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Levi Natali 2021 PhD Abstracts Narrowing the Gap between Systems and Software Engineering by Integrating Computations into Object-Process Methodology
Kohen Hanan 2021 PhD Abstracts OPM Model-Based Iot and Internet of Robotic Things
Bibliowicz Arieh 2017 PhD Abstracts Object-Process Programming A Visual Programming Language for Complex Systems Design and Implementaion
Mordecai Yaniv 2016 PhD Abstracts Cyber-Physical Disruption Modeling, Analysis, and Management: An Evolutionary Object-Process Model-Based Robust Systems Engineering Approach
Orhof Ori 2015 PhD Abstracts Critical Components Analysis – A Framework for Planning Sub-project Contingencies in Large, Complex Projects
Blekhman Alexander 2013 PhD Abstracts Model-Based Documents Authoring with Object-Process Methodology (OPM)
Perelman Valeriya 2012 PhD Abstracts Operational Semantics for Object-Process Methodology
Sharon Amira 2010 PhD Abstracts A Uniffied Product and Project Lifecycle Model for Systems Engineering
Somekh Judith 2013 PhD Abstracts Managing Molecular Biology Knowledge: A Conceptual Model-Based Systems Biology Approach
Beimel Dizza 2008 PhD Abstracts Situation-Based Access Control: Privacy Management via Modeling of Scenarios of Access to Patient Data
Cohen Shalom 2008 PhD Abstracts A Multi-Tier System Development Life Cycle Model for Off- the-Shelf Software with Market and Organizational Effects
Soffer Avraham 2008 PhD Abstracts Bridging Information Gaps in Object-Process Methodology-Based System Development
Toch Eran 2008 PhD Abstracts Approximate Service Retrieval
Sturm Arnon 2004 PhD Abstracts Developing and Evaluating an Object-Process Methodology-Based Multi-Agent Systems Framework
Reinhartz-Berger Iris 2003 PhD Abstracts Developing Web Applications with Object-Oriented Approaches and Object-Process Methodology
Gilat Dagan 2003 PhD Abstracts A Framework for Simulation of Discrete Events Systems Based on the Object-Process Methodology
Soffer Pnina 2002 PhD Abstracts A Methodology for Adapting an ERP System to the Needs of an Enterprise
Peleg Mor 1999 PhD Modeling System Dynamics through the Object-Process Methodology
Weiss-Cohen Miri 1998 PhD Graph-Theoretic 3D Object Reconstruction From 2D Engineering Drawings
Liu Wenyin 1998 PhD Algorithms for 2D Engineering Drawings Recognition: Implementation and Evaluation
Alon-Domb Menachem 1997 PhD A Generic Framework for Definition and Implementation Of Cooperative Information Systems
Gal Avigdor 1995 PhD TALE – a Temporal Active Language and Execution Model
Gambach Gustavo 1994 MSc Edge Detection & Parameter Estimation from Spine Radiographs
Feldman Roman 2006 MSc Abstracts Designing Data Warehouse with Object-Process Methodology
Grinberg Rosenbaum Keren-Or 2021 MSc Abstracts Incorporating System Dynamics into OPM for Improved Model Analysis
Sobol Gil 2020 MSc Incorporating Design Structure Matrix into OPM for Improved Model Analysis
Gao Yang 2020 MSc Abstracts Multilingual Textual Representation in Object-Process Methodology
Medvedev Danny 2020 MSc OPM Model Insights – A Graph-Theoretic Querying Approach
Batan Inbar 2017 MSc Abstracts Enhancing Model- Based System Engineering With Model Informativity Analysis
Jacobs Shmuela 2014 MSc Abstracts Translating OPM System Models to RDF format for Their Integration into the Semantic Web
Bolshchikov Sergey 2013 MSc Abstracts Creating a Spatio-Temporal Dynamic Model from an Object-Process Methodology Based Model
Renick Aharon 2013 MSc Abstracts Incorporating Quantitative Aspects into OPM-Based Conceptual Models with MATLAB Computational Capabilities
Kozyrev Sergey 2008 MSc Abstracts Developing and Assessing a Methodology for Web-Based Virtual Expeditions
Nordon Galia 2008 MSc Abstracts An Object-Process Framework for Conceptual Modeling of Design Patterns
Bibliowicz Arieh 2008 MSc Abstracts A Graph Grammar-Based Formal Validation of an Object-Process Diagram
Somekh Judith 2008 MSc Abstracts Modeling Exceptions with Object-Process Methodology
Amid David 2008 MSc Abstracts Streamlining Requirements Modeling with an OPM-Based Metamodel
Yaroker Yevgeny 2008 MSc Abstracts Development of Evaluation of an OPM-Based Simulation System
Grobshtein Yariv 2008 MSc Abstracts OPM and SysML as Systems Modeling Languages: Translation, Evaluation and Synergies
Perelman Valeriya 2006 MSc Abstracts Reverse Engineering from Java Code to an OPM Model
Beimel Dizza 2004 MSc Abstracts OPM-based Collaborative Systems Modeling with OPCATeam
Reinhartz-Berger Iris 1999 MSc Generating Java Code from Object-Process Language Script
Goodman Moshe 1997 MSc The Object-Process Paradigm as a Common Methodology for Analysis, Design and Implementation of Information Systems
Zilberstein Elena 1996 MSc Segmentation and Recognition of Dimensioning Text from Engineering Drawings
Tatcher Erez 1994 MSc Selective Multiple Tnheritance and Its Application in Orient