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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Rosen Natalie 2024 Michael Silverstein Abstracts Porous Hydrogels Templated within Water-in-Water Emulsions: Relationships between Emulsion Stability, Polymer Synthesis, and Properties
Khalfin Sasha 2024 Yehonadav Bekenstein Abstracts Study of Optical Activity in Lead-Free Double Perovstkite Nanocrystals
Portal Lotan 2024 Boaz Pokroy, Maria Koifman, Abstracts Harvesting Au Systems for the Formation of 1D, 2D, and 3D Crystals with Tunable Functional Properties
Epshtein Alon 2024 Yair Ein-Eli Abstracts Research and Development of Novel Rechargeable Batteries based on Active Silicon Anode
Sverdlov Roni 2023 Alejandro Sosnik, Noy Cohen, Abstracts An Experimental and Theoretical Insight into the Interaction between Nanoparticles and Mucosal Tissues
Elbaz Yuval 2023 Maytal Caspary-Toroker Abstracts Modeling and Prediction of Electron Transfer in Spinel Oxides
Peled Ella 2023 Alejandro Sosnik Abstracts Self-Assembled Sugar-based Polymeric Nanoparticles for the Modulation of Macrophage Phenotype
Azulay Amram 2023 Yaron Amouyal Abstracts Electronic and Thermal Transport in CaO(CaMnO3)m-based Materials for Energy Conversion Applications
Dutta Debopriya 2023 Elad Koren Abstracts Nanoscale Electronic Properties of 2D based Ferroelectric Alph-In2Se3 and its Heterostructures based Devices
Liu Xiaojing 2023 Emil Zolotoyabko (Deceased), Klaus-Dieter Liss, Abstracts Microstructure Rearrangements in Metals upon Thermo- Mechanical Processing Followed by Advanced in-Situ Diffraction of Synchrotron and Neutron Radiation
Snir Nadav 2023 Maytal Caspary-Toroker Abstracts Optical, Electronic, and Catalytic Properties of Iron Oxide Under Working Conditions
Hershkovitz Asaf 2023 Yachin Ivry Abstracts Understanding the Temperature-Dependent Mechanism of the Creation, Dynamics and Stabilization of Ferroelectric and Ferroelastic Nano-Domains
Vinokur Evgenya 2022 Gitti Frey Abstracts Tailoring the Organic/Metal Interface by Spontaneous Additive Migration
Lang Arad 2022 Boaz Pokroy Abstracts Tuning the Physical Properties of Synthetic Crystals using Intracrystalline Incorporation of Organic Molecules
Ben-Melech Stan Gabriela 2022 Maytal Caspary-Toroker Abstracts An Efficient Multiscale Approach for Calculating Charge Transport in Nano-Devices
Halamish Hen 2022 Alejandro Sosnik Abstracts Novel Family of Poly(Vinyl Alcohol)-based, Self- Assembled, Amphiphilic Nanocarriers for Improved Drug Delivery and Targeting
Yitzhack Neta 2022 Yair Ein-Eli Abstracts The Development of Copper-Carbon Nanotubes Composite Wires via Electrochemical Deposition for Electrical Transmission
Bianco Stein Nuphar 2022 Boaz Pokroy Abstracts The Structure and Nanostructure of Biogenic High-Mg Calcite and their Impact on the Mechanical Properties
Tsyganok Anton 2022 Avner Rothschild Abstracts Water Photo-Oxidation Reaction Mechanism on Hematite (Alpha-Fe2O3) Photoanodes
Almog Ehud 2022 Eugen Rabkin Abstracts Thermal Stability and Mechanical Properties of Hierarchical Core-Shell structures
Iacopetti Sara 2021 Boaz Pokroy, Moshe Eizenberg, Abstracts Ohmic Contacts to Si1-xGex
Rich Benjamin 2021 Boaz Pokroy Abstracts Structural Aspects of Ti02 and Ti02-Al203 ALD Nanostructures
Zoubenko Ekaterina 2021 Boaz Pokroy, Moshe Eizenberg, Abstracts Molybdenum based Gate Metallization for Advavced MOS Devices
Levy Natasha Ronith 2021 Yair Ein-Eli Abstracts Study and Development of Nonaqueous Electrolytes for Al-Air Batteries
Frankenstein Shefa Hadar 2021 Gitti Frey Abstracts Atomic Layer Deposition for Fabrication and Characterization of Organic Electronic Devices
