PhD and MSc Theses

PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor PROF. Arkadi Nemirovski
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No of theses 13
Department Industrial Engineering and Management
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Kisilyov Pavel 2003 PhD Abstracts Application of Wavelet Representations in Inverse Problems
Margalit Tammar 2000 PhD Convex Optimization Methods in Tomography
Liber Dmitry 1999 PhD Rare-Event Estimation via Cross-Entropy and Importance Sampling
Tsibulevsky Michael 1997 PhD Penalty/Barrier Multiplier Methods for Large-Scale Nonlinear and Semidefinite Programming
Goldenshluger Alexander 1996 PhD Nonparametric Estimation in Linear Dynamic Uncertain Systems
Schweitzer Eithan 1995 PhD Multi-Stage Mathematical Programming under Uncertainty
Olvovsky Elena 2006 PhD Abstracts Novel Gradient-Type Optimization Algorithms for Extremely Large-Scale Nonsmooth Convex Optimization
Rubinstein Eitan 2006 MSc Abstracts Support Vector Machines via Advanced Optimization Techniques to Robust Optimization
Steinberg Daureen 2006 MSc Abstracts Computation of Matrix Norms with Applications to Robust Optimization
Man Rostislav 2004 MSc Abstracts Rare Event Simulation for Heavy-Tailed Distributions Using Cross-Entropy Method
Cabelev Dmitry 2003 MSc Abstracts Polynomial Time Cutting Plane Algorithms Associated with Symmetric Cones
Guslitzer Elana 2002 MSc Abstracts Uncertainty-Immunized Solutions in Linear Programming
Margalit Tammar 1997 MSc Stable Convex Programming with Application to Portfolio Selection