PhD and MSc Theses

PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor PROFESSOR EMERITUS Alexander Nepomniashchy
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No of theses 19
Department Mathematics
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Podolny Alla 2008 PhD Abstracts Marangoni Convection in Binary Liquids and Nanofluids In the Presence of the Soret Effect
Kanevsky Yuliya 2009 PhD Abstracts Feedback Control of Pattern-Forming Systems
Morozov Matvey 2015 PhD Abstracts Interfacial Convection in Surfactant Solutions
Nec Yana 2009 PhD Abstracts Pattern Formation in Systems with Anomalous Diffusion
Musslimani Ziad 2000 PhD Composite Solitons and Pattern Formation in Nonlinear Optics
Hari Assaf 1997 PhD Dynamics of Domain Boundaries in Convection Patterns
Rotstein Horacio 1999 PhD Phase Transitions Dynamics with Memory
Nuz Alexander 1998 PhD Non-Potential Effects in Pattern Formation
Bar Doron 1996 PhD The Weakly Nonlinear Theory of Long Waves Generated by Instabilities
Frumkin Valeri 2011 MSc Abstracts Reaction Front Propagation in a Thin Film Thermally Coupled with a Thick Heat-Conducting Substrate
Haj Majda 2008 MSc Abstracts Thermocapillary Migration Of Long Viscous Droplet in a Capillary Tube
Smagin Irina 2007 MSc Abstracts Stability of Explosive Crystallization Front
Kheifetz Yuri 2004 MSc Abstracts Nonlinear Interaction between Stagnation-Point-Flow Flame and Flame-Grown Solid Film
Podolny Alla 2003 MSc Abstracts Convective Cahn-Hilliard Model of a Crystal Growth under the Conditions of Thermodynamical Instability
Glasman Evgeniya 2002 MSc Abstracts Instabilities and Defects in Wavy Patterns
Katz-Demyanets Victoria 1996 MSc Marangoni Instability in Liquid Three Layer Systems
Balinsky Yelena 1995 MSc Three Dimensional Long-Wave Instabilitiy of Viscous Flows
Nuz Alexander 1993 MSc Nonperfect Periodic Structures in Dissipative System
Hari Assaf 1993 MSc Dynamics of Domain Boundaries in Nonequilibrium Patterns