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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Halachmi Meir 2024 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts Path Planning for Range Maximization in Engine Cutoff Emergencies with Altitude-Dependent Wind
Tzur Matar 2024 Moshe Porat, Zvi Friedman, Abstracts Cataract Retinal Image Quality Assessment using Deep Learning for Glaucoma Diagnosis
Blau Itshak 2024 Alexander Bronstein, Chaim Baskin, Abstracts Threat Model-Agnostic Adversarial Defense using Diffusion Models
Hu Fengming 2024 Ariel Epstein Abstracts Cavity-Excited Switched-Beam Metagrating Antennas
Levi Yoav 2023 Isaac Keslassy Abstracts Quantized Consistent Hashing
Shimonov Shay 2023 Ronen Talmon Abstracts Optimal Scale Selection for Diffusion on Data with Applications to Multimodal Data Analysis
Septon Shay Yakov 2023 Nir Weinberger Abstracts An Improved Architecture for Knowledge Editing in Language Models
Elias Zada Shaked 2023 Idit Keidar Abstracts Quancurrent: A Concurrent Quantiles Sketch
Kaminski Eitan 2023 Ilya Goykhman Abstracts Miniaturized On-Chip Spectrometers based on Silicon Photonics Integrated with 2D Materials
Fishman Maxim 2023 Avi Mendelson Abstracts Graph Neural Networks Learnability via Lens of Measure Theory
De Paula Igor 2023 Mark Silberstein Abstracts NeuroLPM – Scaling Longest Prefix Match Hardware with Neural Networks
Abecassis Naomie 2023 Ran Ginosar, Leonid Yavits, Abstracts GAPIM: a Hardware Acceleration of Genome Analysis Pipline using Processing in Memory
Salameh Issa 2023 Shahar Kvatinsky Abstracts Superconductive Logic Circuits with Half Flux Quantum Pulses
Yampolsky Tamir Baruch 2023 Ronen Talmon Abstracts Domain Adaptation Using Multi-Kernel Matching
Khalaf Majed 2023 Ido Kaminer Abstracts Quantum Optics in Strong Field QED
Osadchiy Ilya 2023 Ron Meir, Yehuda Levy, Abstracts Online Meta-Learning in Adversarial Multi-Armed Bandits
Berkov Artiom 2023 Guy Gilboa Abstracts Dynamical Modeling of Nonlinear Gradient Flows in Optimization and Learning
Perl Michael Joseph 2023 Yoash Levron Abstracts Finding Feature Importance in Fault Line Location using Explainable Artificial Intrlligence
Petelin Alexey 2023 Moshe Horowitz Abstracts Noise Induced by Double Rayleigh Scattering in Optical Fibers
Saiko Evgeniia 2023 Anat Levin Abstracts Material Acquisition using Speckle Correlations
Konforti Yuval 2023 Israel Cohen, Baruch Berdugo, Abstracts Beamforming-Based Multichannel Acoustic Echo Cancellation
Streicher Or 2023 Guy Gilboa Abstracts Graph-Based Methods using Deep and Semi-Supervised Learning
Nassar Mohammad 2023 Ori Rottenstreich, Ariel Orda, Abstracts CFTO: Communication-Aware Fairness in Blockchain Transaction Ordering
Hayon Offry 2023 Ayellet Tal, Abstracts Analysis of Archaeological Artifacts using Drawings
Shachar Eran 2023 Israel Cohen, Baruch Berdugo, Abstracts Acoustic Echo Cancellation Combined with Deep-Learning- based Residual Echo Suppression
Czerninski Ido 2023 Yoav Schechner Abstracts Fast and Parallelized Stochastic Scene Reconstruction
Taub Ronen 2023 Arie Feuer Abstracts Deep Learning in SeismicTomography
Kurzum Samer 2023 Uri Weiser Abstracts Enhancing Deep Neural Network Training Efficiency via Asymmetric Precision Architecture
Avner Or 2023 Aviv Tamar Abstracts Learning Control by Iterative Inversion
Girstein Kfir 2023 Avi Mendelson Abstracts Cyber Attack Simulation Infrastructure for Effective Detection in Real-Time Systems
Taitler Boaz 2023 David Gershoni Abstracts Quantum Tomography of Photonic Cluster State Generated by Semiconductor Quantum Dot Based Devices
Katz Asif 2023 Shlomo Shamai )Shitz( Abstracts Communications Aspects of Cloud Radio Access Networks
Turjeman Rotem 2023 Guy Gilboa Abstracts Dimensionality Reduction of Network Training Dynamics using Correlated Time Profiles
Blank Sahar 2023 Moshe Porat, Zvi Friedman, Abstracts On Glaucoma Identification using Computer Vision
Khalifa Marcel 2023 Shahar Kvatinsky Abstracts Acceleration of Bioinformatics Applications Using Memristive Processing-In-Memory Architecture
Reshef Roie 2023 Dana Drachsler Cohen Abstracts Verification of Neural Networks' Privacy
Fakhoury Ramy 2023 Idit Keidar Abstracts Nova: Safe Off-Heap Memory Allocation and Reclamation
Yashno Yarden 2023 Ariel Epstein Abstracts Diffusive and Absorptive Multichannel Metagratings for Broad-Angle Radar Cross Section Reduction
Tsvieli Amit 2023 Nir Weinberger Abstracts Learning Maximum Margin Channel Decoders
Kimhi Moshe 2023 Avi Mendelson Abstracts Automatic Mixed-Precision Quantization for Edge Devices
Diakonov Andrei 2023 Moshe Horowitz Abstracts Generation and Time-Locking of Ultra-Low Jitter Phase Pulses in Injection-Locked Oscillators
Meirom Shaked Haim 2023 Omer Bobrowski Abstracts Geometric and Topological Approaches for Natural Language Processing
Fingerhut Nitai 2023 Yaniv Romano Abstracts Coordinated Double Machine Learning
Liu Chenxi 2023 Israel Cohen Abstracts Nanomaterial-Based Sensor Array Signal Processing and Classification using Machine Learning
Rosenblit Lev 2023 Mark Silberstein Abstracts GPUknock: Convert GPU-Timing Channel
Zeevi Amir 2023 Yael Nemirovsky, Claudio Jakobson, Abstracts Analog-to-Digital Converter for High-Speed CMOS Image Sensors
Pony Roi 2023 Shie Mannor, Itay Naeh, Abstracts Over-the-Air Adversarial Flickering Attacks against Video Recognition Networks
Oz Dor 2023 Ilya Goykhman Abstracts 2D Materials Integration On Silicon Photonics Platform for Active Thermal Tuning and Switching of Optical Devices
Zach Itay 2023 Ronen Talmon, Gregory Dvorkind, Abstracts Graph Signal Interpolation and Extrapolation based on Contiunous Domain Analysis
Goldenstein Nelson 2023 Yaniv Romano Abstracts Robust Autoencoders with Built-in Noise Invariance
Peleg Amit 2022 Ron Meir Abstracts Meta Learning in Linear Bandits
Aviv Rotem 2022 Yehuda Levy Abstracts Learning under Delayed Feedback: Implicitly Adapting to Gradient Delays
Gendler Asaf 2022 Yaniv Romano Abstracts Adversarially Robust Conformal Prediction
Ben Haim Roi 2022 Ori Rottenstreich Abstracts Time-Efficiency and Reliability in NFV Networks
Azaria Reut 2022 Guy Gilboa Abstracts Fast Monocular Depth Estimation for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Hamoud Bassel 2022 Tomer Michaeli Abstracts Adapting Convolutional Neural Networks for CT Reconstruction
Livshits Ariel 2022 Yoram Moses Abstracts Probable Approximate Coordination
Biniashvili Liran 2022 Ariel Epstein Abstracts Manipulating Modes in Rectangular Waveguides using Metagrating-Inspired Techniques
Carmel Dean 2022 Isaac Keslassy Abstracts Dragonfly: In-flight identification of Congestion Control Algorithms
Dranker Yana 2022 Yonatan Belinkov Abstracts An Investigation of Invariant Risk Minimization in the Case of Natural Language Inference
Kleiman Avital 2022 Israel Cohen, Baruch Berdugo, Abstracts Optimal Design of Constant Beamwidth Beamformers with Concentric Ring Arrays
Maudlej Lina 2022 Mark Silberstein Abstracts Accelerators Management In Disaggregated Computing System
Yehezkel Karo Itay 2022 Israel Cohen, Gregory Dvorkind, Abstracts Source Localization with Feedback Beamforming
Sde Chen Yael 2022 Yoav Schechner Abstracts Neural Network for Cloud Computed Tomography
Anany Lior 2022 Moshe Horowitz Abstracts Single Mode Operation of Fiber Lasers Based on Time Domain Suppression of Non-Lasing Modes
Alkobi Noa 2022 Tomer Michaeli Abstracts Internal Diverse Image Completion
Gershon Yotam 2022 Yuval Cassuto Abstracts Genomic Compression with Read Alignment at the Decoder
Sabag Joanne 2022 Ehud Rivlin, Hector Rotstein, Abstracts Efficient Coverage Path Planning for a Drone in an Urban Environment
Ben-David Avrech 2022 Shie Mannor, Tamir Hazan, Abstracts Combinatorial Optimization with Graph Reinforcement Learning
Peled Natan 2022 Yuval Cassuto Abstracts A Flexible Mapping Scheme for Wear Leveling in Persistent Memories
Zilberman Itai 2022 Ehud Rivlin, Vadim Indelman, Abstracts Belief Space Planning using Qualitative Spatial Relationships
Rabinovitz Carmel 2022 Aviv Tamar Abstracts Learning Unsupervised Domain-Invariant Image Representations for Manipulation with Contrastive Domain Randomization
Greshler Nir 2022 Nahum Shimkin, Oren Salzman, Abstracts Cooperative Multi-Agent Path Finding
Elezra Or 2022 Yoav Schechner Abstracts Stochastic Polarized Scattering Tomography
Peer Oren 2022 Ron Meir Abstracts Using Ensembles for Reducing the Estimation Bias in Q-Learning Algorithms
Yehezkel Ido 2022 Ariel Orda, Aviv Tamar, Abstracts Reinforcement Learning for Traffic Routing in Computer Networks
Shaul Nir 2022 Yoav Schechner Abstracts Tomography of Turbulence Strength based on Passive Scintillation Imaging
Greshler Gal 2022 Tomer Michaeli Abstracts Learning to Generate Audio Signals from a Single Example
Wertheimer Alon Zsolt 2022 Anat Levin Abstracts Towards Applying Machine Learning in Volumetric 3D Microscopy
Amrani Elad 2022 Alexander Bronstein Abstracts Self-Supervised Multimodal Learning using Unlabeled Videos
Volodarsky Oleg 2022 Amir Rosenthal Abstracts High Power Pulse Interferometry for Low-Noise Optical Detectors of Ultrasound
Fluss Beary 2022 Moshe Porat, Zvi Friedman, Abstracts On Ultrasound Signal Compression for Medical Imaging
Sydnev Artiom 2022 Gad Eisenstein Abstracts Ultra-Coherent Semiconductor Laser Locked to a Fiber Mach-Zehnder Interferometer with Active Fiber Noise Cancellation
Ben Uri Liad 2022 Daniel Soudry Abstracts Improving Efficiency of DNN Training using Stochastic Pruning
Rozen Tal 2022 Avi Mendelson Abstracts Bi-Modal Distributed Binarized Neural Networks
Stern Keren 2022 Eilam Yalon Abstracts Phase Change Materials (PCM) Short-Pulse Characterization for Memory and Neuromorphic Applications
Shimkin Izchak 2022 Ron Meir Abstracts Exploration in Model-Based Reinforcement Learning with Stochastic Dynamics
Berkenstadt Alon 2022 Mark Silberstein, Yakir Vizel, Abstracts Improving Speculative Execution Attack Mitigations via Mitigation-Aware Compliation
Toledo Menachem Kfir 2022 Isaac Keslassy Abstracts Dynamic Routing: from the Cloud to SD-WAN
Mesery Itai 2022 Dana Drachsler Cohen Abstracts Imperceptible Multi-Patch Adversarial Attacks via Adversarial Programs
Loeub Tamar 2022 Yoav Schechner Abstracts Hierarchical Scattering Tomography with a Monotonicity Prior
Finkelshtein Alexander 2022 Anat Levin, Yoav Shechtman, Abstracts High Density Volumetric Flow Profiling by Point Spread Function Engineering via Deep Learning
Lenchner Israel 2022 Yitzhak Birk Abstracts Task-Oriented Programming-Model Exploration and the ToP-C Program Checker
Silverstein Daniel 2022 Yehuda Leviatan Abstracts Design of Irregular Antenna Arrays Operating in the Presence of a Structure for Shaped-Beam Radiation using Reciprocity and Sparse Optimization
Norman Tom 2022 Yehuda Levy, Nir Weinberger, Abstracts Robust Linear Regression for General Feature Distribution
Dery Micha 2022 Isaac Keslassy Abstracts Enabling Small Router Buffers with a Learned AQM Policy
Rapaport Maya 2021 Israel Cohen Abstracts Few-Shot Learning Neural Network for Audio-Visual Speech Enhancement
Rahamim Ohad 2021 Ronen Talmon Abstracts Aligning Sets of Temporal Signals with Riemannian Geometry and Koopman Operator
Zeitouni Eran 2021 Israel Cohen Abstracts Single-Sensor Localization of Moving Sources using Diffusion Kernels
Shor Roy 2021 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Study of CMOS Direct Sensing for Radon and High Energy Alpha Radiation
Gat Yonatan 2021 Yoav Schechner Abstracts Scattering Tomography using Multiplexed X-Ray Sources
Shalev Erez 2021 Israel Cohen Abstracts Structure Image Method for Simulating Multi-Room Acoustics and Applications
Eliahu Adi 2021 Shahar Kvatinsky Abstracts Programmable Processing-in-Memory Memristive Architectures
Shlenkevitch Dmitry 2021 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts CMOS-SOI-MEMS Transistors for Gas Sensing
Aloni Abuhasira Lior 2021 Omer Bobrowski, Ronen Talmon, Abstracts Joint Geometric and Topological Analysis of Hierarchical Datasets
Ben Izhak Ran 2021 Ayellet Tal Abstracts AttWalk: Attentive Cross-Walks for Deep Mesh Analysis
Golan Itay 2021 Daniel Soudry Abstracts Effects of Human-Controlled Hyper-Parameters in Deep Neural Networks
Korcia Gal Gila 2021 Yehuda Levy, Dan Garber, Abstracts Online Convex Optimization in the Random Order Model
Levi Roei 2021 Eyal Buks Abstracts Nonlinear Analysis of Oscillatory Quantum Systems Experiencing Bifurcation
Urbach Dahlia 2021 Michael Lindenbaum Abstracts DPDist: Comparing Point Clouds using Deep Point Cloud Distance
Chernyak Yonatan 2021 Yoav Schechner Abstracts Optimal Anisotropic Irradiation for X-Ray Computed Tomography
Lahav Alon 2021 Ayellet Tal Abstracts MeshWalker: Deep Mesh Understanding by Random Walks
Mayo Bar 2021 Ayellet Tal, Tamir Hazan, Abstracts Visual Navigation with Spatial Attention
Yokev Idan 2021 Gad Bahir, Meir Orenstein, Abstracts Toward GaN on Si based Monolithic Integrated Inter-Subband IR Optoelectronics
Recher Dan 2021 Avi Mendelson Abstracts uVP: Efficient Implementation of Value Prediction via Micro-Op Cache
Zargari Noa 2021 Yoash Levron Abstracts A Modified Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Optimal Control of Energy Storage Devices with Limited Ramp Rate
Wiegner Aviad 2021 Ronen Talmon Abstracts Data Driven Koopman Operator Analysis Based on Noisy Augmented Observations
Strugo Nir 2021 Alex Hayat Abstracts Superconductor-Semiconductor Waveguide Devices
Tcenov Ilya 2021 Guy Gilboa Abstracts Error Predction for Adaptive Depth Sampling
Silbak Jumana 2021 Ronen Talmon, Ron Meir, Abstracts Geometric Analysis of the Dynamic Connectivity of Biological and Artifical Neural Networks
Dahan Mor Mordechai 2021 Shahar Kvatinsky Abstracts C-AND: Mixed Writing Scheme for Disturb Reduction in 1T Ferroelectric FET Memory
Praisler Shachar 2021 Guy Gilboa Abstracts Adaptive LiDAR Sampling and Depth Completion using Ensemble Variance
Ben Yosef Gefen 2021 Yoash Levron Abstracts Frequency Stability of the Israeli Power Grid With High Penetration of Renewable Sources and Energy Storage Systems
Zoref Ido 2021 Ariel Orda Abstracts An Efficient Algorithm for Finding Sets of Optimal Routes
Karbachevsky Alex 2021 Avi Mendelson Abstracts Complexity Measurement of Neural Networks on Hardware Deployment
Khamis Julia 2021 Ori Rottenstreich Abstracts Demand-Aware Optimization in Offchain Networks for Blockchain Systems
Chocron Armand 2021 Yehoshua Zeevi, Joachim Behar, Abstracts Remote Diagnosis and Phenotyping of Atrial Fibrillation using Machine Learning
Sadeh Kenigsfield Gal 2021 Ran El-Yaniv Abstracts Leveraging Auxiliary Text for Deep Recognition of Unseen Visual Relationships
Dorfman Ron 2021 Aviv Tamar Abstracts Offline Meta Reinforcment Learning of Efficient Exploration
Shkolnik Moran 2021 Uri Weiser Abstracts Robust Quantization and Semi-Uniform Quantization: Hardware-Aware Methods for Deep Neural Network Acceleration
Avelin Tzvi 2021 Moshe Horowitz Abstracts Selection of the Oscillation Mode in Multi-Mode Oscillators by Initializing the Cavity Signal
Abramov Herzel 2021 Ido Tal Abstracts Research and Implementation of Polar Codes for Processes with Memory
Adelman Menachem 2021 Mark Silberstein Abstracts Faster Neural Neworks Training with Approximate Tensor Operations
Faina Orit 2020 Avi Mendelson, Hagai Bar-El, Abstracts Can We Trust a TEE-Based Sim?
