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PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Salman Tamer 2012 PhD Abstracts Quantum Neural Computation and Associative Memory
Zlochin Mark 2003 PhD Abstracts Adaptive Monte Carlo Methods for Bayesian Inference
Roth Ze'ev 1995 PhD A Statistical Approach for the Design and Analysis of Artificial Neural Networks
Peterfreund Natan 1993 PhD Domains of Attraction and Convergence Rates of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Neural Networks
Galperin Vadim 2005 MSc Abstracts In-Line Regression by Support Vectors with Application to Head Motion Anticipation from EMG Signals
Salman Tamer 2005 MSc Abstracts Learning Polynomial Generating Rules Using Support Vector Machines
Polak Simon 2004 MSc Abstracts Head Motion Anticipation for Virtual-Environment Applications Using Kinematics and EMG Energy
Luz Kobi 2004 MSc Abstracts Online Choice of Active Learning Algorithms
Parham Robert 2002 MSc Solving the Dynamic Conflict between N Moving Objects Using Neural Networks
Ron Lior 2002 MSc A Visual Feedback System
Shakhnarovich Gregory 2001 MSc Statistical Data Cloning for Machine Learning
Wasserkrug Segev 1995 MSc Neural Network Design for Classification
Elias Avithal 2014 MSc Abstracts Statistical Analysis of Particle Transport and Interactions in Metastatic Cancer
Zur Dror 1995 MSc Deinterleaving of Radar Signals Using Self Organizing Neural Network
Ben-Tal Gad 1994 MSc Obstacle Detection from Texcure by Monocular Vision
Salee' Dror 1992 MSc Memory Capacity of Neural Networks Storing Sparse Vectors
Kaufman Kalman 1993 MSc Classification Prblems Solution Using Neurol Networks
Ringach Dario 1991 MSc A Diffusion Mechanism for Obstacle Detection from Size
Even Adir 1991 MSc Investigation of the Mapping and Classification Capability
Simionovitch Yahalomit 2001 MSc Augmented Reality for Aiding the Neuro-Motorically Impaired