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PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

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Department Mechanical Engineering
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Salomonski Nizan 2000 PhD Investigating of Disassembly Processes in Automatic Systems
Ben Horin Ronen 1998 PhD Criteria for Analysis of Parallel Robots
Benchetrit Uri 1996 PhD Robot Motion Planning
Rotberg Joseph 1992 PhD Tool Wear Monitoring by Heans of Vibration Analysis
Kroll Ehud 1989 PhD Knowledge-Based Conceptual Design: An Aplication to the
Levin Elik 1998 MSc Navigation System for Mobile Robots
Zeitoun Igal 1997 MSc Position Control of a Free Ranging Vehicle
Perle Amir 1995 MSc A Flexible Fixture System
Shoshani Yuval 1994 MSc Nc Part Programs Simulation and Verification
Oberlander Sergio 1993 MSc Prograhming of a Linear Transfer System for Assembly
Ronen Raoul 1992 MSc Graphical Simglation for Robots in An Assembly Cell
Farhana Dany 1991 MSc Location Measurement System for a Mobile Robot
Livne Michael 1990 MSc Navigation System for An A.g.v.
Fishman Rami Gerar 1990 MSc Design and Implementation of Robot Control System
Benchetrit Uri 1990 MSc Communication in Flexible Manufacturing System