Danial Lilia 2020 Yoav Etsion, Lluis Vilanova, Abstracts Preserving Locality Across Virtual and Physical Address Spaces To Accelerate Address Translation
Ostrovsky Evgeny 2020 Guy Bartal Abstracts Nano Scale Control over Optical Singularities
Peretz Nissim 2020 Arie Feuer Abstracts Deep Learning Applied to Beamforming in Medical Ultrasound
Biton Shai 2020 Guy Gilboa Abstracts Adaptive Anisotropic Total Variation – A Nonlinear Spectral Analysis
Baruhov Elena 2020 Guy Gilboa Abstracts Cyclic Generative Models for Depth Image Enhancement
Shentcis Michael 2020 Ido Kaminer Abstracts Radiation Emission Effects from Periodic Interactions of Free Electrons
Doweck Yael 2020 Ittay Eyal Abstracts Multi-Party Timed Commitments
Atkins Aviva 2020 Israel Cohen Abstracts Speech Enhancement Based on Adaptive Line Enhancer
Barkai Saar 2020 Assaf Schuster Abstracts Distributed Deep Neural Networks
Chachamovitz Yoav 2020 Guy Bartal Abstracts Hybrid Plasmonic-Dielectric Nanoantennas
Shemer Yair 2020 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts Unsupervised Video Summarization using Heuristic Optimization Algorithms
Reani Yohai 2020 Omer Bobrowski Abstracts Cycle Registration in Persistent Homology with Application in Topological Bootstrap
Rozenberg Shai 2020 Ran El-Yaniv Abstracts Improved Detection of Adversarial Attacks via Penetration Distortion Maximization
Linial Ori 2020 Ron Meir, Uri Shalit, Abstracts Generative ODE Modeling with Known Unknowns
Cohen Yossef 2020 Moshe Porat, Zvi Friedman, Abstracts On Model-Based Analysis and Representation of Ultrasound Imaging
Raveh Or 2020 Ron Meir Abstracts Learning and Communication in a Multi-Agent Setup
Feld Tal Michael 2020 Guy Gilboa, Noam Kaplan, Abstracts NonLinear Spectral Analysis for Grouping Problems
Falik Adi 2020 Moshe Porat, Zvi Friedman, Abstracts On Compression and Speckle Suppression for Ultrasound Medical Images
Geva Adam 2020 Yoav Schechner Abstracts X-Ray Computed Tomography through Scatter
Shoshan Alon 2020 Ayellet Tal, Lihi Zelnik-Manor, Abstracts Dynamic-Net: Tuning the Objective without Re-Training for Synthesis Tasks
Cohen Naama 2020 Levi Schachter Abstracts Two-Bbeam Accelerator based on a Cherenkov Wake Amplified by an Optical Active Medium
Tork Maroun 2020 Mark Silberstein Abstracts SmartNIC-Driven Accelerator-Centric Architecture for Network Servers
Daniel Tal 2020 Aviv Tamar Abstracts Deep Variational Semi-Supervised Novelty Detection
Cohen Aharon 2020 Mirela Ben-Chen Abstracts Robust Shape Collection Matching and Correspondence from Shape Differences
Konstantinovsky Iliah 2020 Emanuel Cohen Abstracts Full Duplex Transceiver based on N-path Filtering
Shama Firas 2020 Yoav Schechner, Lihi Zelnik-Manor, Abstracts Adversarial Feedback Loop
Shem Tov Kfir 2020 Anat Levin Abstracts Towards Reflectometry from Interreflections
Chechik Jonathan Salah 2020 Alon Wolf, Lihi Zelnik-Manor, Abstracts MTFA: Magneto Tactile Feedback Apparatus
Gharaba Duha 2020 Emanuel Cohen Abstracts MM-Wave Mixer First Receiver for Ultra Low Power Phased Array Systems
Ravi Kumar Resmi 2020 Amir Rosenthal Abstracts Ultrasound Detection via Polymer-Coated Silicon-Photonics-Based Sensors
Paz Yuval 2020 Yuval Yaish Abstracts Atomic Interaction between One and Two Dimensional Nano-Scale Devices
Atias Avner 2020 Moshe Porat Abstracts Video Target Tracking using Sweeping Experts
Rossenberg Oran 2020 Shimon Marom, Noam Ziv, Abstracts Spatial Source Separation in Random Networks of Cortical Neurons using Manifold Learning
Kaliroff Damian 2020 Guy Gilboa Abstracts Self-Supervised Unconstrained Photo-Consistent Transform for Improved Matching
Cohen Ido 2020 Ronen Talmon Abstracts Unsupervised Anomaly and Target Detection using Manifold Learning with Application to Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)
Lin Ya-Wei 2020 Abstracts Graph Analysis for Multiplexed Data with Application to Image Mass Cytometry
Lin Ya-Wei 2020 Ronen Talmon Abstracts Graph Analysis for Multiplexed Data with Application to Image Mass Cytometry
Avrashi Gilad 2020 Israel Cohen, Alon Amar, Abstracts Time Varying Carrier Frequency Offset Estimation in Multicarrier Underwater Acoustic Communication
Melamed Itamar 2020 Emanuel Cohen Abstracts LO Generation Based PLL for Millimeter Wave Phased-Arrays
Kretzu Ben 2020 Yehuda Levy, Dan Garber, Abstracts Efficient Algorithms for Bandit Convex Optimization
Sassoon Eden 2020 Yoav Schechner, Avital Treibitz, Abstracts Flare in Interference-Based Hyperspectral Cameras
Chen Zetian 2020 Nir Tessler Abstracts Study and Characterization of Organic-Metal Oxide Hybrid Phototransistor
Xing Xinxi 2020 Alex Hayat Abstracts High Tc Superconductor Nanoscale Device
Gandelman Michael 2020 Yuval Cassuto Abstracts Treepication: An Erasure Code for Decentralized Storage Systems
Miron Dror 2020 Lior Kornblum Abstracts Developing Building Blocks for Oxide Electronics
Gutkin Yakov 2020 Emanuel Cohen Abstracts A Multi-Octave Microwave 6 Bit True Time Delay (TTD)
Sason Eliyahu 2020 Shie Mannor, Yacov Crammer, Abstracts Structured Label Classification using Deep Learning
Monin Sagi 2020 Amir Rosenthal Abstracts Rapid Single-Pixel Imaging
Soceanu Omri 2019 Moshe Porat, Zvi Friedman, Abstracts Thinning Transducer Arrays for Ultrasound Imaging using Multiplicative Beamforming
Harosh Omri 2019 Ron Meir Abstracts Exploration in Continuous Domains using Pseudo-Counts
Tsiper Shahar 2019 Yonina Eldar Abstracts Pseudo-Polar Based CT Reconstruction
Panna Dmitry 2019 Alex Hayat Abstracts Ultrafast Dynamics in Hybrid Devices Based on Novel Phases of Matter
Zeno Chen 2019 Daniel Soudry Abstracts Task Agnostic Continual Learning using Online Variational Bayes
Hershko Eran 2019 Tomer Michaeli, Yoav Shechtman, Abstracts Multicolor Localization Microscopy and Point-Spread-Function Engineering by Deep Learning
Itzhak Dor 2019 Yossef Steinberg Abstracts Cooperation in Communication Systems Under Uncertainty Conditions
Katz Matias 2019 Meir Orenstein, Gad Bahir, Abstracts III-Nitrides Intersubband Based Quantum Cascade Detectors with Enhanced Performance by Optical Nano-Structur
Wald Nimrod 2019 Shahar Kvatinsky Abstracts Use of Memristor Based Logic Circuits for Beyond Von Neumann Computer Architectures
Bar Lev Lior 2019 Avi Mendelson Abstracts Characterizing a Data Routing Algorithm for Fault Tolerant Real-Time NoC Systems
Oskar Dror 2019 Moshe Horowitz Abstracts Formation of Similaritons in Bragg Gratings Written in Passive Fibers
Vainiger Adi 2019 Yoav Schechner Abstracts Underwater Wide Field Tomography of Sediment Resuspension
Vilner Pavel 2019 Emanuel Cohen Abstracts Design of Dense Antenna Array in 60-80GHz Range with Emphasis on Utilizing Decoupling and Optimal Feeding Techniques
Khawaled Samah 2019 Yehoshua Zeevi Abstracts Models of Stochastic Textures in Image Processing
Edelstein Michal 2019 Mirela Ben-Chen Abstracts A Genetic Algorithm for Fully Automatic Non-Isometric Shape Matching
Shoham Meged 2019 Mirela Ben-Chen Abstracts Hierarchical Functional Maps between Subdivision Surfaces
Zeide Michael 2019 Shlomo Shamai )Shitz( Abstracts On Physical Layer Secrecy Aspects in Cellular Models
Dozortsev Alexander 2019 Yuval Yaish Abstracts Carbon Nanotubes Hybrid hBN Field Effects Transistors
Nussbaum Hoffer Nirit 2019 Tomer Michaeli Abstracts Color and Multispectral Sensing using a Conventional Camera
Septon Tali 2019 Gad Eisenstein Abstracts Stable Laser Reference System for Spectral Characterization of Narrow Linewidth QD-DFB Lasers
Shallom Ariel 2019 Moshe Porat, Hagai Kirshner, Abstracts On Mobile Sensing of Spatial Fields
Zeno Lior 2019 Mark Silberstein Abstracts I/O-Intensive Workloads on Accelerators
Krengel Ofir 2019 Yehoshua Zeevi Abstracts Inpainting of Surfaces and Images
Joseph Rivlin Mor 2019 Ron Kimmel Abstracts Learning to Classify 3D Shapes by Geometric Features
Arbel Nadav Yehonata 2019 Ayellet Tal, Lihi Zelnik-Manor, Abstracts Partial Correspondence of 3D Shapes using Properties of the Nearest-Neighbor Field
Wolff Adam 2019 Guy Gilboa Abstracts Image-Guided Depth Sampling and Reconstruction
Senouf Ortal 2019 Alexander Bronstein, Michael Zibulevsky, Abstracts Improving Ultrasound Imaging with Deep Neural Networks
Shayer Oran 2019 Michael Lindenbaum Abstracts A Deep learning Approach for Generic Image Segmentation
Naor Oded 2019 Ittay Eyal Abstracts Teechain: A Secure Asynchronous Blockchain Payment Network
Canyasse Raphael 2019 Yoash Levron Abstracts Supervised Learning for Stability Computation
Liss Natan 2019 Avi Mendelson Abstracts Neural Network Quantization for Integer-Only Inferencing on an FPGA
Matari Yakir 2019 Yacov Crammer Abstracts Improving Semantic Classification in Deep Learning Models
Arad Eran 2019 Ron Meir Abstracts Comparative Research of Algorithms for the Contextual Bandits Problem
Yair Noam 2019 Tomer Michaeli Abstracts Multi-Scale Weighted Nuclear Norm Image Restoration
Dror Ben 2019 Meir Orenstein, Gad Bahir, Abstracts Intersubband Infrared Optoelectronic Devices in Gallium-Nitride on Silicon
Adam Guy 2019 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts Approximate Thompson Sampling for Improved Exploration in Deep Reinforcement Learning
Manuskin Alexander 2019 Ittay Eyal Abstracts Ostraka: Blockchain Scaling by Node Sharding
Zisselman Vainshtein Ev 2019 Michael Elad Abstracts A Local Block Coordinate Descent Algorithm for the Convolutional Sparse Coding Model
Dikshtein Michael 2019 Shlomo Shamai )Shitz( Abstracts Information Theoretic Aspects of Device to Device Communications
Fidelman Peli 2019 Arie Feuer Abstracts Power Law Base Adaptive Compressive Sensing
Bloom Noam 2019 Ronen Talmon Abstracts Covariance Matrix Estimation Under a Combined Low-Rank and graphical Model Structure
Avinu Maya 2019 Ronen Talmon, Ron Meir, Abstracts Analyzing Neuronal Signals using Geometric Methods
Tlusty Shapiro Tal 2019 Lihi Zelnik-Manor, Tomer Michaeli, Abstracts Modifying Non-Local Variations Across Multiple Views
Nasser Karam 2019 Dan Ritter Abstracts Integration of Device and Circuit Simulation Programs of GaN Transistors
Vainstein Constantine 2019 Yitzhak Birk, Yael Nemirovsky, Abstracts Architectural and System Aspects of a SPAD-Based Muzzle Flash Detection System
Livny Gal 2019 Igal Sason Abstracts Finite Length Analysis of Lossy Compression via Sparse Regression Codes
Shapiro Stav 2019 Michael Elad Abstracts Improving Patch Similarity Measure Using Order Preserving Criterion and Learned Context Features
Schwartz Arie 2019 Mark Silberstein, Guy Gilboa, Abstracts Medical Monitoring Using Multi-Modal Cameras
Berger Alon 2019 Idit Keidar Abstracts Integrated Bounds for Disintegrated Storage
Belkin Alex 2019 Israel Cidon, Nethanel Gelernter, Abstracts The Risks of WebGL: Analysis, Evaluation and Detection
Drozdov Gilad 2019 Amir Rosenthal Abstracts Optoacoustic Tomography with Negatively Focused Detectors
Meir Hagar 2019 Idit Keidar Abstracts Oak: Off-Heap Allocated Keys Big Data Analytics
Cohen David 2018 Yonina Eldar Abstracts High Resolution FDMA MIMO Radar with Sub-Nyquist Sampling
Goldshtein Israel 2018 Yuval Yaish, Nir Tessler, Abstracts Contact and Intrinsic Properties of Carbon Nanotubes
Cassel Asaf Benjamin 2018 Shie Mannor Abstracts A General Approach to Multi-Armed Bandits Under Risk Criteria
Osman Bilal 2018 Dan Ritter Abstracts Study of Electron Trapping Effects in Gallium Nitride Transistors
Weiss Roy 2018 Emanuel Cohen Abstracts Low Loss Integrated N-Path-Filter-Based Circulator
Shterman Doron 2018 Guy Bartal Abstracts Multiple Moire' Structured Illumination Patterns for Spatial Resolution Enhancement in Florescence Microscopy
Eizner Yehoshua 2018 Ron Meir Abstracts Reinforcement Learning as an Organizing Principle for Biological Navigation
Segal Daniel 2018 Nahum Shimkin, Aharon Bar-Gill, Abstracts Max-Range Glides in Engine Cutoff Emergencies under Severe Wind
Mazor Gal 2018 Yonina Eldar Abstracts Sub-Nyquist Quantitative Estimation of Magnetic Resonance Parameters
Dishon Yehonatan 2018 Ayellet Tal, Lihi Zelnik-Manor, Abstracts Motion Cues for Gaze Prediction in Video
Tennenholtz Guy 2018 Shie Mannor Abstracts Sequential Vaccination of Epidemics in Networks
Ben-Hur Yuval 2018 Yuval Cassuto Abstracts Detection and Coding Schemes for Resistive Storage Devices
Stein Ioushua Shahar 2018 Yonina Eldar Abstracts Signal Processing Challenges in Massive MIMO Systems
Hyams Yedidya 2018 Moshe Porat Abstracts On the Spatial Distribution of Colour in Images and its Role in Image Resizing
Gaizman Natalie 2018 Avi Mendelson Abstracts CAN Bus Protocol with an Emphasis on the Security Aspect Security Aspect
Feldman Raz 2018 Yoash Levron Abstracts Optimal Power Flow Solution Using Clustered Networks
Mirel Merabi 2018 Israel Cohen Abstracts Multichannel Semi-Blind Sparse Deconvolution of Seismic Signals
Pinkovich Barak 2018 Hector Rotstein Abstracts Obstacle Avoidance In an Unstructured Environment
Goldman Avi 2018 Moshe Porat, Zvi Friedman, Abstracts On Model-Based Ultrasound Imaging
Revach Guy 2018 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts Planning for Cooperative Multiple Agents with Sparse Interactions
Solomon Amit 2018 Yuval Cassuto Abstracts Error-Correction WOM Codes: Concatenation and Joint Design
Dimitsas Vasileios 2018 Mark Silberstein Abstracts A Readahead Prefetcher for GPU File System Layer
Bergman Shai Aviram 2018 Mark Silberstein Abstracts High Performance Disk I/O on GPUs
Sivan Amir 2018 Meir Orenstein Abstracts Enhancement of Superradiant Emission of Quantum Sources by Coupling to Nanostructured Media
Abassi Ahmad Zaid 2018 Ron Meir Abstracts Lower-Dimensional Representation: Compression, Faithfulness and Relevance
Nishry Oren 2018 Avi Mendelson Abstracts PUF:Survey on Physical Unclonable Function Hardware Implementation and Security-Based Application
Jammal Mtanes Loren 2018 Uri Weiser Abstracts Analyzing the Interaction of I/O and Performance in Multiprocessors
Mulayoff Rotem 2018 Tomer Michaeli Abstracts Universal Sparse Representation
Perera Shay 2018 Ayellet Tal, Lihi Zelnik-Manor, Abstracts Image Memorability – Insights and Prediction
Kissos Lior 2018 Moshe Nazarathy Abstracts Through-The-Earth OFDM Commnication
Talati Nishil 2018 Shahar Kvatinsky Abstracts Design of a Memory Controller to Support PIM Operations Using RRAM
Spier Ori 2018 Guy Gilboa, Avital Treibitz, Abstracts In-Situ Target-less Calibration of a Turbid Media
Osherov Elad 2018 Michael Lindenbaum Abstracts Increasing CNN Robustness to Occlusions by Reducing Filter Support
Avidar David 2018 David Malah, Meir Bar-Zohar, Abstracts Local-to-Global 3D Point Cloud Registration using a Viewpoint Dictionary
Tzafrir Hagai 2018 Ron Kimmel, Dorith Goldsher, Abstracts Geometric Analysis for Multi-Modal MRI
Farbman Barak 2018 Yuval Cassuto Abstracts Coded Caching for Content Distribution Networks
Divon Gilad 2018 Ayellet Tal Abstracts Viewpoint Estimation – insight and Model
Haj Ali Ameer 2018 Shahar Kvatinsky Abstracts Performing Image Processing in Memristive Memory
Homri Adi 2018 Shlomo Shamai )Shitz( Abstracts Oblivious Processing on a Gaussian Channel by a Fronthaul Constrained Relay
Zhitnikov Andrey 2018 Tomer Michaeli Abstracts Revealing Common Statistical Behaviors in Heterogeneous Populations
Petersil Boaz 2018 Yacov Crammer Abstracts Improving Ranking Performance for a CQA Vertical Search by Modeling Unmatched Terms and Learning a Term Similarity Function
Shoham Avi 2018 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Fast Optical CMOS Sensor-Based Applications and Signal Preprocessing Algorithms
Perl Tamir 2018 Nahum Shimkin, Abstracts Modeling and Control of Vibratory MEMS Gyroscope with Parametric Resonance
