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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Zvi Yaari 2018 Schroeder Avi Abstracts Developing Barcoded Nanotherapeutics for Treating Metastatic Cancer
Robert Glouckhovski 2017 Tsur Yoed, Freger Viatcheslav, Abstracts Development of a Novel Proton Exchange Membrane for PEM Fuel Cells and Water Electrolysis
Michael Shoham Patrascu 2015 Sheintuch Moshe Abstracts Scaled Down Hydrogen Production in Palladium-Based Membrane Reactors: Process Design and Experimental Investigations
Hadas Abir 2014 Sheintuch Moshe Abstracts Using DFT for Process Intensification by Simultaneous Reactor and Catalyst Optimization: Scaled Down Membrane Reformer
Noga Fridman-Bishop 2018 Freger Viatcheslav Abstracts Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Separation Mechanisms in Reverse-Osmosis and Nanofiltration
Stanislav Levchenko 2017 Freger Viatcheslav Abstracts Development of Novel Multivalent Ion-Passing Nanofiltration Membranes
Adi Gefen-Azran 2016 Bianco-Peled Havazelet Abstracts Biocompatible Polymersomes for Controlled Drug Release
Haitham Amal 2015 Haick Hossam Abstracts The Uniqe Chemical Signature of Cancer in Exhaled Breath
Olga Kleinerman 2018 Talmon Yeshayahu, Cohen Yachin, Abstracts Carbon Nanotubes in Superacid and Organic Solvents: Phase Behavior and Applications
Katie Baransi Karkaby 2017 Freger Viatcheslav Abstracts In-Situ Modification of Desalination Membranes for Improved Performance
Nisreen Shehada 2016 Haick Hossam Abstracts Gas Sensors Based Silicon Nanowire Field Effect Transistors for Real-World Disease Diagnosis
Ronen Ben-Nun 2015 Sheintuch Moshe, Marmur Abraham, Abstracts Predicting and Modeling Turbulent Flow from Radial Impellers in Stirred Tank Reactors
Assaf Zinger 2018 Schroeder Avi Abstracts Developing Bio-Active Nanoparticles for Performing Precise and Personalized Medical Tasks Inside the Body
Shiran Shultz 2017 Freger Viatcheslav, Semiat Raphael, Abstracts Development of RO Membranes with Improved Boron Rejection by In Situ Modification with Hydrophobic Molecules
Michal Yarom-Reuveni 2016 Marmur Abraham Abstracts Critical Curvature for Nucleation in Multi-Phase, Multi- Component Systems
Irit Ventura 2014 Bianco-Peled Havazelet Abstracts Nanostructure of Low Methoxyl Pectin Solutions and Gels
Yael Katsir 2014 Marmur Abraham Abstracts Liquid Film Drainage in Bubble Coalescence
Guy Mechrez 2014 Narkis Moshe, Segal Ester H., Abstracts Highly-Tunable Polymer/CNTs Nanostructures: A New Approach for Controlled Structure and Properties
Rafi Halaui 2014 Semiat Raphael, Cohen Yachin, Abstracts Development of New Polymeric Membranes
Elena Vinnik 2014 Marmur Abraham Abstracts Detachment of Bubbles from Solid Surfaces
Meirav Granite 2013 Cohen Yachin Abstracts Interactions of Polymers with Carbon Nanotubes in Solution
Eman Fakher Eldeen 2018 Marmur Abraham Abstracts Self-Assembly of Rigid Particles at a Liquid/Gas Interface
Omri Mazar 2013 Tsur Yoed Abstracts Defect Chemistry and Electrical Properties of Donor-doped Proton Conducting Pervoskite-type Oxides
Elad Dor 2017 Brandon Simon, Marmur Abraham, Abstracts Analysis of Drop Transfer Mechanism through Thin Membrane
Meggie Hakim 2013 Haick Hossam Abstracts Early Detection of Lung Cancer via Breath Samples: A Clinical Study
Yelena Kaminski 2016 Paz Yaron, Shauly Eitan, Abstracts The Effect of Interfaces on the Collection Efficiency of Carriers in Silicon Photodiodes