Barzilay Maya 2021 Yachin Ivry Abstracts Examination of the Collective Ionic Behavior in Nanoferroelectric Structures as a Function of Temperature, Electric Field and Geometry
Levitsky Artem 2021 Gitti Frey Abstracts Using Small Molecule Infiltration to Directly Map the Morphology of Molecular Organic Photovoltaic Films
Moshe Ruth 2020 Wayne D. Kaplan Abstracts The Influence of Dopants and Particles on the Kinetics of Microstructural Evolution of Alumina
Sarkar Tanmoy 2020 Gitti Frey Abstracts Self-Segregated Interlayer in Organic-Field Effect Transistors
Schlachet Inbar 2020 Alejandro Sosnik Abstracts Innovative Mucoadhesive Nano-Biomaterials for the Encapsulation of Anti-Cancer Drug Candidates in the Treatment of Pediatric Brain Tumors
Abu Saleh Doaa 2020 Alejandro Sosnik Abstracts Novel Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications
Barda Hagit 2020 Eugen Rabkin Abstracts Metal Diffusion along the Metal-Ceramic Interfaces
Tihomirov Alexandra 2020 Alejandro Sosnik, Angel Montero Carcabo, Abstracts Polymeric Nanocarriers Modified with Peptide Shuttles for Drug Targeting to the Central Nervous System
Seknazi Eva 2020 Boaz Pokroy Abstracts Structural Aspects to Biogenic and Bio-inspired Substituted Calcium Carbonate
Shamieh Basel 2019 Gitti Frey Abstracts Tuning the Work Function of Non-Reactive Metal Electrodes for Organic Solar Cells
Etinger-Geller Yael 2019 Boaz Pokroy Abstracts Structural Aspects of Nanometer Size Amorphous Materials
Gazit Nimrod 2019 Eugen Rabkin Abstracts Hollow Metallic Nano-Structures Attached to the Substrate
Israel Sima 2019 Michael Silverstein Abstracts Hierarchical Porosity in Hypercrosslinked, Emulsion- Templated Polymers and the Carbons Derived Therefrom
Kay Asaf 2019 Avner Rothschild Abstracts Iron Oxide (ALPHA-Fe2O3)Thin Film Photoelectrodes for Water Splitting
Yatom Natav 2019 Maytal Caspary-Toroker, Avner Rothschild, Abstracts A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Iron-Oxide Photoelectrodes for Water Splitting
Kuplennik Nataliya 2019 Alejandro Sosnik Abstracts Polymeric Nanocarriers Surface-Decorated with Proteins as Platform for Targeted Drug Delivery to the Central Nervous System in Neurodegenerative Diseases
Shaheen Mualim Merna 2018 Dov Sherman Abstracts The Fundamentals of Cracks Dynamics in Brittle Crystals at High Driving Force
Obuchovsky Stas 2018 Gitti Frey Abstracts Atomic Layer Deposition of Metal Oxides Inside Organic Semi-conductor Films
Bishara Hanna 2018 Shlomo Berger Abstracts Investigation of Sensitive Piezoelectric Responses of Dielectric Nano-Crystals
Abd El Majid Suzan 2018 Menachem Bamberger Abstracts Microstructures,Mechanical Properties and Castability of Aluminum Alloys(A201)with Additions of Si,Ti, and B
Zamir Shlomit 2018 Rachman Chaim, Boaz Pokroy, Abstracts Dopant Effect on the Grain Boundary Mobility of Yag
Kovel Guy 2018 Dov Sherman, Maytal Caspary-Toroker, Abstracts Crack Dynamics in Brittle crystals by 3D Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Kovalenko Oleg 2018 Eugen Rabkin Abstracts Thermo-Mechanical Processing of Sub-Micrometer Sized Single Crystalline Metal Particles and their Mechanical Properties
Sternlicht Hadasa 2018 Wayne D. Kaplan Abstracts Mechanisms of Grain Boundary Motion in SrTiO3
Shekhter Pinhas 2017 Moshe Eizenberg Abstracts Electrical and Dielectric Properties of Rare-Earth Oxides as High K Insulators
Nijikovsky Boris 2017 Yaron Amouyal Abstracts Design of Thermoelectric Properties of Ag-Sb-Te-Based Compounds for Energy Conversion
Winter Roy 2017 Moshe Eizenberg Abstracts The Role of Interfaces and Defects in Controlling the Properties of InGaAs MOS Devices
Larianovsky Natalya 2017 Dan Shechtman Abstracts Coating Magnesium Implants for Slow biodegradation Kinetics
Ben-Bashat Bergman Liron 2017 Dov Sherman Abstracts The Origin of Surface Instabilities in Fracture of Brittle Crystals
