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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Friedman Amitai 2023 David Meiri Abstracts The Effect of Cannabinoids on Microglial Phagocytosis of Amyloid-beta: Implication for Alzheimer's Disease
Greenstein Shany 2023 Michael Glickman Abstracts Understanding the Turnover of the Truncated Form of Mutant Ubiquitin UBB+1, UBG76Y
Makhzumy Muhammad 2023 Ayala Shiber Abstracts Developing Single-Molecule Approach to Selective Ribosome Profiling
Benarie Zilber Hila 2023 Ayala Shiber Abstracts ISG15 and ISGylation at the Ribosome: Mechanistic Analysis, Innate Immune Response, and Impact on Translation
Yazbak Mahmoud 2023 Dvir Aran Abstracts Providing Context to scRNA-Seq Cluster Analysis using Large-Scale Public Transcriptomic Data
Nauman Leo Alan David 2023 Sigal Savaldi-Goldste Abstracts Revealing Hormone-Mediated Tissue-Specific Nuclear Proteome and Signaling Output in the Meristem
Mccarthy Jordan 2023 Yoav Arava, Yaron Fuchs, Abstracts The Role of Pregancy in Skin Regeneration
Nakhleh Nezar 2023 Yaron Fuchs Abstracts The Effect of Pregnancy and Estrogen on Skin Regeneration and Hair Follicle Stem Cells
Jubran Nashwa 2023 Shenhav Cohen Abstracts What Mechanism Protects the Heart from Fasting-Induced Atrophy?
Ben Eliahu Yuval 2023 Assaf Bester Abstracts Genome-Wide CRISPR Screen to Identify IncRNAs Affecting SARS-CoV-2 Cell Entry
Sadaka Eden Lea 2023 Yaron Fuchs Abstracts Programmed Cell Death Regulates Sebaceous Gland Homeostasis and Pathology
Goldberger Nitzan 2023 Yaron Fuchs Abstracts The Role of Caspases in Hair Follicile Stem Cells
Kabaha Anas 2023 Tali Haran Abstracts How Does the Transcription Factor ETS-1 Differentiate Between its Multitude of Specific Binding Sites?
Aharony Noga 2022 Roy Kishony Abstracts Rapid Gene Content Alteration in Recurring Infections
Ben-Yehuda Adi 2022 Yael Mandel-Gutfreun Abstracts Studying Alternative Polyadenylation in Human Cells and Clinical Samples during Human Cytomegalovirus (HCMV) Infection
Ali Nasser Reemy 2022 Shay Stern Abstracts Early-Life Experience Re-Organizes Neuromodulatory Regulation of Developmental Patterns of Behavior and Individuality
Shimon Noa 2022 Ayelet Lamm Abstracts Studing the Functional Significance of RNA Editing and Duplicated Genomic Regions in Caenorhabditis Elegans
Reuveni Lea 2022 Debbie Lindell Abstracts Selection for Resistance Against Generalist and Specialist Phages in Marine Cyanobacteria
Shahwan Mai 2022 Noga Ron-Harel Abstracts Alanine as a Novel Metabolic Regulator of T Cell Immunity
Aharoni Naama 2022 Yoram Reiter Abstracts Antigen-Specific Immunomodulation in Multiple Sclerosis by IL-10 T Cell Receptor-Like Antibody Fusion Proteins
Milman Oren 2022 Roy Kishony Abstracts Systematic Identification of Gene-Altering Programmed Inversions across the Bacterial Domain
Schneider Noa 2022 Ayelet Lamm Abstracts Evaluating ADAR Target Selection, Localization, and Regulation
Jain Kapil 2022 Arnon Henn Abstracts Regulation of Mitochondrial Trafficking by Myosin 19 During Cell Migration
Altalef Mishaan Susie 2022 Assaf Bester Abstracts Identification and Characterization of Sequence-Specific Trans-Acting Functional IncRNA
Sahoo Manisha Priyad 2021 Oded Kleifeld Abstracts Proteomic Profiling of Active Proteasome and Intracellular Peptidome
Amsalem Keren 2021 David Meiri Abstracts Evaluating Different High-CBD Cannabis Strains for Epilepsy Treatment
Monin Roni 2021 Michael Glickman Abstracts The effect of Hypoxia Stress on Proteasome Structure and Activity
Tahan Ran 2021 Debbie Lindell Abstracts The Dual Role of a Cyanophage Thioredoxin
Siegelman Roi 2021 Ariel Kaplan, Arnon Henn, Abstracts A Single-Molecule Study of the Roles of the RecC Subunit in DNA Unwinding by RecBCD
Zbidat Sewar 2021 Shenhav Cohen Abstracts Insulin Receptor Turnover in Fasting is Dependent on NAGLU-Mediated Beta-Dystroglycan Deglycosylation
Elishav Eshel 2021 Sigal Savaldi-Goldste Abstracts Model-to-Crop Translation: Interaction between Mineral- Nutrient Availability and Steroid Hormones
Weil Hila 2021 Tom Shemesh, David Meiri, Abstracts Adhesion-Free Motility: Characterization of a Novel Mode of Cell Migration
Aamar Lama 2021 Sigal Savaldi-Goldste Abstracts Tools for Studing Brassinosteroids at the Tissue and Cellular Level in Roots
Garin Shahar 2021 Yoav Arava Abstracts Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases: Understanding their Mitochondrial Targeting and Role as mRNA Binding Ptoteins
Nave Yarden 2021 Ayelet Lamm Abstracts Analyzing the Localization and Function of ADARs and Dicer
Sadot Meshi 2021 David Meiri Abstracts The Effects of Cannabis on Colorectal Cancer Harboring a Hereditary APC Mutation
Nicola Marian 2020 Nabieh Ayoub Abstracts Functional Characterization of RBM42 Protein using Proximity Labelling Mass Spectrometry
Eisa Jamela 2020 Benjamin Horwitz Abstracts Understanding the Role of PH in Colonization of Plant Roots by Trichoderma Virens
Raif Singher Polina 2020 Yael Mandel-Gutfreun Abstracts A Computational Approach to Study the Cross Talk Between RNA Binding Proteins and N6-Methyladenosine Modification
Sarji Mahasen 2020 Michael Glickman Abstracts The Role of USP19 Alzheimer's Disease
Chazan Ariel 2020 Tali Haran, Dina Ron, Abstracts Are p53-Dependent Functional Outcomes Regulated by the Flexibility of p53 Response Elements?
