PhD and MSc Theses

PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor PROF. Shaul Markovitch
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No of theses 42
Department Computer Science
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Radinsky Kira 2013 PhD Abstracts Learning to Predict the Future Using Web Knowledge and Dynamics
Esmeir Saher 2008 PhD Abstracts Anytime Algorithms for Learning Anytime Classifiers
Gabrilovich Evgeniy 2006 PhD Abstracts Feature Generation for Textual Information Retrieval Using World Knowledge
Finkelstein Lev 2005 PhD Abstracts Offline Scheduling of Anytime Algorithms
Glazer Assaf 2014 PhD Abstracts Learning Methods for Modeling High-Dimensional Distributions
Carmel David 1998 PhD Model-Based Learning of Interaction Strategies in Multi-Agent Systems
Karpas Erez 2012 PhD Non-Classical Heuristics for Classical Planning
Kushilevitz Guy 2021 MSc Abstracts Pattern and Distributional Based Hybrid Methods for Semantic Extraction Tasks
Smadja Uzi 2020 MSc Abstracts Text Readability and its Relationship with Backtracking Actions
Ringel Dor 2020 MSc Abstracts Cross-Cultural Transfer Learning for Text Classification
Badian Michal 2019 MSc Abstracts Knowledge-Based Learning through Feature Generation
Devir Nurit 2019 MSc Abstracts Applying Machine Learning for Identifying Attacks at Run-Time
Harel Shahar 2019 MSc Abstracts Prototype-Based Chemical Design using Diversity-Driven Generative Models
Zarecki Jonathan 2019 MSc Abstracts Textual Membership Queries
Eshel Yotam 2019 MSc Abstracts An Attention-RNN Based Approach for Named Entity Disambiguation with Noisy Texts
Duek Sarai 2018 MSc Abstracts Automatic Generation of Language-Independent Features for Cross-Lingual Classification
Friedman Lior 2017 MSc Abstracts Recursive Feature Generation for Knowledge-Based Induction
Geiger Omer 2016 MSc Abstracts Algorithmic Exam Generation
Borodin Gregory 2015 MSc Abstracts Efficient Query Recommendation
Toledano Haggai 2013 MSc Abstracts Coverage-Driven Refinement of Conceptual Representations
Raviv Ariel 2012 MSc Abstracts Concept-Based Approach to Word-Sense Disambiguation
Kraus Naama 2012 MSc Abstracts Context-Aware Query Suggestion
Levy Omer 2012 MSc Abstracts Teaching Machines to Learn by Metaphor
Hashavit Anat 2011 MSc Abstracts Unbiased Rational Decision Making in Multiple-Adversary Environments
Egozi Ofer 2010 MSc Abstracts Concept-Based Information Retrieval Using Explicit Semantic Analysis
Liberman Sofia 2010 MSc Abstracts Wikipedia-Based Compact Hierarchical Semantics for Natural Language Processing
Adler Amir 2006 MSc Abstracts Reducing Memory Requirements for Pattern Databases
Gurevich Nela 2006 MSc Abstracts Automatic Generation of Near Misses for Active Learning of Visual Concepts
Shnitzer Oren 2005 MSc Abstracts Self-Consistent Batch Classification
Amit Asaf 2004 MSc Abstracts Learning to Cooperete with Application to Bridge Bidding
Davidov Dmitry 2003 MSc Abstracts Multiple-Goal Heuristic Search Algorithms
Reger Ronit 2002 MSc Abstracts Learning and Exploiting Relative Weaknesses of Opponent Agents
Shatil Assaf 2002 MSc Speedup Learning for Repair-Based Search by Identifying Redundant Steps
Levyatan Tzach 2001 MSc Anytime Search by Improving Highest-Utility Solution Segments
Livne Shlomo 2001 MSc Machine Learning for Efficient BDD Variable Ordering in Verification
Rusakov Dmitry 2000 MSc Selective Sampling for Nearest Neighbor Classifiers
Carmel David 1994 MSc Learning Models of Strategy's Strategy in Game Playing
Rosdeutscher Irit 1994 MSc Systematic Experimentation with Macro-Learning
Lorenz David 1994 MSc Learning in Games Using Symbolic Classification
Marcus Shaul Silvian 1993 MSc Estimation of Lexical Relations Using Word Similarities
Finkelstein Lev 1993 MSc Learning to Play by Acquiring Move-Patterns
Sella Yaron 1993 MSc Learning of Resource Allocation Strategies for Game Playing