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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Breitman Peter 2022 Amir Gat Abstracts Fluid Mechanics of Soft Robots- Effects of Fluid Compressibility and Elastic Multi-Stability
Gzal Majdi 2022 Oleg Gendelman Abstracts Stationary and Transient Nonlinear Processes in Engineering Systems
Kassie Adne 2022 David Elata Abstracts A Comprehensive Investigation of Electrostatic Micro Resonators
Hassan Abeer 2022 Shelly Tzlil Abstracts Mechanical Communication in the Sensory Nervous System
Paul Jithu 2022 Oleg Gendelman Abstracts Kapitza Resistance in Linear and Nonlinear Chain Models
Breitman Nina Liora 2022 Pinhas Bar-Yoseph Abstracts Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Liquid Sloshing in Upright Circular and Square-Base Cylindrical Containers
Haviv Shimry 2021 Carmel Rotschild Abstracts Luminescent Solar Power
Kositski Roman 2021 Dan Mordehai Abstracts Shock-Induced Plasticity in Body Centered Cubic Metals
Vered Yoav 2021 Izhak Bucher Abstracts Decomposing and Controlling Dispersive Propagation Modes in Acoustic-Elastic Waveguides at Low Frequencies with Applications to Acoustic Properties Evaluation
Braksmayer Maor 2021 Leonid Mirkin Abstracts Control with Intermittent Communication
Benyamini Miri 2021 Miriam Zacksenhouse Abstracts Neural Error Processing in Continuous Reaching Movements and Experiments with Brain Computer Interface (BCI)
Jacobson Neta-Lee 2021 Rene Van Hout Abstracts Pollen Entrainment and Deposition Characteristics in the Vicinity of Pine Cones
Sterman-Cohen Elad 2021 Alexander Oron Abstracts Stability of Thin Liquid Layers under Vibrating Forcing
Rijensky Oren 2021 Daniel Rittel Abstracts Mechanical Response of Polyurea Coated Metallic Plates under Various Hydrodynamic Loading Conditions
Eyal Amnon 2021 Leonid Tartakovsky Abstracts Reforming-Controlled Compression Ignition – a Novel Combustion Concept
Chen Sagi 2020 Shmuel Osovski Abstracts Unraveling Damage Processes at the Microstructural Level
Gamus Benny 2020 Yizhar Or, Amir Gat, Abstracts Locomotion and Dynamics of Soft Robotic Actuators and Crawling Robots
Wiezel Oren 2020 Yizhar Or Abstracts Optimal Control, Optimization and Asymptotic Analysis of Simple Microswimmer Models
Amouyal Solal 2020 Steven Howard Frankel Abstracts High-Fidelity Low-Mach Number Simulations of Reacting Flows using Accelerated Chemistry
Fadida Refael 2020 Daniel Rittel, Amnon Shirizly, Abstracts The Mechanical Response of Additively Manufactured Ti6Al4V Specimens Containing Discrete Artificial Voids
Katz Shmuel 2020 Josef Givli Abstracts Non-Linear Dynamic Phenomena in Bistable Chains: the Response to Impact, Solitary Waves, and Boomerons
Zalmanovich Neta 2020 Gilad Yossifon Abstracts Electrochemical Characterization of the Transient Response of a Microchannel-Nanoslot Fluidic Devices
Marom Yulia 2020 Doron Shilo, Eliezer Shalev, Abstracts Biomechanical and Biomolecular Processes in Stretched Fetal Membranes
Hanukah Eliezer 2019 Josef Givli Abstracts Analytical and Semi-Analytical Approaches Applied to the Nonlinear Mechanical Behavior of 3-D Structure
Raizner Mordehai 2019 Rene Van Hout, Gershon Grossman, Abstracts Heat Transfer and Flow Field Measurements of a Pulsating Round Jet Impinging on a Flat Heated Surface
Matia Yoav 2019 Amir Gat Abstracts Dynamics of Solid-Liquid Composite Beams
Zreihan Noam 2019 Doron Shilo, Eilon Faran, Abstracts Barriers, Mechanisms of Motion, and Kinetic Laws for Twin Boundary Dynamics in Ferroic Materials
Maguid Elhanan 2019 Erez Hasman Abstracts Topologically Controlled Multifunctional Metasurfaceses
Ben-Shabat Yizhak 2019 Anath Fischer, Michael Lindenbaum, Abstracts Classification, Segmentation and Geometric Analasis of 3D Point Clouds using Deep Learning
Tulchinsky Arie 2019 Amir Gat Abstracts Dynamics of Thin Viscous Films Interacting with Slender Elastic Media
