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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Beilkin Lea 2016 PhD Abstracts Fractional Order Control of Continuous Flexible Structures
Peled Irit 2010 PhD Abstracts Modeling and Control of Dynamic Systems with Elements Governed by the Wave Equation
Bondarenko Alina 2001 PhD Abstracts Reconstruction of Moving Geometrical Shapes Based on Measurements Obtained by a Moving Sensor
Kenigsbuch Rachel 1999 PhD Updating of Dynamic Models of Flexible Structures
Raskin Natalya 2001 PhD Servo Control of Flexible Structures
Fischer Mani 1992 PhD Reduced Order Controller Design
Cohen Agne's 1995 PhD Controllers Order Reduction
Gilat Talya 1992 MSc Numerical Solution of the Optinal Projection Equations
Zamir Maurice 1993 MSc Observability Measure for Linear Deterministic Observable
Nusbaum Uriel 2017 MSc Abstracts Path Design and High-Level Control of Redundant Manipulators
Alpert Lior 2015 MSc Abstracts Minimum Energy Control of Redundant Robots
Goodman Maayan Yitzhak 2021 MSc Abstracts A Modal Approach to Structural Health Monitoring
Levin Shahar 2021 MSc Abstracts Modeling and Control of Flexible Structures with Distributed Actuation Governed by the Wave Equation
Scher Guy 2012 MSc Abstracts Control of a Flexible Beam Using Infinite Dimension Transfer Functions
Vilensky Demitry 2010 MSc Abstracts Model Updating of Flexible Structures Using Partial Modal Measurements
Yulzary Shay 2008 MSc Abstracts The Electromechanical Response of a Double-Axis Electrostatic Comb-Drive Actuator
Wagner-Nachshoni Clarice 2005 MSc Abstracts Control of Multi-Link Flexible Structure
Kosa Gabor 2001 MSc Dynamics and Control of a Manuevering Inverted Pendulum on an Uneven Surface
Bondarenko Alina 1997 MSc Solution of Optimal Order Reduction Equations
Nir Tal 1997 MSc Robust Optimal Control with Fixed Controller Structure
Raskin Natalya 1996 MSc Comparative Investigation of Model Order Reduction Methods
Naveh Yoav 1996 MSc Spectral Elements Modeling and Control of a Unicycle
Mazor Tal 1995 MSc Tuning Decentralized Pid Controllers in Mimo Systems
Stein Alon 1995 MSc Robust Dead Time Compensator for Disturbance Absorption.
Efrati Tzvi 1993 MSc Auto- Tuning of Decentralized Controllers for Mimo Systems
Padinker Julia 1993 MSc Order Reruction of the Mathematical Model for Tomato Growth
Karniel Arie 1992 MSc Reduced Order Observers for Failure Detection
Robinzon Roni 1992 MSc Control of a Flexible Robot Arm
Peled Ran 1992 MSc Reduced Order Models of Dynamicsystems
Rom Zahi 1992 MSc Control of Non Minimum Phase Systems
Cohen Agne's 1991 MSc Reduced Order Optimal Estimators
Krasney Nathan 1991 MSc Automatic Tuning Algorithm of Decentralized Pid Controller
Lev Isak 1990 MSc Adaptive Control of Robot Arm Using the Coefficient Plane