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Advisor ASSOCIATE PROF. Deborah Yablonski
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Department Medicine
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Hallumi Enas 2022 PhD Abstracts Itk Phosphorylation Sites within SLP-76 and Gads Modulate TCR/CD28 Signal Integration in T Cells
Sukenik Sigalit 2020 PhD Abstracts Cooperative Interactions of Grb2 Family Proteins with LAT and their Effect on TCR Signaling
Bogin Yaron 2009 PhD Abstracts Mechanisms for Regulating Phospholipase C-Gamma1 Activation in the T Cell Antigen Receptor Signaling Pathway
Starosvetsky Elina 2009 PhD Abstracts A Genetic Analysis of the Signaling Pathways that Mediate Chemokine induced Chemotaxis and Migration in T Cells
Blecher-Gonen Ronnie 2009 PhD Abstracts The Role and Regulation of TCR-Induced Serine Phosphorylation of SLP76 and SLP76-Associated Proteins
Volinsky Natalia 2008 PhD Abstracts The Role of P21-Activated Kinase in SDF-1Alpha-induced T Cell Migration
Ainey Carmit 2004 MSc Abstracts Overexpression and Purification of SLP-76 for the Purpose of Structure-Function Analysis
Labin Shira 2022 MSc Abstracts Gads Dimerization as an Important Feature of the Cooperative Interactions of Gads with LAT
Shalah Almour Rose 2018 MSc Abstracts Regulatory Effects of Gads Domains in the T Cell Receptor Signaling Pathway
Massri Rami 2017 MSc Abstracts Development of new tools for studying TCR signaling, through the application of TALENs/CRISPR-based strategies for precise genome editing in the T cell lineage
Oz Ilana 2017 MSc Abstracts Function and Regulation of new SLP76 phosphoserine sites in T cells
Ifrach Talia 2017 MSc Abstracts Function and Regulation of Gads in the T cell Receptor and FC Epsilon Receptor Signaling Pathways
Hallumi Enas 2016 MSc Function and regulation of Gads in the T cell receptor signaling pathway
Waknin Cecilia 2014 MSc Abstracts Gads Dimerization and its Implications for TCR Signaling
Libman Evgeny 2012 MSc Abstracts 14-3-3 Protein Binding to GADS and SLP76 as Negative- Feedback in TCR-signaling
Sela Meirav 2011 MSc Abstracts A New Phosphotyrosine Site of SLP-76 in T Cells: Characterization and Exploration of Signal Transduction Mechanism
Kurtz Marina 2011 MSc Abstracts The Role and Regulation of RhoA in SDF-1 Alpha Induced T Cell Chemotaxis
Blecher-Gonen Ronnie 2004 MSc Abstracts The Role of The P-1 Region in the Function on SLP-76