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PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor PROF. Yehudit Dori
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No of theses 55
Department Education in Science and Technology
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Wertheim Irith 1998 PhD A Morphological Approach to the Study of Geometry, as a Way to Improve Spatial Ability
Akiri Effrat 2021 PhD Abstracts Professional Growth of Novice and Experienced STEM Teachers
Edry Mercedes 2020 PhD Abstracts High School Students' Apprenticeship Research: Scientific Dispositions, Mentor-Student Interactions, and STEM Career Choice
Shwartz Gabriella 2019 PhD Becoming a Science Teacher: Why and How?
Lavi Rea 2019 PhD Abstracts Investigating 21st Century Skills in STEM Higher Education
Refaeli Mishkin Hagit 2016 PhD Abstracts Motivation and Gender Factors Affecting Career Choice of Engineers and Students
Alouche Amira 2013 PhD Abstracts The Effect of Reading Scientific Articles and Online Forums on Biomedical Engineering Students' Learning Outcomes
Avargil Shirly 2011 PhD Abstracts Metacognition, Chemical Understanding, and Multiple Representations in Teaching and Learning a Context-Based Module
Shir-Barak Nofar 2011 PhD Abstracts Simulation-Based Training and Learning for Instructors and Medical and Nursing Students – Models Perceptions and Assessment of Clinical Skills
Dangur Vered 2010 PhD Abstracts Visualizations and Interdisciplinary Applications in Learning the Study Unit: Chemistry – From "The Hole" to "The Whole": From the Nano- Scale to Microelectronics
Saar Liora 2008 PhD Abstracts Reading, Understanding and Analyzing Adapted Scientific Articles: Integrating Metacognitive Skills and Chemistry Understanding Levels
Nave Rachel 2013 PhD Abstracts Faculty Development Program and Online Forums: Self-Learning and Self-Assessment of Medical- Educators
Kaberman Zvia 2008 PhD National Assessment of Thinking Skills in the Chemistry Computerized lnquiry Laboratories and Molecular Modelling Environment
Sasson Irit 2007 PhD Abstracts Case-based Computerized Experiments and their Effect on Visualization Skills and Chemistry Understanding of High-school Students
Abed Abir 2008 PhD Abstracts Bilingual Learning Culture in a Computerized Chemistry Laboratory Environment and Its Effect on Developing Higher Order Thinking Skills
Hussein-Farraj Rania 2013 PhD Abstracts Distance Education: Science and Engineering Students' Learning Outcomes
Fischer-Shachor Dana 2010 PhD Abstracts Higher Order Thinking Skills of Young Gifted Students: Gender, Schooling, Equalization, and Parenting Aspects
Barak Miriam 2002 PhD Abstracts A Model for a Web-Based Community of Chemistry Learners in Higher Education
Weisselberg Edith 2008 PhD Abstracts Visual, Textual and Quantitative Representations Embedded in Learning and Assessment of Energy and Dynamics in Chemical Processes
Levin-Peled Rachel 2008 PhD Abstracts Learning and Assessment in Web-Based Environments: Design Principles for Hybrid Courses in Higher Education
Peled Yehuda 2002 PhD Abstracts Professional Development of Science-Technology Teachers who Integrate Web-Based Teaching in Their Schools
Bamberger Yael 2008 PhD Abstracts The Nature of Learning in Free-Choice Environment at Science and Nature Centers in Israel
Mador Gadi 2007 PhD Abstracts Embedded Assessment in Medical Model-Based Learning Environment
Hameiri Mira 1999 PhD Multidimensional Analysis of Quantitative Problems in Chemistry and Its Implementation in a Studyware
Barnea Nitza 1996 PhD Integrating Molecular Modeling in Teaching Chemical Bonding and Structure and Its Effect on Conceptual Change, Spatial Ability and Model Perception
