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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Ross Chana 2020 Tamir Hazan, Erez Karpas, Abstracts Learning to Anticipate
Daniel Nati 2020 Yonatan Savir Abstracts A Deep-Learning Platform for Inferring the Embryo State in Real-Time to Improve Assisted Artificial Reproduction Success Rate
Goldbraikh Adam 2019 Yuval Emek Abstracts Online Disjoint Set Cover without Prior Knowledge
Kaplan Atara 2019 Shoham Sabach, Dan Garber, Abstracts Efficient Algorithms for Low Rank Optimization Problems
Noonan Heidi 2018 Yonatan Savir Abstracts Develop Models for Quantifying Optimal Switching Strategy in Relation to Metabolicstate of Growing Microorganisms
Shelenkova Ekatarina 2017 Jacob Rubinstein Abstracts Minimal Optical Surfaces for Perfect Imaging of Two Point Objects
Kaynan Uri 2019 Ehud Yariv, Itzchak Frankel, Abstracts Several Problems Concerning the Motion of Small Particles in a Viscous Liquid
Bar-on Tomer 2016 Jacob Rubinstein Abstracts Mathematical Problems in Bladder Cancer
Cohen Yehoshua 2019 Alexander Leshansky, Konstantin Morozov, Abstracts Dynamics of Planar Magnetic Nanopropellers
Felman Daniel 2016 Guy Ramon Abstracts Phase-Exchange Thermoacoustics: A unified derivation and stability analysis
Arad Ludar Lotan 2017 Alon Gany Abstracts Cavitational Flows and Supercavitation Bubbles
Bellaiche Levi-Itzhak 2016 Alfred Bruckstein Abstracts Continuous Time Gathering of Agents with Limited Visibility and Bearing-Only Sensing
Versano Idan 2016 Nir Gavish Abstracts Localized States of Non-local Cahn Hilliard Equations
Fugenfirov Alexandra 2016 Leonid Mytnik Abstracts Branching Particle Systems with Mutually Catalytic Interactions
Mamin Rustam 2014 Leonid Mytnik Abstracts Superprocesse with Infinite Mean
Aguirre Lorena 2014 Itai Shafrir Abstracts On Semi-Linear Elliptic Systems Exhibiting Critical Behavior
Druckmann Erez 2012 Yoseph Ben-Asher Abstracts Optimal In-Flight Trajectory Modifications for Ballistic Missiles and Free Rockets
Yudovich Ilya 2012 Itai Shafrir Abstracts Two Dimensional Unbounded-domain Variational Problem
Rhodes Dov 2011 Ehud Yariv Abstracts Slender-Body Analysis of Drop Deformation by a Strong Electric Field
Kryvoshaev Alexander 2011 Boris Granovsky Abstracts Transient Behavior of Coagulation-Fragmentation Processes
Rashed Joudat 2010 Amy Novick-Cohen, Michail Zhitomirskii, Abstracts Coarsening Dynamics for the Cahn-Hilliard Equation
Derkach Vadim 2010 Amy Novick-Cohen, Arkady Vilenkin, Abstracts Surface Evolution and Grain Boundary Migration in a System of 5 Grains
Geifman Maxim 2009 Allan Pinkus, Vitaly Maiorov, Abstracts Harmonic Analysis and Approximation by Ridge Functions
Tayeb Shaul 2009 Dan Givoli Abstracts Optimal Reduction of Dynamical Subsystems in the Presence of Rayleigh Damping
Inberg Miriam 2007 Alfred Bruckstein, Eugene Walach, Abstracts Quantitative Analysis of Blood Vessel Development in Medical Images
Smagin Irina 2007 Alexander Nepomniashchy Abstracts Stability of Explosive Crystallization Front
Hodorkovsky David 2006 Gill Barequet Abstracts 2-Point Site Voronoi Diagrams
Ilushin Oleg 2006 Gershon Elber Abstracts Global Collision Detection and Avoidance in Multi-axis NC-Machining
Wahrmann Lyron 2006 Amir Ronen Abstracts Prediction Games
Magid Evgeni 2006 Daniel Keren, Ehud Rivlin, Abstracts Autonomous Robot Navigation
Gilboa-Freedman Gail 2005 Naama Brenner Abstracts History Dependent Multiple Time Scale Dynamics in a Single Neuron Model
Paneah Peter 2005 Yehuda Pinchover Abstracts Nonlocal Problems for Linear Second Order Hyperbolic Differential Equations
