PhD and MSc Theses

PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor ASSOCIATE PROF. Giora Rosenhouse
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No of theses 31
Department Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Keinan Mordechay 1995 PhD Application of a Spatial Frequency Algorithm for Analysis Of Underground Pipe Response to Surface Load
Bar-Adon Shulamit 2007 PhD Abstracts Nonlinear Models for Acoustic Wave Propagation in Water
Rosenfeld David 1993 PhD Fruit Sorting According to Their Response to Dynamic Loading
Mizrach Amos 1994 PhD Non-Destructive Quality Control of Fruit and Vegetables Through Dynamic Response to Acoustic Excitation
Shteinbok Arkady 1999 PhD Simulation of Sound Fields in Urban Environment
Michalak Yosiphia 1999 PhD The Influence of Change in Hearing Ability through Age on the Acoustic Component in Buildings for the Elderly
Soker Joseph 1998 PhD A Conceptual and Practical Approach to Architectural- Acoustic Design of Neighborhoods in Israel
Segal Corina 1997 PhD Urban Environments on Floating Platforms in Protected Water Zones and Open Sea
Findling-Eldar Odin 2003 PhD Abstracts The Influence of Activ Sound Control Unit on Penetration of a Single Frequency Component through an Opening in an Enclosure
Dayan Prosper 2000 PhD Non Linear Analysis of Acoustic Waves on Orthogonal and Non Orthogonal Grids for Diagnostics of Structures
Mazin Sergej 1996 PhD Singular Integral Equations Method in Two- and Three-Dimensional Elastostatics
Perry Batia 1991 PhD Hybrid Fimite Elements for Statie Response of Inclined
Peled Nathan 1990 PhD Sound Fields Created by Sources Moving Along Curved Paths
Amir Noam 1993 PhD Acoustic Analysis and Shape Reconstruction of Brass Wind
Michael Ofer 1996 PhD Spectral Solutions for Boundary Integral Equations
Aronson Leonor 1991 PhD Electrical Parameters of Cochlear Prosthesis Adapted to
Krasny Alla 1996 MSc Fruit Response to Mechanical Excitation
Rosenfeld David 1990 MSc 3-D Simulat Ion of Acoustic Wave Propagation in Fruit
Kobi Eli 2003 MSc Abstracts A Model for Selection of Acoustic Protection Alternatives in Residential Areas
Gofer Amit 2002 MSc The Acoustic Impact of Alternative Flight Routs on Residential Areas in the Vicinity of Airports
Bleiberg Tamar 1997 MSc Sunshades and Their Acoustical Performance
Viks Aharon 1996 MSc Abstracts The Effects of Room-Coupling, Surface-Area Enlargement and Asymmetry on the Acoustical Quality of Halls. An Architectural-Acoustical Approach
Budiscky Ilana 1996 MSc Abstracts Acoustic Aspects Involved with Schools in Residential Areas
Dayan Prosper 1995 MSc Non Destructive Acustic Evaluation of Defects in Multi- Phase Materials
Sasky Ezequiel 1994 MSc Noise Cancellation by Array of Active Noise Sources
Sokolinski Vladimir 1993 MSc Shear Buckling Optimization of Rectangular Plates
Marjieh Hesham 1990 MSc Two-Dimensional Analysis of Elastic Mountings by the Bounda
Lavi Yosi 1990 MSc Mixed Hybrid Finite Strip Formulation and Its Application
Weitz Ofra 1989 MSc The Use of Descrete Systems to Vibration Control of Structnr
Goldfarb Yakov 1989 MSc Stress and Strain Transmission through Joints of Frames
Nativ Itzhak 1992 MSc Nultichannel Measvrement of Sound Absorbtion in Tubes