Amitai Lee 2016 Emil Zolotoyabko (Deceased), Boaz Pokroy, Abstracts The Structure of Biogenic Vaterite: The Least Stable Crystalline Polymorph of Calcium Carbonate
Fadida Gliksman Sivan 2016 Moshe Eizenberg Abstracts The Role of Interfaces and Defects in Controlling the Properties of Ge Based MOS Devices
Moshonov Moshe 2016 Gitti Frey Abstracts Self-Assembled Organic Molecules as Metal Oxide Templates for Hybrid Photovoltaics
Amel Alina 2016 Yair Ein-Eli Abstracts Study of Anion Exchange Membranes for Fuel Cells
Cohen Alexandra 2016 Boaz Pokroy Abstracts Bio-Inspired Growth of Wax Crystals for the Control of Surface Wettability
Shvartsev Boris 2016 Yair Ein-Eli Abstracts Chemical and Electrochemical Behavior of SiO2 in Room Temperature Ionic Liquids
Amram Dor 2015 Eugen Rabkin Abstracts Morphology and Microstructure Evolution in Au-Fe Bilayers on Sapphire
David Dganit 2015 Michael Silverstein Abstracts Biodegradable Porous Poly(urethane-urea)s through Step-Growth Polymerization within High Internal Phase Emulsions
Dotan Hen 2015 Avner Rothschild Abstracts alpha-Fe2O3 Photoelectrodes for Solar-Induced Water Splitting
Hillel Tomer 2015 Yair Ein-Eli Abstracts Copper Vanadate Cathodes for Li Thermal Batteries
Marder Rachel 2015 Rachman Chaim Abstracts Densification Mechanisms and Kinetics of Ceramic Nano-Powders during Spark Plasma Sintering
Atiya Galit 2015 Wayne D. Kaplan Abstracts Kinetic and Thermodynamic Characterization of Solid-state Dewetting of Pt Thin Films on SrTi03 and alpha-Al203
Borukhin Shirly 2014 Boaz Pokroy Abstracts The Surface Structure of Template Stripped Thin Films of Gold
Joseph Shay 2014 Shlomo Berger Abstracts The Influence of Composition, Microstructure and Thickness on the Optical Transparency and Electrical Conductivity of Thin InxOy Films
Deckman Igor Igal 2014 Gitti Frey Abstracts Understanding and Controlling Metal/Organic Interfaces in OPV Devices
Gleizer Anna 2014 Dov Sherman Abstracts The Fundamental of Crack Initiation and Propagation in Brittle Single Crystals at the Low Energy Regime
Ashuach Yechezkel 2014 Emil Zolotoyabko (Deceased) Abstracts Study of Atomic Intermixing in Short-Period InAs/GaSb Superlattices for Infrared Detectors
Rakovsky Artoum 2013 Eugen Rabkin, Irena Gotman, Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased), Abstracts Bioinspired Calcium Phosphte-Polylactide Nanocomposites and Scaffolds with Controlled Pore Architecture for Bone Tissue Regeneration
Landau Osnat 2013 Avner Rothschild Abstracts Nanostructured Titanium Oxide Gas Sensors Produced by Electrospinning
Herman David 2013 Dov Sherman Abstracts Crack Path Selection in Brittle Single Crystals under Combined Tensile and Shear Stresses
Cohn Gil 2013 Yair Ein-Eli Abstracts Study and Development of Silicon-Air Battery
Markovich Miri 2013 Avner Rothschild Abstracts Growth, Characterization and Investigation of the Transport Properties of SrTio3 Epilayers and pn Junctions
Keller Avigail 2013 Gitti Frey Abstracts Confined Templating of Mesoscopic Metal-Oxides
Kattouf Basila 2012 Gitti Frey, Arnon Siegmann (Deceased), Yair Ein-Eli, Abstracts Composite Electrode for Proton-Based Electrochromic Devices
Kornblum Lior 2012 Moshe Eizenberg Abstracts The Role of the Metal/Dielectric Interface Properties in Determining the Electrical Behavior of Si MOS Devices
Makarov Carina 2012 Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased), Irena Gotman, Abstracts Bioresorbable Calcium Phosphate Ceramic-Polymer Nanocomposites for Load Bearing Bone Healing Devices – Low Temperature Synthesis and Drug Incorporation
Ankonina Guy 2012 Avner Rothschild, Yigal Komem (Deceased), Abstracts Electronic Transport and Gas Sensing Properties of Polycrystalline Titanium Oxide Thin Films with Tailored Microstructures Obtained by Laser Processing