Antsfeld Leonid 2005 Nadav Liron, David Hertz, Abstracts Efficient Algorithms for Fusing Hierarchically Structured Data
Deutsch Amichay 2019 Roi Reichart Abstracts A Perturbation Approach to Structured Prediction in Natural Language Processing
Krush-Bram Marina 2005 Amy Novick-Cohen Abstracts An Integro-Differential Model for Phase Change with Memory: The One Dimensional Theory
Gur Eyal 2019 Shoham Sabach, Shimrit Shtern, Abstracts First-Order Methods for Solving the Sensor Network Localization Problem
Mirzae Yoni 2017 Alexander Leshansky, Konstantin Morozov, Abstracts Stochastic Shape Optimization and Numerical Modeling of Magnetic Microrobots
Gruzd Marina 2004 Yuri Brudnyi, Valery Zheludev, Abstracts Regularity of Spline-Based Wavelets and their Application to Image Compression
Kavaler Itay 2016 Gershon Wolansky, Haim Reisman, Abstracts On Implied Binomial Trees with a Non Constant Interest Rate Dynamics
Mar-Or Assaf 2003 Dan Givoli Abstracts Finite Element Solution of Scattering Problems in Structural Acoustics
Naitsat Alexander 2015 Yehoshua Zeevi, Emil Saucan, Abstracts Quasi-Conformal Mappings for Volumetric Deformations in Geometric Modeling
Emanuel Ben 2013 Gershon Wolansky, Shmuel Wimer, Abstracts On VLSI Interconnects Sizing and Ordering Problems
Frumkin Valeri 2011 Amy Novick-Cohen, Alexander Nepomniashchy, Abstracts Reaction Front Propagation in a Thin Film Thermally Coupled with a Thick Heat-Conducting Substrate
Pigier Claude 2003 Mordechai Segev Abstracts Aspects of Optical Spatial Solitons in (2+1)D
Shoham Neta 2010 Michael Elad Abstracts Exploiting Sparse Representation for Discriminative Tasks
Nisenboim Alexander 2003 Alfred Bruckstein Abstracts Model Based Shape from Shading for Microelectronics Inspection Applications
Sherman Alexander 2009 Nadav Liron Abstracts High-Order Spectral Methods for Elliptic PDE
Podolny Alla 2003 Alexander Nepomniashchy Abstracts Convective Cahn-Hilliard Model of a Crystal Growth under the Conditions of Thermodynamical Instability
Vinogradova Galina 2008 Michael Heymann Abstracts Aspects of Conflict Resolution and Accommodation in Multi- Agent Systems
Makhervaks Vadim 2003 Alfred Bruckstein, Gill Barequet, Abstracts Image Flows and One-Liner Graphical Image Representation
Silberstein Natalia 2007 Tuvi Etzion Abstracts Properties of Codes in the Johnson Scheme
Pekerman Diana 2006 Gershon Elber Abstracts Optimization of the Metamorphosis Process between Freeform Curves
Pidgirnyak Anna 2002 Moshe Goldberg Abstracts Stability Analysis for a Family of Finite Difference Approximations to Parabolic Systems
Lenger Benjamin 2006 Arie Leizarowitz (Deceased) Abstracts Additive Decomposition of Matrices and Optimization Problems on an Infinite Horizon
Klineshtern Michal 2002 Isak Gath Abstracts Fuzzy Clustering for Arbitrary Non-Convex Shapes
Bortnik Olga 2005 Abraham Berman Abstracts Words in Positive Definite Matrices
Bougaev Yulia 2004 Abraham Berman Abstracts The Wiener Index of a Graph
Zelig Daphne 2001 Shimon Haber Abstracts Hydrodynamical Clearance of Lung Alveoli
Yariv Yael 2001 Michael Kaminski Abstracts An Alternative Semantics of Temporal Logic of Actions
Erlihson Michael 2003 Boris Granovsky Abstracts Coagulation-Fragmentation Process – Equilibrium and Transient Behavior
Greenberg Lev 2003 Dmitry Ioffe (Deceased) Abstracts Limit Properties of Random Fields
Tsabary Guy 2000 Yehuda Agnon, David Mahalel, Abstracts Adaptive Transportation Network for a Growing City
Zemach Tamar 2002 Marius Ungarish Abstracts Gravity Currents: Two Layer and Asymptotic Extensions
