PhD and MSc Theses

PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor PROFESSOR EMERITUS Nimrod Moiseyev
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No of theses 26
Department Chemistry
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Ben Asher Anael 2021 PhD Abstracts Non-Hermitian Quantum Scattering Theory for Cold Molecular Collision Experiments
Klaiman Shachar 2010 PhD Abstracts Resonances in Mesoscopic Systems
Gilary Ido 2008 PhD Abstracts Dynamics of Wavepackets in Non-Hermitian Quantum Mechanics
Fleischer Avner 2007 PhD Abstracts High-Harmonic Generation from Atoms Subjected to Two-Color laser Field
Vorobeichik Ilya 1999 PhD Study of Electro-Magnetic Wave Propagation in Optical Devices by Quantum Mechanical Approaches and Computational Methods
Peskin Uri 1994 PhD Resonances, Transition Probabilities and Partial Widths by the Complex Coordinate Method
Narevicius Edvardas 2002 PhD Abstracts Non Hermitian Quantum Mechanics: Fingerprints of Overlapping Resonances in Observable Quantities
Averbukh Vitali 2001 PhD Abstracts Multiphoton Processes Induced by High Intensity Fields
Alon Ofir 2001 PhD Abstracts Selection Rules for the High Harmonic Generation Spectra by Dynamical Symmetry Analysis
Ben-Tal Nir 1992 PhD Non Linear Dynamics of Time Independent and Temporally
Lipkin Nurit 1992 PhD Resonances by the Complex Coordinate Method Novel Approaches
Rom Naomi 1995 PhD Determination of Tunneling Rates through Potential Barriers
Goldzak Tamar 2017 PhD Abstracts Interatomic Coulombic Decay in Quantum Wells
Bakman Alexandra 2019 PhD Abstracts The Impact of Periodicity and its Breaking on Wavepacket Dynamics
Martiskainen Hanna 2018 PhD Abstracts Photo Induced Dynamics in the Low Frequency Regime
Uzdin Raam 2012 PhD Abstracts The Effects of Non-Hermitian Degeneracies on Light and Matter Interactions
Berlatzky Yoav 2008 PhD Abstracts Scattering from Non-Continuous 2D Potentials: Theory and Applications
Kenis Alexander 2002 PhD Abstracts Design of Optical Devices by Means of Quantum Mechanical Approaches and Computational Methods
Osovski Shmuel 2007 MSc Abstracts Fingerprints of Classical Chaos in Manipulation of Cold Atoms in One-dimensional Optical Lattices
Gilary Ido 2003 MSc Abstracts Photo-Induced Dynamics of Driven Systems in the High Frequency Regime
Barkay Hadas 2002 MSc Abstracts Resonant Tunneling Phenomena in Multi-Dimensional Systems
Alon Ofir 1995 MSc Partial Widths and Coherent Control of Chemical Reactions by Time Dependent Gauge Transformations
Haritan Idan 2016 MSc Abstracts Effects of Hermitian and Non-Hermitian degeneracies on photo-induced dynamics of molecules
Cherkes Ira 2010 MSc Abstracts Electron Relaxation in Quantum Dots by the Interatomic Coulombic Decay Mechanism
Tsinovoy Anatoli 2019 MSc Abstracts Ab-Initio Potentials and Hyperfine Coupling Constants for ElectronicallyExcited K-3He
Martiskainen Hanna 2014 MSc Abstracts Applicability of the Adiabatic Theory for Atomic Systems in Strong Laser Fields