PhD and MSc Theses

PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor PROFESSOR EMERITUS Jerrold Greenberg
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No of theses 34
Department Aerospace Engineering
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Druker Nir 2021 PhD Abstracts Theoretical Study of Flame Initiation by Electrical Discharge
Weinberg Noam 2017 PhD Abstracts Theoretical Investigation of Jet Spray Flames
Rokita Tomer 2015 PhD Abstracts Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Subsonic Flow Field inside and near a Weapons Bay
Sreekanth Ravindran 2014 PhD Abstracts Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flame Wall-Interactions
Dvorjetski Ariel 2008 PhD Abstracts A Theoretical Investigation of the Behaviour of Counterflow Spray Diffusion Flames
Yusupov Mor Marat 2003 PhD Abstracts Analysis and Solutions for Two-Phase Bubbly Nozzle Flow and Their Application in Underwater Jet Propulsion
Kats Gershon 2017 PhD Abstracts Investigation of Flame Ignition in Fuel Spray Systems
Wasserman Mark 2014 PhD Abstracts Multigrid Acceleration of Turbulent Reacting Flow Simulations
Kalma Avinoam 1997 PhD A Numerical Investigation of Aspects of Laminar Spray Flame Propagation
Avital Gavriel 1997 PhD Interaction Between Detonation Waves and Shock Waves in Hypersonic Flow of Detonative Mixtures
Sarig Nimrod 1994 PhD Multiple Flames in Counterflow Spray Combustion
Sella Zeev 2000 PhD Edge Effects in Axisymmetrically Loaded Composite Laminated Shells of Revolution
Anidjar Fortunato 1994 PhD Dynamics of Polydisperse (Multisize) Fuel Sprays In Multicomponent Reactive Flows
Silverman Ido 1992 PhD Analytical and Numerical Investigation of Spray Flames
Khosid Savely 1997 PhD A Theoretical Study of Evaporating Sprays Suspended in Spatially Periodic Developing Gas Flows in Ducts
Markus Shim0n 1994 PhD Coupled Thermoelasticity in Some Dynamic and Stability Problems for Composite Plates and Shells
Shalev Eggert Ohad 2023 MSc Abstracts Investigation of the Effect of Water-in-Fuel Emulsion Spray on an Edge Flame
Shpitz Sahar 2023 MSc Abstracts Realizable High-Order Methods for Non-Equilibrium, Multi-Physics Flows
Yokev Neta 2017 MSc Abstracts An Investigation of Water-in Fuel Emulsion Spray Combustion
Kats Gershon 2012 MSc Abstracts Investigation of Different Aspects of Spray Flame Behavior
Hamelnick Liron 2012 MSc Abstracts Investigation of the Characteristics Arrays of Polydisperse Spray Flames
Farage Asaf 2012 MSc Abstracts Investigation of the Dynamics of an Edge Flame with Fuel Spray
Kushnir Evgeny 2012 MSc Abstracts Investigation of the Structure of an Edge-Flame in a Mixing Layer with a Fuel Spray
Shtauber Itzhak 2010 MSc Abstracts A study of Polydisperse Spray Diffusion Flames and their Extinction in Co-flow
Lerman Shaul 2008 MSc Abstracts A General Asymptotic Theory of Spray Diffusion Flames
Kunin Alina 2006 MSc Abstracts Investigation of Gel Spray Diffusion Flame
Igra Dan 1997 MSc Theoretical Study of a Polydisperse Evaporating Spray in the Near-Field of An Axisymmetric Non-Uniform Flow
Soloveychik Alexandra 1991 MSc Dynamic Gtability of Anisotropic Sandwich Plates and Shells
Newman Ruthy 1991 MSc Investigation of Three Dimensional Spray Combustion
Sarig Nimrod 1990 MSc Investigption of Counterflow Spray Diffusion Flames
Seth Ilan 1989 MSc Numerical Frequency Analysis of Structures in An Infinite
Avital Gavriel 1989 MSc Spray Flows in a Spherical Chambers
Libis Natan 1988 MSc Investigation of Coal Particles Combustion Process in Opross
Weinberg Noam 2013 MSc Abstracts An Investigation of Certain Aspects of the Behavior of Spray Flames