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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Rotem Bennet 2018 Reiner Miriam Abstracts Virtual Re-Embodied Cognition: Bodily-Cognitive Dynamics under Illusory Virtual Embodiments Embodiments
Nadia Bordo 2018 Leron Uri, Hazzan Orit, Abstracts The Power of Intuition Traps in Teaching and Learning of Probabilistic Thinking
Sofia Shauli 2018 Baram-Tsabari Ayelet Abstracts Engagement with Science Among Parents of Hearing Impaired Children: Characteristics and Affordances
Yaela Golumbic 2018 Baram-Tsabari Ayelet, Fishbain Barak, Abstracts Public Participation in Air Quality Research: Theory and Practice
Sigalit Shahar Amikam 2018 Hazzan Orit Abstracts A Paradoxical Organizational Pattern of Reduction and Expansion: The Case of Israeli Training Personnel' Personnel's Perception of the traininig-Organization
Anat Dahan 2017 Reiner Miriam Abstracts In Search of Motor Biomarkers for Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder
Amit Rosen 2017 Reiner Miriam Abstracts Differences between Incremental and Insight Problems Solving: Unaware Hints, Restructuring and EEG Measures
Keren Levy 2017 Tal Tali, Kali Yael, Abstracts Teachers as Designers: Promoting Technology- Supported Outdoor Inquiry Teaching
Rachel Hess Green 2017 Hazzan Orit, Heyd-Metzuyanim Einat, Abstracts Interactions between Learning, Identity and Community Expressed in a Mathematical Camp for Gifted Students
Abeer Watted 2017 Barak Miriam Abstracts Project-Based MOOC in Nanotechnology and Nanosensors: Examining Motivation to Learn and Knowledge
Tzipora Rakedzon 2017 Baram-Tsabari Ayelet Abstracts Teaching and Assessing STEM Graduate Students' Academic and Popular Science Writing
Ofer Marmur 2017 Koichu Boris Abstracts Undergraduate Student Learning during Calculus Tutorials: Key Memorable Events
Nirit Lavie-Alon 2016 Tal Tali Abstracts Field Trips in Nature: Guiding, Learning and Learning Outcomes
Ariella Levenberg 2016 Barak Miriam Abstracts Flexible Thinking in Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments: From Theory to Practice
Hagit Refaeli Mishkin 2016 Dori Yehudit Abstracts Motivation and Gender Factors Affecting Career Choice of Engineers and Students
Anat Even-Zahav 2016 Hazzan Orit Abstracts Strategic Analysis of Educational Systems: Risk Management of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education in Israel
Alex Dan 2016 Reiner Miriam Abstracts The Role of Immersive Virtual Reality in Learning of a Spatial-Motor task: A comparsion between EEG Indices of Cognitive Load during Learning with 2D and Stereo…
Alik Palatnik 2016 Koichu Boris Abstracts Middle-School Students Learning through Long-Term Mathematical Research Projects
Alex Polishuk 2015 Verner Igor Abstracts Development and Investigation of Student-Robot Interactions as Learning Activities in the Museum of Science and Technology
Zvi Liraz 2015 Hazzan Orit Abstracts The Organizational Culture of an Educational Innovation: The Case of a Project-Based Learning School
Esther Laslo 2015 Baram-Tsabari Ayelet Abstracts Bioethics on the Israeli Media: A Case Study of Public Engagement in Science
Ran Peleg 2014 Baram-Tsabari Ayelet, Berman Abraham, Abstracts Science Plays in Elementary Science Education
Keren Mintz 2014 Tal Tali Abstracts Integrating Sustainability Issues in Undergraduate Courses: Teaching Practices and Learning Outcomes
Dan Cuperman 2014 Verner Igor Abstracts Fostering Analogical Thinking and Integration of Science and Technology Studies through Practice in Building and Exploring Robotic Models of Natural Phenomena
Nareman Mara'e Haj 2014 Hazzan Orit Abstracts Self-Regulated Learning in Programmable Robots-Based Environment
Zahi Harari 2014 Hazzan Orit Abstracts Management of Training and Development Projects as Organizational Change Projects: The Case of Software Development Managers` Training and Development in the Israel
Einat Peled 2014 Tal Tali Abstracts Environmental Education in Elementary School in Israel: Program Characteristics, Teachers Views and Students Environmental Literacy
Amira Alouche 2013 Dori Yehudit Abstracts The Effect of Reading Scientific Articles and Online Forums on Biomedical Engineering Students' Learning Outcomes
Eman Atrash 2013 Koichu Boris Abstracts Teaching Linear Algebra: Pedagogical Practices of Experienced Lecturers
Igor Kontorovich 2013 Koichu Boris Abstracts How do Experts Pose Problems for Mathematics Competitions?