Roitershtein Alexander 1999 Hava Sigelmann Abstracts Language Recognition by Markov Computational Systems
Brook Alexander 2001 Ron Kimmel Abstracts Geometry Inspired Variational Methods for Color Image Segmentation
Klich Israel 2000 Abstracts Casimir Energy for Spherical and Cylindrical Boundary Conditions
Kluzner Vladimir 1999 Abstracts A Bi-Cg Type Method for Drazin Inverse Solution of Singular Linear Systems
Olvovsky Elena 1999 Abstracts Multigrid Smoothing Analysis for Compact Discretization of Elliptic Partial Differential Operators
Livneh Oded 1999 Abstracts The Cluster Buster: a Recurrent Associative Neural Network for Supervised Cluster Learning
Salman Ravit 1999 Hadas Shachnai Abstracts The Sum Multi-Coloring Problem
Drabkina Regina 1998 Eliezer Kantorowitz Abstracts Controlling the Shape of Bspline Curves and Surfaces
Goldman Ron 2015 Marius Ungarish, Irad Yavneh, Abstracts Gravity Current Generated by Difference in Stratification
Zilbershtein Pavel 1997 Chaim Gutfinger, Matityaho Fichman, Abstracts Deposition of Aerosols in the Lungs
Kovnatsky Artiom 2013 Ron Kimmel, Michael M. Bronstein, Abstracts Fusion of Geometric and Photometric Information in Non- Rigid 3D Shape Retrieval
Meisler Dmitry 2012 Gershon Wolansky Abstracts Point Allocations and Transport Algorithms
Shtalov Oxana 1996 Yuri Lyubich Abstracts Euclidean and Almost Euclidean Sections of Classical Finite-Dimensional Banach Spaces
Katz-Demyanets Victoria 1996 Alexander Nepomniashchy, Alexander Oron, Abstracts Marangoni Instability in Liquid Three Layer Systems
Wong Wafung 2011 Rann Smorodinsky Abstracts Nash Equilibria and Efficiency in Routing Games
Chikishev Zahar 2009 Amir Beck Abstracts The Maximum Likelihood Estimate of the Single Source Localization Problem
Zur-Bargury Iris 1996 Roy Meshulam, Ron Aharoni, Abstracts Sequences of Projections on Hyperplanes
Haj Majda 2008 Alexander Nepomniashchy, Alexander Leshansky, Abstracts Thermocapillary Migration Of Long Viscous Droplet in a Capillary Tube
Shapira Iris 1995 Arie Leizarowitz (Deceased) Abstracts Eigenvalues of Convex Processes
Gendel Sergey 2007 Shimon Haber Abstracts Diffusion of Fine Particles in lung Alveoli
Gerzon Leonid 2006 Ran El-Yaniv Abstracts Effective Transductive Learning via Objective Model Selection
Avni Ronen 2006 Yehuda Agnon Abstracts High Order Mild Slope Equation
Biryukov Alex 1995 Eli Biham Abstracts Cryptanalysis and Improvement of Des
Steiner Aya 2005 Gill Barequet Abstracts Matability of Polygons
Balinsky Yelena 1995 Alexander Nepomniashchy Abstracts Three Dimensional Long-Wave Instabilitiy of Viscous Flows
Iorsh Maxim 2005 Adam Shwartz Abstracts Large Deviations for a Polling System with Exhaustive Service
Gitelman Larissa 2003 Oded Regev Abstracts Meridional Flow and Vertical Structure of Accretion Disks
Lioznov Nina 1994 Boris Paneah (Deceased) Abstracts A Priori Estimate for General Difterntial Operators
Pollack Paz 2003 Gershon Wolansky Abstracts Lazy Traveling Salesman Problem
Rotstein Horacio 1994 Amy Novick-Cohen Abstracts Coagulation Equations with Cluster Wall Interactions
Nec Yana 2002 Jacob Cohen, Itzchak Frankel, Abstracts Hydrodynamic Stability of Pulsatile Flows through Stenotic Blood Vessels
Tzuk Or 2002 Shay Gueron Abstracts Investigation of Theoretical Models for the Behavior of Animal Populations
Ben Porat Gil 1994 Dan Givoli Abstracts A Dtn Method for Exterior Problems in Elliptic Coordinates
Kanevsky Yuliya 2000 Abstracts Semi-Iterative Methods for Drazin Inverse Solution of Singular Linear Systems
