PhD and MSc Theses

PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

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Department Education in Science and Technology
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Lifshits Rachel 2009 PhD Abstracts The Rationality Debate: Applications to Statistics Education
Buchbinder Orly 2011 PhD Abstracts The role of Examples in Establishing the Validity of Universal and Existential Mathematical Statements
Bordo Nadia 2018 PhD Abstracts The Power of Intuition Traps in Teaching and Learning of Probabilistic Thinking
Levy Meira 2004 PhD Abstracts Integrative Learning Environment on the Web: Teaching Computer Science in Junior High School
Levy Dalit 2001 PhD Abstracts Development of Computer-Science Concepts through Classification and Generalization
Khalifa Waleed 2006 PhD Abstracts Problem Solving in Abstract Data Types by High School Students
Lapidot Tamar 2005 PhD Abstracts Computer Science Teachers' Learning during their Everyday Work
Lavy Ilana 2000 PhD Understanding Basic Concepts in Elementary Number Theory: Explorations in an Interactive Computerized Environment
Hadar Irit 2004 PhD Abstracts The Study of Concept Understanding via Abstract Representation: The Case of Object Oriented Design
Paz Tamar 2003 PhD Abstracts Natural Thinking vs. Formal Thinking: The Case of Functional Programming
Aharoni Dan 1999 PhD Undergraduate Students' Perception of Data Structures
Hazzan Orit 1995 PhD Undergraduate Students Understanding of Concepts in Abstract Algebra
Zazkis Rina 1989 PhD Turtle Geometry and Euclidean Transformation Geometry
Kafri Eitan 2001 MSc A Learning and Experimenting System
Kfir Niv 2004 MSc Abstracts NLink: Web Based Application for Reducing the Cognitive Load of Hypertext Navigation
Sela Hagit 2000 MSc Changing the Scale on the Axes as a Springboard to Rethinking the Notion of Slope
Hadashi Rinat 1996 MSc Interdisciplinary Aspects of Computer Science
Lavy Ilana 1996 MSc Teaching Tenth Grade Mathematics Via Isetl Programming
Paz Tamar 1996 MSc High School Computer Science for "Gemer" Students: Processes of Learning and Teaching
Lapidot Tamar 1993 MSc Educational Aspects of Concurrent Programming Languages
Levy Dalit 1992 MSc Metaphors in Computer-Science Teaching
Hazzan Orit 1991 MSc Application of Computer Science Ideas in Presentation of