Shaket Dan 2018 Idit Keidar Abstracts Exploiting Worload Similarities for Efficient Scheduling in Diverse Asymmetric Chip Multiprocessing
Berkowitch Ziv 2018 Ariel Orda Abstracts On Routing Games and Net Neutrality
Ginzberg Nimrod 2018 Emanuel Cohen Abstracts Linearization Technique of a Diplexer-Free Transmitter for Carrier Aggregation Signals
Rozenberg Igal 2018 Yoash Levron Abstracts Compressed Sensing for Efficient Power System Monitoring
Farber Aryeh 2018 Emanuel Cohen Abstracts Design and Analysis of High Performance Time to Digital Converters
Sarfati Eyal 2018 Yitzhak Birk, Shmuel Wimer, Abstracts VLSI Delay Tuning by Signal Shielding
Samuel Asaf 2018 Isaac Keslassy, Eitan Zahavi, Abstracts Routing Keys A Scalable Application Aware Routing Algorithm
Yankilevich Yevgeny 2018 Ran Ginosar, Leonid Yavits, Abstracts Fast and Efficient Soft Errors Detection and Correction in CAM and TCAM
Zhurahov Michael 2018 Baruch Fischer, Refael Weill, Abstracts Thermalization, Bistability and Classical Laser Light Codensation in Erbium-Doped Fiber Cavities
Amar Moshe 2018 Yacov Crammer Abstracts Layman's Learning to be an Expert: An Efficient Online Multiclass Classification for Hierarchical-Structured Classes
Tamir Ran 2018 Neri Merhav Abstracts Error Exponents and Universal Decoders for the Asymmetric Broadcast Channel
Sourani Yael 2018 Baruch Fischer Abstracts The Dynamics of Wavelength Switching and Tuning by Mode Locking of Fiber Lasers
Boublil David 2018 Michael Zibulevsky, Michael Elad, Abstracts Deep Learning for Inverse Problems in Image Restoration
Dan Asa 2018 Yoram Moses Abstracts Using Time Without Clocks
Liraz-Lidji Ron 2018 Dan Ritter, Ilan Riess, Abstracts Mixed Ionic Electronic Conductor Model of the Resistive Switching Effect
Danial Dorin 2017 Moshe Porat, Zvi Friedman, Abstracts On Chirp Excitation and Compression for Ultrasound Imaging
Kartowsky Assaf 2017 Ido Tal Abstracts Greedy-Merge Degrading has Optimal Power-Law
Katz Ori 2017 Ronen Talmon Abstracts Difusion-Based Nonlinear Filtering for Multimodal Data Fusion
Ben-Arye Sariel 2017 Isaac Keslassy, Alexander Shpiner, Abstracts CEETCP: Congestion Control for Data-center Lossless Networks
Kravzov Hila 2017 Moshe Nazarathy Abstracts Robust Detection of Buried Conducting Wires
Erihov Miri 2017 Yacov Crammer, Rechel Kolodny, Abstracts Identifying Accurate Twilight-Zone Alignments with Machine Learning and Local Information
Gottesman Yonatan 2017 Yoav Etsion Abstracts NeSC: A self-virtualizing, nested storage controller
Mizrachi Kfir 2017 Yuval Cassuto, Ilan Bloom, Abstracts Memory Reliability for Cells with Strong Bit-Coupling interference
Rotman Daniel 2017 Guy Gilboa Abstracts RGB Based Temporal Depth Restoration
Oz Nitzan 2017 Emanuel Cohen Abstracts Millimeter Wave Frequency Source Circuits in 28nm CMOS Process for Phased Array Systems
Yaacoby Eyal 2017 Ron Meir Abstracts Efficient Exploration for the Bandit Multiclass Problem
Hubara Itay 2017 Ran El-Yaniv Abstracts Compressing Neural Networks Using Binary Representation
Shriki Avi 2017 Dan Ritter, Moshe Eizenberg, Abstracts A Study of Ohmic Contacts to Gallium Nitride-Based High Electron Mobility Transistors(HEMTs)
Barel Yehuda Shabtay 2017 Yoash Levron Abstracts An Analytic Solution for State Estimation and Observability Analysis in Power Systems
Eyal Ori 2017 Gad Eisenstein Abstracts High-Speed 1.5 micron quantum dot lasers and their temperature stability
Cohen Haim 2017 Yacov Crammer Abstracts Multi-Task Learning with a Shared Annotator
Sister Ilya 2017 Levi Schachter, Yehuda Leviatan, Abstracts Blackbody Thermal Radiation Calculation Using the Source Model Technique
Schwartz Ariel 2017 Ronen Talmon Abstracts Intrinsic Isometric Manifold Learning with Application to Localization in Sensor Networks
Shahar Sagi 2017 Mark Silberstein Abstracts Efficient I/O operations on GPGPU devices
Khawaja Tamer 2017 Ariel Orda, Dean H. Lorenz, Abstracts Near Linear Time Approximation for Multi- Constrained Shortest Path
Daoud Feras 2017 Mark Silberstein Abstracts High Performance Low Latency Network Over GPU
Alam Hanna 2017 Yoav Etsion Abstracts Do-It-Yourself Virtual Memory Translation
Katzir Oren 2017 Guy Gilboa Abstracts On the Scale-Space of Filters and Their Applications
Hait Fraenkel Ester 2017 Guy Gilboa Abstracts Quality Enhancement of Facial Images Based on Semantic Patches
Berdugo Guy 2017 Guy Gilboa Abstracts 3D Correspondences by Local Feature Matching
Anschel Oron 2017 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts Variance Reduction and Algorithm Stabilization for Deep Reinforcement Learning
Sharabi Yonatan 2017 Gad Eisenstein, Mordechai Segev, Abstracts Aspects of Waves in Aperiodic Structures
Slossberg Ron 2017 Ron Kimmel Abstracts Shape Reconstruction from Axiomatic Coded Light to Learning Stereo
Hazan Alon 2017 Ron Meir Abstracts Learning an Attention Model Artificial in an Visual System
Aberman Kfir 2017 Yonina Eldar Abstracts Sub-Nyquist Synthetic Aperture Radar
Saat Efi 2017 Yoram Moses Abstracts The Impact of Using Time in Software Defined Networks
Pereg Deborah 2017 Israel Cohen Abstracts Sparse Seismic Inversion
Taitler Ayal 2017 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts Intelligent Control and Learning for an Air Hockey Playing Robot
Golan Michal 2017 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts Burstiness-Constrained Markov Decision Processes
Arbel Noa 2017 Michael Lindenbaum, Tamar Avraham, Abstracts Inner-Scene Similarities as a Contextual Cue for Object Detection
Nayman Niv 2017 Rami Atar, Yan Dolinsky, Abstracts Stochastic Control For Shortfall Risk Minimization under Constant Transaction Costs
Wattad Ameer 2017 Mark Silberstein Abstracts Scalable Multi-GPU Network Servers
Nossek Raz Zvi 2017 Guy Gilboa Abstracts Nonlinear Analysis: Eigenvalue Problems and Spectral Applications
Adler Nitzan 2017 Yuval Cassuto Abstracts Burst-Erasure Correcting Codes with Optimal Average Delay
Hilleli Bar 2017 Ran El-Yaniv Abstracts Autonomous Steering without a Simulator using Deep Supervised and Reinforcement Learning
Levine Nir 2017 Shie Mannor Abstracts Rotting Bandits
Avraham Ido 2017 Yoash Levron, Leonid Mirkin, Abstracts Exploiting Redundancies in Over-Actuated Power Systems
Ram Eshed 2017 Igal Sason Abstracts On Renyi Entropy Power Inequalities
Elbaz Romi 2017 Lihi Zelnik-Manor Abstracts Automatic Looping Video Synthesis
Baskin Chaim 2017 Avi Mendelson Abstracts Streaming Architecture for Large-Scale Quantized Neural Networks on an FPGA Based Dataflow Platform
Ramadan Misbah 2017 Ran Ginosar, Shahar Kvatinsky, Abstracts Adaptive Programming for Multi-Level Cell ReRAM
Chiswick Max 2017 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts Solving Computer Poker with Counterfactual Regret Minimization
Sherman Alexander 2017 Moshe Horowitz Abstracts Electro-optical systems with ultra-low phase noise and their applications in RF electronic systems
Rogachevsky Ze'ev 2017 Yuval Yaish Abstracts VLSI Based Carbon Nanotubes
Shevlyakov Alexey 2017 Mirela Ben-Chen Abstracts Metric Transformation through Local Linear Maps: Application to Frame Field Generation
Berkun Reuven 2016 Israel Cohen Abstracts Quality Analysis and Enhancement of Reverberated Speech Using Microphone Arrays
Rosen Oren 2016 Israel Cohen Abstracts Design and Analysis of a Constant Beamwidth Beamformer
Levy Yifat 2016 Avinoam Kolodny, Aby Friedman, Abstracts Digital Circuits Design Using Memristors
Sorkin Anton 2016 Aharon Blank Abstracts Ultra Sensitive Miniature Resonator for Electron Spin Resonance at mm Frequencies
Asory Michal 2016 Rami Atar, Adam Shwartz, Abstracts Optimal Control of Queues In Asymptotic Regimes via Minimality of the Skorokhod
Saraf Tomer 2016 Yael Nemirovsky, Aharon Unikovski (Deceased), Abstracts Study of CMOS-SOI Readout Circuits for Uncooled Infra-Red TMOS Sensors
Horon Reuven 2016 Ron Meir Abstracts Reverse Engineering of Recurrent Neural Networks – 3 test cases
Kiperwas Amir 2016 Yonina Eldar, Abstracts Reconstruction of images from irregularly sampled spectral data with application to medical imaging
Blankrot Boaz 2016 Yehuda Leviatan Abstracts A Fast Source-Model Technique for Many-Scatterer Problems in Electromagnetics
Spingarn Eliezer Nurit 2016 Israel Cohen Abstracts Speaker Diarization Using GMM Mean Supervector and Advanced Dimensionality Reduction Algorithms
Meshi Yinnon 2016 Uri Weiser, Isaac Keslassy, Abstracts Flex: Optimal Energy Efficiency in Asymmetric Computer Architecture
Mor Uri 2016 Lihi Zelnik-Manor Abstracts Approximate Exemplar-SVM
Golts Alona 2016 Michael Elad Abstracts Linearized Kernel Dictionary Learning
Rosmarin Yonatan 2016 Robert Adler Abstracts Perturbation Theory for Volume of Tubes
Omary Ahmad 2016 Isaac Keslassy Abstracts SARD: Switch-based Adaptive Routing for Datacenters
Benaloul Oron 2016 Nahum Shimkin, Ilan Rusnak, Abstracts A Pareto Based Comparison Approach for State Estimation of Nonlinear Algorithms
Kaplan Roman 2016 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Accelerating SpMV Multiplication using Compression on the Plural Many-Core Architecture
Shamir Shay 2016 Levi Schachter Abstracts Enhanced Emission of Thermal Radiation in 2D Wavelength-Scale Cylinders
Wolfenfeld Amit 2016 Nir Ailon Abstracts Dueling Bandits Black Boxes
Laredo Gilad 2016 Baruch Fischer Abstracts DFB Fiber-End Laser with Near Surface Coupling and Sensing
Doweck Yaron 2016 Alon Amar, Israel Cohen, Abstracts Frequency Analysis of Non-Stationary Signals with Harmonic Components
Maoz Nadav 2016 Shie Mannor Abstracts The Coctail Party Effect for prior Knowledge Free, Event Discovery in Concurrent, Heterogeneous, Time Series Data
Vaksman Gregory 2016 Michael Elad Abstracts Solving inverse problems in signal and image processing using reordering of the signal samples
Ierushalmi Oren 2016 Yoav Etsion, Mark Silberstein, Abstracts File System Aware FPGA
Eshkoli Ayal 2016 Yael Nemirovsky, Shye Shapira, Abstracts Design and Analysis of High Performance Inductors for Power Management Applications
Paikin Genady 2016 Ayellet Tal Abstracts Solving Multiple Square Jigsaw Puzzles with Missing Pieces
Veikherman Danny 2016 Yoav Schechner Abstracts Clouds in the cloud
Finkelstein Yehuda 2016 Yacov Crammer Abstracts Unsupervised Phoneme Alignment under Transient Noise
Horesh Dikla 2016 Guy Gilboa Abstracts Advanced Texture Decomposition in the Spectral TV Domain
Zeevi Gilad 2016 Yuval Yaish, Nir Tessler, Abstracts Molecule Nano-Crystals Assisted Optical Visualization of Carbon Nanotubes
Barzilai Aviad 2016 Yacov Crammer Abstracts Convex Multi-Task Learning by Clustering
Port Oron 2016 Yoav Etsion Abstracts CAFEO: A Dataflow, Device-Agnostic, Synthesizable Hardware Description Language
Holodovsky Vadim 2016 Yoav Schechner Abstracts In-Situ Multi-View Multi-Scattering Stochastic Tomography
Reizer Yulia 2016 Gad Bahir Abstracts Deterministic Positioning of a Single Quantum dot in a Pillar Microcavity
Pazi Yuval 2016 Meir Orenstein Abstracts Local Field Enhancement Using Rosette and Fractal Nano- Antennas
Fisher Jonathan 2016 Moshe Nazarathy Abstracts Multi-Degree-of-Freedom (DOF) Extremum Seeking (ES) Stabilization of Large-Scale Photonic-Integrated Circuits (PIC)
Glassner Yonatan 2016 Yacov Crammer Abstracts Efficient Resource Allocation using Multi Armed Bandit Variation
Naitzat Gregory 2015 Robert Adler Abstracts A Central Limit Theorem for the Euler Integral of Gaussian Random Fields
Sonn Ezri 2015 Yehoshua Zeevi Abstracts Ricci Flow for Image Processing and Computer Vision
Brand Yulia 2015 Michael Lindenbaum, Tamar Avraham, Abstracts Transitive Re-Identification
Nassar Mohammad 2015 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Many-Core Architecture
Khazin Alexander 2015 Pinchas Einziger Abstracts Electromagnetic heating and reconstruction of lossy layer in a closed cavity
Awad Morad 2015 Dan Ritter, Shye Shapira, Abstracts An Analytical Model for the Silicon Limit of Single and Double RESURF Drift Layers in Integrated LDMOS Devices
Shvartz Ishai 2015 Alfred Bruckstein, Tamar Avraham, Abstracts The Effect of Noise Patterns on Depth Perception in Autostereograms
Marciano Abraham 2015 Guy Gilboa Abstracts Design and Implementation of a Stereo Algorithm Robust to Texture-Less Scenes
Nogin Yevgeni 2015 Meir Orenstein Abstracts Self-Forces on Photon Emitters near Symmetrical Nano-Structures
Dordek Yedidyah 2015 Ron Meir, Dori Derdikman, Abstracts From Place-Cells to Grid-cells: A Trip between Dimensions
Zhang Yongxin 2015 Ran Ginosar, Aharon Unikovski (Deceased), Abstracts High Speed Receiver Circuit for On-Chip Communications
Strassberg Asaf 2015 Raphael Rom Abstracts Design and Implementation of a Universal User Interface System
Katz Shahar 2015 Ron Meir Abstracts A Bayesian View of Spontaneous Neural Activity as an Internal Representation of the Environment – a Neural Network Model
Mendelson Gal 2015 Rami Atar Abstracts Control in the Large Deviation Regime for a Class of Queueing Models
Kravchik Ilya 2015 Yacov Crammer Abstracts Learning Drifting Data Using Selective Sampling
Okun Uri 2015 Israel Cohen, Abstracts Image Registration by Probabilistic Multi-Assignment Graph Matching
Pereg Uziahu 2015 Ido Tal Abstracts Channel Upgradation for Non-Binary Input Alphabets and MACs
Osokin Yuri 2015 Nahum Shimkin, Aharon Bar-Gill, Abstracts Trajectory Planning for Aircraft Engine-Shutoff Emergencies
Barsky Daniel 2015 Yacov Crammer Abstracts CONQUER – Confusion Queried Bandit Learning
Sela Matan 2015 Ron Kimmel Abstracts Surface Caricaturization
Golts Alexander 2015 Yoav Schechner Abstracts Resolution Limits due to Pointwise Degradations in Color Imaging
Orenbach Meni 2015 Idit Keidar Abstracts Evaluating User Similarity Search in OnLine Social Networks
Odeh Saher 2015 Yuval Cassuto Abstracts NAND Flash Architectures Reducing Write Amplification through Multi-Write Codes
Radan Marat 2015 Isaac Keslassy Abstracts Tapping into the Router's Unutilized Processing Power
Javitt Michael 2015 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts CMOS SPAD (Single Photon Avalanche Diode) for 3D Imaging
Malka Haim 2015 Moshe Horowitz Abstracts Control of Passively Mode-Locked Optoelectronic Oscillators
Levy Jarczun Danielle 2015 Rami Atar Abstracts Optimal Policy Computation of the Multiclass Queue
Blau Yacob Yochai 2015 Guy Bartal Abstracts Short-wavelength and Negative Index Surface Plasmons
Or-El Roy 2015 Alfred Bruckstein Abstracts Enhanced Active Vision
Ginzach Shai 2015 Igal Sason Abstracts Sequential Hypothesis Testing and Channel Coding with Feedback
Patkin Katia 2015 Yoram Moses Abstracts A Priority-Based Analysis of Mutual Exclusion
Shlomi Keren 2015 Eyal Buks Abstracts Synchronization in On-Fiber Optomechanical Devices
Laty Zahi 2015 Meir Orenstein Abstracts OLED Plasmonics Enhancement
Nacson Yuval Hai 2015 Uri Weiser, Yoav Etsion, Abstracts Performance and Energy Evaluation of Continuos Flow MultiThreading Processors
Tamari Natan 2015 Meir Orenstein, Tal Mor, Abstracts Experimental Semiquantum Key Distribution: Classical Alice with Mirror
Baransi Akram 2015 Shie Mannor Abstracts Best Empirical Sampled Average – BESA – an Algorithm for the Multi-Armed Bandits
Mordechay Moran 2015 Yoav Schechner Abstracts Optimal Measurements for Poisson Compressed Sensing
Friedman Itamar 2015 Lihi Zelnik-Manor Abstracts Distance-Based Hashing for ANN Fields
Avrahamov Talia 2015 Nir Tessler Abstracts Transistors Based on Thin Film Metal Oxides
Benisty Eliav 2015 Israel Cohen Abstracts Dereverberation and Noise Suppression of Multichannel Speech Signals
Gaizman Ron 2015 Yehoshua Zeevi Abstracts Blind Source Separation in Varying Mixing Systems
