representations of Finite Groups
Alexander Brudnyi 1996 Lin Vladimir Abstracts e-Equations on Compact Kahler Manifolds and Representations of Fundamental Groups
David Nashtir 1996 Katchalski Meir Abstracts Helly Type Problems
Yaakov Ben Natan 1995 Benyamini Yoav, Abstracts Wiener's Tauberian Theorem on G/K and Harmonic Functions on G/K
Fathi Saleh 1995 Hershkowitz Daniel, Hartman Irith, Abstracts Duality Between Partitions and Packings in Graphs
Alexandr Leibman 1995 Bergelson Vitaly Abstracts Multiple Recurrence Theorems for Nilpotent Group Actions
Igor Fulman 1995 Solel Baruch Abstracts Coordinates in Operator Algebras
Nader Agha 1994 Hershkowitz Daniel Abstracts Ranks of Matrices with a Given Pattern
Elias Abboud 1994 Juhasz Arie Abstracts Topics in Combinatorial Group Theory
Boris Karlin 1994 Marcus Moshe Abstracts Hyperbolic Equations which Depend on the History of the Solution
Vladimir Korman 1993 Aharoni Ron Abstracts Problems in Infinite Matching Theory
Buma Abramovici 1992 Shtienberg Jacob (Deceased) Abstracts Numerical Solutions of Integral Equations of the First Kind
Naomi Shaked-Monderer 1992 Berman Abraham Abstracts Nonvegative Matrices
Mireille Beigelman 1992 Shtienberg Jacob (Deceased) Abstracts Numerical Solution of the Laplace Eqution in a Slit Domain
Dmitry Ioffe 1991 Pinsky Ross Abstracts Probabilistic Methods in Partial Differential Equations
Iulian Haimovici 1991 Lerer Leonid (Deceased) Abstracts Dperator Equations and Bezout Operators for Analytic Operat
Itai Shafrir 1990 Reich Simeon Abstracts Operators in Myperbolic Spaces
Ronen Peretz 1989 Aharonov Dov Abstracts Maximal Domains for Families of Transformations
Ophra Kessler 1989 Aharoni Ron Abstracts Extensions of Theorems of Hall Koing
Tiferet Saadon 2001 Pinchover Yehuda Abstracts On the Generalized Principal Eigenvalue of Degenerate Boundary Value Problems for Second-Order Elliptic Equations
Robert Shwartz 1999 Juhasz Arie Abstracts The Freiheitssatz over Certain Free Products with a Single Relator of Length 4
Nizar Radwan 1997 Loewy Raphael Abstracts Inequalities for Matrices and Matrix Spaces
Dmitry Falikman 1996 Loewy Raphael Abstracts Inequalities for the Permanent Function
Sara Mayberg 1995 Ziegler Zvi Abstracts Multivariate Monotonicity Preserving Interpolations
Nataly Kogan 1994 Berman Abraham, Hershkowitz Daniel, Abstracts Relationship Between Spectral and Combinatorial Properties of a Matrix
Lavi Karp 1992 Aharonov Dov Abstracts Genenalized Newton Potential and Quadiatune Identities for
Ran Ziv 1991 Katchalski Meir, Aharoni Ron, Abstracts Intersection of Infinite Matroids