PhD and MSc Theses

PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor ASSOCIATE PROF. Rivka Oxman
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No of theses 22
Department Architecture and Town Planning
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Elhyani Zvi 2015 PhD Abstracts Multi-Contextual Approaches to Architectural Archiving: Knowledge Restoration for the Historiography of Israeli Architecture
Byran Eyal 2013 PhD Abstracts Ergonomic Design Based on Operator's Efficiency of Multitask Vehicles
Bar-on David 1999 PhD Representation of Building Technology Knowledge in Computerized Libraries
Peretz Marco Dana 2018 MSc Abstracts Modeling Design Style as a Series of Digital Rules Case Study Charles and Ray Eames
Sohezki Keren 2017 MSc Abstracts "Soundform" in Design and Art: Development of a Design Process uses Digital Methods for Substation Sound for Creating a Form
Kalush Nitzan 2014 MSc Abstracts Novel Technologies Building Strategies Supporting Assembly and Dis Assembly in Design: Design Evaluation Model
Chechick Liran 2014 MSc Abstracts Biomimetic Paradigm for Structural Optimization Biomimetic paradigm for Structural Optimization
Nakar Gil 2012 MSc Abstracts Study of the Impact of Digital Fabrication Technology on Forming Design Knowledge in Architectural Design of Spatial-Complex Building Envelopes
Levy Adrian Jose 2011 MSc Abstracts Information Architecture: The Architectural Contribution to Information Visualization
Badran Abed Alkhaleq 2009 MSc Abstracts Soundscape in Architecture: Design Criteria and Precedent Analysis
Yaskovich Elina 2007 MSc Abstracts Designing Experience in Virtual Museum
Kolomisky Rina 2007 MSc Abstracts Design of Virtual Environments: Presence, Place, Scenario
Savettchenko Natalia 2007 MSc Abstracts Digital Architecture – Virtual Architecture: Conceptual Migration
Shehovtsov Elina 2007 MSc Abstracts The Design of Art Display in Cyberspace
Rotenstreich Ruth 2006 MSc Abstracts Characterization of Digital Architecture: Concept Analysis Precedents
Cory Aviram 2005 MSc Abstracts Twards a Phenomenological Analysis of the Architectural Experience, Based on Merleau-Ponty's Notion of Embodiment
Piram Hedva 2002 MSc Abstracts Design of User Interface for TF1 Collaborative Work System
Schnitman Dafna 2000 MSc Interactions of Information Seeking on the World-Wide Web (Www)
Sarid Anat 1999 MSc Shared Dynamic Interactive Representation of Architectural Precedents on the Internet
Sharvit Ruth 1997 MSc Abstracts Computerized Tutorial System for the Teaching Building Details
Casakin Hernan 1993 MSc Abstracts Modeling Design as a Top-Downrefinement Process: the Court
Fisher Gewir Dafna 1993 MSc Abstracts Computer Based Documentation inArchitecture: Documenting Formal Connections in the Villas of Le Corbusier