Bar-Ilan Omer 2015 Yonina Eldar Abstracts Sub-Nyquist Radar via Doppler Focusing
Baram Nir 2015 Lihi Zelnik-Manor Abstracts Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search for Video
Pri-Or Roie 2015 Moshe Porat, Zvi Friedman, Abstracts On Chirp-Based Ultrasound Systems
Diamant Ron 2015 Ran Ginosar, Rakefet Kol, Abstracts Asynchronous Sub-threshold Ultra-low Power Processor
Yankelevsky Yael 2014 Arie Feuer, Zvi Friedman, Abstracts Sparse Representation of Ultrasound Signals using Raw-Data Decomposition
Almog Barak 2014 Shie Mannor Abstracts A Least Squares Temporal Difference Cross Entropy Approach to Intelligent Air Combat
Katz Gil 2014 Shlomo Shamai )Shitz( Abstracts On Layered Transmission in Clustered Cooperative Cellular Architectures
Diament Alon 2014 Ron Pinter, Tamir Tuller, Abstracts Three Dimensional Genomic Organization of Eukaryotic Genes is Strongly Correlated with Their Codon Usage; Expression and Function
Shalom Aviv 2014 Moshe Nazarathy Abstracts Phase Recovery Systems for Coherent Optical Transmission
Karasik Roy 2014 Shlomo Shamai )Shitz( Abstracts Robust Uplink Communications with Variable Backhaul Connectivity
Aronovich Daniel 2014 Guy Bartal Abstracts The Nonlinear Hyperlens: Modelling Linear Nonlinear Cylinderical Metal-Dielectric Multilayers at the Nanoscale
Mayzels Victoria 2014 Lihi Zelnik-Manor, Tal Hessner, Abstracts On SIFTs and their Scales
Ella Lior 2014 Eyal Buks Abstracts Nonlinear Phenomena in Optomechanical Devices
Slavenko Michael 2014 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Study of Uncooled CMOS-SOI-NEMS THz Thermal Sensors
Elron Asaf Joseph 2014 Arie Feuer Abstracts Reconstruction of Hyperspectral Images from Compressive Samples Using a Combined Spatial-Spectral Prior
Cohen Ido 2014 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts Control and Guidance of Fighter Aircraft in Autonomic Flight
Oren Gilad 2014 Baruch Fischer Abstracts Experimental Study of Condensation and Phase-Transition Phenomena in Actively Mode-Locked lasers
Berkovich Hila 2014 David Malah, Meir Bar-Zohar, Abstracts Model-Based Adaptive Non-Local Means Image Denoising
Dar Yehuda 2014 Alfred Bruckstein Abstracts Spatio-Temporal Bit-Allocation for Low Bit-Rate Video Coding
Recher Shani 2014 Yosef Salzman Abstracts The Impact of Oxide-Oxide Interfaces in Resistive Switching Devices
Rabinovich Adi 2014 Arie Feuer, Zvi Friedman, Abstracts Adaptive Beamforming in High Frame Rate Medical Ultrasound Imaging
Ishay Yakir 2014 Guy Bartal Abstracts Analyzing Localized Plasmon Resonance in Complex Three Dimensional Geometries Using Source Model Technique
Shifman Evgeny 2014 Yuval Yaish, Nir Tessler, Abstracts Hysteresis and Sensing in Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors
Elias Avithal 2014 Yoram Baram, Daphne Weihs, Noah Lotan, Abstracts Statistical Analysis of Particle Transport and Interactions in Metastatic Cancer
Voin Miron 2014 Levi Schachter Abstracts Electromagnetic Wake Amplification by Active Medium
Even Zur Ziv 2014 Yuval Yaish, Nir Tessler, Abstracts Non-Volatile Memories Based on Silicon Nanowires
Gilinsky Alexandra 2014 Lihi Zelnik-Manor Abstracts SIFTpack: A compact Representation for Efficient SIFT Matching
Merhav Tomer 2014 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts An Electro-Optic Flash Detection System in the Visible Waveband
Schneider Ron 2014 Yoav Schechner Abstracts Light Propagation in Fog
Bahat Yuval 2014 Yoav Schechner Abstracts Multimodal Audio Inpainting
Azriel Leonid 2014 Uri Weiser, Avi Mendelson, Abstracts Peripheral Memory: Analysis of its Impact on Performance of a General Purpose Computer System
Carmon Yair 2014 Shlomo Shamai )Shitz(, Tsachy Weissman, Abstracts Information-Estimation Analysis of the ISI Channel
Fuchs Adi 2014 Yoav Etsion, Uri Weiser, Abstracts Differentials: Loop Aware Prefetching Using Memory Working- Set Compaction and Prediction
Bitan Gal 2014 Meir Orenstein Abstracts Energy Distribution of Single and Two Photon Emitters in Plasmonic Environments
Bercovich Sofia 2014 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts Anytime Algorithms for Simple Regret Minimization in Stochastic Online Planning
Ben-Itzhak Segev 2014 Gad Eisenstein, Ofer Firstenberg, Abstracts Investigation of Physical Phenomena involved in Nuclear Spin Gyroscope
Bar Amitay 2014 Moshe Nazarathy Abstracts Channel Estimation for Sub-Banded Coherent and Self-Coherent Optical Communication
Dov David 2014 Israel Cohen Abstracts Audio Visual Speech Processing Using Diffusion Maps and the Scattering Transform
Kalit Yaron 2014 Moshe Porat Abstracts On Stochastic Interpolation of Color Textures
Cohen Emmanuel 2014 Yehoshua Zeevi, Lauren Choen, Abstracts Texture Enhancement Using Diffusion Process with Potential
Yosub Shay 2014 Meir Orenstein Abstracts Non Adiabatic Plasmonic Antennas for Enhancement of Detection Capability
Even-Chen Nir 2014 Ron Meir, Miriam Zacksenhouse, Abstracts Intrinsic Modeling of Repetitive Time Series with Applicarion for Analysis of Event-Related Potentials
Gilad-Glickman Danit 2014 Lihi Zelnik-Manor, Abstracts Color Restoration of Scanned Archaeological Artifacts with Repetitive Patterns
Noy Asaf 2014 Yacov Crammer Abstracts Robust Forward Algorithms via PAC-Bayes and Laplace Distributions
Igra Idan 2014 Yitzhak Birk, Avi Mendelson, Abstracts Constructive Conflict Resolution for Transactional Memory
Kopaigorodski Alex 2014 Moshe Porat Abstracts On Signal and Image Reconstruction from Discrete Data
Gorodisky Lior 2014 Moshe Porat, Jonathan Lessick, Abstracts Quantification of Mitral Regurgitation using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Jacob Prarthana 2013 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Testing of a Fast on Chip Serial Link
Sigron Itzhak 2013 Moshe Nazarathy Abstracts Carrier Phase Estimation with Multi-Symbol Delay Detection for Single-Carrier and Multi-Carrier
Adato Avi 2013 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Design Methods to Reduce Radiation Effects on Electronic Circuits
Manor Shimon 2013 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Multi-Synchronous Clocking for Low Power
Li Mingzi 2013 Israel Cohen Abstracts Multisensory Speech Enhancement in Noisy Environments Using Bone-Conducted and Air-Conducted Microphones
Shimonovich Jonathan 2013 Shlomo Shamai )Shitz( Abstracts Cognitive Aspects in Multi-Terminal Communication
Izchak Oved 2013 Uri Weiser, Idit Keidar, Avinoam Kolodny, Abstracts The Interaction between Workloads and Micro Architecture in Highly-Parallel Chip Multi-Processors
Erdos David 2013 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts Minimum Fuel UAV Trajecttories
Nahmanny Danniel 2013 Ran Ginosar Abstracts High-Speed, Currnet-Mode, Serial Link Communication
Yuval Gad 2013 Avi Mendelson Abstracts Architectural Considerations for DSP Processors Supporting Intense Real-Time DSP Applications
Sela Asaf 2013 Lihi Zelnik-Manor Abstracts Human Action Recognition by Spatio-Temporal GIST
Kodanev Anna 2013 Moshe Nazarathy, Meir Orenstein, Abstracts Si-PI Charge-Discharge Microring Modulator for Analog and Digital Coding
Schwartz Alon 2013 Baruch Fischer Abstracts Investigation of Arbitrary Noise Forms on Phase Transitions in Passively Mode-Locked Lasers
Goldman Renata 2013 Moshe Nazarathy Abstracts Direct Detection and Coherent Optical Time-Domain Reflectometry with Single Pulses and Golay Cmplementary Codes
Naveh Alon 2013 Uri Weiser, Ran Ginosar, Abstracts Power Aware Scheduling in a Heterogeneous Processor
Visokolov Gil 2013 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts CMOS Single Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) for Imaging Applications
Subag Eliran 2013 Robert Adler Abstracts Rotation and Scale Space Random Fields and Mixing Times for Random Shuffles
Dvinsky Alexander 2013 Roy Friedman Abstracts Cameleon-A Group Communication Framework for Smartphones
Zananiri Rani 2013 Ron Meir Abstracts Optimal Encoding in Sensory Systems
Stanislavsky Amnon 2013 Avinoam Kolodny, Shmuel Wimer, Abstracts Power Driven Floorplan and Energy Efficient Adders
Michael Yotam 2013 Yehoshua Zeevi Abstracts Blind Source Separation by Underdetermined Time/Position Varying Mixtures
Polishuk Leon 2013 Avinoam Kolodny, Israel Cidon, Abstracts Latency considerations for NoC interconnection fabrics
Emmer Moshe 2013 Yoram Moses, Ofer Strichman, Abstracts Bounded Model Checking at Word Level via Encoding into Effectively Propositional Logic
Peterfreund Zvi 2013 Levi Schachter, David Schieber (Deceased), Abstracts Electromagnetic Forces in the Vicinity of Edges
Hatzvi Meir 2013 Yoav Schechner Abstracts Three Dimensional Optical Transfer of Rotating Beams
Verbitsky Dmitry 2013 Ran Ginosar, Reuven Dobkin, Abstracts Automatic Recognition and Verification of Handshake-Based Synchronizers
Tzabari Assaf 2013 Arie Feuer Abstracts Compression at the Source for Video Coding
Sezganov Dmitry 2013 Moshe Porat Abstracts Large Scale Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Geometric Information
Amel Roy 2013 Arie Feuer Abstracts Adaptive Method for Online Identification and Recovery of Jointly Sparse Vectors
Moroshko Edward 2013 Yacov Crammer Abstracts New Min-Max Algorithms and Analysis for Online Regression
Dyskin Aleksey 2013 Dan Ritter Abstracts A Millimeter Wave Broadband, Low Noise and High Gain Integrated Receiver Front-end Based on GaAs Metamorphic HEMTs
Orbach Matan 2013 Yacov Crammer Abstracts Semi-Supervised Learning with Confidence
Gross Elad 2013 Gad Bahir, Semuel Schacham, Abstracts Heterostructures Electro-Optics Properties of the III-Nitrides Material System
Shtrom Elizabeth 2013 Ayellet Tal Abstracts Saliency Detection in Large Point Sets
Cohen Kfir 2013 Shlomo Shamai )Shitz( Abstracts Broadcasting over Fading Channels with Mixed Delay Constraints
Amir Eliron 2013 Yossef Steinberg Abstracts Multiple Access Channels with Correlated Sources and Cribbing Encoders
Malits Maria 2013 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Study of Thermal Effects in CMOS-SOI Technology and Devices
Khasin Yevgeny 2013 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Characterization of Single Photon Avalanche Diode in CMOS Technology
Kupershtein Evgeny 2013 Israel Cohen, Matti Wax, Abstracts Indoor Localization based on Multipath Fingerprinting
Gedalyahu Kfir 2012 Yonina Eldar Abstracts Sampling Signals from a Parameterized Union of Subspaces
Levy Yehuda 2012 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts A Unified Framework for Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Using Options
Tsidon Erez 2012 Isaac Keslassy Abstracts Counter-Estimation Decoupling for Approximate Rates
Shaviv Dor 2012 Yossef Steinberg Abstracts The Multiple-Access Channel with Common Rate-Limited Feedback
Sulkin Alex 2012 Dan Ritter Abstracts A Single-Ended Unilateralization and Neutralization Technique for Microwave/mm-Wave Integrated Amplifiers
Segev Dana 2012 Yoav Schechner, Michael Elad, Abstracts Visual Audio Denoising
Segev Gal 2012 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Study and Design of CMOS Phase Shifter
Shulkind Gal 2012 Moshe Nazarathy Abstracts Identification and Compensation of Nonlinear Interference in Coherent Optical OFDM Fiber Transmission
Reiser Ariel 2012 Levi Schachter Abstracts Enhanced Thermal Radiation due to Geometric Effects
Volfin Ilana 2012 Israel Cohen Abstracts Dominant Speaker Identification for Multipoint Videoconferencing
Tur Ronen 2012 Yonina Eldar Abstracts Innovation Rate Sampling of Pulse Streams with Applications in Ultrasound Imaging
Corcos Dan 2012 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts COMS-SOI-MEMS Transistors for Terahertz Imaging
Vatashsky Ben-Zion 2012 Yacov Crammer Abstracts Mixed Norm Regularization for Learning with Many Labels
Bretter Ronny 2012 Yacov Crammer, Lihi Zelnik-Manor, Abstracts Multi Learning with Distortion Rate Theory
Raindel Shachar 2012 Yitzhak Birk Abstracts Replicate and Bundle (RnB) – A Mechanism for Relieving Bottlenecks in Data Centers
Bendory Tamir 2012 Arie Feuer Abstracts Efficient Sampling in 3D Computerized Tomography (CT)
Cohen Yaron 2012 Avinoam Kolodny, Ran Ginosar, Aharon Unikovski (Deceased), Abstracts Low Power D/A Converter Design Considerations
Mehari Shlomo 2012 Dan Ritter Abstracts Ni-InGaAs Alloy as Silicide-Like Metallization of InGaAs
Katsir Itai 2012 David Malah, Israel Cohen, Abstracts Speech Bandwidth Extension Based on Speech Content and Speaker Information
Srour Orr 2012 Yonina Eldar Abstracts Fluxomers: A New Approace for 13C Metabolic Flux Analysis
Eshel Ronen 2012 Igal Sason Abstracts Aspects of Convex Optimization and Concentration in Coding
Avron Itai 2012 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Scheduler Performance in Many-core Architecture
Sumszyk Orna 2012 Yossef Steinberg Abstracts Information Embedding with Reversible Stegotext and Related Problems
Sigron Ben-Yishay Neta 2012 Moshe Nazarathy Abstracts Low Complexity Multi-Symbol Decision-Directed Carrier Phase Estimation with Intradyne Frequency Offset Cancellation
Taher Muhammad 2012 Adrian Segall, Gil Zussman, Abstracts MAC Protocol for Wireless Networks with Multipacket Reception Capability
Cohen Rami 2012 David Malah Abstracts Feedback-less Distributed Video Coding and its Application in Compressing Endoscopy Videos
Shaham Oded 2012 Moshe Nazarathy Abstracts Modeling Signal, Noise and Distortion in Photonic Integrated Analog-Digital Converters
Zidenberg Tzachi 2012 Isaac Keslassy, Uri Weiser, Abstracts Multiamdahl: Optimal Resource Allocation for Heterogeneous Systems
Tolchinsky Igor 2012 Isaac Keslassy, Avi Mendelson, Abstracts Rethinking Locality in NUMA Systems
Weindling Sammy 2012 Yosef Salzman Abstracts Platinum Embedded Nanodots for Non Volatile Memory Fully Implemented by Atomic Layer Deposition
Oyzerman Anna 2012 Israel Cohen Abstracts Speech Dereverberation in the Time-Frequency Domain
Pinkovich Evgeni 2012 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts Linear Programming Algorithms for Pairwise and Network Clock Synchronization
Mebel Ofir 2012 Shie Mannor Abstracts Markov Decision Processes with Correlated Uncertainty
Kissos Imry 2012 Arie Feuer, Aharon Blank, Abstracts Statistical Reconstruction Algorithms for Continuous Wave Electron Spin Resonance Imaging
Nave Eyal-Itzhak 2012 Ran Ginosar Abstracts TCP Window Based Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS) for Low Power Communication Network Controller System on Chip (SoC)
Wagner Noam 2012 Arie Feuer, Yonina Eldar, Abstracts Compressed Beamforming with Applications to Ultrasound Imaging
Vaits Nina 2012 Yacov Crammer Abstracts Re-Adapting the Regularization of Weights for Non Stationary Regreession
Atsmonguz Liat 2012 Idit Keidar Abstracts Local Dynamic Weighted Matching
Rivnai Gil 2011 Moshe Porat, Ido Perlman, Abstracts The Adaptation Process to Optical Signal in the Rat Retina
Glaser Tamar 2011 Lihi Zelnik-Manor Abstracts Incorporating Temporal Context in Bag-of-Words Models
Achtenberg Albert 2011 Yehoshua Zeevi Abstracts Blind Source Separation of Mixtures of Images Mixed Using Non-Uniform Medium
Furman Shai 2011 Yehoshua Zeevi Abstracts Multidimensional Image Representation and Processing Motivated by Human Vision
Diukman Iddo 2011 Meir Orenstein Abstracts Plasmonic Solar Cells
Weidenfeld Rakefet 2011 Moshe Nazarathy Abstracts Nonlinear Impairments in Coherent Optical OFDM Systems and their Mitigation
Basin Dmitry 2011 Idit Keidar Abstracts CAFE: Scalable Task Pools with Adjustable Fairness and Contention
