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PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor PROF. Marcelle Machluf
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Department Biotechnology and Food Engineering
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Fridman Avraham Baruch 2023 PhD Abstracts Development of NanoGhosts as Targeted Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis
Efraim Yael 2016 PhD Developing and Characterizing an Injectable Platform Based on Porcine Cardiac Extracellular Matrix (pcECM) for the Treatment of Myocardial Infarction
Chaimov Deborah 2015 PhD Novel Bio-Polymeric ECM Platform for Diabetes Therapy
Haber Tom 2014 PhD Abstracts Ultrasound as a Gene Delivery Technology for Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Based Therapy
Azulay-Debby Hilla 2008 PhD Abstracts CpG DNA Activates Developing B-lymphocytes in the Bone Marrow to Break Tolerance and to Secrete Autoantibodies
Davidov Tzila 2022 PhD Abstracts Development of 3D Extracellular Matrix (ECM)-based Cell Carriers as a Potential Platform for Regenerative Medicine
Malkah Natali 2021 PhD Targeting Metastatic Cancer using Engineered Cells Derived Nano-Ghosts
Krishtul Stasia 2021 PhD Developing a Pancreatic ECM-Based 3D Microencapsulation Platform for Diabetes Therapy
Oieni Jacopo 2020 PhD Targeting Osteoarthritis with Nano-Ghost System Entrapping RNA Interference Molecules
D'atri Domenico 2020 PhD Abstracts Developing the Nano-Ghost System as a Targeted Delivery System to the Cartilage Tissue for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis
Levy Lior 2020 PhD Immunotherapeutic Nano-Ghosts: A Cell-Free Nanometric System for Off-The-Shelf Cancer Immunotherapy
Cohen Anavy Noa 2019 PhD Nano-Ghosts for Selective Drug Delivery to and Across the Blood Brain Barrier
Gvirtz Markish Maskit 2019 PhD Abstracts Remodeling Porcine Extra Cellular Matrix in a Perfused Bioreactor with Mechanical and Electrical Stimulation
Krishnamoorthi Muthu Kumar 2019 PhD Abstracts Engineering 3D Scaffolds with iPSCs towards Regeneration of Cardiac Tissues
Letko Khait Nitzan 2018 PhD Abstracts Targeted Cell-Derived Nano-Ghosts as Drug Carriers to Inflammatory Tissues
Kaneti Limor 2016 PhD Developing Cell-Derived Vesicles as a Gene Delivery Vehicle for Cancer Therapy
Nguyen Evelyne Bao-Vi 2015 PhD Abstracts Engineering 3D Thick Porcine Extracellular Matrix for Cardiac Regeneration (The research and dissertation were con. at Technion and NTU Singapore)
Lupu Yael 2015 PhD Abstracts Elucidating the Mechanism of Interactions of Nano-Ghosts with the Tumor Niche
Wang Yao 2015 PhD Abstracts Developing Vascularization in Cardiac Decellularized Porcine ECM Graft using Bioreactor (The research and thesis were conducted at Technion and NTU Singapore)
Toledano Furman Naama 2014 PhD Abstracts Development of Primary Cells Derived Vesicles Based Drug Delivery System Platform for Targeted Cancer Therapy
Sarig Udi 2012 PhD Engineering Thick, Stem Cell-ECM Based Myocardial Constructs with In-Situ Microvasculature
Gilert Ariel 2012 PhD Abstracts Development and Characterization of Polymeric Micro Particles for Controlled Delivery of Short Peptides towards Specific Immune Response
Dahan Nitsan 2011 PhD Abstracts Developing Potent Small Caliber Xenogenic Arterial Graft Using Perfusion Bioreactor System
Eitan Yuval 2010 PhD Abstracts Acellular Native Porcine Myocardial Extracellular Matrix as a Biomaterial Scaffold for Tissue Engineering
Bronshtein Tomer 2010 PhD Abstracts Co-Receptor Conjugated Liposomes: A Novel Drug-Delivery System to HIV-Infected Cells
Gvili Koby 2009 PhD Abstracts Development and Characterization of PLGA Particles for Gene Therapy and DNA Vaccination
Goren Amit 2009 PhD Abstracts Development and Optimization of Cell Encapsulation System towards Host Immune Tolerance and Tumor Therapy
Baruch Limor 2008 PhD Abstracts Development and Characterization of Polymeric Systems Entrapping Genetic Engineered Cells for Antiangiogenic Cancer Therapy
Benny Ofra 2007 PhD Abstracts Development of Polymeric Microspheres Releasing Angiogenesis Inhibitors and Anti-cancer Drugs for the Treatment of Glioma Tumor
Duvshani-Eshet Maayan 2007 PhD Ultrasound Wave for Delivery of Genes into Cells and Tissue: Therapeutic Application and Mechanistic Studies
Kizhner Tali 2005 PhD Abstracts Molecular and Biochemical Modifications Induced by Reducing Sugars in the Mitochondria
Zur Yehonatan 2024 MSc Abstracts Development of Regenerative Therapy Platforms based on ECM Derived from Different Tissues
Bamany Shay 2023 MSc Abstracts Spike-NanoGhost as a Safe and Potent Immunization Platform againtst COVID-19
Betker Amir 2023 MSc Abstracts Development of Immunotherapeutic Nano-Ghosts as a Cell-Free Nanometric System for Breast Cancer Treatment
Zahran Sharbel 2019 MSc Development of Electrospun Extracellular Matrix-Based Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
Givaty Katz Tom 2018 MSc Developing Cell-Derived Nano-Vesicles as a Drug Delivery Vehicle for RNA Interference Therapies
Shalom Luxenbu Hagit 2017 MSc Abstracts Exploring the Nano-Ghosts Diagnostic Potential:Towards Theranostic Applications
Alexandra Ereskovsky 2017 MSc Abstracts Developing Cell-Derived Nano-Vesicles as a Drug Delivery Vehicle for Lipophilic Drug
Shivinsky Anna 2011 MSc Abstracts Tailoring PLGA Delivery Systems for Glioma Cancer Stem Cell Like Cells
Lupu Yael 2011 MSc Abstracts Development and Characterization of a Bioactive Ceramic Scaffold Conjugated with PLAG Particles for Bone Tissue Engineering
David Keren 2006 MSc Abstracts Ultrasound for the Delivery of Genes to Suspended Cells: Design and Characterization
Zarbiv Gabriel 2006 MSc Abstracts Tissue Engineering of Blood Vessels: Improvement of Cell Adhesion and Characterization of Polymer Immunogenicity
Dvir Addie 2005 MSc Abstracts Tissue Engineering of Blood Vessels Based on Acellularized Collagen Matrix
Dinevich Nonna 2004 MSc Abstracts Effect of medicinal plant extracts on proliferation of prostate cancer cells
Fliman Michael 2016 MSc Abstracts Use of Nanoghosts as New Contrast Agents for Early detection of Cancer
Weinstein Eyal 2014 MSc Abstracts Developing Cell-Derived Vesicles as siRNA Delivery Vehicles for Cancer