Berlad Barak Idan 2020 Philippa Melamed Abstracts Steroiodogenic Factor 1 as a Key Regulator in the Activation of the Lhb gene, and its binding Cooperativity with the Transcription Factor Egr-1
Light Dean 2020 Ayelet Lamm Abstracts Analyzing the Relation betweem RNA Editing and RNAi
Eichenbaum Benjamin Rafae 2020 Gadi Schuster Abstracts Green Energy from the Desert – Algal Bio-Photo-Electrochemical Cell Systems using Chlorella Ohadii, for Sustainable Energy Production
Jbara Alaa 2020 Arnon Henn Abstracts Investigation of the Mechanochemistry Properties of the Actin-Based Mitochondria Transporter Myo19 Molecular Motor
Milay Looz 2020 David Meiri Abstracts Evaluation of the Optimal Storage Conditions for Medical Cannabis
Ginosar Yuval 2020 Ariel Kaplan Abstracts A Single Molecule Study of Linker Histone H1 Binding to Nucleosome
Euhus Benjamin David 2020 David Meiri Abstracts The Effect of Cannabis on the Mobility and Viability of the BV-2 Microglia Cell Model
Zivan Anna 2019 Tali Haran Abstracts The Impact of DNA structure and Flexibility of p53 Response Elements with Long Spacers on p53 Binding Affinity and Cooperativity
Bar Avraham Yael 2019 Dan Zilberstein Abstracts Investigating the Role of Protein Kinase A in Differentiation and Identifying Members of the Arginine Deprivation Response Pathway Pathway Leishmania Parasites
Wyrobnik Iris 2019 Abstracts The Effect of Cannabis on the Tumor Microenvironment
Iden Jennifer 2019 David Meiri, Yishai Ofran, Abstracts The Efficacy of Cannabis on Anklyosing Spondylitis
Dvir Sagie 2019 Arie Admon Abstracts The Effect of Epigenome Modulation on the HLA Peptidome
Baruchi Farber Hodaya 2019 Tomer Shlomi Abstracts Identifing Metabolic Alterations and Vulnerabilites in Senescent Cancer Cells
Goldbraikh Dana 2019 Shenhav Cohen Abstracts Role of USP1 in Skeletal Muscle Atrophy
Iancovici Liat 2019 Dan Zilberstein Abstracts The Hydrophilic N-Terminus of the Proline-Alanine Transporter in the Human Pathogen Leishmania Regulates Substrate Specificity
Shamir Nitzan 2019 Debbie Lindell Abstracts Population Dynamics of T7-Like Cyanophages During the Spring Bloom in the Gulf of Aqaba
Sasso Fernando 2019 Benjamin Horwitz Abstracts Germination: the Initial Stage in the Trichoderma virens – Plant Interaction
Saied Layla 2019 Dina Ron Abstracts New Insights on Sef Impact in Breast Cancer
Lehvy Adrian Israel 2019 Yehuda Assaraf Abstracts Zinc Transporter Mutations and Expression in Cancer and Transient Neonatal Zinc Deficiency
Nadel Omer 2019 Oded Beja Abstracts Unculture Marine Cyanophages Encode for an Active Phycobilisome Proteolysis Adaptor NblA Proteins
Simaan Hiba 2019 Benjamin Horwitz Abstracts The AP-1 Like Transcription Factor ChAP1 Balances Tolerance and Cell Death in the Response of the Maize Pathogen Cochliobolus Heterostrophus to a Plant…
Yunaev Yehoshua Anna 2019 Yehuda Assaraf Abstracts Lysosomotropic Drugs Activate TFEB Via Lysosomal Membrane Fluidization and Consequent Inhibition of mTORC1 Activity
Kulikovsky Sharon 2019 Gadi Schuster Abstracts Photosynthesis in the Desert: The Search for an Organism for Green Energy Production
Melchers Micol Marie 2019 Arie Admon Abstracts The Effect of the IDH1-R132H Mutation on the Immunopeptidome in Cancer Cells
Almog May 2019 Meytal Landau Abstracts Platelet-Activating Receptor CLEC-2: Characterization and Modulation of Protein-Ligand Interactions Promoting Cancer Metastases
Wyrobnik Iris 2019 David Meiri, Yishai Ofran, Abstracts The Effect of Cannabis on the Tumor Microenvironment
Iosilevskii Yael 2019 Benjamin Podbilewicz Abstracts Functions for git-1 in Dendritic Maintenance and Behavior in Caenorhabditis Elegans
Safieh Jessy 2018 Tali Haran Abstracts Is the Functional Outcome of p53 Dependent Genes Encoded in the Flexibility of p53 Response Elements?