Ruti Segal 2013 Koichu Boris, Zaslavsky Orit, Abstracts Characterizing the Knowledge and Teaching of Mathematics Teacher Educators
Masha Tsaushu 2013 Tal Tali, Gepstein Shimon, Abstracts Reforming Teaching of an Introductory Biology Cours and its Impact on Learning – a Ripple Effect
Rachel Nave 2013 Dori Yehudit, Ackerman Rakefet, Abstracts Faculty Development Program and Online Forums: Self-Learning and Self-Assessment of Medical- Educators
Avital Be'eri 2012 Reiner Miriam Abstracts Learning Processes in Solving Authentic Problems
Lea Dolev 2012 Koichu Boris, Zaslavsky Orit, Abstracts Considerations in the Design of Learning Tasks for Teachers: The Case of Classification of Mathematical Items
Marcos Hilsenrat 2012 Reiner Miriam Abstracts The Effect of Unaware Haptic Perception on Changes in Manual Responses and Cognition Behavior
Dafna Zelig 2012 Hazzan Orit Abstracts Adoption of Innovation from the Business Sector to Secondary Educational Organizations
Hani Swirski 2018 Baram-Tsabari Ayelet Abstracts Why Can't I Fly? Common Interests in Science Questions as a Resource to Promote Student Voice in Science Education
Ornit Sagy 2012 Zilberstein Dan, Kali Yael, Abstracts Designing a Technology-Enhanced Learning Environment to Encourage an Internal-Value-Based Culture of Learning in Higher Education
Gizell Green 2017 Barak Miriam Abstracts A Model for Social Constructivist Online Education in Ethics of Research for Science and Engineering Graduate Students
Efim Katz 2011 Koichu Boris, Berman Abraham, Abstracts Development of Aesthetic Sense in Solving Mathematical Problems
Orly Buchbinder 2011 Leron Uri, Zaslavsky Orit, Abstracts The role of Examples in Establishing the Validity of Universal and Existential Mathematical Statements
Royi Lachmy 2017 Koichu Boris Abstracts Developing and Using Productive Mathematical Ideas in Online Collaborative Problem Solving
Michal Klineshtern 2016 Berman Abraham, Koichu Boris, Abstracts Problem Posing and Choosing Problems by High School and University Mathematics Teachers
Nofar Shir-Barak 2011 Dori Yehudit, Haim Berkenstadt, Abstracts Simulation-Based Training and Learning for Instructors and Medical and Nursing Students – Models Perceptions and Assessment of Clinical Skills
Mirela Widder 2016 Berman Abraham, Koichu Boris, Abstracts Hiding in Plane View: Visual Perception of Two-Dimensional Representations in Teaching Spatial Geometry
Batya Amit 2011 Movshovitz-Hada Nitsa, Berman Abraham, Abstracts Interweaving Contemporary Mathematics in High-School Teaching
Leonid Revzin 2015 Verner Igor, Barnea Nitza, Abstracts Adaptive and personalized Learning in the High School Chemistry Automated Laboratory – A Multi-Case Study
Sigal Koral-Kordova 2010 Waks Shlomo, Frank Mordechai, Abstracts The T Shape Dilemma (Depth against Width) in Education of Industrial Engineering and Management and its Reflection in the Students Team Project
Ora Kahana 2014 Tal Tali Abstracts High School Science Majors' Views of the Nature of Science
Anat Abramovich 2010 Tal Tali Abstracts The Environmental Workshop- Bridging Environmental Sciences and Environmental Education
Khayriah Massarwe 2013 Verner Igor, Bshouty Daoud, Abstracts Learning Geometry through Inquiry into Cultural Contexts
Roayat Mari'e 2010 Waks Shlomo Abstracts Pedagogical Factors as Bridging Means between Theory and Practice in Teaching Science and Technology Subjects
Yaakov Y. Snyder 2013 Herer Yale, Moore Michael, Abstracts Flexible Scheduling Paradigm: A New Middle and High School Model
Orly Morag 2010 Tal Tali Abstracts Educational Activity in Nature Parks and Archeology Sites in Israel: Patterns, Perceptions and Learning in Nature
Fadeel Joubran 2012 Reiner Miriam Abstracts Contribution of Haptic Feedback to Learning of Motor- Cognitive Skills in a Virtual Environment