Ifergan Oshri 2019 David Greenblatt Abstracts Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Arc Plasma Wind Tunnels
Rotbaum Yonathan 2019 Daniel Rittel Abstracts On the Mechanical Properties of Inverse Freezing Gels
Dolev Amit 2019 Izhak Bucher Abstracts Parametrically Excited Mechanisms for Selective Detection Identification and Actuation in Distributed Systems
Mireb Mona 2019 Alon Wolf, Nimrod Rozen, Miriam Zacksenhouse, Abstracts Investigating the Control of a Challenged Gait by Unstable Footwaear Designs
Tresser Shachar 2019 Izhak Bucher Abstracts Balancing High-Speed Flexible Rotors at Low Speed using Parametric Excitation
Ostromohov Nadya 2019 Moran Bercovici, Govind Kaigala, Abstracts Micro-Scale Flow Confinement on Surfaces for Bioanalytical Applications using Pressure- and Electric- Actuation
Chen Zhou 2019 Izhak Etsion Abstracts Elastic-Plastic Coated Surface Contact
Rosenfeld Tally 2019 Moran Bercovici Abstracts Enhancing the Sensitivity and Functionality of Paper-Based Devices by Isotachophroesis and Electrosmotic Flow
Davis Solomon 2019 Izhak Bucher Abstracts Autoresonance and Modal Filtering for Fast Sensing and Actuation
Singh Vikram 2019 Steven Howard Frankel Abstracts Stabilization of High-Order Flux-Reconstruction Scheme for Wall-Modeled Implicit Large Eddy Simulation
Van Kooten Xander Frank 2019 Moran Bercovici, Govind Kaigala, Abstracts On-chip Separation and Focusing Using Isotachophoresis with Large-Volume Processing and Analyte Encapsulation
Shemtov-Yona Keren )Rima( 2018 Daniel Rittel Abstracts Mechanical Durability of Dental Implants
Zhang Longhui 2018 Daniel Rittel, Shmuel Osovski, Abstracts Controlling Adiabatic Shear Failure by Tailoring Microstructural Toughening Factors
Yulevich Igor 2018 Erez Hasman Abstracts Optical Rashba Effect in Geometric Phase Metasurfaces
Sicard Guillaume 2018 Miriam Zacksenhouse Abstracts Machine Learning Methods for On-Line Adaptation of Brain-Machine interfaces
Vollach Shahaf 2018 Doron Shilo Abstracts The Mechanical Response and Phase Transformation Kinetics of NiTi under a Rapid Heating Pulse
Ilssar Dotan 2018 Izhak Bucher Abstracts Acoustic levitation and Propulsion of Silicon Wafers: Accurate Positioning and Traveling Wave Based transportation
Sobol Sergey 2018 Gershon Grossman Abstracts Pulse Tube Cryocoolers Driven by Piezoelectric Devices
Gafter Roy 2022 Nitai Drimer Abstracts A Feasibility Study of a New Concept of VLFS
Shiroky Itzhak 2021 Oleg Gendelman Abstracts Front Propagation in Bi-Stable Non-Degenerate Systems: Model Dependence and Universality
Malka-Markovitz Alon 2021 Dan Mordehai Abstracts Multiscale Modelling of Dislocation Cross-Slip in Face Centered Cubic Metals
Chuzhali Nilath Irfan Habeeb 2021 Shmuel Osovski Abstracts Crack-Flaw Interactions in Dynamic Fracture – Experimental and Numerical Analysis
Boyko Evgeniy 2020 Moran Bercovici, Amir Gat, Abstracts Non-Uniform Electro-Osmotic Flow: From Microscale Flow Patterning to Fluid-Structure Interaction and Instability
Bunis Hallel 2020 Elon Rimon Abstracts Caging-Based Grasping via Minimalistic Robot Hands
Perchikov Nathan 2019 Oleg Gendelman Abstracts Nonlinear Dynamics of Discrete Mechanical Systems with Flat Dispersion Bands
Elbaz Shai 2019 Amir Gat Abstracts Viscous Flows in Elastic Channels
Paratore Federico 2019 Moran Bercovici, Govind Kaigala, Abstracts Coupling Electrokinetics with Patterned Surfaces: from Enhanced Immunoassays to Microscale Flow Control
Kislovsky Victor 2019 Yuli Starosvetsky Abstracts Nonstationary Dynamics of the Damped and Parametrically Driven Oscillatory Models: Analytical Study
Hollander Eyal 2018 Oded Gottlieb Abstracts Self-Excited Oscillations Bifurcations and Chaos in Nonlinear Optomechanical Thermo-Visco-Elastic Panel Resonators
Haimovitz Ory 2018 Steven Howard Frankel Abstracts High-Order Numerical Simulations of Compressible Multicomponent and Multiphase Flow Using a Targeted ENO (TENO) Finite-Volume Method