Snapy Haim 2011 Yitzhak Birk Abstracts Efficient Incorporation of Auxiliary Memory into a Hieraachical Memory System
Zdornov Vladimir 2011 Yitzhak Birk Abstracts Mitigating Congestion in High-Speed Interconnects for Computer Clusters
Avner Yuval 2011 Shlomo Shamai )Shitz( Abstracts On Non-Linear Precoding Schemes for the Gaussian MIMO Broadcast Channel
Vishnyakov Victorya 2011 Avinoam Kolodny, Aby Friedman, Abstracts Inductive Effects in On-Chip Interconnects
Friedman Eyal 2011 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Processor-to-Memory Non-Equidistant Network in a Many-Core Architecture
David Asaf 2011 Moshe Horowitz Abstracts Low-Frequency Transmitted Intensity Noise Induced by Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in Optical Fibers
Pfeffer Yehuda 2011 Michael Zibulevsky, Ehud Rivlin, Abstracts Compressive Sensing for Hyperspectral Imaging
Malits Roman 2011 Avi Mendelson, Avinoam Kolodny, Evgeny Bolotin, Abstracts The Potential of Global Scheduling to Improve Utilization in Wide SIMD GPGPU Architectures
Khoretz Dmitri 2011 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Cores and Memory Performance of HyperCorex: Many-Core Architecture
Primorac Rudi 2011 Moshe Porat Abstracts Color Video Coding Using Spatio-Temporal Correlation of Primary Colors
Sizikov Gregory 2011 Avinoam Kolodny, Michael Zelikson, Aby Friedman, Abstracts Design and Analysis of integrated voltage regulators
Genussov Michal 2011 Israel Cohen Abstracts Transcription and Classification of Audio Data by Sparse Representations and Geometric Methods
Green Oded 2011 Yitzhak Birk Abstracts Scheduling Directives for Shared-Memory Many-Core Processsor Systems
Madar Eyal 2011 David Malah, Meir Bar-Zohar, Abstracts Combined Local-Global Background Modeling for Anomaly Detection in Hyperspectral Images
Tamar Aviv 2011 Ron Meir Abstracts Integrating Partial Model Knowledge in Model Free RL Algorithms
Grinberg Pavel 2011 Moshe Horowitz, Baruch Fischer, Abstracts Effects of Noise in Actively Mode-Locked Multi-Pulse Fiber Lasers
Nave Gideon 2011 Gideon Inbar (Deceased), Hillel Pratt, Menashe Zaaroor, Abstracts Real Time Change Detection of Steady-State Evoked Potentials
Lavro Anton 2011 Avi Mendelson, Yitzhak Birk, Abstracts An EDGE Co-Processor for a RISC CPU: Architecture, Performance and Power Analysis
Ravia Israel 2011 Nir Tessler Abstracts Energetic Disorder in Amorphous Materials – Diople Effect and Recombination
Shlafman Michael 2011 Yosef Salzman Abstracts Complex Frequency Perturbation Treatment of Optical Resonances with Radiation Loss
Aides Amit 2011 Yoav Schechner Abstracts Multiscale Ultrawide Video Extrapolation
Abdelhadi Ameer 2011 Ran Ginosar, Avinoam Kolodny, Aby Friedman, Abstracts Timing-Driven Variation-Aware Synthesis of Hybrid Mesh/ Tree Clock Distribution Networks
Gershikov Alexander 2011 Gad Eisenstein Abstracts Tunable Sources Based on Narrow Band Fiber Parametric Amplification
Rapaport Guy 2011 Israel Cohen Abstracts Codebook-Based Single-Channel Blind Source Separation of Audio Signals
Bloch Eli 2011 Dan Ritter Abstracts An InP Based Broadband Differential Transimpedance Amplifier for 40Gbs DPSK Photoreceivers
Zeitlin Oren 2011 Neri Merhav Abstracts Error Exponents of Fixed Block Binary Messaging through DMCS
Shuval Boaz 2011 Igal Sason Abstracts On Universal LDPC Code Ensembles over Memoryless Symmetric Channels
Gendler Ora 2011 Moshe Porat Abstracts On Transcoding Optimization Using Requantization
Shamis Michael 2011 Yehoshua Zeevi Abstracts Blind Source Separation of Instantaneous Time/Position Varying Mixtures
Halevy Ran 2011 Dan Ritter Abstracts A Method for Measuring the Specific Interface Resistivity between Two Semiconductor Layers and its Application to a Heavily Doped N-Type InP/GalnAs Heterostructure
David Ya'ara 2011 Zohar Yakhini, Yonina Eldar, Abstracts Analysis of DNA Time of Replication – A Signal Processing Approach
Solomon Nir 2011 Rami Atar Abstracts Optimal Scheduling for Multi-class Customers in the Non-degenerate Slowdown Diffusion Regime
Gleichman Sivan 2010 David Malah Abstracts Blind Compressed Sensing
Cohen Erez 2010 Israel Cohen Abstracts Wavelet Based Image Restoration Using Cross-Band Operators
Litvin Yevgeni 2010 Israel Cohen, Dan Chazan, Abstracts Single-Channel Blind Source Separation of Audio Signals
Zobel Shmuel 2010 Avi Mendelson, Avinoam Kolodny, Abstracts Power Performance Tradeoffs in Graphics/GPGPU Based Systems
Kouslik Elkin Anna 2010 Avinoam Kolodny Abstracts Macro Models for Power Estimation at RT Level in VLSI
Skarbnik Nikolay 2010 Yehoshua Zeevi Abstracts The Importance of Phase in Image Processing
Dikarov Denis 2010 Pinchas Einziger Abstracts Optimization of Electromagnetic Power Absorption in a Three -Dimensional Lossy Circular Cylinder Configuration
Zatzarinni Rony 2010 Ayellet Tal, Ariel Shamir, Abstracts Relief Analysis and Extraction
Lavy Omer 2010 Yael Nemirovsky, Saad Avraham, Abstracts MEMS Microwave Filters
Braginskiy Evgeniy 2010 Shlomo Shamai )Shitz( Abstracts Information Theoretical Aspects of Cooperation in Wireless Networks
Yaeli Eran Steve 2010 Ron Meir Abstracts Optimal Neural Encoding – Mathematical Foundations and Biological Implications
Damishian Chen 2010 Avi Mendelson, Avinoam Kolodny, Abstracts Stride Based Dead Block Correlation Prefetcher – A New Long-Latency-Tolerant Data Cache Prefetcher
Zlotnikov Tal Vitaly 2010 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Study and Design of Microwave Phase Shifters
Katz Shlomo Eric 2010 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Electromagnetic Applications of CMOS-MEMS
David Eyal 2010 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Development of Variable MEMS Capacitor
Shoor Ehud 2010 Gideon Inbar (Deceased) Abstracts Detection and Analysis of Movement-Related Potentials for Brain-Computer Interface Applications
Bryt Ori 2010 Michael Elad Abstracts Face Image Compression Using Sparse and Redundunt Representations and the K-SVD Algorithm
Sumszyk Mikael 2010 Gideon Inbar (Deceased) Abstracts Multichannel Electroencephalogram Signal Analysis for Brain-Computer Interface and Functional Tomography Applications
Dubrovina Karni Anastasia 2010 Ron Kimmel Abstracts Non-Rigid Shape Correspondence by Matching Spectral Features and Global Geodesic Structures
Reani Avraham 2010 Neri Merhav Abstracts Efficient On-line Schemes for Encoding Individual Sequences with Side Information at the Decoder
Larom Bar 2010 Moshe Nazarathy Abstracts Programmable All-Optical Logic Gate for Optical Processing in Telecommunications
Vainbrand Dmitri 2010 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Network-on-Chip Architecture for Neural Networks
Trotskovsky Konstantin 2010 Yehuda Leviatan Abstracts Source Model Technique Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering by Surface Grooves and Slits
Buchris Yaakov 2010 Israel Cohen, Miriam Shellim, Abstracts Bayesian Focusing Transformations for Robust Coherent Adaptive Wideband Beamforming
Avner Orly 2010 Ron Meir Abstracts Spike Train Decoding of Analog Signals with a Biologically Inspired Encoding Scheme
Calahorra Yonatan 2010 Yuval Yaish Abstracts Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Silicon Nanowires
Hemo Evyatar 2010 Joseph Shamir, Boris Spektor, Abstracts Scattering of Singular Beams by Sub Wavelength Objects
Priziment Evgeniy 2010 David Malah Abstracts Modeling and Rate Control in Reversed Complexity Video Coding Systems
Porat Dror 2010 David Malah Abstracts Context-Based Multiple Description Wavelet Image Coding
Itskovich Arie 2010 Ayellet Tal Abstracts Partial Matching by Integration of Feature Similarity and Segment Similarity
Fine Oren 2010 Yitzhak Birk Abstracts Packing – Storage Media Workload Reduction via Exploitation of Object Access Correlation
Maayani Shai 2010 Yuval Yaish Abstracts Electro-Mechanical Oscillator which Controls Nanometric Junction
Shoham Tamar 2010 David Malah Abstracts Quality-Preserving Footprint-Reduction of Concatenative Text-To-Speech Synthesizers
Hirsh Itay 2010 Moshe Horowitz Abstracts Design of Planar Waveguides Using Inverse Scattering Theory
Berman Amit 2010 Idit Keidar Abstracts Power Reduction Techniques for Networks-on-Chip
Ben-Itzhak Yaniv 2010 Israel Cidon, Avinoam Kolodny, Abstracts Performance and Power Aware Thread Allocation for NoC CMP
Alterman Marina 2010 Yoav Schechner Abstracts Theory of Multiplexed Fluorescence Unmixing
Nir Guy 2010 Allen Robert Tannenbaum Abstracts Temporal Registration of Partial Data Using Particle Filter
Ben Yishay Roee 2010 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts MEMS Inductors and their Applications in Low Noise RF-CMOS Circuits
Gutman Zivit 2010 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Study of CMOS-SOI-MEMS Transistors and Systems
Schreibman Amos 2010 Israel Cohen Abstracts Adaptive Stereo Acoustic Echo Cancellation in Reverberant Environments
Rosenblum Kevin 2010 Lihi Zelnik-Manor Abstracts Dictionary and Sensing Matrix Optimization for Block Sparse Decoding
Rosenblum Serge 2010 Meir Orenstein Abstracts Generation and Nondemolition Measurement of Complex Photon States
Fleyer Michael 2010 Moshe Horowitz Abstracts Blind Reconstruction of Sparse Multi-Band Signals Using Synchronous Multi-Rate Optical Sampling
Carasso David 2009 Yehoshua Zeevi Abstracts Robust Blind Source Separation on MIMO Systems Algorithms and Analysis
Sayag Avraham 2009 Dan Ritter Abstracts High Frequency CMOS Low Noise Amplifier Design Methodology using Slow Wave Transmission Lines
Ram Idan 2009 Israel Cohen, Shalom Raz, Abstracts Wavelets for Graphs and their Deployment to Image Processing
Kaspi Yonatan 2009 Neri Merhav Abstracts Error Exponents for Broadcast Channels with Degraded Message Sets
Televitckiy Evgeny 2009 Carmel Domshlak, Yoram Moses, Abstracts Rank Aggregation for Synthesis of Recommendation Lists
Gal Aharon 2009 Allen Robert Tannenbaum Abstracts Tracking of Sequences Using Statistically Based Active Contours with Unscented Kalman Filtering
Magriss-Abudi Tsufit 2009 Dan Ritter Abstracts InP HBT Voltage Controlled Oscillator
Dyagilev Kirill 2009 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts Efficient Reinforcement Learning in Parameterized Models
Keslassy Michael 2009 Ariel Orda Abstracts Establishing Multiple Survivable Connections
Vaisband Inna 2009 Ran Ginosar, Avinoam Kolodny, Abstracts Power Efficient Tree-Based Crosslinks for Skew Reduction
Krimer Evgeni 2009 Isaac Keslassy, Avinoam Kolodny, Abstracts Packet-Level Static Timing Analysis for On-Chip Networks
Koreban Efim 2009 Yoav Schechner Abstracts Geometry by Deflaring
Sinyuk Konstantin 2009 Avi Mendelson, Yitzhak Birk, Abstracts User Driven Virtualization for Mobile Platforms
Boudoukh Guy 2009 Ehud Rivlin Abstracts Bitmap Tracking under Very General Conditions
Toroker Zeev 2009 Moshe Horowitz Abstracts Studying Pulse Propagation through Nonlinear Fiber Bragg Gratings
Aronsky Alexandr 2009 Adrian Segall Abstracts Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
Asa Michael 2009 Isaac Keslassy Abstracts Optimal Guaranteed-Routing Network
Guralnik Elena 2009 Yoram Moses Abstracts Safe Composition of Distributed Programs
Chernoi Jacob 2009 Yonina Eldar Abstracts The Chebyshev Center and Iterative MMSE: Dominating Least- Squares Estimation
Shraiber Arie 2009 Allen Robert Tannenbaum Abstracts Parametric Active Contours With Their Applications For Object Boundary Detection And Tracking
Adler Avishai 2009 Nahum Shimkin, Aharon Bar-Gill, Abstracts Real-Time Computation of Flight Paths for Emergency Landing
Kaplan Zeev 2009 Allen Robert Tannenbaum Abstracts Dynamic Tracking with Geometric Active Contours
Litichever Gil 2009 Ron Meir Abstracts Multi Model Bayesian Reinforcement Learning
Aizik Yoni 2009 Avinoam Kolodny Abstracts Design Considerations for Low Power CMOS Digital Circuits
Tiomkin Stanislav 2009 David Malah Abstracts A Segment-Wise Hybrid Approach for Improved Quality Text-to-Speech Synthesis
Mazor Shai 2009 Arie Feuer Abstracts Image Reconstruction from Generalized Sampled Radon Transforms
Friedman Alexander 2009 Idit Keidar Abstracts Discouraging Selfishness in Lossy Peer-to-Peer Networks
Tevel Einat 2009 Alfred Bruckstein, Arie Feuer, Abstracts Signal Digitization using Shortest Path Methods
Kahanov Matan 2009 Gad Eisenstein Abstracts Atomic Clocks Based on Coherent Population Trapping
Cohen Maxime 2009 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts Network Time Synchronization Using Decentralized Kalman Filtering
Nedjar Samuel 2009 Arie Feuer, Dan Adam, Abstracts Advanced Beamforming Techniques for Medical Ultrasound Imaging
Barzelay Zohar 2009 Yoav Schechner Abstracts Relating Audio and Video of Multiple Simultaneous Events
Kaminski Noam 2009 Meir Orenstein Abstracts Linear and Non-linear Wave Guiding in Anomalous Dispersion Regime
Goferman Stas 2009 Lihi Zelnik-Manor, Ayellet Tal, Abstracts Puzzle-like Collage
Volkinshtein Dmitry 2009 Ron Meir Abstracts On the Existence and Feasibility of a Forward Model in Motor Control
Kenig Tal 2009 Arie Feuer Abstracts Blind Deconvolution in Wide-Field Fluorescence Microscopy
Nuriel Tamir 2009 David Malah Abstracts Region-of-Interest Based Adaptation of Video for Mobile Devices
Starer Elad 2009 Arie Feuer Abstracts Canceling Visual Artifacts in an Endoscopic System
Klotsman Marina 2009 Ayellet Tal Abstracts Animation of Flocks Flying in Line Formations
Atzmon Yuval 2008 Moshe Nazarathy Abstracts Phase Noise Impairments and Quadratic Detection Effects in Differential Phase-Shift Keyed Transmission with Self-Coherent Reception
Willinger Amnon 2008 Gad Eisenstein Abstracts The Roles of Random Birefringence and Stimulated Raman Scattering on the Performances of Narrow Band Fiber Parametric Amplifiers for the Use of Tunable Optical Delay Eleme
Akirav Yaniv 2008 Neri Merhav Abstracts Topics in Universal Coding and Decoding under Channel Uncertainty
Barash Dror 2008 Uri Weiser, Avinoam Kolodny, Abstracts Cache Manipulations Improve Multimedia Applications
Shavit Ehud 2008 Idit Keidar, Israel Cidon, Abstracts Network on Chip (NoC) Topologies – A Cost-Minimization Design Approach
Shirak Oren 2008 Yuval Yaish, Gad Bahir, Abstracts Silicon Nanowire Field Effect Transistors
Geller Ishay 2008 Yitzhak Birk, Avi Mendelson, Abstracts Dataflow Trace Cache (DFTC): A Dynamic Translation Processor Architecture for Power-Efficient High-Performance Execution
Baron Asaf 2008 Ran Ginosar, Isaac Keslassy, Abstracts The Capacity Allocation Paradox
Heimer Alon 2008 Israel Cohen Abstracts Multichannel Deconvolution of Sparse Reflectivity Images Using Layered Medium Models
Cohen Itamar 2008 Isaac Keslassy Abstracts T-Plots: A Novel Approach to Network Design
Borzin Artyom 2008 Ehud Rivlin Abstracts Visual Event Representation and Behavior Analysis Using Generalized Stochastic Petri Nets
Zaknoon Bashir 2008 Gad Bahir, Alon Hoffman, Abstracts Investigation of Silicon Nanostructures by Scanning Probe Microscopy and Electron Spectroscopy
Sher Ronen 2008 Moshe Porat Abstracts On Interpolation Methods Using Statistical Models
Rotman Shira 2008 Moshe Porat Abstracts On Texture and Image Interpolation Using Markov Models
Diamant Yaron 2008 Yoav Schechner Abstracts Overcoming Secondary Reflections
Alcobi Enav 2008 Yuval Oreg, Eliezer Finkman, Abstracts Decoherence in Adiabatic Passage
Lahav Michal 2008 Arie Feuer Abstracts Blind Deconvolution in 3D Biological Microscopy
Romanov Oleg 2008 Idit Keidar Abstracts Beaver on IPSec – Protection from DoS Attacks
Markovich Shmuel 2008 Sharon Gannot, Israel Cohen, Abstracts Multichannel Eigenspace Beamforming in a Reverberant Noisy Environment with Multiple Interfering Speech Signals
