PhD and MSc Theses

PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor PROFESSOR EMERITUS Zalman Palmor
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No of theses 26
Department Mechanical Engineering
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Shneiderman Dmitry 2012 PhD Abstracts Novel Structures of Multivariable Dead Time Compensators
Sharav-Schapiro Nitsan 1996 PhD Robust Output Control for Discrete Uncertain Systems
Priziment Vladislav 2019 MSc Abstracts Novel Structures and Tunings of Optimal Dead Time Compensators for Low Order Time Delay systems
Malka Omer Jacob 2019 MSc Abstracts Rational Approximation of Distributed-Delay Control Laws via Moment-Matching
Vertzberger Eran 2015 MSc Abstracts Analysis and Comparison of Dead-Time Compensators via Unification
Weisbord Amit 2012 MSc Abstracts Predictor Based Control for Processes with Right Half Plane Zeros
German Alexey 2012 MSc Abstracts Design and Implementation of a Novel Dead Time Compensator (DTC) for Quadruple Tank Process with Multiple Delays (QTPwDT)
Oren Gutman 2010 MSc Abstracts Proportional Navigation in Target Displacement Scenarios
Albersheim Nir 2006 MSc Abstracts Robust Identification for Auto Tuning of Decentralized Dead Time Compensators for Multi Variables Systems
Shneiderman Dmitry 2005 MSc Abstracts Properties of the Quadruple-Tank Process with Multiple Dead Times and its Control via Auto-Tuned Decentralized Dead-Time Compensator
Burshtein Uri 2003 MSc Abstracts Design and Autotuning of Decentralized Multivariable Dead Time Compensators
Zehavi Amiel 1999 MSc A Simple Tuning Method of Dmc Controller for 2×2 Systems
Kahane Allan 1998 MSc Multi-Rate H2 Tracking Control with Mixed Continuous – Discrete Performance Criteria
Stein Alon 1995 MSc Robust Dead Time Compensator for Disturbance Absorption.
Mazor Tal 1995 MSc Tuning Decentralized Pid Controllers in Mimo Systems
Peled Irit 1994 MSc Internal Model Control Analysisusing Operator
Efrati Tzvi 1993 MSc Auto- Tuning of Decentralized Controllers for Mimo Systems
Rom Zahi 1992 MSc Control of Non Minimum Phase Systems
Zlatnik Daniel 1992 MSc A Control System for An Active Magnetic Bearing
Krasney Nathan 1991 MSc Automatic Tuning Algorithm of Decentralized Pid Controller
Galperin Noam 1991 MSc A Test Ris for the Development of a Closed Loop Disital
Blau Michal 1991 MSc Automatic Tuning Dead Time Compensator
Finkelstein Jacob 1990 MSc Control of a Biped Robot
Meshulam Yosef 1990 MSc Development of a Simulation System for Battle Tank Turret
Harari Noa 1990 MSc Feasability Study of Controlledmechanical Seal
Tuch Julio 1989 MSc The Estimation of Parameters in Systems with a Time Delay