Uri Ash-Kurlander 2013 Grader Gideon, Shter Gennady, Abstracts Inorganic Ammonia Cycle via Magnesium Nitride Hydrogenation
Orna Barash 2015 Haick Hossam Abstracts Volatile Signature of Genetic Mutations in Lung Cancer
Eyal Bittoun 2012 Marmur Abraham Abstracts Wetting on Super-Hydropohbic Surfaces
Yulia Holenberg 2012 Nir Avinoam, Lavrentev Olga, Abstracts Dynamics of Drops and Solid Particles in Viscoplastic Fluids
Yifat Nakibli 2014 Tsur Yoed Abstracts Electrophoretic Deposition of CdTe Nanotetrapods
Adva Zach-Maor 2012 Semiat Raphael Abstracts Removal of Water Pollutants by Immobilized Magnetite (Fe304) Nano-Particles
Irina Zaslavschi 2013 Semiat Raphael, Hasson David, Abstracts Study of Scaling Propensity of Desalination Concentrates
Ossama Assad 2012 Haick Hossam Abstracts Advances towards Efficient Functionalization and Deposition of Silicon Nanowires
Shany Hershkovitz 2011 Tsur Yoed, Sioma Baltianski, Abstracts Harnessing Evolutionary Programming for Impedance Spectroscopy Analysis
Raviv Segev 2012 Semiat Raphael, Hasson David, Abstracts Improvement of Brackish water Desalination Process
Liora Levi 2011 Srebnik Simcha Abstracts On-Lattice Monte-Carlo Simulation of Protein-Imprinted Polymer Gels Using Radical Polymerization
Roman Sheinman 2011 Sheintuch Moshe, Lewin Daniel, Abstracts Feedback Control of Fronts and Patterns
Liat Bialik-Rosenfeld 2011 Nir Avinoam, Lavrentev Olga, Abstracts Hydrodynamics of Partially Engulfed Compound Drops
Sharon Golan 2011 Talmon Yeshayahu Abstracts Nanostructre of Lipid/Polymers-Nucleic Acid complexes
Nir Haimovich 2011 Brandon Simon, Dekel Dario, Abstracts Thermal Battery Modeling and Design
Yael Zilberman 2011 Haick Hossam Abstracts Development and Characterization of Chemical Sensors Based on Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons for Sensing Volatile Organic Compounds
Maya Davidovich-Pinhas 2011 Bianco-Peled Havazelet Abstracts Acrylated Polymers: A New concept in the Design of Mucoadhesion Drug Delivery Systems
Ilya Frisman 2010 Bianco-Peled Havazelet Abstracts Nanostructuring of PEG-Fibrinogen Polymeric Scaffolds
Hanady Yassen 2011 Tsur Yoed Abstracts Preparation, Sintering and Characterization of Barium Titanate Layers by EPD from Aqueous Suspension
Altai Bach 2010 Semiat Raphael Abstracts Water Purification by Advanced Oxidation Processes Using Nano Particles
Ilia Platzman 2010 Tannenbaum Rina, Haick Hossam, Abstracts Self-Assembly of Organic Thin Films as Interactive, Bridging and Conductive Layers for Nanoelectronic Applications
Iris Sutzkover-Gutman 2010 Semiat Raphael, Hasson David, Abstracts Performance Improvement of Polymeric Membranes
Sabina Prilutsky 2010 Cohen Yachin, Zussman Eyal, Abstracts Composite Polymer Nanofibers with Carbon Nanotubes
Yevgeny Moskovitz 2010 Srebnik Simcha Abstracts Monte Carlo Simulations of Proteins Adsorption onto Hydrophobic Surfaces
David Stas Simakov 2010 Sheintuch Moshe Abstracts Autothermal Packed-Bed Catalytic Membrane Reformer for Hydrogen Generation by Steam Reforming of Methane
Oz Gazit 2009 Tannenbaum Rina, Cohen Yachin, Abstracts Self-Assembly of Metal Nanoclusters in Block Copolymer as a Template for Photonic Bandgap Materials
Rina Oldek 2008 Brandon Simon Abstracts Molecular Simulations and Cluster Formation in Solutions of Globular Proteins
Benyamin Grosman 2008 Lewin Daniel Abstracts Stability Analysis of Nonlinear Control Systems Using Genetic Programming
Rivca Lavi 2008 Marmur Abraham Abstracts Dynamic Contact Angle Effects on Capillary Penetration into Porous Media