Bobrowski Omer 2008 Ron Meir, Yonina Eldar, Abstracts Real Time Spike Train Decoding by Neural Networks
Ratner Netanel 2008 Yoav Schechner Abstracts Optimal Multiplexing for Imaging
Shapira Yuval 2008 Moshe Horowitz Abstracts Interaction between Solitons in Nonlinear Fiber Bragg Gratings
Tselniker Igor 2008 Moshe Nazarathy Abstracts Mutually Unbiased Bases with Application to Optical Realizations of Quantum Key Distribution
Weinstein Moshe 2008 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Study of Micromachined Microbolometers as Uncooled Sensors for IR Imaging
Oklander Boris 2008 Moshe Sidi Abstracts Delay Jitter Analysis in Communication Networks and Real-time Systems
Hason Eshel 2008 Allen Robert Tannenbaum Abstracts Tracking Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using Active Contours and Filtering
Brueller Raviv 2008 Michael Elad, Yacov Hel-Or, Abstracts Image Denoising via Optimal Projection and Shrinkage Operations
Gindin Roman 2008 Israel Cidon, Idit Keidar, Abstracts NoC-based FPGA: Architecture and Routing
Haddad Nael 2008 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts Intelligent Software Agent for Table Soccer
Zontak Maria 2008 Israel Cohen Abstracts Defect Detection in Patterned Silicon Wafers Using Anisotropic Kernels
Ben-Yaacov Erez 2008 Yonina Eldar Abstracts Analysis of Microarray Data
Sorani Iris 2008 Avi Mendelson, Avinoam Kolodny, Abstracts Long Instruction Traces and their Usage
Ben-Yaacov Hilla 2008 David Malah, Meir Bar-Zohar, Abstracts 3D Object Description and Classification by Implicit Polynomials
Burdo Gennady 2008 Dan Ritter Abstracts Linear Broadband Amplifier in InP HBT Technology
Karagodsky Vadim 2008 Levi Schachter, David Schieber (Deceased), Abstracts X-Ray Source Based on Free Electron Beams
Segal Hagay 2008 Gad Bahir, Meir Orenstein, Abstracts Light Transmission through 2D Structured Subwavelength Hole Arrays
Kaplansky Lotan 2008 Ayellet Tal Abstracts A Level-Set Approach for Curve Propagation on Surface Meshes
Fiksman Evgeny 2008 Yitzhak Birk Abstracts Dynamic Reconfiguration Architectures for Multi-Context FPGAs
Tal Doron 2008 Ayellet Tal, Abstracts Texture Replacement by Multiview Three Dimensional Reconstruction
Sorkin Dmitri 2008 Yehuda Leviatan Abstracts Analysis of Transient Electromagnetic Wave Scattering by Use of a Source Model Technique
Sigalov Daniel 2008 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts Data Association in Multi Target Tracking Using Cross Entropy Based Algorithms
Honigman Ori 2008 Yehoshua Zeevi Abstracts Image Processing Using Diffusion with Schrodinger's Potential
Shadhan Lior 2007 Israel Cohen Abstracts Detection of Anomalies in Texture Images Using Multi- Resolution Features
Elyada Avshalom 2007 Uri Weiser, Ran Ginosar, Abstracts Low-Complexity Policies for Energy-Performance Tradeoff in Chip-Multi-Processors
Rahinski Vitali 2007 Gideon Inbar (Deceased) Abstracts Analysis of Bimanual Hand Control Model
Yekutieli Ziv 2007 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Integrated Multi-Electrode Array: An Interface to Ex Vivo Neural Networks
Di Castro Dotan 2007 Ron Meir Abstracts Population Behavior of Neuronal Networks
Levy Yoav 2007 Yitzhak Birk Abstracts AGrid: Semantic Model-Based Negotiating Agents as a Resource Management Infrastructure in Computer Grids
Winshtok Amir 2007 Yossef Steinberg Abstracts Source and Channel Coding Problems in the Presence of Arbitrarily Varying Side Information
Nakhmani Arie 2007 Ezra Zeheb Abstracts Generalized Nyquist Criterion and Generalized Bode Diagram for Analysis and Synthesis of Uncertain Control Systems
Gitelman Leonid 2007 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Study of Micromachined Transistors as Uncooled Sensors for IR Imaging
Hait Naama 2007 David Malah Abstracts Model-Based Transrating of Coded Video
Bukai Gilad 2007 Neri Merhav Abstracts Channel Estimation using Feedback
Shatz Idan 2007 Ayellet Tal Abstracts Making 3D Paper-Craft Models from Meshes
Agmon Amos 2007 Moshe Nazarathy Abstracts MIMO Communication over Multimode Optical Interconnects by Model Beamforming
Bernstein Andrey 2007 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts Adaptive State Aggregation for Reinforcement Learning
Kayam Michael 2007 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Synchronizers for Low Voltage and Low temerature Operation
Buzovski Michael 2007 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts PID Controller Design for Systems with Time-Delay based on Smith Predictor Approximation
Stoian Paul 2007 Israel Cidon Abstracts User vs. Individual Flow Fairness in Communication Networks
Tolchinsky Michael 2007 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Implementation of New Method of Measurement for Metastability Coefficient for Flip-flops
Kolomenkin Michael 2007 Yoav Schechner, Abstracts Image Matching Using Photometric Information
Lavi )Burlak( Emilia 2007 Moshe Porat Abstracts Correlation vs. De-correlation of Color Components in Image Compression
Sotman Michael 2007 Avinoam Kolodny Abstracts Issues in Analysis and Design of Power Delivery Structures in VLSI
Bayn Igal 2007 Yosef Salzman Abstracts High-Q Photonic Crystal Nanocavities on Diamond
Averbuch Eugene 2007 Yoav Schechner Abstracts Adaptive Filtering of Visibility Degraded Images
Sherman Anatoly 2007 Moshe Horowitz Abstracts Experimental Applications of Inverse Scattering Theory in Fiber Gratings
Orian Ehud 2007 Yehoshua Zeevi Abstracts Blind Separation of Brain Tissue Signatures in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Maor Nir 2007 Arie Feuer, Yoav Schechner, Abstracts Compression at the Source
Grossmann Liron 2007 Yonina Eldar Abstracts An L1-Framework for the Design of Linear-Phase FIR Digital Filters
Zilber Erez 2007 Yitzhak Birk Abstracts TPT-RAID: a High Performance Box-Fault Tolerant Storage System
Grosberg Unger Hilit 2007 Yehoshua Zeevi Abstracts Inverse Problems in Neural and Radiometric Systems
Shifrin Mark 2007 Isaac Keslassy Abstracts The Gaussian Nature of TCP in Large Networks
Raboy Svetlana 2007 Arie Feuer, Michael Elad, Abstracts On The Recovery of Missing Samples Via Sparsity Conditions
Hayat Alex 2007 Meir Orenstein Abstracts Integrated Photonic Devices for Quantum Communications
Aizenshtark Boaz 2007 Yehoshua Zeevi, Ron Meir, Abstracts On the Performance of Echo State Networks
Cherkassky Anastasia 2007 Pinchas Einziger Abstracts Optimization of Electromagnetic Power Absorption in a Lossy Circular Cylinder
Noiboar Amir 2007 Israel Cohen Abstracts Anomaly Detection Based on Wavelet Domain GARCH Random Field Modeling
Diamant Roee 2007 Arie Feuer Abstracts Time Reversal MIMO Architecture for Very Shallow Underwater Acoustic Communication
Raz Idan 2007 Yehoshua Dayan Abstracts Comparison of Adaptive Force Control Methods for Robots
Ben-Itzhak Shay 2007 Karniel Amir, Gideon Inbar (Deceased), Abstracts Arm Reaching Movements – Using Pontryagin's Minimum Principle to Obtain Minimum Acceleration Trajectories
Goldenberg Idan 2007 Igal Sason Abstracts Gallager-Type Bounds for Parallel Channels with Applications to Modern Coding Techniques
Livshitz Betty 2007 Moshe Nazarathy, Moshe Horowitz, Abstracts Optically Pre-amplified and Pre-filtered Detection with Electric Post-filtering – a Semi-analytic Volterra Series Based Approach
Kogan Hadas 2007 Isaac Keslassy Abstracts Optimal Optical Router
Chapman Hillel 2007 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts Global Confidence Bound Algorithms for the Exploration- Exploitation Tradeoff in Reinforcement Learning
Tropp Oren 2007 Ayellet Tal, Abstracts Temporal Coherence in Collision Detection for Bounding Volume Hierarchies
Narkiss Guy 2006 Michael Zibulevsky Abstracts Sequential Subspace Optimization Method for Unconstrained Optimization
Ben-Haim Zvi 2006 Yonina Eldar Abstracts Blind Minimax and Maximum Set Estimators: Improving on Least-Squares Estimation
Matalon Boaz 2006 Michael Zibulevsky, Michael Elad, Abstracts Bayesian Methodology for Denoising Using Sparse Representations
Mizrahi Tal 2006 Yoram Moses Abstracts Maintaining Simultaneously Consistent Views of a Distributed System using Common Knowledge
Walter Isask'har 2006 Israel Cidon, Avinoam Kolodny, Ran Ginosar, Abstracts Quality of Service in Network on-Chip
Ben-Aroya Ido 2006 Gad Eisenstein Abstracts Narrow Atomic Resonance Based on Coherent Population Trapping in Rubidium Driven by a Directly Modulated Laser Diode
Berman Lihu 2006 Arie Feuer Abstracts Robust Non-Uniform Sampling of Band-Limited Signals
Levy Etgar 2006 Moshe Horowitz Abstracts Layer Peeling Algorithm for Reconstructing the Birefringence in Optical Emulators
Zingman Igor 2006 Ron Meir Abstracts Analysis and Classification of Tissue Section Images
Ledvich Ilya 2006 Adrian Segall Abstracts Threshold-Related Throughput – A New Criterion for Evaluation of Sensor Network Performance
Normatov Alexander 2006 Boris Spektor, Joseph Shamir, Abstracts Nanoscale Surface Feature Evaluation by Structured Light Scanning
Wermuth Michal 2006 Ariel Orda Abstracts Broadcasting Methods for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Kapchits Anastasia 2006 Avinoam Kolodny, David Goren, Abstracts Modeling and Design of Network on Chip Interconnects
Litvinov Anatoly 2006 Yoav Schechner Abstracts Image Mosaicing in the Presence of Radiometric Distortions
Gurevich Maxim 2006 Ziv Bar-Yossef Abstracts Random Sampling from a Search Engine's Index
De-Castro Sharon 2006 Karniel Amir, Gideon Inbar (Deceased), Abstracts The Minimum Transition Hypothesis
Landa Zoya 2006 David Malah, Meir Bar-Zohar, Abstracts 2D Object Description and Classification Based on Contour Matching by Implicit Polynomials
Ofir Hadas 2006 David Malah Abstracts Packet Loss Concealment for Audio Streaming
Model Dmitri 2006 Michael Zibulevsky Abstracts Multi-Sensor Signal Separation, Localization and Classification Using Nonlinear Optimization
Subbanna Nagesh 2006 Yonina Eldar, Yehoshua Zeevi, Abstracts Non-Canonical Discrete Gabor Representations and Their Applications
Cohen Omer 2006 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Scanning Micro-Mirror Designing and Modeling
Tal Nikolay 2006 Yehuda Leviatan Abstracts Modeling of UWB Antenna and Short Range Communications Channel
Vichik Alla 2006 Renato Kresch, David Malah, Abstracts Self-dual Morphological Operators Based on Tree Representations of Images
Giat Chanit 2006 Rami Atar Abstracts Ergodic Control and Heavy Traffic Limits
Vardi Alon 2006 Gad Bahir, David Gershoni, Abstracts Material and Device Characterization of GaN/AlN Quantum Dots
Shvartzman Lior 2006 Pinchas Einziger Abstracts Optimization of Power Absorption in a Thin Periodically Loaded Slab
Kidron Einat 2006 Yoav Schechner, Michael Elad, Abstracts Audio-Visual Cross-Modal Analysis
Twitto Moshe 2006 Igal Sason Abstracts Tightened Upper Bounds on the ML Decoding Error Probability of Binary Linear Block Codes and Applications
Reuven Gal 2006 Sharon Gannot, Israel Cohen, Abstracts Dual Transfer Function Generalized Sidelobe Canceller and Application to Joint Noise Reduction and Echo Cancellation
Rubinstein Eitan 2006 Michael Zibulevsky, Arkadi Nemirovski, Abstracts Support Vector Machines via Advanced Optimization Techniques to Robust Optimization
Globerman Oded 2006 Nir Tessler Abstracts Lateral and Vertical Organic Thin Film Transistors
Lyakhov Alexander 2006 Ran Ginosar Abstracts VLSI Sensor Chip for In-Vitro Measurement of Biological Neural Network Activity
Brokhman Peter 2006 Yitzhak Kalet Abstracts Implementation of Serial Concatenated Continuous Phase Modulation System in FPGA
Gershikov Evgeny 2006 Moshe Porat Abstracts On Subband Transform Coding for Color Image Compression
Miron Gregory Nizan 2006 Israel Cidon Abstracts Hardware Based QoS Connection Establishment Mechanism
Nakibly Guy 2006 Shraga Bross Abstracts On the Reliability Exponents of Two Discrete-Time Timing Channel Models
Kraus Shraga 2006 Dan Ritter Abstracts An InP-Based Optoelectronic Integrated Circuit for Optical Communication Systems
Baras Dorit 2006 Ron Meir Abstracts Direct Policy Search in Reinforcement Learning and Synaptic Plasticity in Biological Neural Networks
Segev Eran 2006 Eyal Buks Abstracts Novel Self-Sustained Oscillations and Giant Nonlinearity in Superconducting Resonators
Senderov Yuri 2006 Moshe Sidi Abstracts Adaptive Playout Scheduling Algorithms in Real-time Communications
Timor Aviel 2006 Avi Mendelson, Yitzhak Birk, Abstracts Using Under-Utilized CPU Resources to Enhance its Reliability
Ophir Boaz 2006 David Malah Abstracts Cross-Talk Cancellation in Scanned Images
Bobrov Saar 2006 Yoav Schechner Abstracts Image Based Prediction of Thermal Imaging Performance
Barak Lior 2006 Arie Feuer Abstracts The Effect of Head Posture on Spatial Hearing
Salhov Moshe 2006 Yonina Eldar Abstracts Robust Equalization and Multiuser Detection
Ramon Dan 2006 Dan Ritter Abstracts Tunneling through the Base Collector Energy Barrier in Abrupt InP/GaInAs/InP Double Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors
Mittelman Roni 2006 Moshe Porat Abstracts Segmentation and Classification of Textures based on Statistical Models of Wavelet Transforms
Schonfeld Uri 2006 Ziv Bar-Yossef, Idit Keidar, Abstracts Do Not Crawl in the Dust: Different URLs with Similar Text
Erez Yael 2006 Yoav Schechner, Dan Adam, Abstracts Spatially Varying Frequency Compounding of Ultrasound Images
Elron Noam Lev 2006 Yonina Eldar Abstracts Extensions of the Quantum Detection Problem: Optimal Encoding and Detection with Uncertainty
Shwartz Sarit 2006 Yoav Schechner, Michael Zibulevsky, Abstracts Blind Separation of High Dimensional Sources
Kass Merav 2006 Arie Feuer Abstracts Theoretical Framework for 3D Freehand Ultrasound Reconstruction Using STLS
Behar Michael 2006 Avi Mendelson, Avinoam Kolodny, Abstracts Characterization of Hot Traces in Modern Processors
Shuall Nimrod 2006 Gad Bahir, Dan Ritter, Abstracts Optical and Electrical Characterization of In(Ga)As/InP Quantum Dots Layers and IR Devices
Girgel Michael 2006 Gad Bahir Abstracts Effect of Material Properties on Performance in Hg1-xCdxTe based PV Infrared Photo-detectors
Kapschitz Yitschak 2006 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Formal verification of synchronizers
Keshet Guy 2006 Yossef Steinberg, Neri Merhav, Abstracts Channel Coding in the Presence of Side Information: Subject Review
Cohen-Elias Doron 2006 Dan Ritter Abstracts Control of Current Limiting Phenomena in Bipolar Transistor by a Non Uniform Doping Profile in the Collector
Hochdorf Eyal 2005 Shraga Bross Abstracts Block Code Enhanced Low Density Parity Check Codes
Kirshner Hagai 2005 Moshe Porat Abstracts On Sampling-Invariant Characteristics in Signal Representation
Koulbekov Pavel 2005 Abraham Alexandrovitz Abstracts Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis of Electrical Machines
Yankilevich Eliezer 2005 Pinchas Einziger Abstracts Interaction of Elementary Electromagnetic Sources with Biological Media
Goldman Arnon 2005 Israel Cohen Abstracts Anomaly Subspace Detection Based on a Multi-Scale Markov Random Field Model
Bronstein Alexander 2005 Michael Zibulevsky, Yehoshua Zeevi, Abstracts Blind Deconvolution using Relative Newton Algorithm and Learnable Sparse Representations
Klaiman Eldad 2005 Karniel Amir Abstracts Unraveling Features of the Neural Control System that Generates Periodic Bimanual Coordination
Frank Uri 2005 Ran Ginosar Abstracts A Predictive Synchronizer for Bridging Different Frequency Clock Domains
Lavi Nadav 2005 Israel Cidon, Idit Keidar, Abstracts Supporting Groupware in Mobile Networks