Last Hagit 1994 Meir Katchalski Abstracts Turan Type Problems for Grometric Graphs
Demtchenko Tatiana 1999 Abstracts Shape Optimization for Wave Problems Using Boundary Perturbation
Levy Alon 1999 Abraham Zaks Abstracts Life Assurance and Pension Plans-in View of the Dependence On Time of Life Expectancy
Deutsch Ofra 1994 Ronny Roth Abstracts Decoding of Reed Solomow Codes Over Rings
Reyzer Eugene 1997 Irad Yavneh, Marius Ungarish, Abstracts Parallel Multigrid Solution of a System of Nonlinear Differential Equations
Shubin Tatyana 1994 Uzi Ornan Abstracts Analysis and Synthesis of Russian Verbs
Levit-Gurevich Konstantin 1996 Shay Gueron Abstracts Cilia Internal Mechaism and Its Role in the Metachronism Phenomenon
Feigin Julia 1995 Michal Penn, Mordecai Avriel (Deceased), Abstracts Solution Methods for Timetable Problems
Nuz Alexander 1993 Alexander Nepomniashchy Abstracts Nonperfect Periodic Structures in Dissipative System
Gat Merav 1995 Yoram Lanir, Nadav Liron, Abstracts A Mathematical Model of the Blood Flow in Coronary Bifurcations
Blat Noeli 1993 Jacob Rubinstein Abstracts Analysis of Patterns Under Deformations Isomorphic to Gl(N)
Karelin Irina 1994 Leonid Lerer (Deceased) Abstracts The Algebraic Riccati Equation in the Spectral Theory of
Matza Anat 1994 Avram Sidi Abstracts Acceleration Methods for Singular Linear Systems
Minkov Eli 1994 Amy Novick-Cohen Abstracts Effects of Disjoining Pressure in Contact Angle Problems
Salant Yoram 1993 Isak Gath Abstracts On the Brediction of Epileptic Seizures from Multichannel
Nutov Zeev 1992 Dov Monderer, Michal Penn, Abstracts The Stochastic Choice Problem
Salman Milena 1997 Michael Lindenbaum Abstracts A Layered Representation of Objects for Filtering and Recognition
Zamir Maurice 1993 Y. Bar-Itzhack (Deceased), Yoram Halevi, Abstracts Observability Measure for Linear Deterministic Observable
Waisman Ilana 1992 Dov Monderer Abstracts Bargaining Sets
Arav Marina 1996 Abraham Berman Abstracts The Extended Linear Complementarity Problem
Gilat Talya 1992 Yoram Halevi Abstracts Numerical Solution of the Optinal Projection Equations
Lokshin Olga 1995 Yoram Lanir, Nadav Liron, Abstracts Tissue Viscoelasticity and Precondi Tioning: Microstructural Simulation and Parameter Estimation
Rotem -Gabbay Hagit 1992 Gideon Ishai, Arie Leizarowitz (Deceased), Shraga Hocherman, Abstracts Stability Control Under Periodidisturbance of the Platform
Gambach Gustavo 1994 Dov Dori Abstracts Edge Detection & Parameter Estimation from Spine Radiographs
Hilai Ran 1994 Jacob Rubinstein Abstracts Optimal Image Compression That Supplies Invariants
Gavuos Arieh 1991 Abstracts A Stochastic Knapsack Problem in An Isdn a Bound to the
Ovseevich Yuliya 1994 Avram Sidi Abstracts Power Iterations and Krylov Subspace Methods
Kagan Sarel 1991 Abraham Berman Abstracts Constrained Matrix Scaling
Katzir Avivit 1993 Moshe Goldberg Abstracts Stability of Difference Schemesfor Hyperbolic Problems
Hari Assaf 1993 Alexander Nepomniashchy Abstracts Dynamics of Domain Boundaries in Nonequilibrium Patterns
Yacobzon Fiana 1992 Aharon Ben-Tal Abstracts Non Sroth Optimization Methods and Applications
Danso Mante Benjamin 1991 Avishai Ceder Abstracts Minimum Costscheduling with Different Txpes of Transit
Kogan Nataly 1989 Abraham Berman Abstracts Completely Positive Matrices and Completely Positive Graphs
Peres Lydia 1992 Jacob Rubinstein Abstracts Uortex Phenomena in Nonlinear Partial Differential Equation
Fibich Gadi 1990 Nadav Liron, Yoram Lanir, Abstracts A Mathematical Model of the Alood Flow in a Coronary Capill
