PhD and MSc Theses

PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor Professor Alan Kirschenbaum
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No of theses 30
Department Industrial Engineering and Management
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Lubasz Sharon 2013 PhD Abstracts Security Decision Making in Complex Organizations
Rapaport Carmit 2011 PhD Abstracts Business Continuity as an Adaptive Social Process: Organizing for Organizational Survival
Link Sharon 2011 PhD Abstracts The Impact of Social Networks on Disaster Information Flow: Adaptive Behavioral Survival Mechanisms
Goshen Tzipora 2008 PhD Abstracts Transformational Leadership: Empowerment, Ethics, Commitment and Performance Case Study in Youth Village
Baram Ilanit 2003 PhD Abstracts The Influence of Occupational Collective on Job Search and Job Attainment Behavior
Koresh Yael 2002 PhD Abstracts Non-Profit Organizations: Measuring Structure and Process toward Success
Kariv Daphna 1999 PhD Spatial Boundaries of Labor Markets' Perceptions: An Empirical Assessment
Negrin-Mano Rikoula 1995 PhD A Comprehensive Turnover Decision Making Model of Labor Force Dynamics: a Macro-Micro Perspective Analysis
Malevski Inbar 2009 MSc Abstracts Adaptive Behavioral Changes in Preparing for Terror
Nir-Ducach Ravit 2008 MSc Abstracts Design of Integrated Information Display for Complex Medical Processes Control
Schegolev Inna 2007 MSc Abstracts Scientists from the FSU in Israel: Personal Network Development as a Means of Social Integration and Professional Reintegration
Kohn Ela 2005 MSc Abstracts To File a Grievance or Not to File a Grievance: The Demographic Explenation behaind Employee Grievnace Filing Behavior
Bar-Yair Dorit 2004 MSc Abstracts Gender as a Moderating Factor in the Development of Disaster Risk Perceptions
Koren Yuval 2003 MSc Abstracts An Analysis of Factors Affecting "Risk Perceptions" of the Civilian Population in Israel
Shaked Liat 2003 MSc Abstracts Employee Turnover in Hi-Tech Organizations: The Impact of Social Rewards
Gants Tal 2002 MSc Confronting Disasters: An Analysis of Factors Affecting "Preparedness" of the Civilian Population
Arzi Hadas 2002 MSc Abstracts A Constituency Model of Organizational Effectiveness: A Case Study of the IDF Home Front
Levy Amelia 2002 MSc Abstracts The Influence of Social Bonding on Turnover
Sagi Merav 2001 MSc The Effect of Human Capital on Labor Mobility
Haparnass Shir 1999 MSc Employee Turnover: Intra and Inter Organizational
Kril-Migdal Yael 1997 MSc The Impact of Organizational Structure, Organizational Behavior and Employee Attitudes on Rehabilitation Success
Zalcberg Sima 1995 MSc Job Search Patterns of Imnigrants from the Former Soviet Union
Shuman Idit 1994 MSc Empldyment of Mentally Disabledcomparison Employment Mddels
Kirshenzvige Anat 1994 MSc Perceived Opportunities in Labor Turnover Models
Rosenberg Zipora 1993 MSc The Interface and Commitement Between Marketing and R D
Ron Eva 1991 MSc The Computerized Office Success of Implementation as
Cohn Haim 1990 MSc The Strategy and Deverminants of Unionization by the Genera
Levinson Kim Shiva 1990 MSc Attitude and Behavioral Commitment in a Voluntary Organizat
Beer Elana 1990 MSc Job Image:impact of the Social Environment
Rabinovich Orna 1989 MSc Female Labor Force Participation in Israel as a Function of