PhD and MSc Theses

PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor PROF. Ariel Orda
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No of theses 22
Department Electrical and Computers Engineering
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Nahir Amir 2014 PhD Abstracts Design and Management of Complex Distributed Systems: Optimization and Game-Theoretic Perspectives
Vargaftik Shay 2019 PhD Abstracts Scheduling and Load Balancing in Emerging Networked Systems
Meirom Eli 2018 PhD Abstracts Structure, Dynamics and Learning on Networks
Blocq Gideon 2017 PhD Abstracts Cooperative Game Theoretic Models for Network Interconnections
Lewin-Eytan Liane 2008 PhD Abstracts Algorithmic Game Theoretic Perspectives of Network Routing and Cost Sharing
Yallouz Jose 2016 PhD Abstracts Schemes for Network Survivability in QoS-Supporting Architectures
Banner Ron 2006 PhD Abstracts Multipath Routing
Biton Erez 2005 PhD Abstracts QoS Provision and Routing with Deterministic and Stochastic Guarantees
Lorenz Dean H. 2004 PhD Abstracts QoS Routing and Partitioning in Networks with Per-Link Performance-Dependent Costs
Sprintson Alexander 2003 PhD Abstracts Scalable Methods for Provisioning and Restoration of QoS Paths and Trees
Libman Lavy 2003 PhD Abstracts Noncooperative Failure Recovery in Large-Scale Networks
Yoshpa Bennyamin 2008 MSc Abstracts Economic Aspects of QoS in Grid Computing
Zoref Ido 2021 MSc Abstracts An Efficient Algorithm for Finding Sets of Optimal Routes
Berkowitch Ziv 2018 MSc Abstracts On Routing Games and Net Neutrality
Khawaja Tamer 2017 MSc Abstracts Near Linear Time Approximation for Multi- Constrained Shortest Path
Keslassy Michael 2009 MSc Abstracts Establishing Multiple Survivable Connections
Wermuth Michal 2006 MSc Abstracts Broadcasting Methods for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Yassour Ben-Ami 2005 MSc Abstracts Energy-Efficient Routing in Wireless Networks
Banai Yaron 2003 MSc Abstracts Aggregation and Tunneling Schemes for Scalable QoS in IP
Lewin-Eytan Liane 2002 MSc Routing and Admission Control in Networks with Advance Reservations
Libman Lavy 1997 MSc Atomic Resource Sharing in Noncooperative Computer Networks
Drabkin Anna 2007 MSc Abstracts Maximum lifetime Equilibrium in topology control games in ad hoc networks