Irina-Ira Raveh 2012 Zaslavsky Orit, Koichu Boris, Irit Peled, Abstracts Teachers' Knowledge of the Interconnections between the Elementary Algorithms of the Four Basic Arithmetic Operations and their Underlying Mathematical Principles
Nurit Hochberg 2009 Tal Tali Abstracts Daily Science Workshops at The Youth Science Centers: Characteristics, Expectations and Gender Differences
Tamar Ronen Fuhrmann 2009 Kali Yael Abstracts Design Knowledge Acquisition Processes of Graduate Students Who Learn to Design Educational Technologies
Yaniv Biton 2011 Koichu Boris Abstracts Incorporating Peer Assessment in Pre-Academic Mathematics Study
Iris Tanhum-Zodik 2009 Zaslavsky Orit Abstracts Instructional Examples in Mathematics: Teachers' Modes of Use and Learning Opportunities
Yael Edri 2010 Movshovitz-Hada Nitsa Abstracts Integrating Values Education with Mathematics Education in the High School Level
Rachel Lifshits 2009 Leron Uri Abstracts The Rationality Debate: Applications to Statistics Education
Dana Fischer-Shachor 2010 Dori Yehudit, Miriam Carmi, Abstracts Higher Order Thinking Skills of Young Gifted Students: Gender, Schooling, Equalization, and Parenting Aspects
Tamar Shamir Inbal 2009 Kali Yael Abstracts Supporting Teachers in Applying Socio-Constructivist Online Instruction: A Systemic Intervention Model
Orna Lavie 2009 Zaslavsky Orit Abstracts Students' Generated Examples in Mathematics: The Need, the Process and the Outcome
Hagit Sela 2008 Zaslavsky Orit Abstracts Aspects of Peer Groups' Coping with Tasks that Lead to Mathematical Contradictions
Iris Alkaher 2008 Tal Tali Abstracts Socio-Environmental Projects to Promote Environmental Involvement in a Multicultural Society
Yael Bamberger 2008 Dori Yehudit, Tal Tali, Abstracts The Nature of Learning in Free-Choice Environment at Science and Nature Centers in Israel
Shirley Miedijensky 2008 Berman Abraham, Tal Tali, Abstracts Embedded Assessment in Pull-Out Programs for the Gifted: Effects on Higher Order Thinking Skills
Zvia Kaberman 2008 Dori Yehudit Abstracts National Assessment of Thinking Skills in the Chemistry Computerized lnquiry Laboratories and Molecular Modelling Environment
Edith Weisselberg 2008 Dori Yehudit Abstracts Visual, Textual and Quantitative Representations Embedded in Learning and Assessment of Energy and Dynamics in Chemical Processes
Rachel Levin-Peled 2008 Kali Yael, Dori Yehudit, Abstracts Learning and Assessment in Web-Based Environments: Design Principles for Hybrid Courses in Higher Education
Caesar Anton 2008 Lazarowitz Reuven Abstracts Cognitive Preferences of 11th Grade Biology Students and their Concrete, Transitional and Formal Operational Stages
Rakefet Danay 2008 Lazarowitz Reuven Abstracts An Inquiry of Higher-Order Thinking Skills of Students who Study the Unit "Treasures of the Sea" within "Science and Technology for All"
Orni Meerbaum-Salant 2008 Hazzan Orit Abstracts Pedagogical Aspects of Mentoring High School Software Projects
Moshe Decalo 2007 Moore Michael Abstracts The Influence of Implementing Assessment Standards on Evaluation of Learning Achievements in "Switching and Digital systems"
Tikva Ovadya 2014 Koichu Boris Abstracts Fostering Problem-Solving Skills in Mathematically "Weak" Female High School Students
Gadi Mador 2007 Dori Yehudit, Amitaii Ziv, Abstracts Embedded Assessment in Medical Model-Based Learning Environment
Elena Trotskovsky 2013 Waks Shlomo, Hazzan Orit, Abstracts Engineering Thinking: Disciplinary Insights and Pedagogical Applications
Irit Sasson 2007 Dori Yehudit Abstracts Case-based Computerized Experiments and their Effect on Visualization Skills and Chemistry Understanding of High-school Students
Rania Hussein-Farraj 2013 Dori Yehudit, Barak Miriam, Abstracts Distance Education: Science and Engineering Students' Learning Outcomes
Galit Hagay 2012 Baram-Tsabari Ayelet, Berman Abraham, Abstracts Listening to the Students Voice: Incorporating Students Interests into the Formal Biology Curriculum