Cohen Noa 2012 Michael Silverstein Abstracts Sulfonated Polymer Systems Synthesized Using Emulsion Templating
Geppert Irena 2011 Moshe Eizenberg Abstracts Characterization of High-k Materials and their Interface with Si and Metal
Remennik Sergei 2012 Dan Shechtman Abstracts Development of Magnesium Alloys for Bio-Medical Applications
Rothschild Jonathan Avner 2011 Moshe Eizenberg Abstracts The Effect of Alloying on the Effective Work Function at Metal/High-K Dielectric Interfaces
Meltzman Hila 2011 Wayne D. Kaplan Abstracts Correlation of Structure and Energy at Ni-A12O3 Interfaces
Atrash Fouad 2011 Dov Sherman Abstracts The Role of Phonon Emission in Dynamic Crack Propagation in Brittle Single Crystals
Gitli Tamar 2011 Michael Silverstein Abstracts Bicontinuous Systems Combining Hydrogels and Hydrophobic Polymers Through Emulsion Templating
Gurevitch Inna 2011 Michael Silverstein Abstracts Porous Polymers Synthesized within Nanoparticle-Based Pickering Emulsions
Gandman Maria 2011 Wayne D. Kaplan Abstracts The Influence of Solid Surface Structure on Ordering at Solid-Liquid Interfaces
Reiner Tal 2010 Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased), Irena Gotman, Abstracts Protein Incorporation in Biomimetic CaP and Sol-Gel Silica Coatings on Ti Alloys for Bone Healing
Yasinov Roman 2010 Shlomo Berger Abstracts Piezoelectric Nano-Composite Thin Films
Baram Nir 2010 Yair Ein-Eli Abstracts Enhanced Photo-Electrochemical Efficiency of Immobilized TiO2
Neyshtadt Shany 2010 Shlomo Berger Abstracts Exciton Dissociation at Organic-Inorganic Interface
Nitzani Michal 2010 Shlomo Berger Abstracts Nano-Structured Composite Pyroelectric Thin Films
Avraham Shaul 2010 Menachem Bamberger, Wayne D. Kaplan, Abstracts Strengthening Mechanisms in Mg-Al-Sn-Zn Based Alloys
Baram Mor 2010 Wayne D. Kaplan Abstracts Morphology and Thermodynamics of Thin Equilibrium Films at Metal-Ceramic Interfaces
Lumelsky Yulia 2009 Michael Silverstein Abstracts Porous Materials Containing Biodegradable Polymers: High Internal Phase Emulsion Synthesis
Zlotnikov Igor 2009 Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased), Irena Gotman, Abstracts Bioinspired Nanolaminates: Synthesis by Deposition of Zirconium Oxide on LbL Organic Layers and Mechanical Behavior
Lipp Eran 2009 Moshe Eizenberg Abstracts Investigation of the Properties of Metal/High-K (Gd2O3) Interfaces for Advanced MOS Devices
Raz Ofer 2009 Yair Ein-Eli Abstracts Electrochemical Behavior of Silicon in Room Temperature Ionic Liquids
Yadlovker Doron 2008 Shlomo Berger Abstracts A Study of High Density Arrays of Ferroelectric Nano-Domains
Kirmayer Saar 2008 Gitti Frey Abstracts The Self-Organization Mechanism of Semiconducting Polymer/ Mesoperiodic Silica Nanocomposites
Aharon Eyal 2008 Gitti Frey Abstracts Guest-Host Nanocomposits based on Semiconducting Polymers for Optoelectronic Applications
Marom Hagay 2007 Moshe Eizenberg Abstracts Investigation of the Electrical Conductivity of Copper in Nanometric Dimensions for Application as Interconnects in Integrated Circuits
Amouyal Yaron 2007 Eugen Rabkin, Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased), Abstracts Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Grain Boundaries in Ultra Fine Grained Copper Produced by Severe Plastic Deformation
Zorn Gilad 2007 Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased), Irena Gotman, Abstracts Surface Modification and Bio-Functionalization of Low Modulus Ti-Nb and TiNi Alloys Employing Self Assembled Monolayers (SAMs)
Dovgolevsky Ekaterina 2007 Gitti Frey Abstracts Conjugated Polymers/Mesoporous Silica Guest-Host Nanocomposites for Electronic Applications