Keidar Tal 2005 Adrian Segall Abstracts Security in Bluetooth Networks – an Improved Unit Key Generation Scheme
Richman Oran 2005 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts Uniqueness of the Nash Equilibrium in Competitive Routing Problems
Morad Tomer 2005 Uri Weiser, Avinoam Kolodny, Abstracts Data Trace Cache
Camus Noam 2005 Yitzhak Kalet Abstracts Coding of Wide Band Multi-Tone (OFDM)Version of BLAST
Gendler Alexander 2005 Avi Mendelson, Yitzhak Birk, Abstracts A Multi-Prefetcher Mechanism Based on a Prefecher Assessment Buffer (PAB)
Polonsky Alexey 2005 Michael Zibulevsky Abstracts EEG/MEG Source Localization Using Spatio-Temporal Sparse Representations
Obridko Ilya 2005 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Minimal Energy Asynchronous Adder Architectures
Pinhasov Eran 2005 Nahum Shimkin, Yehoshua Zeevi, Abstracts Optimal Usage of Color for Stereo Vision
Gabbai Yacov 2005 Shraga Bross Abstracts Achievable Rates for Partial Feedback Configurations of the Discrete Memoryless Relay Channel
Desyatnikov Ilya 2005 Ron Meir Abstracts Error Correcting Codes and Performance Bounds for Multi- Category Classification
Shechtman Viacheslav 2005 David Malah Abstracts Very Low Bit-Rate Speech Coding Based on Temporal Decomposition
Yassour Ben-Ami 2005 Ariel Orda Abstracts Energy-Efficient Routing in Wireless Networks
Lebanony Eyal 2005 Ron Meir Abstracts Time Series Modeling using Bayesian Networks
Allouche Amiram 2005 Arie Feuer Abstracts Enhancing Resolution by Introducing Motion
Feldman Shai 2005 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Design, Fabrication and Characterization of a MEMS Based Switch
Moiseev Konstantin 2005 Shmuel Wimer, Avinoam Kolodny, Abstracts Performance Optimization by Reordering of Interconnect Wires in VLSI
Hof Eran 2005 Shraga Bross Abstracts On the Deterministic-Code Capacity of the Two-User Discrete Memoryless Arbitrarily Varying General Broadcast Channel
Roterman Yalon 2005 Moshe Porat Abstracts Color Image Coding Using Regional Correlation of Primary Colors
Margolis Evgeny 2005 Yonina Eldar Abstracts Reconstruction of Periodic Bandlimited Signals from Nonuniform Samples
Hadass Din 2005 Gad Eisenstein Abstracts Gain and Index Dynamics of Quantum Dash Amplifiers and Lasers
Stern Ori 2005 Arie Feuer Abstracts Super Resolution Techniques – Comprehensive Review
Zviagintsev Alex 2005 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Hardware Algorithms and Architectures for Power Spike Detection and Sorting
Cemal Yakup 2005 Yossef Steinberg Abstracts Coding Problems for Single-User and Multiple-Access Channels with Coded Side Information at the Transmitters
Bergman Aran 2005 Moshe Sidi Abstracts Energy Efficiency of Collision Resolution Protocols
Michaely Shay 2005 Shmuel Wimer, Avinoam Kolodny, Abstracts Wire Resizing for Optimal Migration of Microprocessors
Zaretsky Alexey 2005 Arie Feuer Abstracts Resolution Enhancement of Endoscopic Images
Ziv Omer 2005 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts Algebraic Multigrid for Reinforcement Learning
Moskovitz Michael 2005 Dan Chazan, David Malah, Abstracts Improvement of a Parametric Model for Audio Signal Compression at Low Bit Rates
Hochman Amit 2005 Yehuda Leviatan Abstracts Analysis of Photonic-Crystal Fibers by Use of a Source- Model Technique
Bar Yehoram 2005 Nir Tessler Abstracts Monte-Carlo Simulation of Transport in Polymers
Goldsmith Dan 2004 Yossef Steinberg, Shlomo Shamai )Shitz(, Abstracts Fading Channels with Transmitter Side Information
Assaf Uri 2004 Shraga Bross Abstracts Aspects in Soft Decision Decoding of Reed-Solomon Codes
Maor Alina 2004 Neri Merhav Abstracts On joint Information Embedding and Data Compression
Benjo Shimon 2004 Ron Meir Abstracts Performance Analysis for Mixture Classifiers using Local Methods
Lyachover Dmitry 2004 Jacob Ziv (Deceased) Abstracts Universal Classification with Limited Training Data
Sagi Ariel 2004 David Malah Abstracts Data Embedding in Speech Signals
Shimony Benny 2004 Yoram Moses Abstracts A New Correctness Proof of Gallager, Humblet and Spira's Minimum Spanning Tree Protocol
Shumakher Evgeny 2004 Gad Eisenstein Abstracts Fundamental Characteristics of Locked Electro-Optic Loops
Kobzantsev Alexander 2004 Dan Chazan, Yehoshua Zeevi, Abstracts Automatic Transcription of Polyphonic Music
Kanfer Ori 2004 Raphael Rom Abstracts Storage Technologies: A Scientific Technological Survey
Ronen Yosef 2004 Shraga Bross Abstracts Iterative Channel Estimation and Decoding in Turbo Coded Space Time Systems
Sabbag Erez 2004 Neri Merhav Abstracts Large Deviations Performance of Zero-Delay Finite-Memory Lossy Source Coded and Source-Channel Codes
Mizrahi Amit 2004 Levi Schachter Abstracts Design and Analysis of Optical Bragg Acceleration Structures
Magen Nir 2004 Avinoam Kolodny, Uri Weiser, Abstracts Power Issues of On-Chip Interconnect in VLSI
Leventer Amir 2004 Moshe Porat Abstracts On Bit-Rate Control in Video Coding
Karpel Nir 2004 Yoav Schechner Abstracts Recovering Underwater Scenes Using Polarization Analysis
Trock Dan 2004 Yoram Moses Abstracts Sampling-Based Distributed Mining of Association Rules
Kiper Ron 2004 Yoram Moses Abstracts Hole Analysis Coverage Using BDD'S
Moreinis Michael 2004 Avinoam Kolodny Abstracts Repeater Insertion in Deep Sub-Micron VLSI Circuits
Rippel Eran 2004 Nahum Shimkin, Aharon Bar-Gill, Abstracts Real-Time Digital-Map-Based Algorithms for General Aviation Flight Trajectory Generation
Ivry Michael 2004 Z. Ben-Shaul Abstracts A Multi-Threading Model for Distributed Mobile Objects
Skorka Orit 2004 Yosef Salzman Abstracts Integrated Optics in GaN
Simony Erez 2004 Moshe Nazarathy Abstracts Quadratic Detection over the Vector Incoherent Channel in the Generalized Stokes Parameters Signal Space – Application to Optical Communication
Yaniv Yael 2004 Raphael Sivan (Deceased), Amir Landesberg, Abstracts Identification of the Sarcomere Contraction Control Mechanism
Greenberg Maxim 2004 Meir Orenstein Abstracts Irreversible Optical Devices
Rabi Yaron 2004 Moshe Horowitz Abstracts Novel Optical Imaging Techniques Using a Directional Detector and Doppler Effect
Gazit Amir 2004 Meir Zibulski, Yehoshua Zeevi, Abstracts Sampling Schemes of the Multiresolution Fourier Transform
Preezant Yevgeni 2004 Nir Tessler Abstracts Electrical Properties of the Contact Region of Polymeric Semiconductor Devices
Soldea Diana 2004 Pinchas Einziger, Joseph Mizrahi, Abstracts Optimization of the Power Absorption Efficiency in a Highly Lossy Biological Medium
Horn Adi 2004 Gad Bahir, Yosef Salzman, Abstracts Design and Implementation of Heterostructure Field Effect Transistor on AlGaN/GaN
Tavor Eran 2004 Moshe Sidi Abstracts TCP Congestion Control Mechanism Modeling and Analysis
Abdo Baleegh 2004 Eyal Buks Abstracts Nonlinear Effects and Critical Coupling in NbN Superconducting Microwave Resonators
Gidony David 2004 Yitzhak Kalet Abstracts Adjacent Channel Interference Cancellation for MSK-Type and QPSK Signals Using Antenna Diversity
Khamaisee Assad 2004 Avi Mendelson, Avinoam Kolodny, Abstracts Combining Trace Cache with Value Prediction in Microprocessors
Scherzer Tamir 2004 Israel Bar-David Abstracts Analysis of an Enhanced Doherty Configuration for Use in Modern Highly Efficient Power Amplifiers
Holtzman Gazit Michal 2004 Ron Kimmel Abstracts Segmentation of Thin Structures in Volumetric Medical Images
Sanderovich Amichai 2004 Shlomo Shamai )Shitz(, Michael Polacek, Abstracts Iterative Decoding on MIMO Channels
Pollak Dan 2004 Arie Arbel (Deceased), Aharon Unikovski (Deceased), Abstracts Sigma Delta Analog to Digital Converters for Video Signals
Zadorojniy Alexander 2004 Adam Shwartz Abstracts Constrained Markov Decision Processes with Application to Wireless Communications
Grouzman Leonid 2004 Ezra Zeheb, Roland Kulessky, Abstracts Identification Based Power Station Models for Purposes of Robust Control Design
Levinson Oren 2004 Moshe Horowitz Abstracts Generation of Complex Microwave and Millimeter Wave Pulses using Electro-Optical Systems.
Berger Liat 2004 Neri Merhav Abstracts Encoding and Decoding under Channel Uncertainty
Azran Arik 2004 Ron Meir Abstracts Data Dependent Risk Bounds and Algorithms for Hierarchical Mixture of Experts Classifiers
Ovadia Yakir 2004 Shraga Bross Abstracts On the Reliability Exponent of The Exponential Telephone Signaling Channel
Zohar Gal 2004 Dan Ritter Abstracts Study of Electron Transport in the Base of InP/GaInAs Heterostructure Bipolar Transistors
Lahat Eitan 2004 Meir Orenstein, Yehoshua Zeevi, Abstracts Cellular Oscillator Networks
Radovsky Olga 2004 Moshe Israeli (Deceased) Abstracts Deblocking of Block-Transform Compressed Images Using Blending Functions Interpolation
Tamir Guy 2004 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Synchronizers Metastability
Cherkassky Stanislav 2004 Michael Zibulevsky Abstracts List-Mode 3D Pet Reconstruction Using Bundle-Mirror Optimization with Subsets
Feigenbaum Eyal 2004 Meir Orenstein Abstracts Colored Solitons Interactions
Kerner Yair 2004 Moshe Porat Abstracts Ultrasound Image Enhancement Based on Image Compounding
Sokolik Dmitry 2004 Pinchas Einziger Abstracts Power Absorption in Highly Lossy Biological Tissues: Electrical Dipole Excitation
Tal Uri 2004 Yitzhak Birk Abstracts Power Diversity for Maximum Delay-Constrained Throughput in ALOHA Networks with Successive Decoding
Dolgin Andrey 2004 Moshe Horowitz Abstracts Noise Calculation in Optical Communication Systems using Volterra Series
Dvorkind Gregory 2004 Sharon Gannot Abstracts Speaker Localization in a Reverberant and Noisy Environment
Lavrentiev Michael 2004 David Malah Abstracts Transrating of Coded Video Signals via Optimized Requantization
Crupnicoff Diego 2003 Abstracts Scalable Reliable Multi-Rate Point-to-Multipoint Distribution of Bulk Data
Shomar Bishara 2003 Jacob Katzenelson Abstracts Fragmented Line Caches
Bishara Nafea' 2003 Yitzhak Birk Abstracts Extending the SCSI Transport Layer with Separate Data and Control Paths for Distributed Storage- Area-Network Architectures
Haddad Bassel 2003 Shraga Bross Abstracts Throughput Efficient Modulation Schemes for Bandwidth- Limited Optical Systems
Dubin Uri 2003 Moshe Israeli (Deceased) Abstracts The Cross-Entropy Method for Combinatorial Optimization with Applications
Kisler Rachel 2003 Ron Kimmel, Ron Meir, Abstracts Spatial-Spectral Sampling Technique for Color Images
Grinenko Alon 2003 Levi Schachter Abstracts The Interaction of Electrons with Radiation in an Active Medium
Vered Yishai 2003 Dan Ritter Abstracts InP Based High Frequency Bipolar Hetrojunction Transistor (HBT)
Rochlin David )Dmitry( 2003 Yitzhak Kalet Abstracts Iterative Detection of Coded Partial Response Signals CPM Signals Using an FM Receiver
Polyakov Sergey 2003 Yoram Moses, Assaf Schuster, Abstracts Researching the Java Memory Model
Banai Yaron 2003 Ariel Orda Abstracts Aggregation and Tunneling Schemes for Scalable QoS in IP
Katz Sagi 2003 Ran Ginosar, Ayellet Tal, Abstracts Polyhedral Surface Decomposition and Applications
Shoham Moshe 2003 Adrian Segall Abstracts SSM+: Enhanced Algorithm for Scalable Session Message in SRM Using SElf-Configuration
Dobkin Rostislav 2003 Ran Ginosar, Michael Polacek, Abstracts Parallel VLSI Architecture and Parallel Interleaver Design for MAP Turbo Decoder
Kaftory Ran 2003 Nir Sochen, Yehoshua Zeevi, Abstracts Color Image Reconstruction Using the Beltrami Framework
Gross Yoav 2003 Abstracts Multi Mode Feedback in Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers
Lulav Ari 2003 Ofer Zeitouni Abstracts The Empirical Measure of Roots of Random Polynomials
Leifman George 2003 Ayellet Tal, Ron Meir, Abstracts Determining the Similarity of Three-Dimensional Objects using Relevance Feedback
Semiat Yaron 2003 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Design, Implementation and Test of Adaptive Synchronization Circuits
Cohen Emanuel 2003 Dan Ritter Abstracts Design of Wide-band Distributed Amplifier Based on InP/GaInAs Hetrojunction Bipolar Transistors
Serebrennikov Amit 2003 Nahum Shimkin, Per-Olof Gutman, Abstracts Navigation and Guidance of a Man-Tracking Vehicle
Rosenzweig Aviv 2003 Yossef Steinberg Abstracts On Channels with Partial State Information at the Transmitter
Menache Ishai 2003 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts Hierarchical Structures in Reinforcement Learning
Meiri Dror 2003 Yitzhak Kalet Abstracts Wide Band Multitone Version of BLAST
Davidovitch Lior 2003 Yitzhak Kalet Abstracts Performance of Mobile Communication System Using OFDM Technique
Rogol Vadim 2003 Gill Barequet Abstracts Maxmizing the Area of an Axially Symmetric Polygon Inscribed by a Simple Polygon
Rudyk Eduard 2003 Gideon Inbar (Deceased), Ron Meir, Abstracts On Role of Recurrent Inhibition in Low-Level Motor Control
Ben-Shoshan Yaron 2003 Yoram Moses Abstracts Labeling Fork-Join Task Graphs for Data Race Detection
Kustanovich Zeev 2003 Jacob Ziv (Deceased) Abstracts Prediction with Limited Training Data and Applications
Unger Oren 2003 Israel Cidon Abstracts Optimal Content location in IP Multicast Based Overlay Networks
Baranovsky Andrey 2003 Reuven Cohen Abstracts A Framework for IP Redirect
Cohen Asaf 2003 Neri Merhav Abstracts Lower Bounds on the Error Probability of a Given Block Code
Arov Michael 2003 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts Rate Based Flow Control in ATM Networks
Shapira Ofer 2002 Baruch Fischer Abstracts Localization Properties of Light Propagating in an Array of Randomly Spaced Gratings in a Single Mode Fiber
Saferman Ofer 2002 Israel Bar-David Abstracts The EM Algorithm: Towards a Unified Method for Channel Estimation, Detection and Iterative Decoding
Weltsch-Cohen Yariv 2002 Ron Meir, Yehoshua Zeevi, Abstracts AGC Models for Signal Processing in the Primary Visual Cortex
Veinblat Alexander 2002 Israel Bar-David Abstracts Analog Convolutional Decoder
Revah Yoram 2002 Yitzhak Birk Abstracts Utilization of Pawer Capture for Delay-Constrained Throughput Maximization in Multi-Channel ALOHA Networks
Katz Michael 2002 Shlomo Shamai )Shitz( Abstracts On the Capacity-Achieving Distribution of the Discrete-Time Non-Coherent and Partially-Coherent Additive White Gaussian Noise Channels
Gornostaev Iryna 2002 Arie Feuer Abstracts Investigation of Switched Control Performance Benefits
Elboim Yaron 2002 Avinoam Kolodny, Ran Ginosar, Abstracts A Clock Tuning Circuit for System-on-Chip
Keren Sara 2002 Ayellet Tal, Abstracts An Augmented Reality System for Uncalibrated Images of Indoor Architectural Scenes
Weinsberg Yaron 2002 Z. Ben-Shaul Abstracts A Programming Model and System Support for Disconnected- Aware Applications on Resource-Constrained Devices
Meir Alon 2002 Meir Zibulski, Yehoshua Zeevi, Abstracts Gabor-Type Expansion with Non-Exponential Kernels
Steiner Avi 2002 Shlomo Shamai )Shitz(, Michael Polacek, Abstracts Turbo Coded Space-Time Unitary Matrix Differential Modulation
Milter Oleg 2002 Avinoam Kolodny Abstracts Synthesis of CMOS VLSI Circuits Considering Digital Noise Effects
Lewin-Eytan Liane 2002 Ariel Orda, Joseph Naor, Abstracts Routing and Admission Control in Networks with Advance Reservations
Caspary Guy 2002 Yehoshua Zeevi Abstracts Multiresolution Image Matching
Ayali Lilach 2002 Moshe Sidi Abstracts Analysis and Simulation of Queueing Displacement System with Finite Buffers
Shlafman Shimon 2002 Ayellet Tal Abstracts Three Dimensional Metamorphosis by Surface Decomposition
Shchupak George 2002 Avinoam Kolodny Abstracts High Speed, Low Power Medium Size Cache Design
Chen Ilan 2002 Neri Merhav Abstracts The Thershold Effect in the Estimation of Chaotic Sequences
