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PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Shnaiderman Lila 2016 PhD Abstracts Parallelism in Querying and Storage for Large XML and Graph Databases
Ronen Royi 2012 PhD Abstracts Models and Methods for Advanced Web Applications and Social Network Automation
Konopnicki David 2001 PhD The Taming of the Web: Querying, Integration and Advanced E-Commerce Applications
Matsliach Gabriel 1991 PhD Design and Evaluation of Storage Stractures for Modern
Leybovich Michael 2021 MSc Abstracts ML Based Lineage in Databases
Hayek Rojeh 2020 MSc Abstracts Machine Learning of SQL Queries Containment Rate and Result Cardinality
Shnaiderman Lila 2009 MSc Abstracts Incermental Reclustering of Augmented XML Trees
Krisher Sharon 2006 MSc Abstracts On XML Schema Identity Constraints
Firstenberg Yosef 2002 MSc Selective Caching for Acceleration Purposes of Intermediate Results in Object-Oriented Programs
Leiba Lior 2001 MSc Towards Automatic Electronic Commerce: EContracts Framework Specification and Preliminary Implementation
Konopnicki David 1996 MSc Information Gathering in the World-Wide Web: the W3ql Query Language and the W3qs System
Paz Noam 1995 MSc Ursus: An Advanced Neural Network Environment
Peres Yardena 1992 MSc Implementation of the Grid File System
Rahat Amir 1989 MSc Logic Programming in a Distributed Euvironment
Matsliach Gabriel 1989 MSc Fitting Traditional Search Structures to New Architectures.