Shmuel Arnon 2006 Hazzan Orit Abstracts Regional Knowledge-Building ICT Education Community
Gila Yakov 2006 Alroy Gideon (Deceased), Moore Michael, Abstracts Ethical Aspects of Health Care of the Old Oncology Patient
Liora Nutov 2011 Hazzan Orit Abstracts What is between Maslow and Schein? Organizational Engagement Model as an Expression of Culture, Needs and Management: The Case of Role Design of…
Irina Bershadsky 2006 Zaslavsky Orit Abstracts Learning the Concept of Locus through Problem Solving in a Dynamic Geometry Environment
Shirly Avargil 2011 Dori Yehudit, Herscovitz Orit, Abstracts Metacognition, Chemical Understanding, and Multiple Representations in Teaching and Learning a Context-Based Module
Shmuel )Shuki( Aroshas 2006 Berman Abraham, Verner Igor, Abstracts Teaching Calculus with Applications as an Approach to Enhancing Students' Understanding, Achievements and Motivation
Vered Dangur 2010 Dori Yehudit, Peskin Uri, Abstracts Visualizations and Interdisciplinary Applications in Learning the Study Unit: Chemistry – From "The Hole" to "The Whole": From the Nano- Scale to Microelectronics
Yael Furman-Shaharabani 2009 Tal Tali Abstracts A Matter of Time:The long Term Effects of Extended Professional Development programs for Science Teachers
Moti Merdler 2006 Waks Shlomo Abstracts Characteristics of Creativity and System Thinking in Practical Engineering Students' Final Project Work
Tamar Lapidot 2005 Leron Uri Abstracts Computer Science Teachers' Learning during their Everyday Work
Meytal Hans 2009 Kali Yael, Yoav Yair, Abstracts Learning Processes and Spatial Ability Development with Regards to the Phases of the Moon: The Effect of a Web-Based Module
Abir Abed 2008 Dori Yehudit Abstracts Bilingual Learning Culture in a Computerized Chemistry Laboratory Environment and Its Effect on Developing Higher Order Thinking Skills
Nomy Dickman 2005 Zaslavsky Orit Abstracts Journal Writing as a Vehicle for Reflecting and Enhancing Learning Process of Mathematics Teachers in the Course of Becoming Mathematics Teachers Educators
Liora Saar 2008 Dori Yehudit Abstracts Reading, Understanding and Analyzing Adapted Scientific Articles: Integrating Metacognitive Skills and Chemistry Understanding Levels
Galit Botzer 2005 Reiner Miriam Abstracts Construction of Mental Models in Mechanics through Sensory Interaction in a Computerized Environment
Evgeny Korchnoy 2007 Verner Igor Abstracts Characteristics of Learning Computer-Controlled Mechanisms by Pupils and Students in the Technion Laboratory Environment
Boris Koychu 2004 Berman Abraham, Moore Michael, Abstracts Junior High School Students' Heuristic Behaviours in Mathematical Problem Solving
Adaya Meirovich 2006 Moore Michael, Rotshild Avi, Ber Rosalie, Abstracts Medical Student-Centered Tutoring as a Model for Patient- Centered Medicine
Elena Gilbuh 2005 Reiner Miriam Abstracts Conceptualization of Visual Representation in GIS The Special Case of Electromagnetism
Hava Contini-Benjamin 2005 Moore Michael, Movshovitz-Hada Nitsa, Abstracts Bridging School Science with Museum Science: Learning about Energy
Yael Dubinsky 2005 Hazzan Orit Abstracts Teaching Software Development Methods
Meira Levy 2004 Leron Uri Abstracts Integrative Learning Environment on the Web: Teaching Computer Science in Junior High School
Yaron Doppelt 2003 Waks Shlomo Abstracts Characteristics of Science-Technology Learning Environment: Teachers' and Pupils' Perceptions
Iris Wagner-Gershgoren 2004 Lazarowitz Reuven Abstracts The Development and Validation of an Instrument which Sets Criteria for the Choice and Evaluation of Biology Textbooks
Tamar Paz 2003 Leron Uri Abstracts Natural Thinking vs. Formal Thinking: The Case of Functional Programming
Chalom Azriel 2003 Waks Shlomo, Moore Michael, Abstracts Teacher Training for Science and Technology: The Issue of Balancing in Integrating between the Disciplines