Cohen Avraham 2018 Moshe Shoham Abstracts Hyper-Dual Numbers and their Application to Rigid Body Equations of Motion
Wolowelsky Karni 2018 Carmel Rotschild Abstracts Dynamic Spectral Response
Hacker Evyatar 2017 Oded Gottlieb Abstracts Nonlinear Dynamics, Bifurcations and Chaos in Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy
Solav Dana 2017 Alon Wolf, Miles Rubin, Abstracts Non Rigid Kinematic Analysis in Various Biomechanical Applications Using Cosserat Point Theory
Avnon Deborah 2017 Alon Wolf, Nimrod Rozen, Abstracts Short-Term and Long-Term Biomechanical Effects of Foot Center of Pressure Manipulation on the Hip Joint in Healthy Subjects and in Patients with Degenerative Changes of the…
Yoffe Alexander 2017 Doron Shilo Abstracts Magnetostrictive Composites for Wireless Stress Sensing Applications
Rosentsvit Leonid 2017 Gilad Yossifon Abstracts The Effect of Geometrical Symmatry Breaking and Advection on Concentration- Polarzation Phenomenon in Micro/Nano- Fluidic Devices
Ziso Hadas 2017 Moshe Shoham, Menashe Zaaroor, Abstracts Robot for Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery
Farid Maor 2017 Oleg Gendelman Abstracts Nonlinear Liquid Sloshing in Partially Filled Tanks: Modelling, Exploration and Mitigation
Duruk Selin 2017 Alexander Oron Abstracts Nonlinear Dynamics of Thin Liquid film on Vibrating Surfaces
Grinberg Inbar 2017 David Elata Abstracts Smart Micro Structures: Directional Features for Enhancing the Performance of Micro-Transducers
Ben-Shmuel Yaron 2017 Eli Altus Abstracts Modeling Plasticity by Non-Continuous Deformation
Sabban Lilach 2016 Rene Van Hout Abstracts Experimental Study on the Interaction between Rigid, Heavy Fibres and Homogeneous, Isotropic Turbulence
Steinbrecher Gil 2016 Eli Altus Abstracts Hygromechanical Coupling and Failure of Laminated Composite Materials
Gutman Emiliya 2016 Yizhar Or Abstracts Dynamics and Motion Control of Miniature Swimmers
Fischer Arielle 2016 Alon Wolf Abstracts The Effects of Body Weight Unloading on the Biomechanical Parameters of Healthy Subjects during Overground Walking
Green Yoav 2016 Gilad Yossifon Abstracts Electrokinetic Ion Transport in Heterogeneous Ion Permselective Systems
Zolotarevskiy Vadim 2016 Oleg Gendelman, Yuli Starosvetsky, Abstracts Heat Transport in Low-Dimensional Models: Effects of Disorder and Dimensionality
Dolinski Michael 2016 Daniel Rittel, Avraham Dorogoy, Abstracts Modeling Adiabatic Shear Failure from Energy Principles
Beilkin Lea 2016 Yoram Halevi Abstracts Fractional Order Control of Continuous Flexible Structures
Shmulevich Shai 2016 David Elata Abstracts Enhancing the Functionality of MEMS Actuators by Tailoring Nonlinear Effects
Safadi Mahmoud 2016 Miles Rubin Abstracts An Eulerian Theoretical Structure for Modeling Growth, Remodeling and Morphogenesis of Soft Tissues
Goltsberg Roman 2016 Izhak Etsion Abstracts Contact Mechanics of Thin Film Coatings
Vorotnikov Kirill 2016 Yuli Starosvetsky Abstracts Analysis of Nonstationary Regimes Emerging in Two-Dimensional Locally resonant Acoustic Structures
Gonen Eran 2016 Gershon Grossman Abstracts Investigation of a Thermo-Acoustic Stirling Engine
Gendel Sergey 2015 David Degani, Oded Gottlieb, Abstracts Nonlinear Spatio-Temporal Flow-Structure Interaction of an Elastically Attached Slender Body at High Incidence
Yazmir Boris 2016 Miriam Reiner Abstracts Error Related Potentials Evoked by Disturbances during Continuous Motion
Debbi Eytan Magen 2015 Alon Wolf Abstracts Biomechanics of Motor Re-education of Gait Patterns in Patients after Total Knee Arthroplasty
Spitz Jonathan 2015 Miriam Zacksenhouse Abstracts Bio-Inspired Controllers for Dynamic Locomotion
Benichou Itamar 2015 Josef Givli Abstracts Theoretical and Experimental Study of Multi-Stable Mechanisms
Alhazov Dmitry 2015 Eyal Zussman Abstracts Study of the Thermo-mechanical Properties of Electrospun Block Co-Polymer Nanofibers
