PhD and MSc Theses

PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor Professor Ingman Dov
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No of theses 35
Department Industrial Engineering and Management
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Ofer Shaham 2018 PhD Abstracts Method for Planning a Binomial Truncated Sequential Test for Reliability
Emad Faraj 2015 PhD Abstracts Managing Risk Dormancy in Multi-Team Work: Application of Time-Dependent Success-and-Safety Assurance Methodology
Yair Shai 2015 PhD Abstracts Reliability of Technologies
Dan Sheffer 1999 PhD The Use of Thermodynamic Quantities to Improve Multispectral Recognition
Karin More 2009 PhD Abstracts Quality and Reliability Characterization of Multi-Parametric Physical Measurements Data Fusion
Elena Aizenchtadt 2008 PhD Abstracts Reliability Approaches to Bio-Environmental Systems on the Base of Wastewater Treatment Plants
Tatiana Mirer 2008 PhD Abstracts Physical Reliability Model Based on the System Transparence to the Energy Flux
Lina Teper 2008 PhD Abstracts Optimal Calibration of Measurement Systems and Precision Enhancement in Input Restoration Using Apriori Information
Micael Zeyfman 2000 PhD Physical Aspects of Probabilistic Lifetime Assessment
Boris Lipnik 2000 PhD Development of Process Reliability Principles
Renata Klein 2000 PhD Adaptive Processing of Non-Stationary Signals
Yoram Merlis 1992 PhD Neural Networks for Simulation of Physical Models
Shmuel Grossman 1997 MSc Characteristics of Soil Moisture Meter, for Irrigation Policy
Alex Yaaran 1989 MSc Simulation of Networks Reliabi-Lity
Yoram Merlis 1988 MSc Adaptation for Information Extraction in Radiography
Ilya Levin 2012 MSc Abstracts Improvement of Planning Methodology for Comparison Sequential Tests
Lilach David 2011 MSc Abstracts Sequential Test for Reliability under Allowance for Target Uncertainty
Ofer Shaham 2010 MSc Abstracts Planning of Truncated Sequential Binomial Tests under Identical Supplier and User Risk Conditions
Yifat Lavi 2005 MSc Abstracts A Reliability Approach to Spare Parts Supply
Danny Davidovitch 2004 MSc Abstracts Long Life Reliability Test of Cantilever Beam
Boaz Sedan 2003 MSc Abstracts Statistical Process Control of Client-Server Software with Application to Internet Web Servers
Iris Dallal 2001 MSc Project Management Using TOC
Amnon Geva 1998 MSc Degression in Mechanical Properties of Nitrocellulose Based Propellants
Micael Zeyfman 1997 MSc Reliability Analysis of Control Charts for Variables
Isacc Turgeman 1996 MSc The Correlation Between Reliability of Electronic Components And Their Energy Transparency
Renata Klein 1995 MSc Detection of Defective Valves by Analysis of Vibroacoustic
Zaki Cohen 1995 MSc Reliability Prediction of Eprom Memories Using Program Margin Voltage Results
Pablo Burstein 1994 MSc Lsf Restoration by Neural Networks
Reuven Yunger 1994 MSc Behaviora of Polymer Films Under Mechanical Stress
Jacob Rusak 1994 MSc Reliability Optimization in Riwcontracts by Taguchi Methods
Haviv Herman 1994 MSc Enhanced Control of Measuring and Test Equipment
Yoel Brand 1992 MSc Volume Measurement of Conductors in Motion
Moshe Bar-Guri 1991 MSc Analysis of Multi-Variable System