PhD and MSc Theses

PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor PROFESSOR EMERITUS Reuven Lazarowitz
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No of theses 23
Department Education in Science and Technology
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Danay Rakefet 2008 PhD Abstracts An Inquiry of Higher-Order Thinking Skills of Students who Study the Unit "Treasures of the Sea" within "Science and Technology for All"
Anton Caesar 2008 PhD Abstracts Cognitive Preferences of 11th Grade Biology Students and their Concrete, Transitional and Formal Operational Stages
Barzilai Abigail 2000 PhD Teaching Information Skills in Biology with Computers
Wagner-Gershgoren Iris 2004 PhD Abstracts The Development and Validation of an Instrument which Sets Criteria for the Choice and Evaluation of Biology Textbooks
Nachshon Michal 2000 PhD Teaching/Learning in a Thematic Mode "The Biological Effects and Uses of Ionizing Radiation" Case Study and Creativity of 11th Grade Students
Khalil Mahmood 2001 PhD Abstracts Cognitive and Affective Evaluation of a STS (Science, Technology, Society) Learning Unit on Microorganisms for 9th Grade
Welicker Miriam 1996 PhD Inquiry Learning and Evaluation of High School Students in Performance Tasks on "Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Diseases"
Penso Sophia 1995 PhD Subject Matter and Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Teaching Education
Tal Revital 1998 PhD Industry-Environment Projects in a Community School – Development of a Model and Its Evaluation
Ron Salit 1995 PhD Learning Evolution in Small Investigative Groups in 11th-12th Grades: Academic Achievement and Classroom Learning Environment
Sleiman-Bahous Manal 2006 MSc Abstracts The Investigation of Learning Environment and the Instructional Methods of Biology in 9th Grade in Arab and Jewish Schools in Israel
Bloch Ilit 1999 MSc Awareness of Social Dilemmas While Teaching Genetics Amongst High School Biology Teachers
Khalil Mahmood 1997 MSc Teaching "Microorganisms" in a Sts Mode in 9th Grade
Wagner-Gershgoren Iris 1997 MSc Choices and Preferences of Topics in Biology by High School Students
Albert Zivit 1997 MSc Teaching by Intervention Mode the "Water" Topic in the 7th Grade and Learning Achievements
Sarid Dalia 1996 MSc Teaching Sequence, Concept Mapping and Students' Achievement in Genetics for 9th Grade
Yaroslavsky Orly 1994 MSc Group Instruction of the Cell Unit and Qth Graders
Avishay Smadar 1992 MSc Teacher Impact on Students' Choice on Learning Chemistry
Bar Yoseph Hanna 1992 MSc The Development of the Concept of Life as Held by Elementr
Nachshon Michal 1992 MSc Teaching/learning in a Thematic Mode "the Biological Effects and Uses of Ionizing Radiation" Case Study And Creativity of 11th Grade Students
Anton Caesar 1992 MSc The Identification of Exempiary Practices in Biology Classro
Welicker Miriam 1988 MSc Relationships Between Mastery of Formal Reasoning Patterns