Liron Shavit-Hadar 2007 Cohen Yachin, Dmitry Rein, Abstracts Self-Reinforced Composites Based on Compacted Polymeric Fibers
Aleksej Etin 2007 Grader Gideon, Shter Gennady, Abstracts Chemical Solution Deposition of Nano-Structured PZT Films
Eyal Dassau 2006 Lewin Daniel Abstracts Yield Enhancement in Bioprocessing through Integrated Design and Control
Joshua Golbert 2006 Lewin Daniel Abstracts Model-Based Control of Fuel Cells
Sarah Weisman 2005 Talmon Yeshayahu Abstracts Microstructure Characterization of Nucleic Acid-Lipid Systems
Nitzan Link 2005 Semiat Raphael Abstracts Investigating the Motion of Drops Generated by Piezoelectric Actuators
Oleg Weinstein 2005 Brandon Simon Abstracts Faceting during Directional Crystal Growth from the Melt
Yael Dror 2005 Cohen Yachin Abstracts Characterization and Processing of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Dispersions
Daphne Weihs 2004 Talmon Yeshayahu, Fred M Konikoff, L.e Scriven, Abstracts Dynamics and Microstructure of Complex Liquids
Alexander Drak 2004 Semiat Raphael, Hasson David, Abstracts Characterization of Water Recovery Limits in RO Desalination
Natalie Artzi 2004 Narkis Moshe Abstracts Polymer/Clay Nanocomposite Systems: Development, Characterization and Processing-Structure- Property Relationships
Meirav Mann-Lahav 2004 Grader Gideon, Shter Gennady, Abstracts Coating of Alumina based Ceramic Foams
Gideon Samid 2003 Kehat Ephraim Abstracts Estimating the Effort to Achieve Research and Development Objectives
Yafit Haba 2003 Narkis Moshe Abstracts Reactive Extrusion of PVC/Monomer Systems: Process Development and Characterization of Structure-Property Relationships
Michael Monine 2003 Pismen Leonid Abstracts Pattern Formation on Catalytic Surfaces
Alon-Rafael Dolev 2002 Grader Gideon Abstracts Synthesis Characterization and Catalytic Activity of Pt Supported on Non-Hydrolytic Amorphous Alumina
Gabriel Sznejer 2002 Sheintuch Moshe Abstracts The Application of Membrane Reactors to Equilibrium Limited Reactions
Hossam Haick 2002 Paz Yaron Abstracts Photo-Induced Phenomena in Mono-Molecular Films Chemisorbed on Micro-Domains at the Vicinity of Titanium Dioxide
Aharon Madai 2010 Sheintuch Moshe Abstracts Reduction of Greenhouse Gases in a Loop Reactor and a Loop Reactor Absorber
Anne Groswasser 2000 Talmon Yeshayahu Abstracts Micellar Growth, Network Formation and Phase Separation in Complex Fluids
Dmitry Lisitsin 2009 Semiat Raphael, Hasson David, Abstracts Study of Techniques for Increasing Water Recovery in Brackish Water Desalination
Dario Dekel 1998 Semiat Raphael, Hasson David, Abstracts Solvent Transport through Nanofiltration Membranes
Jonathan Lipp 2007 Cohen Yachin Abstracts Nanofiber Networks in Polymers
Shani Keysar 1998 Cohen Yachin, Grader Gideon, Abstracts The Effect of Gelation and Drying Processes On Alumina Aerogels
Iris Mironi-Harpaz 2006 Narkis Moshe Abstracts Composite Systems Based on Thermosetting Polyesters and Nano-Layered Clay Filler
Limor Zury 1997 Narkis Moshe, Silverstein Michael, Abstracts Development, Characterization and Investigation of Composite Membranes for Pervaporation Process
Ester Segal 2004 Siegmann Arnon (Deceased), Narkis Moshe, Abstracts Chemical Sensing Materials Based on Electrically Conductive Immiscible Polymer Blends
Boris Dainson 1996 Lewin Daniel Abstracts Nonlinear Control of Chemical Reactor Systems
Boris Solovyev 2003 Lewin Daniel Abstracts Integration of Process Design and Process Control
Marganit Goldraich 1996 Talmon Yeshayahu Abstracts Microstructures Formed in Polymer/Surfactant Systems
