PhD and MSc Theses

PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor PROF. Idit Keidar
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No of theses 29
Department Electrical and Computers Engineering
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Melamed Roie 2006 PhD Abstracts Scalable Services for Dynamic Wide-Area Environments
Shalev Noam 2018 PhD Abstracts Improving System Security and Reliability with OS Help
Kraus Naama 2018 PhD Abstracts Effective Search in Distributed Environments
Lev-Ari Kfir 2017 PhD Abstracts Ordered Sequential Consistency: Composition and Correctness
Perelman Dmitri 2012 PhD Abstracts Exploiting Parallelism of Multi-Core Architectures
Guz Zvika 2010 PhD The Interplay of Caches and Threads in Chip-Multiprocessors
Shraer Alexander 2010 PhD Abstracts Reliable Collaboration Using Unreliable Storage
Spiegelman Alexander 2018 PhD Abstracts Fundamental Bounds and Algorithms in Distributed Reliable Storage
Bortnikov Edward 2008 PhD Abstracts Dynamic Service Management in Infrastructure-Based Mobile Networks
Eyal Ittay 2013 PhD Abstracts Scalable and Robust Algorithms for Cloud Storage and for Sensor Networks
Badishi Gal 2007 PhD Abstracts Defending Systems against Application-Level Denial of Service Attacks
Gurevich Maxim 2010 PhD Abstracts External Search Engine Mining
Gidron Elad 2012 MSc Abstracts Exploiting Locality and NUMA in Scalable Conncurrent Libraries
Shraer Alexander 2006 MSc Abstracts Timeliness, Failure-Detectors and Consensus Performance
Sasson Amir 2004 MSc Abstracts Understanding and Mitigating the Effects of Denail-of- Service Attacks on Secure Gossip-Based Multicast
Meir Hagar 2019 MSc Abstracts Oak: Off-Heap Allocated Keys Big Data Analytics
Berger Alon 2019 MSc Abstracts Integrated Bounds for Disintegrated Storage
Shaket Dan 2018 MSc Abstracts Exploiting Worload Similarities for Efficient Scheduling in Diverse Asymmetric Chip Multiprocessing
Orenbach Meni 2015 MSc Abstracts Evaluating User Similarity Search in OnLine Social Networks
Izchak Oved 2013 MSc Abstracts The Interaction between Workloads and Micro Architecture in Highly-Parallel Chip Multi-Processors
Atsmonguz Liat 2012 MSc Abstracts Local Dynamic Weighted Matching
Basin Dmitry 2011 MSc Abstracts CAFE: Scalable Task Pools with Adjustable Fairness and Contention
Berman Amit 2010 MSc Abstracts Power Reduction Techniques for Networks-on-Chip
Friedman Alexander 2009 MSc Abstracts Discouraging Selfishness in Lossy Peer-to-Peer Networks
Romanov Oleg 2008 MSc Abstracts Beaver on IPSec – Protection from DoS Attacks
Shavit Ehud 2008 MSc Abstracts Network on Chip (NoC) Topologies – A Cost-Minimization Design Approach
Gindin Roman 2008 MSc Abstracts NoC-based FPGA: Architecture and Routing
Schonfeld Uri 2006 MSc Abstracts Do Not Crawl in the Dust: Different URLs with Similar Text
Lavi Nadav 2005 MSc Abstracts Supporting Groupware in Mobile Networks