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PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor PROFESSOR EMERITUS Yerach Doytsher
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No of theses 51
Department Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Jaljolie Ruba 2022 PhD Abstracts Land Policy and Urbanization: Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Purpose Land Management Systems
Galon Binyamin 2018 PhD Abstracts Bridging Social Networks and Spatial Data
Gal Oren 2017 PhD Abstracts Urban Terrain Analysis for Trajectory Planning of Multi-Agents
Ben-Haim Gev 2016 PhD Abstracts Local Accuracy Analysis of 3D Topographic Databases
Shnaidman Anna 2016 PhD Abstracts Improvement of the Graphical Cadastre Based on Genetic Algorithms
Noskov Alexey 2016 PhD Abstracts 3D Generalization of Urban Environment
Klebanov Michael 2012 PhD Abstracts Implementation of Nationwide Coordinated Cadastre on the Basis of Original Measurements Processing
Shragai Ziv 2011 PhD Abstracts Aerial Triangulation Algorithms in Modern Photogrammetric Applications
Dalyot Sagi 2010 PhD Abstracts Hierarchal Modeling and Integration of Topographic Databases: Algorithm Development and Geo-Spatial Analysis Capabilities
Abo Akel Nizar 2010 PhD Abstracts Automatic Building Extraction Using LiDAR Data
Joubran Abu Daoud Jacqueleen 2009 PhD Abstracts A Mutual Combined Generalization of Spatial Data in a GIS Environment
Akav Amos 2008 PhD Abstracts Determination of Relative Orientation with Linear Features
Safra Eliyahu 2008 PhD Abstracts Object Fusion in Geographic Information Systems
Katzil Yaron 2008 PhD Abstracts Conflating and Merging of Digital Terrain Databases
Avrahami Yair 2007 PhD Abstracts Automation in Roof Extraction within a Digital Photogrammetric Environment
Topel Leah 2005 PhD Abstracts Multi-Scale Processing of Digital Images for Roads Detection
Gabbay Meir 2005 PhD Abstracts Developing Procedures for an Automatic Conflation between Vectorial Datasets of Geospatial Information
Croitoru Arie 2002 PhD Abstracts Improvement of Updating Procedures in Geographic Databases
Fradkin Kirill 1999 PhD Developing Procedures for Defining an Accurate Digital Cadastre
Gabay Yair 1996 PhD Relative Correlation of Geographic Information Layers
Maor Beniamin 1990 PhD Establishing criteria for Generalization of Cartographic Information
Altmann Talia 2003 MSc Abstracts A Model for Estimating the Potential of "Energy Towers" in A GIS Environment
Braun Anthony 2000 MSc The Generation and Evaluation of Landuse Alternatives Using A Geographical Information System And Multi Criteria Evaluation
Golub Despina-Diana 2016 MSc Abstracts Quantitative Model for Three-Dimensional Analysis of Urban Environments Indicating on Qualitative Aspects
Mor Matan 2013 MSc Abstracts A Hierarchal Approach to Integrating Airborne LiDAR and 2D GIS for Creating 3D GIS
Shashkov Alona 2013 MSc Abstracts Developing a Quantitative Three-Dimensional Visual Analysis Model for the Urban Environment
Bar Omer 2013 MSc Abstracts Non-Linear Transformations between Cartographic Maps: A Model for a Continuous Correction Surface
Jammalieh Nicola 2012 MSc Abstracts A Heuristic Method for Improving Digital Road Maps Using Kinematic GPS Data
Becker Leonid 2012 MSc Abstracts Map Matching Method in High Density Urban Road Networks
Urinovsky Suzanna 2011 MSc Abstracts Accuracy Improvement in Existing Maps Using GPS Collected Data
Rybowski Ronen 2011 MSc Abstracts Mapping Linear Network from the Location of Cellular Phones
Keinan Eran 2008 MSc Abstracts Using LiDAR Data and Generation True Digital Orthophoto by Automatic Methods
Khoury Simon 2008 MSc Abstracts Development of an Automated Model for Road Construction Control in a Geographical Information System Environment
Gold Saggy 2006 MSc Abstracts Image Processing Methods for Edge Detection and Symmetry Axes in Elongated Features from Medium Resolution Satellite Images
Abo Akel Nizar 2004 MSc Abstracts Automatic Road and Terrain Surface Extraction from LIDAR Data
Tsviyak Dmitry 2004 MSc Abstracts Cartographic Representation of the Statistical Census Data in GIS Environment
Lichtenstein Alon 2004 MSc Abstracts Accuracy Analysis of DTMs Combined with Breaklines
Beit-Yaakov Yochai 2003 MSc Abstracts Integrating Multi-Spectral Images and Aerial Photographs for Urban Change Detection
Almog Ophir 2002 MSc Accuracy and Reliability of Transformations: Geometrical and Topological Aspects
Katz Dov 2002 MSc Abstracts Application of Scale Factor in Conformal Transverse Mercator Projections in Israel
Nimre Saleem 2001 MSc An Alignment Process of Master Plans at Large Scale in a GIS Environment
Gavish Johanan 2001 MSc Analytical Cadastre in Israel: Restoring Land Boundaries Using Previous and Current Aerial Photographs
Rabinovitch Eyal 2000 MSc Using Orthophoto for Preparation and Reviewing of Registration Plans
Gabbay Meir 2000 MSc The Effect of Scale on Representation of Buildings in a Gis Environment
Katzil Yaron 1999 MSc The Contiguous Aspects of Terrain Databases
Coren Itzhak 1999 MSc Cartographical Edge Matching of Digitized Vector Map Layers
Ben-Hamu Moshe 1998 MSc A Temporal Land Information System
Yaron Joseph 1996 MSc Selecting An Optimal Cartographic Representation of Altimetric Information for Terrestrial Navigation
Filin Sagi 1996 MSc Accuracy of Dtm Databases and of Derived Applications
Goffer Danit 1993 MSc Digital Definition of Impact Maps
Ziedan Jamal 1992 MSc Topological Aspects of Topographic Data