Rubinsky Sergey 2015 Shaul Gutman Abstracts A Three Player Pursuit and Evasion Conflict
Manor Gil 2015 Elon Rimon Abstracts Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation with Velocity Constraints
Pellegrinelli Stefania 2015 Anath Fischer Abstracts Design and Motion Planning of Multi-Robot Assembly Cells for Body-in-White Spot Welding The research and dissertation were con. at Technion and Pol. di Milano
Muller-Vahl Hanns 2015 David Greenblatt Abstracts Wind Turbine Blade Dynamic Stall and its Control (The research and dissertation were conducted under a joint PhD program at Technion and TU berlin)
Shitrit Nir 2014 Erez Hasman Abstracts Spinoptical Metasurface Route to Spin-Controlled Photonics
Lovinger Zev 2014 Daniel Rittel, Zvi Rosenberg, Abstracts Multiple Adiabatic Shear Bands in a Collapsing Cylinder – Failure Characterization and Microstructural Effects
Levinson Yaron 2014 Leonid Mirkin Abstracts Signal Reconstruction with Finite Impulse Response Constraints: A System Theoretic Approach
Greenfeld Israel 2014 Eyal Zussman Abstracts polymer Network Dynamics during Electrospinning and its Effect on the Fibers Nanostructure: Modeling, Simulation and Experiments
Lamash Yechiel 2014 Anath Fischer, Jonathan Lessick, Abstracts Quantification of Regional Mechanical Function of the Left Ventricle from Cardiac CT Image Data
Dubrovsky Alexander 2014 Oded Gottlieb, David Degani, Abstracts Fluid-Structure Interaction of Tethered Elliptic Cylinders in Low Mach and Reynolds Numbers Two-Dimensional Flow
Cooper Israel Zvi 2014 Miles Rubin Abstracts A Constitutive Model for Dynamic Failure of Ceramics Including Micro-Cracking and Porous Dilation below the Hugoniot Elastic Limit
Moiseyev Gilead 2014 Pinhas Bar-Yoseph Abstracts Mesoscopic Simulation of Hemodynamically Induced Blood Coagulation
Hirshberg Arnon 2013 David Elata Abstracts Advanced Motion Conversion Structures and Interconnect Method for MEMS
Setter Eyal 2013 Izhak Bucher Abstracts Traveling Waves in Elastic Structures with Application to Self-Propulsion
Rejovitzky Elisha 2013 Eli Altus Abstracts Fatigue Modeling with Microdamage Morphology
Cohen Nadav 2013 Izhak Bucher Abstracts Theoretical and Experimental Study of Double-Well Energy Harvesters
Osovski Shmuel 2013 Daniel Rittel, Arie Venkert, Abstracts Initiation of Adiabatic Shear Bands from a Microstructural Standpoint
Meimukhin Danila 2013 Izhak Bucher Abstracts Analytical and Experimental Study of an Optimal Bi-Stable Energy Harvesting Oscillator under Band-Limited Stochastic Excitation
Holdstein Yaron 2012 Anath Fischer Abstracts Geometric and Physical Modeling of Bone Micro-Structures as a Base for Scaffold Design
Drezner Haika 2012 Doron Shilo Abstracts Nanoscale Modulus Mapping: Implementation on Material Interfaces and Biogenic Materials
Tzabar Nir 2012 Gershon Grossman Abstracts Mixed-Gas Joule-Thomson Sorption Cryocoolers
Aginsky Ziv 2012 Oded Gottlieb Abstracts Nonlinear Spatio-Temporal Acoustic-Fluid-Structure Interaction of Panels in a Compressible Inviscid Fluid
Shneiderman Dmitry 2012 Zalman Palmor Abstracts Novel Structures of Multivariable Dead Time Compensators
Faran Eilon 2012 Doron Shilo Abstracts Dynamics of Twinning Processes in Active Materials
Grinberg Itay 2017 Oleg Gendelman Abstracts Localization and Energy Transport in Vibro-Impact Systems
Magalov Zaur 2011 Avraham Shitzer, David Degani, Abstracts An Approximate Computational Method for Cryoprobes Positioning and Activation during Cryosurgery in 2D Convex Target Areas
Maayani Shai 2017 Tal Carmon Abstracts Cavity Optocapillaries
Ishay Mark 2011 David Degani, Daniel Weihs, Abstracts Incompressible Flow in Conical Tubes and around Conical Bodies with Elliptical Cross-Section
Podshivalov Lev 2011 Anath Fischer, Pinhas Bar-Yoseph, Abstracts 3D Hierarchical Geometric Modeling and Multiscale Finite Element Analysis as a Base for Individualized Medical Diagnosis of Bone Structure