Blayer Yuval 2019 Yehuda Agnon Abstracts Effect of Phasing on Mass Streaming in an Acoustic Field
Kira Anat 2018 Uri Peskin, Ofir Alon, Abstracts Holes in interacting Nano-scale systems: Models, Algorithms, and Dynamics
Tsairi Eliad 2017 Oren Louidor Abstracts Large Deviations for the Empirical Distribution in the General Branching Random Walk
Susman Lee 2016 Naama Brenner Abstracts Multi-dimensional phenotype and long-term dynamics in individual bacteria
Schreier Hallel Ilan 2015 Naama Brenner Abstracts Population Models of Epigenetic Adaptation Processes in Asexual Populations
Grinshpun Yonatan 2013 Boaz Golany Abstracts Transportation Tactics in the Presence of Improvised Explosive Devices
Kostenko Oleg 2011 Abraham Berman, Ilan Bar-on, Abstracts Self Adjusted Zero Trees
Gal-Ed Eran 2010 Rann Smorodinsky Abstracts Public Goods, Egalitarian Taxation and Sequential Mechanisms
Zigelman Anna 2009 Amy Novick-Cohen Abstracts Verification of the Influence of Surface Energies on the Effective Mobility
Hadad Alon 2008 Abraham Berman Abstracts Nonnegative Matrix Factorizations
Palatin Noam 2007 Arie Leizarowitz (Deceased), Assaf Schuster, Abstracts Monitoring Grid Batch Scheduling System by Data Mining Algorithms
Aricha Inbar 2006 Rann Smorodinsky Abstracts Multi-Party Computation Games and Sequential Mechanisms
Manos Nadav 2005 Boris Granovsky Abstracts The Rate of Convergence of Markov Chains to the Steady State
Laevsky Dina 2005 Aharon Ben-Tal Abstracts The S-lemma: Extensions and Applications
Kheifetz Yuri 2004 Leonid Pismen, Alexander Nepomniashchy, Abstracts Nonlinear Interaction between Stagnation-Point-Flow Flame and Flame-Grown Solid Film
Agmon Ben-Yehuda Orna 2003 Rann Smorodinsky Abstracts Incentives and General Welfare Functions in the Off-line Scheduling Problem
Hershkovitz Arnon 2003 Ron Holzman Abstracts Extremal Problems for the Majority Action on Graphs
Glasman Evgeniya 2002 Alexander Nepomniashchy, A. Golovin, Abstracts Instabilities and Defects in Wavy Patterns
Chenfeld Vladislav 2001 Dan Givoli, Shmuel Vigdergauz, Abstracts Numerical Solution of Optimization Problems in Elasticity of Grained Plates
Har'el Nadav 2000 Shay Gueron Abstracts Geometric Tomography
Krits Alexander 1999 Abstracts Construction of a Surface Containing a Number of Given Spatial Curves and with a Shape Similar to That Of a Given Surface
Gabour Manal 1998 Simeon Reich Abstracts Parallel Algorithms for Convex Feasibility Problems
Idilbi Ahmed 1996 Ady Mann, Michael Revzen, Abstracts Wick's Theorem at Non-Zero Temperatures and Feynman Diagrams
Weinberg Yifat 1996 Jacob Rubinstein Abstracts Mathematical Analysis of Fourier Phase
Krizhevsky Larisa 1995 Jacob Cohen, Abstracts Absolute and Convective Instabilities in Buoyancy Induced Shear Flows
Orion Ori 1994 Uri Dinnar (Deceased) Abstracts Study of Flow and Transfer in the Cardiac Microcircukation
Perlov Leonid 1994 Haim Azhari Abstracts Development of Tomographic Algorithms Using Ultrasonic Scans
Greenberg Gad 1994 Tuvi Etzion Abstracts Bounds on the Sizes of Coner Ing Codes
Krivelevich Michael 1993 Ron Aharoni Abstracts On the Edge Distibution in
Ehrenwald Liron 1993 Zvi Har'el (Deceased), Mauricio Guelman, Abstracts The Control of An Autonomous Body with Two Arms in Space
Bar Doron 1992 Yehuda Agnon, Michael Stiassnie, Abstracts Diffraction from Fractal Sea Surface
Maayan Yiftach 1991 Alfred Bruckstein Abstracts Digital Line and Plane Characterigation
Hogerat Ahmed 1989 Mario Livio, Oded Regev, Abstracts The Boundary Layer Between An Accretion Disk and Object