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PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Mechrez Guy 2014 PhD Abstracts Highly-Tunable Polymer/CNTs Nanostructures: A New Approach for Controlled Structure and Properties
Mironi-Harpaz Iris 2006 PhD Abstracts Composite Systems Based on Thermosetting Polyesters and Nano-Layered Clay Filler
Segal Ester 2004 PhD Abstracts Chemical Sensing Materials Based on Electrically Conductive Immiscible Polymer Blends
Artzi Natalie 2004 PhD Abstracts Polymer/Clay Nanocomposite Systems: Development, Characterization and Processing-Structure- Property Relationships
Haba Yafit 2003 PhD Abstracts Reactive Extrusion of PVC/Monomer Systems: Process Development and Characterization of Structure-Property Relationships
Shach-Caplan Michal 2002 PhD Abstracts Development and Characterization of Porous Multi-Component Polymeric Particles Having a Selective Absorption Characteristic
Breuer Orna 1999 PhD Segregated Structures in Multi-Phase Polymer Systems Containing a Low Concentration of A Conductive Filler
Nir Yftach 1997 PhD Structure and Properties Characterization of Evoh/Copolyamide-6/6.9 Blends
Bianco Havazelet 1997 PhD Structural Analysis of Two-Phase Latex Particles
Zury Limor 1997 PhD Development, Characterization and Investigation of Composite Membranes for Pervaporation Process
Alperstein David 1993 PhD Dielectric Cure Monitoring of Resins
Nemirovski .naum 1993 PhD Behavior of Latex Multicomponent Polymer Systems
Vaxman Anita 1989 PhD Composite Matirials
Yacubowicz Jorge 1989 PhD Dielectric Properties of Composite Materials Containing
Rosen Kligvasser Jasmine 2018 PhD Abstracts Investigation of Controlled Migration of Antifog Additives from Thin Polyolefin Films
Brook Irena 2015 PhD Abstracts Conductive Hybrid Ternary Elastomeric Nano-composites
Suckeveriene Ran 2013 PhD Abstracts Hybrid Electrically Conducting Systems: Polyaniline/Carbon Nanotubes
Belous Ayelet 2010 MSc Abstracts Development and Characterization of Plasticized Polyamides by Fluid and Solid Plasticizers
Goldis Leonid 2009 MSc Abstracts Characterization of Structure-Property Relationships of Polyamide Blends
Suckeveriene Ran 2008 MSc Abstracts Development and Characterization of Nano-Composites Based on Monomer Polymerization in the Presence of Nano- Particles
Hammer Shir 2008 MSc Abstracts Development and Characterization of Modified Rigid PVC Blends
Zelikman Evgeni 2005 MSc Segregated Dispersion of Nano-Particles in Immiscible Binary Polymer Systems
Cooper Hadas 2004 MSc Abstracts Development, Characterization and Simulation of Conductive Polyaniline/Polymer Blends for Sensing of Chemicals
Bar Hedva 2003 MSc Abstracts The Electrical Behavior of Thermosetting Polymers Containing Metal Plated Ceramic Filler
Potashnik Avishai 2002 MSc Abstracts Aging Dynamic of Polyurethane
Mironi-Harpaz Iris 2000 MSc Thermo-Electric Behavior of Multi-Phase Polymer Systems Containing Conductive Carbon Black
Segal Ester 1999 MSc Conductive Polyaniline/polymer Blends through Aqueous Dispersions: Synthesis and Characterization.
Dreerman Evgeny 1998 MSc Abstracts Mechanical Behavior and Structure of Vinyl Ester/polyester Systems Containing Phase Separated Rubber
Sagi Dalit 1996 MSc Composite Materials for Marine Applications Based on Vinyl Esters Resins.
Sambursky Guy 1995 MSc Structure and Properties of Hot Drawn, Crosslinked Polyethylene Tubing
Parizat Shimon 1994 MSc Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Systems
Katan Eli 1992 MSc Iradiation Effects on the Properties of Flouropolymers
Bar Meir 1991 MSc Peroxide and Radiation Modified Crosslinked Polymer Blends
Zoldan Janet 1999 MSc Structure and Properties of Ternary Immiscible Polymer Blends
Kuplennik Nataliya 2015 MSc Abstracts Development and Investigation of Active Antimicrobial Plastic Packaging
Shlosman Balasha Koranit 2015 MSc Abstracts Investigation of Migration of Antifog Additives through Thin LLDPE Films
Regueira Ramiro 2014 MSc Abstracts Hybrid Electrically Conducting Systems: Polyaniline/Graphene
Zrubaveli Parisa 2013 MSc Abstracts Investigation of Nucleation and Formation of Cellular Thin-wall Foamed Polyethylene
Belenky Naomi 2012 MSc Thermosetting Polymers Containing Carbonaceous Conductive Nano-Particles