Karni Shir 2004 Zaslavsky Orit Abstracts Learning a Meta-Mathematical Concept: The Case of a Mathematical Definition
Miriam Barak 2002 Dori Yehudit, Adir Noam, Abstracts A Model for a Web-Based Community of Chemistry Learners in Higher Education
Nissim Sabag 2002 Waks Shlomo, Manor Gedalyahu, Abstracts Characteristics of Projects Based Learning in Electronics
Avivit Katzir 2002 Zaslavsky Orit Abstracts Students Coping with Uncertainty Regarding the Truth of Mathematical Claims
Michal Mashiah-Eizenberg 2001 Zaslavsky Orit Abstracts Novices and Experts Coping with Control on the Solution of Combinatorial Problems
Mahmood Khalil 2001 Lazarowitz Reuven Abstracts Cognitive and Affective Evaluation of a STS (Science, Technology, Society) Learning Unit on Microorganisms for 9th Grade
Lea Latner 2000 Movshovitz-Hada Nitsa Abstracts High School Graduates' Thinking Processes while Performing Mathematical Tasks which Require Spatial Ability
Ilana Lavy 2000 Leron Uri Abstracts Understanding Basic Concepts in Elementary Number Theory: Explorations in an Interactive Computerized Environment
Abigail Barzilai 2000 Lazarowitz Reuven Abstracts Teaching Information Skills in Biology with Computers
Tatyana Zaslavsky 2000 Moore Michael Abstracts Adolescents' Adjustment, Parental Behavior and Their Relationship in Immigrant Families from Former Soviet Union
Ruth Reiz 2000 Movshovitz-Hada Nitsa, Abstracts The Impact of Telecommunication on the Community of Mathematics Teachers
Michal Nachshon 2000 Lazarowitz Reuven Abstracts Teaching/Learning in a Thematic Mode "The Biological Effects and Uses of Ionizing Radiation" Case Study and Creativity of 11th Grade Students
Mordechai Frank 1999 Waks Shlomo Abstracts Engineering Systems Thinking – Characteristics and Learning Processes
Maria Kozhevnikov 1999 Eckstein Shulamith (Deceased) Abstracts Students' Use of Imagery in Solving Qualitative Problems in Kinematics
Jody Sue Underwood 1999 Bar-on Ehud Abstracts Manipulating the Confusion that Occur in Letter Learning by Varying the Order of Presentation and Practice of the Letters
Michal Kollan 1999 Waks Shlomo Abstracts Occupational Aspects of Curriculum Design for High-Tech Manpower
Shlomo Charir 1999 Hershkowitz Daniel, Avital Shmuel (Deceased), Abstracts The Use of Talmudic-Mathematical Problems in Teaching
Mira Hameiri 1999 Dori Yehudit Abstracts Multidimensional Analysis of Quantitative Problems in Chemistry and Its Implementation in a Studyware
Dan Aharoni 1999 Leron Uri Abstracts Undergraduate Students' Perception of Data Structures
Yorm Hazan 1999 Kantorowitz Eliezer, Moore Michael, Abstracts A Comparison Between the Facilitative Effects of a General- Purpose and a Domain-Oriented Presentation User Computer Interface on the Ease of Learning of Computer…
Shmaryhu Rosner 1998 Moore Michael Abstracts Changes in the System of the Israeli Matriculation Exams – the Effect of Assessment Methods on Teaching/Learning Processes
Revital Tal 1998 Dori Yehudit, Lazarowitz Reuven, Abstracts Industry-Environment Projects in a Community School – Development of a Model and Its Evaluation
Greisy Winicki 1997 Movshovitz-Hada Nitsa Abstracts Beauty in Mathematics: Its Essence, Perception and Enculturation
Hamutal Orgad David 1997 Movshovitz-Hada Nitsa Abstracts Reading Comprehension of Mathematical Proofs
Roza Leikin 1997 Berman Abraham, Zaslavsky Orit, Abstracts Symmetry as a Way of Thought – a Tool for Professional Development of Mathematics Teachers
Nitza Barnea 1996 Dori Yehudit, Finegold Menachem (Deceased), Abstracts Integrating Molecular Modeling in Teaching Chemical Bonding and Structure and Its Effect on Conceptual Change, Spatial Ability and Model Perception
Alexander Kuperman 1996 Berman Abraham, Movshovitz-Hada Nitsa, Abstracts Misconceptions and the Main Sources of Obstacles Connected with Linear Transformations