Boymelgreen Alicia 2017 Gilad Yossifon, Touvia Miloh, Abstracts Symmetry Breaking in Non-Linear Electrokinetic Colloidal Transport at the Micro/Nanoscale
Brand Meir 2011 Miles Rubin Abstracts An Elastic-Plastic Cosserat Point Element for Large Deformations of Impulsively Loaded Beams
Barzilay Ouriel 2016 Alon Wolf, Lihi Zelnik-Manor, Abstracts Active Vision: From Biokinematics and Animal Behavior to Robotics
Zarrouk David 2011 Moshe Shoham Abstracts The Interaction between Micro-Robots and Biological Tissues
Kabla Meni 2016 Doron Shilo Abstracts Fabrication, Characterization, and Implementation of Actuators Based on Thin Shape Memory Alloy Films
Kleiman Alexander 2016 Oded Gottlieb Abstracts Nonlinear Spatio-Temporal Fluid-Structure Interaction of an Elastic Panel in a Uniform Flow
Novbari Elena 2011 Alexander Oron Abstracts Instability of Thin Liquid Films on Vertical Cylinder
Klein Daniel 2011 Gad Hetsroni (Deceased) Abstracts The Influence of Actuation in the Flow of a Jet on the Wall Jet Heat Transfer Coefficient
Atia Lior 2015 Josef Givli Abstracts Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Configurations of Heterogeneous Biological Membranes
Gorodetski Yuri 2010 Erez Hasman Abstracts Geometric Spin-Orbit Interaction of Surface Waves
Ben-David Eran 2015 Doron Shilo, Daniel Rittel, Abstracts Investigation of the Mechanical Response and Characteristics of Thin Free-Standing Films at Various Strain Rates
Bar on Benny 2010 Eli Altus Abstracts Surface Effects on Mechanical Properties of Heterogeneous Nano Beams
Shapiro Yoel 2014 Alon Wolf Abstracts Kinematics of Continuous Hyper-Redundant Robots
Shoshani Oriel 2014 Oded Gottlieb Abstracts Fluid-Structure Interaction and Orbital Instabilities of Elastically Tethered Bluff Bodies
Katz Eduard 2010 Michael Shusser, Shimon Haber, Eyal Zussman, Abstracts Release of Material from an Elastic Liposome in a Shear Flow
Salib Isaac 2010 Shimon Haber Abstracts Development of Fluid Mesoscopic Modeling Using Dissipative Particle Dynamics
Abraham Ofer 2013 Jehuda Tirosh (Deceased) Abstracts Dual Shakedown Bounds of Fatigue Wear during Fluctuating Shear
Shinkarenko Alexey 2010 Yuri Kligerman, Izhak Etsion, Abstracts Soft Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication
Belenky Alexander 2013 Daniel Rittel Abstracts Dynamic Flexural Strength of Advanced Ceramics and its Relation to Structural Defects
Leus Vitaly 2010 David Elata Abstracts New Efficient Methods for Modeling, Design and Actuation of Electrostatic Micro Mechanical Devices
Hornstein Sharon 2012 Oded Gottlieb Abstracts Nonlinear Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of the Scan Process in Atomic Force Microscopy
Plat Harel 2012 Izhak Bucher Abstracts Methods for Sensing and Creating Propagating Waves and Vibrations Using Parametric Excitation
Dahan Nir 2010 Erez Hasman Abstracts Geometrical Effects on Thermal Emission Induced by Surface Waves
Peled Irit 2010 Yoram Halevi Abstracts Modeling and Control of Dynamic Systems with Elements Governed by the Wave Equation
Haim Amir 2011 Alon Wolf, Nimrod Rozen, Abstracts Plasticity of Gait Patterns via Noninvasive Biomechanical Stimulation
Burman Michael 2010 Eyal Zussman Abstracts Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Polymer Nanofibers
Saffury Johny 2010 Eli Altus Abstracts Optimization of Non-Uniform Viscoelastic Turning Bars
Stiassnie Eli 2010 Moshe Shpitalni Abstracts Modularization and Maintenance Scheduling of Sustainable Service-Oriented Products
Kristalny Maxim 2010 Leonid Mirkin Abstracts Exploiting Previewed Information in Estimation and Control
Berris Michelle 2010 Moshe Shoham Abstracts Self-Propelled Bubble-Driven Locomotion for Robotic Applications in Fetal Surgery
Gabai Ran 2009 Izhak Bucher Abstracts Generating, Sensing and Controlling Progressive Waves in One and Two Dimensions, a Theoretical and Experimental Study