Peled Ella 2018 David Meiri Abstracts The Role of Cannabinoid Receptors in the Antitumor Effect of Cannabis
Chanoch Rony 2018 David Meiri Abstracts Effect of Cannabis on Microglial Cell Functions
Futoran Yekaterina 2018 David Meiri Abstracts Comprehensive Mass-Spectrometry Based Characterization of Clinically Used Cannabis Strains in Israel
Mayer Michal 2018 Meytal Landau Abstracts Structure-function Characterization of Bacterial Tyrosine Kinases as Antibacterial Drug Targets
Sinreich Rotem 2018 Yaron Fuchs Abstracts Caspase-3 Drives YAP Activation and Skin Cancer Progression
Saleh Aya 2018 Philippa Melamed Abstracts Hyperglycemia and Alterations in the Epigenome and Transcriptome of the Pituitary Gonadotropes and the Mammary Gland
Cohen Liad 2018 Yael Mandel-Gutfreun Abstracts A Geometric Based Approach to Identify Interface Similarities among DNA and RNA Binding Proteins
Linkov Artyom 2018 Yaron Fuchs Abstracts The Thy1 Protein is a Key Regulator of Intestinal Homeostasis and Tissue Regeneration
Yuval Omer 2017 Tom Shemesh, Benjamin Podbilewicz, Abstracts Neuronalizer: A Neuron Tracing and Analysis Tool And A Computational Analysis of the PVD Neuron in Caenorhabditis elegans
Boraku Stela 2017 Nabieh Ayoub Abstracts Characterizing the Role of PHF2 Lysine Demethylase in DNA Damage Response
Naor Tal 2017 Roy Kishony Abstracts Synthetic Microbial Communities with Antibiotic-Mediated Interactions
Terno Rinata 2017 Ayelet Lamm Abstracts Identifying the factors responsible for RRF-3 recruitment
Neufeld Danielle 2017 Shenhav Cohen Abstracts The Deubiquitinating Enzyme, USP1, Promotes Muscle Atrophy by Inhibiting PI3k-Akt-FoxO Signaling
Senderovich Naftalie 2017 Itai Yanai Abstracts Studying tumor heterogeneity using single-cell RNA-Seq
Hayat Ortal 2017 Michael Glickman Abstracts Defining the cellular context of Lys11-linked polyubiquitin signals
Tucker Scott 2017 Tali Haran Abstracts High-Throughput Investigation of the Mechanistic Origin of p53/DNA Interactions
Perov Sergei 2017 Meytal Landau Abstracts Structure-Function Relationship and Modulation of Microbial Functional Amyloids from Escherichia Coli and Candida Albicans
Heller Romina 2017 Dina Ron Abstracts Establishing CRISPR-Cas9 Technology as a Tool for Studying Endogenous Sef Functions
Balno Caitlin 2016 Dan Zilberstein Abstracts Characterization of homeostatic response of arginine transport in Leishmania donovani
Slobodkin Sivan 2016 Yoram Reiter Abstracts Antigen-Specific Immunomodulation for Multiple Sclerosis
Duek Inbar 2016 Michael Glickman Abstracts A Shifting Ubiquitin Landscape at Mitochondria: The Effect of Protein Degradation Pathways
Liburkin Dan Tatyana 2016 Dan Zilberstein Abstracts Expression of the Leishmania Proline/Alanine Transporter during Differentiation
Haj Muhammad Majd 2016 Philippa Melamed Abstracts GnRH Induces Histone Modifications to Tegulate Expression of the Gonadotropin ALPHA-Subunit Gene
Tsukerman Anna 2016 Philippa Melamed Abstracts Regulation of Tet1 and Tet2 Expression in the Gonadotrope Cells
Roitman Sheila 2016 Oded Beja Abstracts Biodiversity of Marine Viruses Carrying Photosystem I Genes
Abraham Omer 2016 Dan Cassel Abstracts Regulation of intracellular trafficking by masking/unmasking of targeting signals
Feldman Alona 2016 Philippa Melamed Abstracts Effects of Hyperglycemia on Reproduction through Altering the Gonadotrope Epigenome
Moshe Asher 2016 Meytal Landau Abstracts Atomic Structures of Amyloid Peptides and Spine Segments of Staphylococcus aureus Phenol Soluble Modulins (PSMs) Involved in Biofilm Structuring and Cytotoxicity
Hulata Yotam 2016 Debbie Lindell Abstracts Isolation, Characterization and Annual Patterns of Cyanophages in Lake Kinneret
Sheban Daoud 2016 Yehuda Assaraf Abstracts Molecular Basis of Antifolate Resistance in Carcinoma Cells under Hypoxia
Feder Martin 2016 Itai Yanai Abstracts Modularity of gene duplicate expression in the Caenorhabditis elegans founder-cells
Katzir Ofer 2016 Benjamin Podbilewicz Abstracts A Novel Sufficiency Test to Define Cell-Cell Fusion Proteins
Mazarib Eldar 2016 Dan Zilberstein Abstracts Assessment of the role of long N-termini on amino-acid transport and Isolation of mutants defective in differentiation of Leishmania donovani
Said Louie 2016 Yoram Reiter Abstracts CTL Mediated Killing of Melanoma Cancer Cells by Class I MHC-TCR-like Ab Recombinant Fusion Molecule
Nissan Yomiran 2016 Ayelet Lamm Abstracts Studying C-to-U RNA deamination in the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans
Ben-Asher Noa 2016 Dan Cassel Abstracts Post Translational Modifications in Arf-GAPs
Kaiss Mohammed 2016 Yoav Arava Abstracts Studying the role of NAC and OM14 in protein import to mitochondria
