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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Breytus Anna 2021 PhD Abstracts Donnan Process for Nitrate Removal from Contaminated Water
Lisitsin Marina 2019 PhD Abstracts Investigation of High Recovery Desalination Processes
Zaslavschi Irina 2013 PhD Abstracts Study of Scaling Propensity of Desalination Concentrates
Sutzkover-Gutman Iris 2010 PhD Abstracts Performance Improvement of Polymeric Membranes
Lisitsin Dmitry 2009 PhD Abstracts Study of Techniques for Increasing Water Recovery in Brackish Water Desalination
Segev Raviv 2012 PhD Abstracts Improvement of Brackish water Desalination Process
Drak Alexander 2004 PhD Abstracts Characterization of Water Recovery Limits in RO Desalination
Dekel Dario 1998 PhD Solvent Transport through Nanofiltration Membranes
Makover Judah Raphael 2019 MSc Nitrate Removal from High Salinity Solutions by Electrolytic Methods
Saad Basher Enas 2018 MSc Abstracts Removal of Phosphate from Wastewater by Adsorption in Fluidized Bed Calcite Particles
Ring Shiran 2016 MSc Abstracts Characterization of Donnan Dialysis Separations of Applied Interest
Greiserman Michael 2016 MSc Abstracts Remineralization of Desalinated Water by Pellet and Micronized Dolomite {CaMg(Co3)2}Dissolution
Schwartz Rinat 2015 MSc Abstracts Magnesium Salt Dissolution in Desalinated Water
Lisitsin Marina 2015 MSc Abstracts Novel Technique for Characterizing Scale Suppression Effectiveness of Anti-Scalants on RO Membranes
Fine Larissa 2015 MSc Abstracts Remineralization of Desalinated Water by Micronized CaCO3
Pinkesfeld Or 2014 MSc Abstracts Novel Technique of Electrochemical Removal of Inorganic Ions
Kesler Vladislav 2012 MSc Abstracts Injection of a Concentrated Solution into a Flowing Stream
Sidorenko Georgiy 2012 MSc Scale Removal by Electrochemical Techniques
Brook Irena 2011 MSc Abstracts Characterization of Precipitation Potential of Low Solubility Salts in Seawater Concentrates
Pinhas Yosef 2008 MSc Abstracts Study of Water Hardness Removal by Electrochemical Precipitation
Rachamim Sarit 2008 MSc Abstracts Investigation of Scale Inhibition on RO Membranes by Trace Amounts of Zinc Ions
Radu Irina 2008 MSc Abstracts Study of Pretreatment of Secondary Wastewater in Reverse Osmosis
Komlos Chagai 2007 MSc Abstracts Detection of Fouling on Reverse Osmosis Modules by Residence Time Distribution Analyses
Greenberg Gal 2005 MSc Abstracts Scale Control Techniques for Augmenting Water Recovery in Desalination Processes
Ilevicky Maya 2005 MSc Abstracts Scale Inhibition by Trace Amounts of Metallic Ions
Korenemandel Dikla 2003 MSc Abstracts Investigation of techniques for Reverse Osmosis Concentrate Treatments
Lumelsky Victor 2002 MSc Abstracts Study of an Electrolytic Scale Prevention Method
Sutzkover-Gutman Iris 2001 MSc Study of the Formation and Inhibition of Silica Scales in RO Desalting
Rumyantsev Marina 2001 MSc Contaminant Removal with Dynamic Membranes
Olivier Sluszny Orly 1998 MSc Development of a Technique for Studying Potable Water Contamination by Corrosion Products
Levenstein Ron 1995 MSc Utilization of the Donnan Effect for Improving Electroyte Separation with Nanofiltration Membranes
Keysar Shani 1993 MSc Connosion Protection Cnanacteristico of Poround Coatimgo
Brusilovsky Miriam 1991 MSc Flux Decline of Reverse Osmosis Membranes Foulfd by Sparingc
Bendrihem Orli 1991 MSc Dissolution Kinetics of Limestone in a Packed Bed