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PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor ASSOCIATE PROF. Robert Armon
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Department Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Schlesinger Pnina 2006 PhD Abstracts Identification and Characterization of Airborne Biological Particles during Dust Storm Events in Israel
Iliassafov Lubov 2020 PhD Abstracts Biofilm Prevention by Surface Coatings with Tanned Proteins (Collagen and Albumin)
Vardanyan Ani 2019 PhD Doped Sol-Gel as Support and Indicator of Metal Removal from Water in a Dual Bioreactor
Parahovnik Lora 2016 PhD Abstracts Whole-Cell Imprinting in Sol-Gel Materials (Macromolecular Fingerprinting) for Rapid Bacterial Recognition in Water Samples via Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) Detection
Farber Yair 2016 PhD Abstracts Detection of Bacteria and Viruses onto Sol-Gel Matrices by Synchronous Fluorescence
Elkabetz Meital 2014 PhD Bacteriophages Application to Prevent Major Foot Malodors
Cohen Tally 2013 PhD Whole Cell Imprinting in Sol-Gel Thin Films for Bacterial Recognition in Liquids: Macromolecular Fingerprinting
Kurzbaum Eyal 2011 PhD Abstracts The Contribution of Plants, Microbial Activity and Porous Bed, in Reduction of Dissolved Organic Carbon Compounds in Constructed Wetland System
Kotzer Eli 2011 PhD Abstracts Early Biofouling Detection of RO Membranes
Weltsch-Cohen Galit 2007 PhD Abstracts Sol-Gel Enzymatic Doping for Aroma Compounds Release
Laout Natalia 2004 PhD Abstracts The Influence of Electrochemical Polarization on Bacterial Adhesion to Different Metals
Zolkov Chen 2006 PhD Abstracts Development of Sol-Gel Films for Tissue Culture Growth and their Application for Viral Detection in Environmental Samples
Gino Efrat 2004 PhD Abstracts Prevention and Rehabilitation of Clogged Wells by Physicochemical and Biological Treatments as a Function of Chemical and Biological Composition of Ground Water
Arbel Tamar 2000 PhD Study on Aerated Bioremediation (Bioventing) of BTE by Autochthonic Bacteria in Liquid Medium And Soil
Seidel Arza 1997 PhD Mechanisms of Metals Bioleaching from Coal Fly Ash in Concentrated Suspension by the Thiobacillus Thiooxidans Bacteria
Khshiboun Kifah 2006 MSc Abstracts Transport and Survival of Protozoa Parasites in Soils Irrigated with Effluents
Betman Irit 2006 MSc Abstracts Migration and Survival of Viruses in Effluent Irrigated Soils
Berkov Anastasia 2019 MSc Abstracts Acidithiobacillus Ferrooxidans Growth and Enumeration on Different Media
Abasi Samah 2018 MSc Abstracts Removal of Cryptosporidium by tertiary wastewater treatment and it's prevalence in tertiary effluent
Koren Irit 2015 MSc Abstracts Assessment of the Applicability of Bacteriophages Treatment in Controlling and Preventing Fireblight in Peer Trees
Litinetsky Inna 2014 MSc Abstracts The Impact of Several Chemical and Physical Factors on Struvite Sediment Strength under Laboratory Conditions
Kamari Ravit 2013 MSc Abstracts Removal of Rust from Metal Surfaces by Iron Reducing Bacteria
Barak Racheli 2013 MSc Abstracts Biological Treatment of Wastewater by Suspended Biosolids Enhanced by Clay
Offer Miri 2013 MSc Abstracts Use of Bacteriophage to Reduce Human Bacterial Pathogens in Food
Kolik Shmuel Lubov 2012 MSc Abstracts Sol-Gel Thin Films Doped with Organic Molecules as a Tool to Study Prevention of Bacterial Adhesion Onto Surfaces
Parahovnik Lora 2012 MSc Abstracts Mediated and Non-Mediated Microbial Fuel Cell Based on Different Types of Bacteria
Kidron Aviv 2010 MSc Abstracts Advanced Physicochemical Treatment of Effluent from Stabilization Ponds for Purpose of Unlimited Irrigation
Farber Yair 2009 MSc Abstracts Degradation of Ormosils and Silicate Minerals by the Silicate Bacterium: Bacillus mucilaginosus
Goldman Guy 2009 MSc Abstracts Prevention of Membrane Biofouling by Use of Bacteriophages
Tardi-Ovadia Rinat 2008 MSc Abstracts Microbial Characterization of Bacillus mucilaginosus Involved in Silicate Degradation and its Impact on a Sol-Gel Matrix
Epshtein Marina 2008 MSc Abstracts Photocatalytic Inactivation of Microorganisms in Water Using Embedded TiO2 and Anodic Bias
Gavrieli Benjamin 2003 MSc Abstracts The Quality of Drinking Water in Canteens of Field Soldiers as a Probable Source of Intestinal Disorders
Bronstein Marina 2003 MSc Abstracts Degradation of Atrazine to Cyanuric Acid by an Enzymatic System Entrapped in Sol-Gel Glass Matrix
Cohen Yaniv Vered 2001 MSc Photocatalytic Inactivation of Model Bacteria in Water by TiO2 in a Suspended Medium and Immobilized Medium
Weltsch-Cohen Galit 2001 MSc Inactivation of Bacillus subtilis and Bacilus cereus Spores in Water and Soil by TiO2 photocatalysis, as a Model for Bacillus anthracis Decontamination
Zolkov Chen 2001 MSc Humic Substances Entrapped in Sol-Gel Matrix: A New Tool for Sorption Studies
Zilberman Alla 2001 MSc Development of Methods for Isolation and Concentration of Cryptosporidium Oocyst from Soil Samples as a Result of Irrigation with Wastewater
Laout Natalia 1998 MSc Photocatalytic Inactivation of Microorganisms in Presence Of Titanium Dioxide
Shmulevich Vyacheslav 1998 MSc A Comparative Study of Phenol Biodegradation by Fixed Film Biomass with and Without Addition of Adapted Bacteria
Sadi Ibraheem 1997 MSc Development of a Method to Study Bacteria in Water Using Sol-Gel Process as a Reaction Surface
Abu Shqara Farah 1996 MSc The Effect of Fatty Acid Composition in Bacteria on Disinfection Resistance and Adaptation
Arbel Tamar 1996 MSc Biofilm Development in Water System on Different Adsorption Surfaces and Effect of Disinfectants.
Hillel Tomer 2001 MSc Corrosion Behavior of Low Alloyed Steel and Stainless Steels in Iron Bacteria Media