Goldstein Boaz 2015 Ayelet Lamm Abstracts Determining the Nature of RNAi and ADAR Interplay
Nawatha Mickal 2015 Meytal Landau Abstracts Bacterial Tyrosine Kinases as Targets for Novel Antibacterial Drugs:Towards Structure-based Drug Design
Kheir Sally 2015 Itai Yanai Abstracts Unmasking RegulatoryPpaths Involved in the Setting of Animal Cell Fates
Darbow Workenash 2015 Shimon Gepstein, Abstracts Amino Acid Overproduction – a New approach for Broomrape Control
Duvshani Nerri 2015 Yoram Reiter Abstracts Redirecting Engineered T cells to Type-1-Diabetes- Associated Epitopes by Chimeric Receptors Composed of Recombinant TCR-like Antibodies
Kremen Noam 2015 Yael Mandel-Gutfreun Abstracts Predicting Protein Function Based on the Local Differential Geometric Properties of its Molecular Surface
Scheinmann Tali 2015 Yoram Reiter Abstracts Isolation and Characterization of a TCR-like Antibody Targeting a Self-Peptide
Mostov Natalia 2015 Yael Mandel-Gutfreun, Itai Yanai, Abstracts Differential 3'UTR Isoform Expression across Space and Time in the C. elegans Embryo
Argaman Yuval 2015 Ayelet Lamm Abstracts Identifying the Mechanisms Causing Transgene Imprinting in the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans
Lansky Zipora 2015 Arnon Henn Abstracts Pumilio and its Interaction with RNA
Gotliv Karnit 2015 Dan Cassel Abstracts A Masking/Unmasking Approach for the Synchronization of COPI-Mediated Retrograde Golgi to ER Traffic
Kravtsov Veronika 2015 Benjamin Podbilewicz Abstracts Branching and Aging of Mechanosensory Neurons in C. elegans
Anavy Leon 2015 Yael Mandel-Gutfreun Abstracts A Phylotypic Stage for all Animals – a Cross Phyla Transcriptomic Search
Meller Anatoly 2015 Arie Admon Abstracts Dynamics of the Proteome and Phosphoproteome of the MAPK Signal Cascades in Budding Yeast
Kalaora Shelly 2014 Arie Admon Abstracts Identification of Unique HLA Peptides Presented on SCLC Cells
Sela Ayala 2014 Sigal Savaldi-Goldste Abstracts Spatial Regulation by Brassinosteroids Controls Timing of Cell Differentiation
Eid Mutlak Yara 2014 Gadi Schuster Abstracts The Ribonucleolytic Activity of Human P53
Grimm Julie 2014 Benjamin Podbilewicz Abstracts The Nuclear Hormone Receptor NHR-25/Ftz-F1 Controls Dendritic Arborization and Repair after Injury in Caenorhabditis Elegans
Samra Nitzan 2014 Yoav Arava Abstracts Deciphering the Translation Independent Localization Mechanism of mRNAs to the ER Membrane
Polsky Avital 2014 Itai Yanai Abstracts Molecular Principles of a Developmental Tradeoff in Embryogenesis
Bar Ziv Lavi 2014 Yoav Arava Abstracts Regulation of translation by signaling cascades in yeast cells
Volodin Alexandra 2014 Dan Cassel Abstracts Studies of the Interaction between the Calcium-Binding Protein Secretagogin and Components of the COPI System
Senitzki Alon 2014 Tali Haran Abstracts Structural Properties of Natural p53 Target Genes Binding Sites
Martinez-Conde Antonia 2014 Dina Ron Abstracts The Effect of hSef Gain and Loss of Function on Breast Cancer
Kohen Refael 2013 Yael Mandel-Gutfreun Abstracts Identifying Protein Recognition Elements on RNA by Combining Sequence and Structural Information
Haimovich Yael 2013 Arie Admon Abstracts The HLA-B27 Immunopeptidome and the Immune-mediated Inflammatory Disease Ankylosing Spondylitis
Greengrass Eyal 2013 Debbie Lindell Abstracts Resistance of Marine Synechococcus to Podovirus Infection: Genetic Basis and Phenotypic Characterization
Hanina Gili 2013 Dina Ron, Reshef Ram, Abstracts Regulation of Hoxb4 Expression during the Formation of the Kidney Morphogenetic Field
Harish Roni 2013 Amnon Harel Abstracts Nuclear Targeting of Proteasome Particles: A Search for Molecular Players and Interactions
Pevzner Masha 2013 Dan Cassel Abstracts Studies of ArfGAP1 Function in Cellular Trafficking Pathways
Vragovic Kristina 2013 Sigal Savaldi-Goldste Abstracts Precise Mapping of Growth Hormone Effect by Cell-Specific Gene Activation Response
Shneyer Boris 2013 Dina Ron Abstracts Mechanisms by which hSef Suppresses Prostate Cancer Progression
Hendler Ayellet 2012 Arie Admon Abstracts Modulation of the Cellular Proteome and HLA Peptidome by Interferon-gamma
Shraibman Jenia 2012 Tali Haran Abstracts The Kinetics of p53/DNA Interactions
Bar Efrat 2012 Oded Beja, Doron Holland, Yael Laor, Abstracts Identification and Characterization of Microorganisms in Apple Orchard Soils
Herlich Shira 2012 Gadi Schuster Abstracts Unravelling the Mechanism of Activity of the Chloroplast PNPase by Site Directed Mutagenesis
Ipenberg Inbal 2012 Nabieh Ayoub Abstracts Interplay between Heat Shock Protein 90 (Hsp90) and CHIP E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Regulates the Stability of KDM4B Histone Demethylase