Kaully Tamar 2007 Arnon Siegmann (Deceased) Abstracts Highly Filled Thermosetting Resins: Interfaces in Particulate Reinforced Composites
Pokroy Boaz 2006 Emil Zolotoyabko (Deceased) Abstracts Interaction between the Organic and Inorganic Phases in Biogenic CaCO3
Abelev Esta 2006 Yair Ein-Eli Abstracts Study of Copper Passivation in Aqueous Solutions
Kauffmann Yaron 2006 Wayne D. Kaplan Abstracts Ordering at a Model Solid-Liquid Interface
Fisher Ilanit 2005 Moshe Eizenberg, Wayne D. Kaplan, Abstracts Study of Porous SiO2-Based Films as Low-k Dielectrics and Their Integration with Copper Metallization
Drezner Yariv 2005 Shlomo Berger Abstracts The Interrelation between Microstructure, Stresses and Dielectric Properties of Nanometric Ferroelectrics Films of BaTiO3
Horvitz Dror 2004 Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased), Irena Gotman, Leonid Klinger, Abstracts Reactive Forging – a Novel Method of Pressure Assisted Combusrtion Synthesis of Dense Ceramics and in Situ Composites: Ti-O-Al-Mg, B-C-Ti, and Mg-Si Systems
Katz-Demyanetz Alexander 2004 Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased), Irena Gotman, Abstracts Kinetics of Reactions and Reactive Synthesis of Metal- Ceramic Composites in Ni-Ti-B System in the Presence of Ti2Ni and NiB Transient Liquid Phases
Avishai Amir 2004 Wayne D. Kaplan Abstracts Thin Equilibrium Amorphous Films at a Model Metal-Ceramic Interface
Shilo Doron 2003 Emil Zolotoyabko (Deceased) Abstracts Interaction of Dynamic Deformation Fronts with Dislocations in Single Crystals
Zoldan Janet 2004 Arnon Siegmann (Deceased) Abstracts Anisotropy in the Structure and Properties of PP/Ny/CB Blends Processed below the Melting of Ny
Rothschild Avner 2003 Yigal Komem (Deceased) Abstracts TiO2 Thin Films for Gas Sensors
Cohen-Hyams Tzipi 2003 Wayne D. Kaplan, Joseph Yahalom, Abstracts Electrodeposition of Thin Metallic Magnetic Films
Kohn Amit 2003 Moshe Eizenberg, Yossi Shaham, Abstracts Investigation of Electrochemically Deposited Thin Films for Application as Diffusion Barriers in Copper Metallization
Tokar Alexander 2002 Lev Levin (Deceased) Abstracts Solid State Transformations in an Iron-Alloyed Titanium Aluminide
Sluszny Ariel 2002 Michael Silverstein, Nava Narkis, Abstracts Silane-Modified Polymer Films: Development, Characterization and Performance as Pervaporation Membranes
George Levi 2002 Wayne D. Kaplan Abstracts Energy and Structure of Nickel-Alumina Interfaces
Tepper Faran Tamar 2001 Shlomo Berger Abstracts Electrical Properties of Tungsten-Silica Nanocomposites
Shauly Eitan 2001 Yigal Komem (Deceased) Abstracts A Study of the Two-Dimensional Diffusion of Dopants in CMOS Devices
Kovler Mark 2000 Joseph Yahalom, Yael Nemirovsky, Abstracts Investigation of Mono-Crystalline Silicon Etching Processes in Aqueous Solutions
Regev Michael 1999 Menachem Bamberger, Abraham Rosen (Deceased), Abstracts The Influence of the Microstructure on the Creep Properties of AZ91D Magnesium Alloy
Goren-Muginstein Ginat 2000 Shlomo Berger, Abraham Rosen (Deceased), Abstracts Sintering Study of Nano-Crystalline Tungsten Carbide
Mainzer Nili 1999 Emil Zolotoyabko (Deceased) Abstracts The Study of Point Defects in Hg1-XCdxTe Structures
Bergovsky Michael 1999 Moshe Eizenberg, Emil Zolotoyabko (Deceased), Abstracts Phase Formation in the Ti/Si-Ge System
Levit Maxim 1998 Ben-Zion Weiss (Deceased) Abstracts Thermal Stability of Ni-Ti/6H-SiC and Ni-Ti/Si Contacts
Goldner Adi 1998 Yigal Komem (Deceased) Abstracts The Study of Microstructure and Properties of the System GaxIn1-xP/GaAs(001)
Wei Ming 1999 David Brandon Abstracts Processing Options for Ceramic Laminates
