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PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor PROF. Michael Fry
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No of theses 18
Department Medicine
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Khateb Samer 2009 PhD Abstracts Destabilization of Tetraplex Structures of the Fragile X Syndrome Expanded Sequence (CGG)n by Members of the hnRNP Family
Yafe Anat 2008 PhD Abstracts Tetrahelical DNA Structures in Regulatory Regions of Myogenic Genes and their Interaction with Myogenic Transcription Factors
Etzioni Shulamit 2006 PhD Abstracts Interaction of the MyoD Protein with Tetrahelical DNA
Oren-Jazan Hely 2004 PhD Abstracts Tetraplex DNA Destabilizing Proteins from Human cells
Cohen )Ganelin( Esther 2003 PhD Abstracts Mechanisms of Tetraplex-DNA Binding and Destablilization by the hnRNP-Related Protein CBF-A
Weinberger Ronit 1999 PhD Isolation of Two New Homologues of the RNA Splicing Protein SC35: P17 and P42
Behar-Erlitzki Ronit 1997 PhD Characterization of a Mammalian Protein that Binds Single Stranded and Tetraplex Telomeric DNA
Sarig Galit 1997 PhD Rat Hepatocyte Protein that Binds Telomeric and Tetrahelical DNA
Shomer Pnina 1994 PhD A Tetrahlical Dna Binding Protein: Purification and Characterization
Rahat Michal Ami 1993 PhD Two Liver Proteins That Bind to Selected Dna Seqwenles
Levy Aliza 1990 PhD Mechamisms of the Seguemce-Specific Bimding of Factoc D to
Ofer Noa 2009 MSc Abstracts Enhancement of the Translation of FMR1 Premutation mRNA by Tetraplex RNA Destabilizing Agents
Shklover Jeny 2009 MSc Abstracts Structure-Function Relationship of the Binding of the Transcription Factor MyoD to Tetraplex DNA
Hershco-Shani Inbal 2006 MSc Abstracts Destabilization of Tetrahelical Transcripts of the Fragile X Syndrome (CGG)n Expanded Sequence by Members of the hnRNP Family and by Cationic Porphyrins
Givon-Shushan Iris 1996 MSc Regulation of Binding of Quad Protein to Quadruplex Dna
Nadel Yotvat 1996 MSc Formation of Unusual Structures by Fragile X Syndrome Dna
Waldman Ella 1990 MSc Rabit Liver Factor E: a New Poly D(C-T) Template Specific
Perach Michal 1990 MSc Oligo(Dg) Binding Proteins That Stimulate and Systhesis