Fischer-Weinberger Renana 2012 Gera Eytan Abstracts Active and Passive Transport of Anticancer Drugs in Cell Lines
Litovco Phyana 2012 Haim Manor, Yoav Arava, Abstracts Characterization of a Multimeric Complex of the Proteins Translin and TRAX from Schizosaccharomyces Pombe
Fridman Karen 2012 Benjamin Podbilewicz Abstracts Ultrastructure and Function of AFF-1 and EFF-1 in Membrane Remodeling
Dekel Naama Pnina 2012 Debbie Lindell Abstracts Diversity and Abundance of Marine Cyanophages
Kupershmit Ilana 2012 Nabieh Ayoub Abstracts Sub-Cellular Localization and Post-Translational Regulation of KDM4A-D Histone Demethylases
Lavee Dagan 2012 Dale Frank, Reshef Ram, Abstracts Complex Interactions of Morphogens and their Role in Myogenesis
Gutter-Kapon Lilach 2012 Arie Admon Abstracts The Effect of Proteasome Inhibition on the HLA Peptidome and Proteome of Human Cancer Cells
Godo Itamar 2012 Gadi Schuster, Rachel Amir, Abstracts The Elucidation of Factors Regulating Methionine Content in Tobacco and Soybean Seeds, and the Effect of High Methionine Level in Seeds on Primary Metabolites
Wagner Florian 2012 Itai Yanai Abstracts An Integrative Genomic Perspective on Gene Regulation and Tissue Specification in C. elegans Development
Mruwat Noor 2012 Amnon Harel Abstracts Molecular Dissection of Nuclear Pore Complex Assembly in a Cell-Free Reconstitution System
Witztum Ronit 2012 Dan Zilberstein Abstracts Amastigote to Promastigote Differentiation in the Human Pathogen Leishmania
Avidor Smadar 2011 Yona Kassir Abstracts Transcriptional Regulation of Meiosis-Specific Genes in Budding Yeast
Friedlander-Shani Lilach 2011 Benjamin Podbilewicz Abstracts Deciphering how the Zn-Finger Heterochronic Factor LIN-29 Controls AFF-1-Dependent Fusion of the Seam Cells in C. elegans
Ben Eliezer Eran 2011 Reshef Ram Abstracts Pluripotency Derived Regeneration in Urochordates
Pevzner Melamed Irit 2011 Dan Cassel Abstracts Characterization of the Interaction between the COPI Regulators ArfGAP2/3 and the Gamma Subunit of the Coatomer Complex
Mishel Sabrin 2011 Dina Ron Abstracts Assessment of hSef Potential for Gene Therapy of Cancer
Turgeman Yamit 2011 Yehuda Assaraf Abstracts Overcoming Multidrug Resistance via Imidazoacridinone- Dependent Lysosomal Photodestruction
Allon Karin Zipora 2011 Tali Haran Abstracts Cooperative Sequence Dependent Binding of p53DBD to its Target Sites
Schwartz Daniel 2011 Debbie Lindell Abstracts Generalized Transduction in Marine Cyanobacteria
Brunwasser Michal 2010 Dina Ron Abstracts Identifying Novel Signaling Pathways that are Inhibited by Sef
Segal Nimrod 2010 Arie Admon Abstracts High-Throughput Method for Analyzing T Cell Interactions with their Cognate MHC-Peptide Ligands
Golumbic Yaela 2010 Shimon Gepstein Abstracts Cytokinin's Role in Abiotic Stress Tolerance and its Distribution in Planta
Kotler Anat 2010 Yona Kassir Abstracts Regulation of Meiosis Specific Gene Expression by the HDAC-Rpd3 in Budding Yeast
Yu Zanlin 2010 Michael Glickman, Elah Pick, Abstracts Rpn5 is a Subunit of two PCI Complexes: The Proteasome Lid and the Cop9 Signalosome
Yosefzon Yahav 2010 Yoav Arava Abstracts Role of 3'UTR Motifs in mRNA Localization and Protein Association
Volovik Yael 2010 Shimon Gepstein Abstracts Identification and Characterization of USP Gene and its Products in Arabidopsis Plants
Philosof Alon 2009 Oded Beja Abstracts Comparative Analysis of Actinobacterial Genomic Fragments from Lake Kinneret
Efraim Ella 2009 Ze'ev Lev Abstracts Tumor Suppressor Genes in the Fruit Fly Drosophila Melanogaster: Interaction with the Repressing System of the Polycomb Group Proteins
Enav Hagay 2009 Tali Haran Abstracts The Spatial Properties of Different TATA Boxes and Their Influence on TATA-TBP Interaction
Chorev Dror 2009 Dina Ron Abstracts The Relationship between Phosphorylation of the Feedback Antagonist Sef and Its Stability and Biological Activity
Levitine Michael 2009 Tali Haran Abstracts Unravelling the Binding Mechanism of p53 Protein to its DNA Consensus Sequences
Lutwak Ela 2009 Dina Ron Abstracts Regulation of Sef in Female Reproductive Cycle and Characterization of Novel Sef Isoforms
Carmi Yuval 2009 Yoram Reiter Abstracts Recombinant Human Antibodies with TCR-Like Specificity Directed towards HLA-A2 and HLA-B7 Restricted T cell Epitopes
Gonda Itay 2009 Shimon Gepstein, Nurit Katzir, Efraim Lewinsohn, Abstracts Amino-Acid Transaminases-key Enzymes in the Formation of Amino-Acid Aroma Compounds in Melons
Voloshin-Sela Tali 2009 Yoram Reiter Abstracts Recombinant Human Antibodies with TCR-like Specificity Directed towards MAGE A (Melanoma Antigen Encoding Gene) HLA-A2 Restricted Epitopes