Miropolsky Alexander 2009 Anath Fischer Abstracts An Adaptive 3D Reconstruction Method Utilizing Diverse Data Types Inherent To Emerging Scanning Technologies
Starosvetsky Yuli 2009 Oleg Gendelman Abstracts Vibration Protection Based on Nonlinear Energy Sinks: Mathematical Description and Applications
Goldan Orly 2009 Shaul Gutman Abstracts Robust Missile Guidance
Kadin Yuri 2009 Yuri Kligerman, Izhak Etsion, Abstracts Cyclic Loading of Elastic-Plastic Spherical Contacts
Haustein Herman 2009 Alon Gany, Ezra Elias, Abstracts Investigation of Bubbly Flow Creation by Phase-Change for Application in Marine Ramjet Engine
Ganor Yaniv 2009 Doron Shilo Abstracts Magneto-Mechanical Characteristics of Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys
Yitzhak Dror 2009 Shimon Haber Abstracts Surfactant Transport and Particles Clearance from the Alveolar Liquid Lining
Davidovitch Lior 2009 Yakov Ben-Haim Abstracts Strategic Interactions under Severe Uncertainty
Wang Zonggang 2008 Daniel Rittel Abstracts Experimental Study of Adiabatic Shear Band Formation
Gabriely Yoav 2008 Elon Rimon Abstracts On-Line Motion Planning Problems in Robotics
Niv Avi 2008 Erez Hasman Abstracts Vectorial Vortices Obtained with Anisotropic Inhomogeneous Subwavelength Structures
Biener Gabriel 2008 Erez Hasman Abstracts Light Manipulation by Use of Subwavelength Structures
Ben-Horin Patricia 2008 Moshe Shoham Abstracts Geometrical Analysis of Parallel Robots
Saguy Hagit 2008 Daniel Rittel Abstracts Identification of Cracks in Metal Conductors by Electrical Potential Technique
Ovcharenko Andrey 2008 Izhak Etsion, Gregory Halperin, Abstracts Experimental Investigation of Junction Growth in Spherical Contact
Bamberger Hagay 2008 Moshe Shoham Abstracts Kinematics of Micro Parallel Robots
Zaslavsky Ron 2008 Leonid Mirkin Abstracts Sampled-Data H2 Estimation Problems Motivated by Tensegrity Structures
Or Yizhar 2007 Elon Rimon Abstracts Frictional Equilibrium Postures for Robotic Locomotion – Computation, Geometric Characterization and Stability Analysis
Glozman Daniel 2007 Moshe Shoham Abstracts Flexible Needle Steering and Control for Percutaneous Therapies
Dejmal Iris 2007 Miriam Zacksenhouse Abstracts Characterization and Recognition of Manipulative Hand-Movements
Brizmer Victor 2007 Izhak Etsion Abstracts Elastic-Plastic Contact of a Sphere and a Flat under Combined Normal and Tangential Loading
Elka Arie 2007 Izhak Bucher Abstracts A Synthesis and Modeling Approach for Micro- Electromechanical Filters Using Structural Dynamics
Wu Wei 2007 Oded Gottlieb, Arthur Shavit (Deceased), Abstracts Nonlinear Dynamics of Microbeams for Atomic Force Microscopy in Ultra-High Vacuum
Shvalb Nir 2007 Moshe Shoham Abstracts The Configuration Spaces of Parallel Mechanisms
Gutman Itamar 2007 Michael Shapiro, Irena Gotman, Abstracts Formation Structure and Properties of Periodic Structures at SiO2-Mg Interface
Garaway Isaac Jacob 2007 Gershon Grossman Abstracts Development of a micro Pulse Tube Cryocooler
Neuberger Avidov 2006 Daniel Rittel Abstracts Scaling the Structural Response of an Armored Vehicle to a Close-Range Large Explosion
Azernikov Sergei 2006 Anath Fischer Abstracts Isotropic and Anisotropic Reconstruction of Freeform Surfaces and Volumes from Scattered Data
Kosa Gabor 2006 Moshe Shoham, Menashe Zaaroor, Abstracts Micro Robots for Medical Applications
Valency Tomer 2006 Miriam Zacksenhouse Abstracts Biologically Inspired Motion Pattern Generator for Robotic Task Planning and Control
Mahameed Rashed 2006 David Elata Abstracts Thermal Effects in Microsystems (MEMS) and Applications in Novel Microdevices
Abu-Salih Samy 2006 David Elata Abstracts Modeling and Analysis of Electromechanical Buckling with Application to Novel MEMS Devices
Saraf Yaakov 2006 Yakov Ben-Haim Abstracts Info-Gap Detection of Anomalies
Minikes Adi 2005 Izhak Bucher Abstracts Non-Contacting Levitation and Transportation Using Ultrasonic Vibrations-Analytical, Numerical and Experimental Study
