PhD and MSc Theses

PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor PROFESSOR EMERITUS Moshe Eizenberg
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No of theses 34
Department Materials Science and Engineering
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Mehari Shlomo 2016 PhD Abstracts A Study of Gate Leakage Current and Electron Trapping Effects in AlGaN/GaN-Based Heterostructure Field Effect Transistors
Zoubenko Ekaterina 2021 PhD Abstracts Molybdenum based Gate Metallization for Advavced MOS Devices
Fadida Gliksman Sivan 2016 PhD Abstracts The Role of Interfaces and Defects in Controlling the Properties of Ge Based MOS Devices
Lipp Eran 2009 PhD Abstracts Investigation of the Properties of Metal/High-K (Gd2O3) Interfaces for Advanced MOS Devices
Fisher Ilanit 2005 PhD Abstracts Study of Porous SiO2-Based Films as Low-k Dielectrics and Their Integration with Copper Metallization
Kohn Amit 2003 PhD Abstracts Investigation of Electrochemically Deposited Thin Films for Application as Diffusion Barriers in Copper Metallization
Buxbaum Alexander 1994 PhD Structural and Electrical Properties of Thin Palladium Layers on Epitaxial Si1-Xgex/si
Ben-Tzur Mira 1989 PhD Solid State Reactions Between Thin Films of Al/ti-Ta and
Iacopetti Sara 2021 PhD Abstracts Ohmic Contacts to Si1-xGex
Winter Roy 2017 PhD Abstracts The Role of Interfaces and Defects in Controlling the Properties of InGaAs MOS Devices
Geppert Irena 2011 PhD Abstracts Characterization of High-k Materials and their Interface with Si and Metal
Shekhter Pinhas 2017 PhD Abstracts Electrical and Dielectric Properties of Rare-Earth Oxides as High K Insulators
Atzmon Ziv 1993 PhD Solid Phase Epitayial Growth and Electrical
Kornblum Lior 2012 PhD Abstracts The Role of the Metal/Dielectric Interface Properties in Determining the Electrical Behavior of Si MOS Devices
Rothschild Jonathan Avner 2011 PhD Abstracts The Effect of Alloying on the Effective Work Function at Metal/High-K Dielectric Interfaces
Marom Hagay 2007 PhD Abstracts Investigation of the Electrical Conductivity of Copper in Nanometric Dimensions for Application as Interconnects in Integrated Circuits
Bergovsky Michael 1999 PhD Phase Formation in the Ti/Si-Ge System
Tamir Shoshana 1993 PhD Laser Induced Silicon Deposition from Gas Phase
Krylov Igor 2017 PhD Abstracts Nano-Scale Atomic Layer Deposited Dielectrics for InGaAs Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Field-Effect- Transistors
Eyal Alon 1998 PhD Ti Metallization of Sigec Epitaxial Layers Grown on Si (001)
Shriki Avi 2017 MSc Abstracts A Study of Ohmic Contacts to Gallium Nitride-Based High Electron Mobility Transistors(HEMTs)
Fraenkel Nethanel 2018 MSc Abstracts Structural and Electrical Characterization of Cobalt Thin Films for Usage as Gate Metal in Advanced MOS Devices
Rodes Yael 2016 MSc Abstracts Investigation and Optimization of MIM Silicon Nitride Capacitors Embedded in Cu BEOL Technology
Zonensain Oren 2016 MSc Abstracts Characterization and tuning of the effective work function of WCxNy films for advanced MOS device applications
Lipp Eran 2004 MSc Abstracts The Effect of Cu on the Electrical Properties of MOS Capacitors
Joseph Shay 2003 MSc Abstracts TiSiN Films Produced by CVD as Diffusion Barriers for Cu Metallization
Roichman Yohai 2000 MSc Cobalt-Silicide Contacts on Si1-Ycy Layers Epitaxially Grown on Si(001)
Ariel Nava 2000 MSc Fluorinated Amorphous Carbon as Low-K Dielectric Material And Its Interface with Copper Metallization
Avinun Michal 1999 MSc Nucleation and Growth of Cvd Al on Different Types of Ti/tin
Winer Inga 1997 MSc Nucleation and Growth of Cvd W
Saad Rami 1995 MSc Properties of Tungsten Silicide Layers
Greenbaum Yitzhak Eric 1995 MSc Formation of Titanium Silicide on Ion Implanted Silicon
Koltin Ephraim 1991 MSc Metallization of Cobalt and Germanium Thin Filas on Gaas