Tal Hila 2009 Benjamin Horwitz Abstracts Signal Transduction through the MAP Kinases of the Maize Pathogen Cochliobolus: Activation and Downstream Targets
Mordechay Tamar 2008 Zeev Arad, David R. Jones, Abstracts Physiological and Behavioral Significance of the Spread-wing Posture in Cormorants
Kasulin-Boneh Zohar 2008 Yona Kassir Abstracts The Role of Two Repressors, Sok2 and Rpd3 in the Transient Transcription of Meiosis-Specific Genes in Budding Yeast
Gal Kinneret-Adela 2008 Gadi Schuster Abstracts Characterization of the Ribonuclease RNase E of Higher Plants
Trushina Naomi 2008 Benjamin Horwitz Abstracts Role of the PacC pH Sensing Pathway of Trichoderma virens in Biocontrol
Haber Omer 2008 Reshef Ram Abstracts Wound-Healing Cascades Initiate Urochordate Whole Body Regeneration
Saadon Ilona 2008 Dan Zilberstein Abstracts Molecular Characterization of Arginine Transport Regulation in the Parasitic Protozoan Leishmania donovani
Shamai Yeela 2008 Shimon Gepstein Abstracts Leaf Senescence Promoters and Their Possible Use for the Production of Recombinant Proteins in Plants
Wolchinsky Zohar 2008 Shimon Gepstein Abstracts Leaf Senescence – Cytokinins Regulation and Cell Wall Proteome
Krutauz Daria 2008 Michael Glickman Abstracts Unraveling a Mechanism for the Effect of UBB+1 Molecule on Proper Function of Ubiquitin-Proteasome System Proteasome system
Lasry Valerie 2007 Ze'ev Lev Abstracts A Novel Non-Invasive Approach for the Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer: Quantifying Human DNA in Stool from Fecal Occult Blood Test Cards
Rosenzweig Ella 2007 Reshef Ram Abstracts The Role of Pax-3 in Somitogenesis
Limor Keren 2007 Oded Beja Abstracts Insight into the psbA and psbD Photosynthesis Genes of cyanobacteria and cyanophges
Guez Or 2007 Zeev Arad, Hillel Pratt, Abstracts Towards Directing Rat (Rattus norvegicus norvegicus) Movements using the Vibrisal System
Loya Adi 2007 Yoav Arava Abstracts A Possible Role for the 3'UTR of PMP1 in Association with Lipid Rafts
Rosenfeld Marina 2007 Tali Haran Abstracts DNA Spatial Structure and its Influence on Protein/DNA Binding in TATA Binding Protein/TATA-box System
Igbaria Aeid 2007 Benjamin Horwitz Abstracts The MAP Kinase Signaling Network of Cochliobolus heterostrophus: Modulation of Gene Expression and Role in Virulence and Stress Responses
Edison-Tkach Natalia 2007 Shimon Gepstein Abstracts Identification and Characterization of USP (Universal Stress Protein) in Arabidopsis and its Involvement in Stress Responses
Dym Peles Naama 2007 Dina Ron Abstracts The Role of Tyrosine Phosphorylation in Mediating hSef Antagonistic Activity
Hadar Liat 2007 Arie Admon Abstracts Development of a Cancer Vaccine Based on the Identification of Cancer Peptides Presented on Dendritic-Like Cells
Gantman Marina 2007 Haim Manor, Dan Cassel, Abstracts Mapping of Sites within the Tetrahymena Telomerase Catalytic Subunit that Interact with DNA Primers in Telomerase Elongation Complexes
Yanku Yifat 2006 Arie Admon Abstracts The MHC Peptidome of SCLC
Usvyatsov Sima 2006 Oded Beja, Tamar Zohary, Abstracts The Relationship between Extreme Climatic Conditions and Phytoplankton Temporal and Vertical Distribution and Species Composition in Lake Kinneret
Tal Maya 2006 Michael Glickman Abstracts Interactions of the CSN (COP9 Signalosome) with Components of the Ubiquitin System in Yeast
Shaulov Lihi 2006 Tali Haran Abstracts Direct and Indirect Readout in p53 Interaction with Consensus – Like DNA Targets
Fridman Yearit 2006 Haim Manor Abstracts Development of Methods for Selective Labeling of Telomerase with Fluorophores for Analysis of Conformational Changes by Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)
Wasserman Boris 2006 Benjamin Horwitz, Yaakov Tadmor, Abstracts Genetics of Melon's Fruit Flesh Carotenoids Biosynthesis
Fink-Barkai Dorit 2006 Dina Ron Abstracts Human Sef, an Inhibitor of Growth Factor Signaling, is Down Regulated in Cancer
Sinik Keren 2006 Yoram Reiter Abstracts Biological Properties of Recombinant TCR-like Antibodies
Shmunis Genrieta 2006 Arie Admon Abstracts Preliminary Development of a Dendritic Cell Arrays for Eveluation of Tumor Antigen Immunogenicity
Halevi Lilach 2006 Arie Admon Abstracts The HLA-B27 Peptidome in Autoimmunity and Cancer
Oren Meital 2006 Benjamin Podbilewicz Abstracts Sufficiency and Tissue Specific Functions of eff-1 in C. elegans
Vizel Nurit 2006 Gera Eytan Abstracts Modulation of Drug Transport via Membranes by Modulators in Liposomes and Cells
Valensi Efrat 2006 Shimon Gepstein Abstracts Involvement of the Transcription Factor WRKY6 in the Regulation of Arabidopsis Leaf Senescence
Ronen Mordechai 2006 Dan Zilberstein Abstracts Analysis of Protein Translation during Leishmania donovani Differentiation