Steiner Dvir 2005 Anath Fischer Abstracts Extraction of Topological Information and Calculation of Global Parameterization of Genus-n Meshes
Givli Josef 2005 Eli Altus Abstracts Mechanical Behavior of Heterogeneous Structures
Salalha Wael 2005 Eyal Zussman Abstracts Fluidic Assembly of Rod-like Nano Particles
Totry Essam 2005 Eli Altus Abstracts Buckling of Non-Uniform and Stochastically Heterogeneous Beams
Koenig Michael 2005 Gershon Grossman Abstracts Enhancement of Vapor Absorption by Surfactant Additive-Induced Marangoni Convection
Glikman Zach 2005 Eli Altus Abstracts Mechanical Behavior of a Fiber-Optic Embedded in a Deterministic and Stochastic Heterogeneous Matrix
Sher Ilai 2005 Gad Hetsroni (Deceased) Abstracts Heating and Boiling of Water and of Water with Surfactants
Shapiro Amir 2004 Elon Rimon Abstracts Design and Control of an Autonomous Spider-Like Robot for Motion in 2D Tunnels Environments
Varenberg Michael 2004 Izhak Etsion, Gregory Halperin, Abstracts Tribological Aspects of Nanoscale Fretting
Davidy Alon 2004 Yoram Zvirin (Deceased) Abstracts Theoretical and Experimental Study of Remote Sensing for Measuring Emission of Pollutants
Wirzberger Hod 2004 Michael Shapiro Abstracts Dynamics and Coagulation of Non Spherical Particles Settling in Shear Flows
Ashkenazi Ronen 2004 Menachem Weiss, David Elata, Abstracts The Mechanical Behavior and Fatigue Life of Wire Ropes
Peled Ran 2004 Simon Braun (Deceased), Miriam Zacksenhouse, Abstracts Blind Source Separation (BSS) of Vibrations for Fault Detection in Rotating Systems
Theron Stephanus 2004 Eyal Zussman Abstracts Investigation into Nanofiber Assembly during Electrospinning
Tzori Nimrod 2004 Gad Hetsroni (Deceased) Abstracts Principles of a Micropump with Shape Memory Alloy Membrane and Valves
Nakash Ronen 2003 Eli Altus Abstracts Effect of Stochastically Anisotropic Morphology on the Mechnical Behavior of Microbeams
Alexeev Alexander 2003 Chaim Gutfinger, Alexander Goldshtein, Abstracts Theoretical and Experimental Investigation on the Motion of Small Particles in Resonance Tubes
Gurka Roi 2003 Gad Hetsroni (Deceased) Abstracts Coherent Structures in Turbulent Flows
Barhak Jacob 2003 Anath Fischer Abstracts Reconstruction of Freeform Objects with Arbitrary Topology from Multi Range Images
Liberzon Alex 2003 Gad Hetsroni (Deceased) Abstracts Characterization of Coherent Structures in Turbulent Flows
Van Dyke Marc 2003 Shimon Haber Abstracts Transport and Dispersion of a Flexible Macromolecule under Gravity and in a Homogeneous, Unbounded Shear Flow
Jin Hui-Liang 2003 Miriam Zacksenhouse Abstracts Modeling and Control of a Robotic Yoyo
Kogut Lior 2002 Izhak Etsion Abstracts An Elastic-Plastic Model for the Contact and Friction of Rough Surfaces
Wilson Erich Andrew 2002 Dan Adler, Pinhas Bar-Yoseph, Abstracts Compressible Flow and Thrust-Vectoring Nozzle Performance Modeling
Kagan Pavel 2002 Anath Fischer, Pinhas Bar-Yoseph, Abstracts New B-spline Finite Element Approach for Integrated Mechanically Based Design and Analysis
Eytan Liat 2002 Anath Fischer, Moshe Shpitalni, Abstracts Automatic Generation of CSG Representation for Two Dimensional Objects
Simaan Nabil 2002 Moshe Shoham Abstracts Task Based Design and Synthesis of Variable Geometry Parallel Robots
Peled Alon 2002 Jehuda Tirosh (Deceased) Abstracts "Smart" Deep Drawing
Wolf Alon 2002 Moshe Shoham Abstracts Line Geometry Tools for the Analysis and Synthesis of a Medical Robot
Berman Arie 2002 Yehoshua Dayan Abstracts Improving Linear and N.L. Estimation Methods by Employing Validation Gate Tests During the Prediction Process in Robust Tracking/Sensing Time- Varying parameter Systems
Peles Sharon 2001 Menachem Weiss, Jehuda Tirosh (Deceased), Abstracts Development of a Multi-Term Relation for Prediction of Fatigue Crack Propagation in Metals