Herscovitz Orit 1999 PhD Science Teachers in an Era of Reform – towards an Interdisciplinary Case-Based Teaching/Learning
Tal Revital 1998 PhD Industry-Environment Projects in a Community School – Development of a Model and Its Evaluation
Faris Ola 2020 MSc Abstracts Adapting and Implementing Online Assignments: Reflection of Pre-and In-Service Chemistry Teachers
Shav-Artza Or 2020 MSc Abstracts Chemistry-Related Careers in Industry – Chemists' and Chemical Engineers' Perceptions
Carrasco Romero Ximena 2021 MSc Abstracts Online Assessment and Systems Thinking of STEM Educators and Students
Varsano Merav 2020 MSc Developing Online Assignments: Chemestry Teachers' Knowledge and Perspections
Galkin Amit 2020 MSc Abstracts Project-Based Learning in Food Engineering: High Order Thinking Skills
Matathia Tor Hrisilda 2018 MSc Abstracts Attitudes Toward STEM Teaching and Assessment Methods: Policy Makers and Teachers
Abdalla Rana 2018 MSc Abstracts Chemistry Teachers' Pedagogical Content Knowledge, Assessment Knowledge and Challenges in Teaching the Energy Topic
Tal Marina 2018 MSc Abstracts Assessing Knowledge Types of Pre- and In-Service Chemistry Teachers
Rizowy Brian Isaac 2017 MSc Abstracts Affective Aspects of a Flipped Classroom: Mathematics for Computer Science Undergraduate Students at MIT
Shini-Jaraisy Amal 2016 MSc Abstracts The Effect of Technology-Eenhanced Learning Environment in Chemistry on Middle and High School Students` Learning Outcomes
Shwartz Gabriella 2016 MSc Abstracts Science Teachers' Perceptions and Concerns towards Implementing Technology-Enhanced Learning Environment in Junior and High Schools
Abed Rana 2013 MSc Fostering Teachers and Students Scientific Literacy and Academia-Community Relations via BASHAAR Website
Miedzinski David 2012 MSc Abstracts Perceptions and Self-Efficacy of Physic Teachers who Mentor Inquiry-Based Projects
Jiris Tamar 2011 MSc Abstracts Integrating Animated Movies into Science Education in Elementary Schools and their Effect on Students' Learning Outcomes
Nasser Nihal 2011 MSc Abstracts Teaching Case Studies and Adapted Scientific Articles in Bilingual Learning Environment
Khoury Katy 2011 MSc Abstracts Teaching, Learning and Assessment of Non-Cognitive Skills among Undergraduate Medical Students
Marjieh Catherine 2007 MSc Abstracts Assessing the Learning Environment of Computerized Case-based Laboratory of High School Chemistry Students
Kaberman Zvia 2003 MSc Higher Order Thinking Skills of Chemistry Students Studying the Case-Based Computerized Laboratory Program
Abed Abir 2002 MSc Cognitive and Affective Aspects of Bilingual Teaching/ Learning of Science by Using Case Studies among High School Arab Students
Tsaushu Masha 1999 MSc Teaching/learning and Assessing Biotechnology Topics through Case Studies with Built-in Dilemmas
Gershoni Raya 1999 MSc Science Teachers' Perception of the Nature of Matter At the Phenomenon, Particle and Symbol Levels
Koral-Kordova Sigal 1997 MSc Development and Implementation of a Statistical Process Control Module
Grotas Isaac 1996 MSc Using Concept Mapping of Acid Rain Topic in Chemistry Teaching
Herscovitz Orit 1996 MSc Academic Achievements and Question Posing Skill in Teaching the "Quality of Air Around Us" Topic by The Jigsaw Method
Sarid Dalia 1996 MSc Teaching Sequence, Concept Mapping and Students' Achievement in Genetics for 9th Grade
Abu-Elhaiga Adnan 1996 MSc The Effect of Incorporating Studyware in Science Teaching/ Learning on Particulate Model Understanding and Class Environment for Seventh Grade Students
Yaroslavsky Orly 1994 MSc Group Instruction of the Cell Unit and Qth Graders
Barnea Nitza 1993 MSc Development and Implementation of a Cai Module on Polymers