Sheffy Levin Sharon 2005 Gadi Schuster Abstracts RNase E of Cyanobacteria and Higher Plants: A Key Enzyme in RNA Metabolism
Halperin Einat 2005 Reshef Ram Abstracts Patterning the Somite: Interplay between Signaling Molecules Determine Somitic Domains
Milner Elena 2005 Arie Admon Abstracts Turnover Kinetics of Proteins and MHC Peptides in Human Cancer Cells
Laufman Orly 2005 Haim Manor Abstracts Cloning and Characterization of the Schizosaccharomyces Pombe Homologue of the Human Protein Translin
Zilpa Tal 2005 Dina Ron Abstracts Structure Function Analysis of Isoform B of the Sef Gene
Hirschberg Dorit 2005 Shimon Gepstein, Nurit Katzir, Joseph Burger, Abstracts Mapping of Traits and Identification of Genes that are Involved in Determination of Color of Flesh and Skin in Melon Fruits
Segal Hava 2005 Arie Admon Abstracts Identification of New Antigens Specific for Small Cell Lung Cancer and Development of a Diagnostic Kit Based on Serologic Response
Gerliak Elena 2005 Dan Zilberstein Abstracts Microarray Analysis of Genes Expression during Leishmania donovani Differentiation
Ziv-Uziel Inbal 2005 Dina Ron Abstracts Characterization of the Biological Activity of a Novel Fibroblast Growth Factors Inhibitor -SEF
Zahavi Efrat 2005 Yehuda Assaraf, Yoram Reiter, Abstracts Isolation and characterization of T-cell Receptor-like Antibodies Targeting CDl Molecules
Katzir Hagar 2005 Gera Eytan Abstracts Multidrug Resistance in a Cell-Line Derived from a Ph+-ALL Patient; Influx of Rhodamines into Liposomes and Cells
Regev Lior 2005 Dan Cassel Abstracts ArfGAP1 – Interaction with the Golgi Apparatus and Characterization of New Splice Variants
Shafran Assaf 2005 Yehuda Assaraf Abstracts Single Amino Acid Substitutions in the Multidrug Efflux Transporter ABCG2 Confer High Level Resistance to Various Antifolates
Romi Erez 2005 Haim Manor Abstracts Physical Mapping of the Binding Site to DNA Primers in the Protein Sub-unit of Telomerase
Patoka Renana 2005 Arie Admon Abstracts Development of Methods for Evaluation of the Immunogenic Potential of Cancer MHC Peptides by MHC Microarrays
Lugassy Yevgenia 2005 Ze'ev Lev Abstracts Development and Tumorigenesis: Malignant Brain Tumor, a Drosophila Tumor Suppressor Gene, is Involved in Terminal Differentiation by Transcription Repression…
Maoz-Katz Michal 2005 Dan Zilberstein Abstracts Cloning of eIF2alpha from Leishmania donovani and Partial Assessment of its Role in Differentiation
Berko Dikla 2004 Arie Admon, Gidi Gross, Abstracts Membrane-Anchored Beta2 Microglobulin as a Tool to Elevate Presentation of Tumor Associated Antigens: Expression and Biochemical and Immunological Characterization
Kossover Olga 2004 Eliezer Lifschytz (Deceased) Abstracts FT Gene in Tomato: Induction of Flowering and Protein Interaction
Verkin Ekaterina 2004 Jonathan Kuhn Abstracts Involvement of Gene Q in the Temporal Regulation of Bacteriophage Lambda
Marom Inbal 2004 Benjamin Horwitz Abstracts Blue Light Regulation of DNA Photolyase Gene Expression in Filamentous Fungi
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Eliahu Liat 2004 Abstracts Expression of KGF and its Modulator, Perlecan, in Stomach Diseases
Kagan )Dulkina( Juliana 2004 Abstracts Development of a Technique for Rapid Detection of Pathogenic Escherichia coli 0157:H7 Using Bacteriophage JK06
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Ofir Yaara 2003 Yona Kassir Abstracts Regulation of Premeiotic DNA Replication in Budding Yeast by Cdc28,Ime2 and Cdc6
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Cohen Shlomit 2003 Gadi Schuster, Haim Manor, Abstracts Effects of Single-Stranded DNA Binding Proteins on the Activity of the Enzyme Telomerase
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Reem Eran 2003 Ze'ev Lev Abstracts Brain Neoplasm in Drosophila: Genetic and Functional Interaction between the Two Tumor Suppressor Genes mbt and brat
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Rinkevich Yuval 2003 Abstracts Determination and Differentiation of Muscle Satellite Cells
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Niv Revital 2001 Yoram Reiter Abstracts Targeting Multidrug Resistant Tumor Cells with a Recombinant Single-Chain Fv Fragments Directed to P-Glycoprotein
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Bajorek Monika 2001 Michael Glickman Abstracts Proteolysis Quality Control: Gating Influences What Enters and what Exits the Proteasome
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Bonneh-Barkay Dafna 1995 Dina Ron Abstracts Isolation and Characterization of the Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycan That Mediate the Binding of Fgfs to Their High Affinity Receptors.
