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PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Avni Noa 2017 PhD Abstracts Management of Regional Water Systems under Demand Uncertainty
Housh Mashor 2011 PhD Abstracts Optimal Multi-Year Management of Regional Water Resources Systems under Uncertainty
Kronaveter Lea 2005 PhD Abstracts A Negotiation Support System for Resolution of Disputes over International Water Resources
Gordon Ekaterina 1999 PhD Management of a Regional Aquifer Under Salinization Conditions: Methodology and Application
Ostfeld Avi 1994 PhD Optimal Design of Reliable Multiquality Water Supply Systems
Kessler Avner 1989 PhD Optimal Design of Water Distribution Networks Based on Graph
Eiger Gideon 1992 PhD Optimal Design of Water Distribution Networks
Weintrob Daniel 2002 MSc Quality Assurance and Reliability in Water Distribution Systems
Levi-Be'eri Shlomit 2004 MSc Abstracts Water Saving in the Israeli Urban Sector – A Comprehensive Feasibility Study
Miron-Phstiner Sigalit 1996 MSc Abstracts Water Sensitive Urban Planning Towards Planning Guidelines.
Yunger Miri 1992 MSc Abstracts Socio-Economic Implications of the Distribktion of Water
Shalev Shai 2011 MSc Abstracts Stormwater Management in an Urban Neighborhood Following Water Sensitive Planning principles: Comparison of Alternatives in Givat Zemer on Mount Carmel
Zaide Michael 2006 MSc Abstracts A Model for Multi-Year Combined Optimal Management of Quantity and Quality in the Israeli National Water Supply System
Ravid Tamar 2003 MSc Abstracts Reliability and Efficiency in Operating a Water Supply System with Adjustment to Random Demands
Ben- Asher Lea 2002 MSc Abstracts Optimization of in Sitn Bioremediation of a Contaminated Aquifer
Levin Anna 2001 MSc Water Sensitive Urban Planning: Analysis of Alternatives for Increasing Infilteration in Urban Public Spaces
Salomons Elad 2001 MSc Optimal Design of Water Distribution Systems Facilities and Operation
Naveh Nir 2000 MSc Decision Support System for Managing Groundwater Levels In the the Hula Project
Geller Yaron 1998 MSc Comparison of Methods for Determing Runoff in Urban Areas
Kronaveter Lea 1998 MSc Hydrologic Response of Urban Watersheds: the Effects of Spatial Discretization, Physical Parameters and Some Planning Alternatives
Gordon Ekaterina 1995 MSc A Methodology and Model for River Water Quality Nanagment
Ostfeld Avi 1990 MSc Management of a Water System with Different Qvalities