Michal Shach-Caplan 2002 Narkis Moshe Abstracts Development and Characterization of Porous Multi-Component Polymeric Particles Having a Selective Absorption Characteristic
Fredi Romm 1996 Aharoni Chaim (Deceased), Folman Mordechai (Deceased), Abstracts Adsorbents with a Random Porous Structure – Effect of the Preparation Conditions on Their Characteristics
Orna Breuer 1999 Narkis Moshe Abstracts Segregated Structures in Multi-Phase Polymer Systems Containing a Low Concentration of A Conductive Filler
Ariela Albalak 1995 Marmur Abraham Abstracts The Effect of Surfactants on Hemolysis of Red Blood Cells
Yftach Nir 1997 Narkis Moshe Abstracts Structure and Properties Characterization of Evoh/Copolyamide-6/6.9 Blends
Assaf Thon 1994 Sheintuch Moshe Abstracts Profile Evolution During Plasma Etching Of Semiconductors
Sigalit Portnoy 1996 Marmur Abraham, Sara Shtreichman, Abstracts The Effect of Surfactants on Blood Cells And Giant Vesicles
Alexander Tukachinsky 1993 Tadmor Zehev Abstracts Effect of Acoustic Waves and Shear on Polymer Melt Devolatilization
Joav Rockman 1996 Lavie Ram, Kehat Ephraim, Abstracts Thermally Driven Liquid Liquid Extraction
Haim Rapoport 1992 Kehat Ephraim Abstracts ""Retrofitting New Process Units Into An Exibiting Plant".
Dror Haim 1994 Pismen Leonid Abstracts Planning of a Photochemical Reactor Based on Taylor-Gortler Flow
Ricardu Gutfraind 1991 Sheintuch Moshe Abstracts Diffusion and Reaction Processes on Fractal Surfaces
Oren Regev 1992 Kehat Ephraim, Talmon Yeshayahu, Abstracts The Mechanism of Formation of Msz Molecular Sieves
Ramon Albalak 1990 Tadmor Zehev, Talmon Yeshayahu, Abstracts Scanning Electron Microscopy Studies of Polymer Melt Devolat
Peter Yesgar 1989 Sheintuch Moshe Abstracts Nickel Catalyzed Hydrogenation Reactions Studied with An in-
Oded Vashitz 1989 Sheintuch Moshe Abstracts Kinetic Study of Polysaccharides Production Employing Luminn
Yoram De-Hazan 1998 Grader Gideon, Shter Gennady, Abstracts Synthesis and Characterization of Alumina Gels
Yongcai Liu 1997 Brandon Simon Abstracts The Effect of Anisotropic Kinetics on Crystal Growth From the Melt
Moshe Favelukis 1996 Semiat Raphael, Tadmor Zehev, Abstracts Bubble Growth in Viscous Shear Flows
Dganit Danino 1996 Talmon Yeshayahu Abstracts Microstructural Studies of Self-Aggregation In Aqueous Complex Fluids
.naum Nemirovski 1993 Narkis Moshe Abstracts Behavior of Latex Multicomponent Polymer Systems
Benny David 1991 Tadmor Zehev, Nir Avinoam, Abstracts Mixing Studies in Polymer Processing
Anita Vaxman 1989 Narkis Moshe, Siegmann Arnon (Deceased), Abstracts Composite Matirials
Sagit Shalel 2002 Marmur Abraham, Sara Shtreichman, Abstracts The Effect of Surfactants on Red Blood Cells
Dmitri Lastochcin 1998 Tadmor Zehev, Talmon Yeshayahu, Yarin Alexander, Abstracts Microstructure in Polymer Melt Devolatilization
Havazelet Bianco 1997 Cohen Yachin, Narkis Moshe, Abstracts Structural Analysis of Two-Phase Latex Particles
Alon Kaplun )Levin( 1996 Talmon Yeshayahu Abstracts Microstructures in Phospholipid Surfactant Systems
Guillermo Rotstein 1994 Lavie Ram, Lewin Daniel, Abstracts Operation of Chemical Processes Using Reasoning
David Alperstein 1993 Narkis Moshe Abstracts Dielectric Cure Monitoring of Resins
David Boadi 1991 Marmur Abraham Abstracts Capillary and Thin Liquid Film Equilibrium in Rotating Systems
Jorge Yacubowicz 1989 Narkis Moshe Abstracts Dielectric Properties of Composite Materials Containing