Li Changfeng 2001 Gad Hetsroni (Deceased) Abstracts Direct Numerical Simulation of Momentum and Scalar Transport in Clear and Particle Laden Turbulent Boundary Layer
Bondarenko Alina 2001 Yoram Halevi, Moshe Shpitalni, Abstracts Reconstruction of Moving Geometrical Shapes Based on Measurements Obtained by a Moving Sensor
Raskin Natalya 2001 Yoram Halevi Abstracts Servo Control of Flexible Structures
Konstantino Eitan 2001 Eli Altus Abstracts Effects of Laser Surface Treatment on Mechnical Properties of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy
Peles Yoav 2000 Gad Hetsroni (Deceased), Shimon Haber, Abstracts VLSI Chip Cooling by Evaporation Two-Phase Flow In Micro-Channels
Salomonski Nizan 2000 Eyal Zussman, Ehud Lenz, Abstracts Investigating of Disassembly Processes in Automatic Systems
Kenigsbuch Rachel 1999 Yoram Halevi Abstracts Updating of Dynamic Models of Flexible Structures
Gersten Judith 1999 Gad Hetsroni (Deceased) Abstracts Utilization of Waste Polymers through Combined Pyrolysis with Oil Shale
Groper Morel 1999 Izhak Etsion Abstracts New Aspects of the Cavitation Phenomena in a Submerged Journal Bearing
Kligerman Yuri 1998 Itzhak Porat, Mark Darlow, Gavril Solomon, Abstracts Dynamics and Stability of Rotating Systems with Electromagnetic Damping
Roizman Ilia 1998 Alexander Yarin, Miles Rubin, Abstracts Normal and Oblique Penetration of Rigid and Deformable/ Eroding Projectiles Into Elastic-Plastic Targets Including Description of Fragmentation And Vulnerability
Ben Horin Ronen 1998 Moshe Shoham, Ehud Lenz, Abstracts Criteria for Analysis of Parallel Robots
Brodsky Vladimir 1998 Moshe Shoham, Arthur Shavit (Deceased), Abstracts Dual Number Formulation of Rigid Body Dynamics
Lipson Hod 1998 Moshe Shpitalni Abstracts Man-Machine Interface for 3D CAD Based on Freehand Sketching
Roizman Tatiana 1998 Arthur Shavit (Deceased), Michael Shapiro, Abstracts Influence of Microstructure on Thermophysical Properties of Porous Ceramics
Dagan Ron 1997 Wolfgang Rothenstein (Deceased) Abstracts Accurate Doppler Effect Calculation for Thermal Nuclear Power Reactors
Shirizly Amnon 1997 Jehuda Tirosh (Deceased) Abstracts Plastic Forming of Porous Materials
Radin Baruch 1997 Moshe Shpitalni Abstracts Intelligent System for Automatic Process Planning in Bending Sheet Metal Products
Ravve Igor 1997 Pinhas Bar-Yoseph Abstracts Analysis of Elastic Deformations in the Traveling Joints Of Machine Tools
Leber Hanoh 1996 Jacob Lifshitz Abstracts Interlaminar Strength and Moduli of Fiber Reinforced Composites at High Loading Rates
Brook Noam 1996 Moshe Shoham, Yehoshua Dayan, Abstracts Object Manipulation in Multi-Fingered Hands
Sharav-Schapiro Nitsan 1996 Zalman Palmor, Shaul Gutman, Abstracts Robust Output Control for Discrete Uncertain Systems
Benchetrit Uri 1996 Ehud Lenz, Moshe Shoham, Abstracts Robot Motion Planning
Ziskind Genady 1996 Chaim Gutfinger, Matityaho Fichman, Abstracts Modelling of Aerosol Resuspension from Surfaces
Michael Ofer 1996 Jacob Avrashi, Giora Rosenhouse, Abstracts Spectral Solutions for Boundary Integral Equations
Broday David 1996 Michael Shapiro, Chaim Gutfinger, Matityaho Fichman, Abstracts Deposition of Elongated Particles in Clean Rooms
Ben-David Daniel 1995 Pinhas Bar-Yoseph Abstracts Finite Strip Analysis of Composite Cylindrical Pressure Vessels Subjected to Lateral Impact
Herszage Amiel 1995 Eli Altus Abstracts Micromechanisms of Failure in Polymers
Cohen Agne's 1995 Yoram Halevi Abstracts Controllers Order Reduction
Fang Daining 1994 Avraham Berkovits Abstracts Micro and Macro Evaluation of Fatigue Damage Accumulation
Moses Eadaro 1994 Alexander Yarin, Pinhas Bar-Yoseph, Abstracts Analysis of the Combustion of Gasoline-Methanol Mixtures In Spark-Ignition Engines
Elata David 1994 Miles Rubin, Eli Altus, Abstracts Representations of the Strain Energy Function of Anisotropic Elastic Materials with Application to Damage Evolution in Brittle Materials
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