PhD and MSc Theses

PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor Professor Emeritus Mannheim Bilha
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No of theses 19
Department Industrial Engineering and Management
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Hila Hofshtater 1993 PhD The Relation Oh P Between Organigational and Lndividnal
Zehava Rosenblatt 1991 PhD Cutback Strategies and Organisational Proceses in
Gila Budescu 1991 PhD A Cult -Ecol Anal of Service & Quality Cont in Orgs
Pazit Savyon Maram 2009 MSc Abstracts Choosing a Male Specialty: Women Surgeons
Shlomit Frohner 2002 MSc Differences between Women and Men Engineers in Their Attitudes toward the Engineering Profession and Their Organization
Hila Halamish (Ben-Shahar 2001 MSc The Model of Full Range of Leadership as Related to Group and Individual Variables among Cadets
Ronit Dagan-Apt 2000 MSc Cultural Aspects and Types of Considerations Related to Internal and External Service Quality
Dina Dagan )Nissim( 1997 MSc Substantive and Political Considerations in the Provision Of Intra-Organizational Service
Anat Dvash 1997 MSc Technological Coupling, Individual Differences and Psychological Well Being of Amt Workers
Khawla Rihani 1996 MSc Family Business: Family Ownership and Culture Within The Arab Business Sector in Israel
Edna Axelrad Bar-Ratson 1995 MSc Test of Theoretical Models for Comparing Differencesin Influence, Organizational Commitment and Involvement of Male and Female Hospital Physicans
Etty Papo Marinstrauss 1995 MSc Personal and Organizational Factors in the Role of Occupational Welfare Workers and Their Impact on Organizational and Professional Commitment
Chaim Weiner 1991 MSc Environmental Change as a Factor in the Change from a
Tamar Mezi 1991 MSc Comparing the Organizational and Professional Commitment
Haya Hoffman 1991 MSc The Proces of Tramition and Adaptation to a Nes
Tal Seger 1990 MSc Infcuences of Motheris Charactoustics on Work Values of
Yaron Bergman 1989 MSc Is There Ethnic Discriminatign in Hiring Managers?
Eliahu Maisis 1989 MSc Social & Orgaimpacts of the Vse&imtrodution of Advanced Thch