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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Zigdon-Giladi Hadar 2012 PhD Abstracts Cell-Based Vertical Bone Formation: A Calvarium Model in the Rat
Rozen Nimrod 2006 PhD Abstracts Enhancement of Fracture Healing by Factors that Accelerate Bone Turnover
Fuchs Dror 2002 PhD Abstracts Model of Rat Femoral Head Endoprostheses: Caracterization, Acceleration and Prevention of the Aseptic Loosening Process
Rachmiel Adi 2000 PhD Abstracts Characterization of Membranous Bone Regeneration Following Osteotomy and Gradual Distraction. Effect of TGF-Beta on the Osteogenesis Process
Besharat Suher 1997 PhD The Effect of Different Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) Fragments and PTH-Related Peptide on Various Skeletal Growth Centers of the Neonatal Mice
Ben-Ami Yeichel 1989 PhD Characterization of Endochondral Ossification