Mazareb Salam 1995 Dan Zilberstein Abstracts Physiological Analysis of Proline Transport in Promastigotes Of Leishmania Donovavni
Goldstaub Dan 1995 Gera Neufeld Abstracts Various Heparin Species Modulate the Binding of Vegf to Its Receptors
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Migdal Michal 1994 Gera Neufeld Abstracts Activation of Transfected Fgfr-1 Receptor in Mdck
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Kolin-Schwartz Orit 1994 Haim Manor Abstracts Induction of Polymavirus Dna Replication in Polyoma Trasfor
Ben-Dov Noa 1994 Yona Kassir Abstracts The Transcationac Regulation of Ime1 in the Yeast
Tuby Ayelet 1994 Jonathan Kuhn Abstracts Localization of Mutations of Anthranilate Synthase
Slotky Jaacob 1994 Yehuda Assaraf Abstracts Chracterization of a Lipophilic Antifolate Resistance
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Keider Danit-Daisy 1994 David Gershon (Deceased) Abstracts Studies on the Control of Heatshock Response at the Molecula
Peleg Mor 1994 Haim Manor Abstracts The Effect of Triple Stranded Dna Structures Formel
Gengrinovitch Stela 1994 Gera Neufeld Abstracts Characteriznfation of Vegf Inhibition by Pf4
Labay Valentina 1993 Yehuda Assaraf Abstracts Monitoring Anticancer Drug-Resistan Levels
Cukierman Edna 1993 Dan Cassel, Dan Zilberstein, Abstracts Purification and Characterization of a Membrane
Sheffer-Vaida Michal 1993 Yona Kassir Abstracts Negative Feedback Regulation of the Ime1 Genf in
Asamoah Ransford 1993 Dan Zilberstein Abstracts Role of Ph/temperature on Leishmania Morphology and Actv
Bauch-Broday Limor 1993 Eliezer Lifschytz (Deceased) Abstracts Isolation of a Regulatory Region of a Homeotic Gene
Gill Nirra 1993 Uri Katz (Deceased) Abstracts Metabolism of the Greentoad Bufo Viridis in Burrowing
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Bartov Yehoodit 1992 Channa Shalitin Abstracts Characterization of Dna Binding Properties of Ypzo Protein
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Tzernin Ena 1992 Gera Neufeld Abstracts The Influence of Vascular Endothelian Growth Factor )Vegt(
Avivi Tzameret 1992 Zeev Arad Abstracts Ecophysiology of the Bush-Dwelling Snail Theba Pisana Chelgc
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Ramati Tamar 1991 Eliezer Lifschytz (Deceased) Abstracts Jsolation and Characterization of the Coding Sequence and
Shoaby Sigalit 1991 Dan Zilberstein, Dan Cassel, Abstracts Fharacterization of G Protein Like Antigfns in Leishmania
Polinsky Lilach 1991 Eliezer Lifschytz (Deceased) Abstracts Analysis of a Gene Family Inuolued in Flower Denelopment
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Dahan Aviva 1991 Dan Zilberstein Abstracts Assessment of the Role of Phosphoinsitides in Signal Transd
Segal Ester 1991 Gera Eytan Abstracts The Effect of Phsphlipid Groups on Liposomes
Aharoni Anat 1991 Haim Manor Abstracts Characterization of Proteins That Bind to D(Ga) N D(Tc)N
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Vaisman Nora 1991 Gera Neufeld Abstracts Characterization of the Receptors for Vascular Endotheual
Tessler Shoshanna 1991 Gera Neufeld Abstracts Interaction of Vegf Various Isotorms and the Fek – 1 Receptor.
Korine Carmi 1991 Zeev Arad Abstracts Temperature Regulation of the Fruit-Batrousettus During
Itzhaki Sarah 1991 Zeev Arad Abstracts Brain Tamperature Regulation in the Japnese Cpuail
Banin Daniel 1990 Zeev Arad Abstracts Effect of Photoperiod on Bioenergetics of Microtus Guentheri
Musafia Boaz 1990 Jonathan Kuhn Abstracts Fused Luciferase – Propertils of the Enzyme Produced from
Wildbaum Gizi 1990 Ze'ev Lev Abstracts The D.m.ras2 and Rop Genes:regulation Structure and Function
Blumenfeld Nava 1990 Dan Zilberstein Abstracts Characterization of Leis Hmantaproteins Affected by Growthph
Shemer Revital 1990 Ze'ev Lev Abstracts Characterization of Regulatory Sequences in the Ra52/rop
Israely Yehudit 1990 Ruth Ben-Ishai (Deceased) Abstracts Detection of Dna Repair Capacity of Mammalion Cell
Alfia Anat 1989 Haim Manor Abstracts Interactions Between Nuclear Proteins and the Polyoma Virus
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Scharf Ram 1989 Ruth Ben-Ishai (Deceased) Abstracts Cosselation Between Stsess Responses in Human Cells
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Sagee Shira 1989 David Gershon (Deceased) Abstracts Modifications in the Erythrocytmembrane Proteins with Aging
Almog Tami 1989 Shimon Gepstein Abstracts Synthesis of Heat Shock Proteins Dwring Bean Leat Senescenc
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Weinreb Orly 1989 David Gershon (Deceased) Abstracts Studies on Agl Related Changes in Mouse Plaitoneal Macropha
Philosof Chava 1989 Dan Zilberstein Abstracts Regulation of Intracelluiav Calcium in Promastigotes of
Lavi Yakoub 1988 Dan Zilberstein Abstracts Stimulation of Acid Phosphatase Secretion and Phosphoinositi
Katz Maayan 1988 Dan Cassel Abstracts Idenification and Charactirization of Two Anion Exchange in
Cohen Nili 1988 Michael Warburg (Deceased) Abstracts Soil Invertebeate Communities in the Segev-Wood Population