Atara Shriki 1996 Bar-on Ehud Abstracts Theory of Global and Local Coherence and Applications to Geometry
Berman Sigler 1995 Berman Abraham Abstracts Geometric Investigations by High School Students and Undergraduate Preservice Teachers
Isaac Levin 1995 Waks Shlomo Abstracts Instruction Profile of Teachers in Electricity and Electronics Technicians Programs and Its Fitness to Profiles Anchored in Traditions of Teachers Education
Salit Ron 1995 Lazarowitz Reuven Abstracts Learning Evolution in Small Investigative Groups in 11th-12th Grades: Academic Achievement and Classroom Learning Environment
Sophia Penso 1995 Lazarowitz Reuven Abstracts Subject Matter and Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Teaching Education
Orit Hazzan 1995 Leron Uri Abstracts Undergraduate Students Understanding of Concepts in Abstract Algebra
Edna Erlich 1993 Moore Michael Abstracts Resistant Factors in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Among High Risk Adolescents – Secondary Prevention
Reuven Cohen 1992 Bar-on Ehud Abstracts A Structured Spreadsheet with An Error Diagnostic System
Yair Halamish 1992 Waks Shlomo Abstracts Electronics Teaching
Uri Ben Bassat 1991 Evyatar Azriel (Deceased) Abstracts The Use of Qeneralizations in Math Teaching and Its Effect
Adina Koch 1991 Eckstein Shulamith (Deceased) Abstracts Development and Investigation of a Strategy for the
Mia Leowy 1990 Cwikel Michael Abstracts The Influence of the Cognitive Tmpulsivity of Students and
Paul Gorsky 1990 Finegold Menachem (Deceased) Abstracts Restructuring Pupils Concepts of Force: a Study of a
Rina Zazkis 1989 Leron Uri Abstracts Turtle Geometry and Euclidean Transformation Geometry
Bilhah Eilam 1988 Finegold Menachem (Deceased) Abstracts The Junior High School Reform in Israel: a Case Study of a
Matsiiah Eliahou 1988 Waks Shlomo Abstracts Learning Characteristics in Electronics at the Selondary
Waleed Khalifa 2006 Leron Uri Abstracts Problem Solving in Abstract Data Types by High School Students
Victoria Sakhnini 2006 Hazzan Orit Abstracts Problem Solving in Computer Science by High School Students: Definition, Implementation and Use of Abstract Data Types
Sarah Maor 2005 Verner Igor, Waks Shlomo, Abstracts Mathematical Aspects in Architectural Design in Training Practical Engineers
Irit Hadar 2004 Leron Uri Abstracts The Study of Concept Understanding via Abstract Representation: The Case of Object Oriented Design
Aliza Malek 2003 Movshovitz-Hada Nitsa Abstracts "Transparent P-Proofs" as a Didactic Tool in Mathematics
Yehuda Peled 2002 Dori Yehudit, Schuster Gadi, Abstracts Professional Development of Science-Technology Teachers who Integrate Web-Based Teaching in Their Schools
Dalit Levy 2001 Leron Uri Abstracts Development of Computer-Science Concepts through Classification and Generalization
Amal Rasslan 2000 Berman Abraham Abstracts A Professional Mathematician as a High School Teacher – a Case Study
Orit Herscovitz 1999 Dori Yehudit Abstracts Science Teachers in an Era of Reform – towards an Interdisciplinary Case-Based Teaching/Learning
Michal Razer Galante 1999 Bar-on Ehud Abstracts The Automaticity of Handwriting – PDP Approach
Haim Eshach 1998 Bar-on Ehud Abstracts Case-Based Reasoning in Psychiatric Diagnosis
Miriam Welicker 1996 Lazarowitz Reuven Abstracts Inquiry Learning and Evaluation of High School Students in Performance Tasks on "Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Diseases"
Gilli Shama 1995 Movshovitz-Hada Nitsa Abstracts The Concept of Periodicity
Amiram Avital 1992 Manor Gedalyahu Abstracts Learning, Transfer,Evaluation and Development of Curriculum
David Pundak 1990 Finegold Menachem (Deceased) Abstracts A Study of Change in High School Students Conceptual Framew
Ricardo Trumper 1988 Finegold Menachem (Deceased) Abstracts Diagnosis and Modification of Students Altesrntive Conceptua