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Cohen Avraham 2018 PhD Abstracts Hyper-Dual Numbers and their Application to Rigid Body Equations of Motion
Ziso Hadas 2017 PhD Abstracts Robot for Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery
Zarrouk David 2011 PhD Abstracts The Interaction between Micro-Robots and Biological Tissues
Berris Michelle 2010 PhD Abstracts Self-Propelled Bubble-Driven Locomotion for Robotic Applications in Fetal Surgery
Ben-Horin Patricia 2008 PhD Abstracts Geometrical Analysis of Parallel Robots
Bamberger Hagay 2008 PhD Abstracts Kinematics of Micro Parallel Robots
Glozman Daniel 2007 PhD Abstracts Flexible Needle Steering and Control for Percutaneous Therapies
Shvalb Nir 2007 PhD Abstracts The Configuration Spaces of Parallel Mechanisms
Kosa Gabor 2006 PhD Abstracts Micro Robots for Medical Applications
Wolf Alon 2002 PhD Abstracts Line Geometry Tools for the Analysis and Synthesis of a Medical Robot
Simaan Nabil 2002 PhD Abstracts Task Based Design and Synthesis of Variable Geometry Parallel Robots
Ben Horin Ronen 1998 PhD Criteria for Analysis of Parallel Robots
Brodsky Vladimir 1998 PhD Dual Number Formulation of Rigid Body Dynamics
Benchetrit Uri 1996 PhD Robot Motion Planning
Brook Noam 1996 PhD Object Manipulation in Multi-Fingered Hands
Attal Monique 1993 PhD Research Proposal Min-Max Control in Robotice
Hassidov Noam 2008 MSc Abstracts Align Laparoscopic Visualization Using Multi Cameras Array
Ben-Porat Ori 2000 MSc User-Interface Design of a Tele-Operated Endoscopic Device
Hen Adi 2016 MSc Abstracts Development of a minimally invasive, brain-tumor removing robot
David Or 2019 MSc Abstracts Minimally Invasive, Motion Preserving Artifical Spinal Intervertebal Disc
Awad Rami 2018 MSc Abstracts Modeling of Polymer as a Robot
Kabesa Lior 2013 MSc Abstracts Guide Wire Catheterization: Simulation and Actuation
Samoocha Or 2012 MSc Abstracts Design, Fabrication and Analysis of Robotic Device for Prevention of Shunt Occlusions
Neubach Zipi 2009 MSc Abstracts Ultrasound-Guided Robot for Flexible Needle Steering
Shorr Yifat 2008 MSc Abstracts Robotic and Hybrid Models (Using Functional Electrical Stimulation)for the Rehabilitation of Human Gait Cycle
Wischnitzer Yonatan 2007 MSc Abstracts Wire-Driven Parallel Robot: Expending the Workspace by Permitting Collisions between Wires
Kaidar Ruthy 2006 MSc Abstracts EEG Based Brain-Computer Interface for Movement Control
Shauli Yoav 2005 MSc Abstracts Force Feedback System
Slobodinsky Alexander 2004 MSc Abstracts Comparison of Adaptive Control Methods for Robots
Arkhangelsky Igor 2004 MSc Abstracts Application of Grasp Theory to Registration of 3D Objects
Burman Michael 2003 MSc Abstracts Investigation of Robotic Platforms for Handling of Microsystems
Klopstok Amit 2001 MSc Saw Machine for Diamond with Vertical Motion and ON/OFF Control
Glozman Daniel 2000 MSc Registration of 3-D Objects for Computer Integrated Surgery
Simaan Nabil 1999 MSc Analysis and Synthesis of Parallel Robots for Medical Applications
Ben-Horin Patricia 1999 MSc Analysis and Synthesis of An Inflatable Parallel Robot
Margolis Alexander 1998 MSc Automatic Feeding of Diamonds for Automatic Polishing Machines
Averbuh Dorian 1998 MSc Computerized Control of Automatic Cutting Machine
Mendelsohn Guy 1995 MSc Robot Aided Removal of Sheet Metal Products
Ben Horin Ronen 1994 MSc Asix Degrees of Freedom Parallel Manipulator Wuth Three
Salomonski Nizan 1994 MSc Robot with Flexible and Light Arm Based on Inflatable Structure
Brodsky Vladimir 1994 MSc Grasping Stability with a Multi-Fingered Hand
Rybski Michael 1993 MSc Robot Manipulators Based on Inflatable Structures
Shaky Eli 1992 MSc Robot Force Control
Ostrovsky Tamar 1992 MSc Nevral Networks for Robots Control
Zaidman Zeev 1992 MSc Grasping with Multi-Fingered Hand