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Bar-on Eli 2001 PhD Local Response of Brittle Materials (Ceramics) to Impact
Solav Dana 2017 PhD Abstracts Non Rigid Kinematic Analysis in Various Biomechanical Applications Using Cosserat Point Theory
Safadi Mahmoud 2016 PhD Abstracts An Eulerian Theoretical Structure for Modeling Growth, Remodeling and Morphogenesis of Soft Tissues
Cooper Israel Zvi 2014 PhD Abstracts A Constitutive Model for Dynamic Failure of Ceramics Including Micro-Cracking and Porous Dilation below the Hugoniot Elastic Limit
Brand Meir 2011 PhD Abstracts An Elastic-Plastic Cosserat Point Element for Large Deformations of Impulsively Loaded Beams
Roizman Ilia 1998 PhD Normal and Oblique Penetration of Rigid and Deformable/ Eroding Projectiles Into Elastic-Plastic Targets Including Description of Fragmentation And Vulnerability
Elata David 1994 PhD Representations of the Strain Energy Function of Anisotropic Elastic Materials with Application to Damage Evolution in Brittle Materials
Glikin Leonid 2015 MSc Abstracts A Study on Dynamic Penetration of Layered Composite by a Metallic Projectile
Hanukah Eliezer 2012 MSc Abstracts Development of a Higher Order Tetrahedral Cosserat Point Element (CPE) for Nonlinear Elasticity
Rapoport Leonid 2012 MSc Abstracts Analysis of Spherical Cavity Expansion in Elastic-plastic Media and its Relevance to Penetration Mechanics
Sterman-Cohen Elad 2011 MSc Abstracts Modeling the Influence of Machining Copper Liners on the Formation Process of Explosively Formed Projectiles – EEPs
Katzir Zachi 2009 MSc Abstracts A Simple Formula for Dynamic Spherical Cavity Expansion in Compressible Elastic-Perfectly Plastic Material with Large Deformations
Bernstein Benjamin 2009 MSc Abstracts Forces and Moments Acting on the Sternum: Pre and Post Sternotomy
Klepach Doron 2006 MSc Abstracts Influence of Membrane Stresses on Postbuckling of Rectangular Plates Using a Nonlinear Elastic 3-D Cosserat Brick Element
Brand Meir 2005 MSc Abstracts A Simplified Constrained Theory of a Cosserat Point for the Numerical Solution of Dynamic Problems of Nonlinear Elastic Rods
Yogev Or 2005 MSc Abstracts Experimental and Analytical Investigation of Dynamic Lateral Torsional Post-Buckling of an Elastic Beam-Mass System Using the Theory of a Cosserat Point
Katz Eduard 2005 MSc Abstracts Orientation of Small Fibers by Means of Different Flows
Nadler Ben 2002 MSc Abstracts Post-Buckling Behavior of Nonlinear Elastic Beams and Truss- Like Structures (with Beam Element) Using the Theory of a Cosserat Point
Yossifon Gilad 1999 MSc Penetration of a Rigid Projectile Into a Metal Multi-Layer Target and Characterization of the Debris Cloud
Lindenfeld Avishay 1993 MSc Thermodynamic Consistency of Viscoplastic Constitutive Eq.
Chen Roie 1990 MSc Second Order Effects in Elastic -Viscoplastic Materials