MSc Theses – Nuclear Engineering

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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Berenstein Boris 1994 Yakov Ben-Haim Abstracts Detection of Spatially Uncertain Thermal Barriers
Tavron Barak 1993 Wolfgang Rothenstein (Deceased) Abstracts Code Analysis of Pebble Bed Power Reactors and the Effect
Eliash Ido 1993 Eitan Vcholeder, Ezra Elias, Abstracts Neural Network for Noise Analysis in Nuclear Measurements
Tramer Michael 1993 Eitan Vcholeder, Ezra Elias, Abstracts Fault Identification in Nuclear Reactors Usnig Neural
Sadan-Katzanek Osnat 1992 Yakov Ben-Haim Abstracts Optimizing the Diagnosis of Actuator Malfunction in a Multo
Olshvang Yitzchac 1992 Abstracts Development of a Computerized Integral System for Rad Saf
Nagler Ami 1991 Ezra Elias Abstracts Emergency Cooling of a Pool Type Reactor Core
Evron Rami 1991 Yehuda Eyal (Deceased) Abstracts Rapiation Damage in Natural Amalogaes of Spent Nucleak Fuel
Tal Victor 1989 Yitzhak Segal (Deceased) Abstracts Film Density Response at Perpe Ndicular in Homogenity.
Dagan Ron 1989 Eitan Vcholeder, Ezra Elias, Abstracts Critical Two Phase Flow
Yaaran Alex 1989 Dov Ingman Abstracts Simulation of Networks Reliabi-Lity
Merlis Yoram 1988 Dov Ingman Abstracts Adaptation for Information Extraction in Radiography