PhD Theses – Polymer Engineering

Department Polymer Engineering
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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Jasmine Rosen Kligvasser 2018 Narkis Moshe, Cohen Yachin, Abstracts Investigation of Controlled Migration of Antifog Additives from Thin Polyolefin Films
Reshef Gal-Oz 2017 Zussman Eyal, Cohen Yachin, Abstracts Charge-Transfer Based Electrospun Sensors
Hadas Hecht 2016 Srebnik Simcha Abstracts Structural Investigation of Ca-Alginate Physical Gelation Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Irena Brook 2015 Narkis Moshe, Cohen Yachin, Abstracts Conductive Hybrid Ternary Elastomeric Nano-composites
Ran Suckeveriene 2013 Cohen Yachin, Narkis Moshe, Abstracts Hybrid Electrically Conducting Systems: Polyaniline/Carbon Nanotubes