PhD and MSc Theses

PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor ASSOCIATE PROF. Orit Zaslavsky
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No of theses 21
Department Education in Science and Technology
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Dolev Lea 2012 PhD Abstracts Considerations in the Design of Learning Tasks for Teachers: The Case of Classification of Mathematical Items
Segal Ruti 2013 PhD Abstracts Characterizing the Knowledge and Teaching of Mathematics Teacher Educators
Buchbinder Orly 2011 PhD Abstracts The role of Examples in Establishing the Validity of Universal and Existential Mathematical Statements
Raveh Irina-Ira 2012 PhD Abstracts Teachers' Knowledge of the Interconnections between the Elementary Algorithms of the Four Basic Arithmetic Operations and their Underlying Mathematical Principles
Tanhum-Zodik Iris 2009 PhD Abstracts Instructional Examples in Mathematics: Teachers' Modes of Use and Learning Opportunities
Lavie Orna 2009 PhD Abstracts Students' Generated Examples in Mathematics: The Need, the Process and the Outcome
Bershadsky Irina 2006 PhD Abstracts Learning the Concept of Locus through Problem Solving in a Dynamic Geometry Environment
Sela Hagit 2008 PhD Abstracts Aspects of Peer Groups' Coping with Tasks that Lead to Mathematical Contradictions
Dickman Nomy 2005 PhD Abstracts Journal Writing as a Vehicle for Reflecting and Enhancing Learning Process of Mathematics Teachers in the Course of Becoming Mathematics Teachers Educators
Shir Karni 2004 PhD Abstracts Learning a Meta-Mathematical Concept: The Case of a Mathematical Definition
Katzir Avivit 2002 PhD Abstracts Students Coping with Uncertainty Regarding the Truth of Mathematical Claims
Mashiah-Eizenberg Michal 2001 PhD Novices and Experts Coping with Control on the Solution of Combinatorial Problems
Leikin Roza 1997 PhD Symmetry as a Way of Thought – a Tool for Professional Development of Mathematics Teachers
Buchbinder Orly 2006 MSc Abstracts Counter Examples in Mathematics: Generation Processes and Modes of their Use
Tanhum-Zodik Iris 2004 MSc Abstracts Characteristics of Mathematics Tutoring in an Informal Setting: A Case Study of an Engineer
Tachnai Ronit 2001 MSc Problem Posing in Mathematics – Pupils' Ways of Coping with the Task
Sela Hagit 2000 MSc Changing the Scale on the Axes as a Springboard to Rethinking the Notion of Slope
Zamir Smadar 2000 MSc Understanding the Connections Between the Graph of a Function and the Graph of Its Derivative
Ron Gilla 1997 MSc Counter-Examples in Mathematics – How Students Understand Their Role
Zaslavsky Tatyana 1996 MSc Teachers' and Prospective Teachers' Knowledge of Probability And Teaching Probability
Leikin Roza 1994 MSc Implementation of a Cooperativelearning Method in Math