Aboud Touma 1998 Ben-Zion Weiss (Deceased) Abstracts Structural Changes in the Mechanically Alloyed W-Cu System
Levin Igor 1997 David Brandon Abstracts Polymorphic Phase Transformations in Alumina
Klyuch Alexander 1997 Abstracts Investigation of Multicomponent Hydride Forming Alloys TiMn1.3Vx and TiMn1.5Vx with 0
Paransky Yevgeniy 1998 Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased) Abstracts Reactive Diffusion in the Ti-Al-N System
Farber Leonid 1996 Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased) Abstracts Synthesis of CoAl and NiAl Intermetallics and the Intermetallic Based Composites from Very Fine Elemental Metal Powders
Benderly Daphne 1995 Arnon Siegmann (Deceased) Abstracts Structuring and Behavior of Multicomponent Immiscible Polymer Blends
Khaselev Oscar 1994 Joseph Yahalom Abstracts Anodization of Magnesium-Aluminium Alloys
Lesokhin Sergy 1996 Lev Levin (Deceased) Abstracts Phase Formation in the Ni-Ti-C System during Multiphase Diffusion
Mehlmann Alexander 1994 Menachem Bamberger, Shraga Dirnfeld (Deceased), Abstracts Investigation of Diamond Coatings on WC+6%Co Substrates Prepared by Hot-Filament Chemical Vapor Deposition
Goldfarb Oleg 1994 Menachem Bamberger, Emil Zolotoyabko (Deceased), Abstracts Microstructure of Ternary Au-Ag-Cu Alloys Obtained by Modulated Multilayer Sputtering
Atzmon Ziv 1993 Moshe Eizenberg Abstracts Solid Phase Epitayial Growth and Electrical
Kaplan Wayne 1994 Yigal Komem (Deceased), David Brandon, Abstracts Crystallography and Concentration of Coincidence Boundaries in Alumina
Buxbaum Alexander 1994 Moshe Eizenberg Abstracts Structural and Electrical Properties of Thin Palladium Layers on Epitaxial Si1-Xgex/si
Rosen Gad 1992 Shraga Dirnfeld (Deceased) Abstracts Influence of Alloying Elements Addition on the Formation
Bron Samuel 1992 Dov Katz (Deceased) Abstracts The Influence of Superimposed Dynamic and Static Stresses
Tamir Shoshana 1993 Yigal Komem (Deceased), Moshe Eizenberg, Abstracts Laser Induced Silicon Deposition from Gas Phase
Gotman Irena 1992 Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased) Abstracts Interaction of Si3n4 and Sic with Metals
Venkert Arie 1992 David Brandon Abstracts Characterisation of Boundary Structure in Ceramic Composite
Shafirstien Gal 1992 Menachem Bamberger Abstracts Properties and Structure Characterization of Sae-1045
Levy Irit 1991 Dan Shechtman Abstracts Physical Metallurgy
Bershadsky Eli 1991 Abstracts Investigation of Changes in the Tife1-Xnix-H System as a
Zilberman Meital 1998 Arnon Siegmann (Deceased) Abstracts Electrically Conductive Polymer Blends Containing Polyaniline
Ramon Yean 1990 Dan Shechtman Abstracts Rapid Solidification of Aluminium Alloys
Berger Shlomo 1990 Yigal Komem (Deceased), Ben-Zion Weiss (Deceased), Abstracts Investigtigation of Contacts Between Thin Metal Films and
Gur Doron 1997 Menachem Bamberger Abstracts Kinetics of Isothermal Solidification in the Ni-Sn System
Ben-Tzur Mira 1989 Moshe Eizenberg Abstracts Solid State Reactions Between Thin Films of Al/ti-Ta and
Mogilovski Pavel 1994 Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased) Abstracts Interaction of Non-Oxide Ceramics with Metals
Yeshurun Yehoshua 1988 David Brandon Abstracts Models of Ceramic Failure in Planar Impact
Katz Avishay 1988 Yigal Komem (Deceased) Abstracts Properties of Metal Al Si Contacts Formed by Rapid Thermal
Ariely Shmuel 1994 Menachem Bamberger Abstracts Structure and Properties Characterisation of Co2 Laser Alloying by Titanium Carbide
Beery Dafna 1992 Arnon Siegmann (Deceased) Abstracts Polmeric Alloys with Lcp
Jacobsohn Eli 1992 Dan Shechtman Abstracts Growth and Characterization of Acousto-Optic Ano
Gozlan Eliahou 1990 Menachem Bamberger Abstracts The Influence of Alloying Elements on the Microstructure