Serby Hilit 2002 Gideon Inbar (Deceased) Abstracts Development of a Brain-Computer Interface based on Event- Related Potentials
Tuller Tamir 2002 Jacob Ziv (Deceased) Abstracts Approximation of Communication Channel by Finite-State Model, and Universal Decoding
Hagog Mustafa 2002 David Bernstein Abstracts Optimizing Techniques for Locality of Data Structures
Dabbagh Amir 2002 Shraga Bross Abstracts Sequential Signaling under Peak-Power Constraint in the Poisson Regime
Zuckerberger Emanuel 2002 Ayellet Tal Abstracts Shape-Based Retrieval of Three_Dimentional Objects by Surface Decomposition
Sokolovsky Alexander 2002 Shraga Bross Abstracts Attainable Error Exponents for the Poisson Broadcast Channel with Degraded Message Sets
Waxman Shai 2002 Shlomo Shamai )Shitz( Abstracts Iterative Multi User Detection of the IS-95 CDMA Uplink Channel
Kons Shachar 2002 Yitzhak Kalet Abstracts Adjacent Channel Interference Susceptibility of Serial Concatenated Continuous Phase Modulation
Chayat Ronen 2002 Raphael Rom Abstracts Applying Deterministic Procedures to Reliable Multicast Protocols
Litichever Zeev 2002 Dan Chazan, Neri Merhav, Abstracts Classification of Transition Sounds with Application to Speech Recognition
Weingarten Hanan 2002 Yossef Steinberg Abstracts Information Theoretic Approach to Robust Communication in Multi Antenna Channels
Nebat Yoav 2002 Raphael Rom, Moshe Sidi, Abstracts Resequencing Considerations in Downloads
Kosyakovsky Oleg 2002 Avi Mendelson, Avinoam Kolodny, Abstracts Approaches to Managing Trace Cache in Computer Systems
Yadin Yoav 2002 Meir Orenstein Abstracts Optical Vortices and Flowers from Coupled Laser Arrays
Shapiro David 2002 Jacob Ziv (Deceased) Abstracts Generalization and Efficient Realization of the HZ Universal Data Compression Algorithm
Makienko Igor 2002 Raphael Sivan (Deceased), Gideon Inbar (Deceased), Abstracts Estimation of Singal Movement-Related Brain Potential Components with Changing Loads
Dolgin Yuri 2002 Arie Feuer, Ezra Zeheb, Abstracts Model Order Reduction for Uncertain Systems
Atkins Shimie 2002 Baruch Fischer Abstracts Temporal Talbot and Related Dispersion Effects with Applications in Light Pulse Propagation in Fibers and Fiber Lasers
Spitsa Vitaly 2002 Abraham Alexandrovitz Abstracts Power System Harmonics
Lipson Ariel 2002 Meir Orenstein Abstracts Multiple Pulses in High Power Fiber Lasers
Dolev Noam 2002 Avinoam Kolodny Abstracts Integrated Low-Voltage Delta-Sigma Conversion Circuits in Digital CMOS Technology
Ben-Bassat Assaf 2002 Baruch Fischer Abstracts Cascaded Stimulated Brillouin Scattering and Dynamic Optical Filters by Gain Gratings in Fibers
Dolgin Madlena 2002 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Statistical, Electrostatic and Numerical Models of Spectral Performance of 2D-Arrays of Gamma-Ray Spectrometers
Yedvab Eran 2002 Arie Feuer Abstracts Driving Speakers by Filter Bank Generated Equalizing Signal
Bilic' Hrvoye 2002 Yitzhak Birk Abstracts TCP/IP Pipelining – Improving Performance of Large Transfers over Standard Gb/s Ethernet with Unmodified Operating Systems and Applications
Sheinkin Arkady 2002 Moshe Israeli (Deceased) Abstracts Automatic Segmentation of Moving Objects in Videoconferencing Sequences for Video Object Plane Generation
Katz Oded 2001 Yosef Salzman, Gad Bahir, Abstracts The Implementation and Characterization of Schottky UV Photodetectors Based on Gallium Nitride and Aluminum Gallium Nitride
Assouline Lior 2001 Moshe Porat Abstracts On Quality Criteria of Time-Varying Filters
Dorfan Yuval 2001 Arie Feuer, Boaz Porat (Deceased), Abstracts Modeling and Identification of LPTV Systems by Wavelets
Wiesel Eliezer 2001 Hugo Krawczyk Abstracts A Scalable Architecture for Internet Security Using IPSEC and Secure DNS
Klein Elad 2001 Moshe Porat Abstracts Model Order Selection for Harmonic Signals by Super Resolution Methods
Levitan Evgeny 2001 Neri Merhav Abstracts A Universal Approach to Hypothesis Testing with Applications
Sokhin Vitali 2001 Raphael Rom, Israel Cidon, Abstracts Load Balancing and Quality of Service for Distributed Web Services
Gornostaev Sergy 2001 Ezra Zeheb Abstracts Analysis and Design of Non-Linear Systems with Uncertainty
Luinetsky Svetlana 2001 Gad Bahir Abstracts Characterization of High Speed GaAs Based Pseudomorphic Heterostructure Field Effect Transistor (HFET) with Strained InGaAs Channel
Grossman Aaron 2001 Gideon Inbar (Deceased) Abstracts Variations in Electro-Encephalogram During Voluntary Finger Movement under Varying Loads
Markov Igor 2001 Reuven Cohen Abstracts Minimizing the Number of Persistent TCP Connections in a Partitioned Http/1.1 Web Server
Buller Benjamin 2001 Moshe Sidi Abstracts Challenges and Approaches to Interactive Communications over the Internet
Shainer Gilad 2001 Gideon Inbar (Deceased) Abstracts Model Development and Controller Design for Artificial Pancreas
Ben-Tovim Erez 2001 Israel Bar-David Abstracts Channel Parameters Estimation and Decoding of Turbo Codes
Vodonos Boris 2001 Baruch Fischer Abstracts Temporal Talbot Effect in Optical Fibers and Its Use for Mode-Locking of Fiber Lasers with High Dispersion
Ronen Tamir 2001 Z. Ben-Shaul Abstracts Class Loading for Mobile Objects
Zaritsky Reuben 2001 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts Three Dimensional Object Tracking Using Stereo Vision and Deformable Curve Models
Mizrachi Shay 2001 David Malah Abstracts Robust Detection of Watermarks in Audio Signals
Itzkovitz Shalev 2001 Gideon Inbar (Deceased) Abstracts Classification of MRP Signals Using Support Vector Machines
Gazit Hovav Mordehai 2001 Z. Ben-Shaul Abstracts Monitoring Support for Mobile Objects
Zohar Ester 2001 Nahum Shimkin, Avishai Mandelbaum, Abstracts Adaptive Behavior of Impatient Customers in Invisible Queues
Kramer Boaz 2001 Abraham Alexandrovitz Abstracts Investigation of Dynamic Behavior of a DC Brushless Motor
Gidron Yoad 2001 Z. Ben-Shaul Abstracts Resource Control for Mobile Components
Perelman Yevgeny 2001 Ran Ginosar Abstracts A Low-Light Sensor for Medical Diagnostic Applications
Furman Dmitry 2001 Moshe Porat Abstracts Compression of Video Sequences Using Three-Dimensional Vector Quantization
Gluskin Dan 2001 Israel Cidon Abstracts Hardware Oriented Resource Reservation Scheme for Integrated Networks
Razansky Daniel 2001 Pinchas Einziger Abstracts Power Absorption in Highly Lossy Biological Tissues
Shrot Udi 2001 David Malah, Meir Bar-Zohar, Abstracts Efficient Coding of Image Sequences of Planar Scenes
Raab Elazar 2001 Raphael Rom Abstracts Connectionless Datagram Traffic in Atm Network
Goffman-Vinopal Larisa 2001 Moshe Porat Abstracts The Effect of Intercolor Correlation on Color Image Compression
Shenhar Ari 2001 Moshe Porat Abstracts Processing of Spatial Distortions in Images
Peyser Arye 2001 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Improving the Crystal and Characterize the Performance of Gamma-Ray Detector Based on CdZnTe
Rappaport Noam 2001 Eliezer Finkman Abstracts Spectroscopic Properties of SiGe Alloys
Halevy Yehuda 2001 Israel Cidon Abstracts Dynamic Hierarchical Clustering in Link State Routing
Piao Zhe 2001 Yehoshua Zeevi Abstracts Multi-Window Gabor-Type Analysis of Multi-Dimensional Signals
Bilenca Alberto 2001 Gad Eisenstein Abstracts Optical Control of Millimeter-Wave Transceivers
Michael Gil 2001 Moshe Porat Abstracts On Signal Reconstruction from Fourier Magnitude
Guttman Omri 2001 Ron Meir Abstracts Classification Using Projections onto a Single Dimension
Taliansky Alexey 2001 Nahum Shimkin Abstracts Autonomous Navigation of a Mobile Robot in Buildings
Helzer Amir 2000 David Malah, Meir Bar-Zohar, Abstracts Robust Fitting of Implicit Polynomials with Application To Contour Coding
Markman Dmitry 2000 David Malah Abstracts Hyperspectral Image Coding Using 3d Transforms
Brouk Igor 2000 Yael Nemirovsky, Ilan Bloom, Abstracts Study of Cmos Photodiodes and Low Noise Analog Readout For Visible Photon Detection
Lyszyk David 2000 Abstracts Signal Processing Under Partially Defined Constraints With Applications to Electro-Optics
Sutskover Ilan 2000 Jacob Ziv (Deceased) Abstracts Sequential Universal Coding with Limited Training Data
Cohen Zeev 2000 Jacob Ziv (Deceased) Abstracts Efficient Realization of Universal Data Compression Schemes
Spira Alon 2000 David Malah Abstracts Image Palletization and Compression for Color-Limited Displays
Goldberg Nitzan 2000 Arie Feuer Abstracts Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction Using Spatio-Temporal Filtering
Ecker Reuven 2000 Abstracts Irreversibility in the Noise of Electronic Devices
Mondri Ron 2000 Abstracts Tailor-Made Transmission for Efficient Near-Video-on-Demanda Service
Gero Aharon 2000 Eliezer Finkman, Gad Bahir, Abstracts Electronic, Optical and Electrical Properties of Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors
Dar Tzachi Yitzhak 2000 Ehud Rivlin, Yehoshua Zeevi, Abstracts Visual Classification of Mechanisms and Mechanical Events Using Force Dynamics of Its Parts
Rosen Amir 2000 Baruch Fischer, Shmuel Fishman (Deceased), Abstracts Localization Effects of Light and Their Experimental Verification
Goldfeld Elan 2000 Z. Ben-Shaul Abstracts Tango Transactions for Mobile Objects
Khatib Ali 2000 Abraham Alexandrovitz Abstracts Dynamic Behaviour Investigation of Unsymmetrical Conditions Of A.c. Motors
Gan Orly 2000 Ofer Zeitouni Abstracts Asymptotic Bounds in a Full Graph with Random Scoring
Moiza Gideon 2000 Ayellet Tal Abstracts Image Based Animation of Facial Expression
Brueller Nir 2000 Moshe Porat, Natan Peterfreund, Abstracts Non-Uniform Sampling of Signals and Images with Time/ Position Varying Characteristics
Ran Adee 2000 Nir Sochen Abstracts Differential Geometry Techniques in Stereo Vision
Tsypin Boris 2000 Hector Rotstein, Yehoshua Zeevi, Abstracts Switching Between Saccade and Smooth Pursuit in Active Vision System
Bron Arkady 2000 Shalom Raz, David Malah, Abstracts Wavelet-Based Denoising of Speech
Fainleib Svetlana 2000 Dan Ritter Abstracts Fabrication and Characterization of Ingaasp Quantum Well Lasers Grown by Metal Organic Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Proudnikov Ilia 2000 Dan Ritter Abstracts Fabrication Technology of Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor
Spiegel Haiim 2000 Yehuda Leviatan Abstracts Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering by Small Irregularities on Surfaces Using An Adaptive Local Cosine Basis in the Method Of Moments
Mayrentz Ronen 2000 David Malah Abstracts Low Bit-Rate Speech Coding Using Joint Segmentation And Vector Quantization
Guskov Juri 2000 Eliezer Finkman, Gad Bahir, Abstracts The Effect of Strain in Inp/ingaas Qwip on the Detector Operating Wavelength
Franco Reuven 2000 David Malah Abstracts Rate, Distortion, and Complexity Tradeoffs in Fractal Image Coding
Banna Samer 2000 Abstracts The Interaction of Symmetric and Asymmetric Modes with Free Electrons
Maly Binyamin 2000 Abstracts Interaction Between Free Electrons and Electromagnetic Radiation in An Open Resonator
Fellah Orit 2000 David Malah Abstracts Low Bit-Rate Speech Coding Based on a Long-Term Model
Har Offer 2000 Abstracts Optical Object Recognition Using Bayesian Networks
Moller Hanan 2000 Abstracts Multicast Routing in High Speed Networks Under Quality of Service Constraints
Gurewitz Omer 2000 Moshe Sidi, Israel Cidon, Abstracts Packet Loss Processes in Systems with Finite Buffers
Shafi Hisham 1999 Abstracts Avid Execution and Instruction Pruning in the Asynchronous Microprocessor Kin
Ifergan-Rohcahs Shlomit 1999 Abstracts Active Cooperating Web Servers
Reich Benny 1999 Abstracts Gem: a Global Electronic Market System
Krips Ram 1999 Dan Adam Abstracts Spatial/temporal Detection and Feature Extraction of Flow In Dynamic Vessels by Doppler Ultrasound
Danon Tamar 1999 Abstracts Convolutional and Trellis Codes for Unequal Error Protection
Zaslavsky Vladislav 1999 Abstracts Stable Motion Control of a Robotic Vehicle
Gnusin Alexander 1999 Abstracts Adaptive Sensitivity Cmos Sensor
Greenberg Daniel 1999 Abstracts An Economic Approach to Optimal Resource Allocation in High Speed Networks
Goshen-Fishman Dafna 1999 Abstracts Identification of the Biceps' Reflex Response to Small Mechanical Arm Stimulation
Tock Yoav 1999 Abstracts Information Transmission in the Muscle Spindle System
Branover Alexander 1999 Abstracts Transformation of Synchronous Circuits Into Asynchronous Circuits
Mokryn Marek 1999 Abstracts Intellijuke – a Smart Hierarchical Storage Server
Poliak Olga 1999 Abstracts Investigation of Synchronous Machine Transient Stability Using Lyapunov Function
Friedman Calist 1999 Abstracts Cmos Readout Electronics for Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors
Abramovici Ilan 1999 Abstracts Turbo Encoded Bicm: a Bandwidth Efficient Modulation Scheme
Shpolyansky Boris 1999 Ilan Spillinger, Ran Ginosar, Abstracts Improving of Performance of Superscalar Microprocessors Using Scheduling History
Koosh Remus 1999 Abstracts An Atm Desktop Video Conference System
Roytman Alexey 1999 Abstracts DVS – a System for Distribution and Management of Global Video on Demand Services
Bregman Nimrod 1999 Meir Orenstein, Gad Eisenstein, Abstracts Dynamics of Carriers in Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
Dvadya Avner 1999 Abstracts Performance Analysis of Reliable Multicast in Atm Networks
Steinberg Daniel Rabin 1999 Abstracts A Novel Traffic Analyzer for the Ieee 1394 Serial Bus and Its Use for Performance Characterization and Analysis
Shapiro Yossi 1999 Moshe Porat Abstracts Signal Reconstruction from Spectral Amplitude
Baron Dror 1999 Yitzhak Birk Abstracts Multiple Working Points and Multislot-Message Coding in Multichannel Aloha with Deadlines
Charash Dan 1999 Abstracts Fundamental Frequency Estimation of Electro-Islet-Graphy
Degani Ofir 1999 Abstracts Investigation of Microelectromechanical Systems Incorporating Integrative Differential Optical Sensing
Yom-Tov Elad 1999 Abstracts Movement-Related Potentials in the Human Spinal Cord Preceding Toe Movement
Cohen Avron 1999 Abstracts Programming Coordination Among Distributed Software Components
Avrech Ayal 1999 Abstracts Parallel Associative Computing: Architecture, Software, Applications and Future Directions
Korinman Michael 1999 Abstracts Investigation of the Operation Modes of a Three-Phase Ac-Dc Matrix Converter
Ben David Shay 1999 Ron Meir Abstracts Time Series Modeling Using Mixtures of Experts
Socher Eran 1999 Abstracts Study of Uncooled Micromachined Integrated Thermoelectric Ir Sensors.
Somekh Baruch Anelia 1999 Abstracts Universal Algorithms for Seqnential Decision in the Presence of Noisy Obsevations
Jacobson Matthew Willia 1999 Abstracts Asymptotic Properties of Two-Timescale Markov Decision Processes
Lasri Jacob )Kobi( 1999 Abstracts Optoelectronic Mixers for Microwave Frequencies
Lavva Boris 1999 Z. Ben-Shaul Abstracts An Architecture for a Middleware with Dynamic Mobile Components
Sheinman Benjamin 1999 Abstracts Impact Ionization in Hetrojunction Bipolar Transistors
Levy Sharon 1999 Abstracts A Survey – Iterative Methods in Digital Communication
Oka Anand Ravindra 1999 Abstracts Issues in Multilevel Trellis Codes Modulation
Zhao Ying 1999 David Malah Abstracts Segmentation-Based Shape-Adaptive Image Coding
Orbach Mordechi 1999 Moshe Sidi, Israel Cidon, Abstracts A Manager-Agent System for Examination of Computer Networks
Galan Fereres Sarah 1998 Shlomo Shamai )Shitz(, Michael Polacek, Abstracts Dynamic Programming Based Decoding of Mpsk Systems Over Rapidly Changing Phase Awgn Channels
Fakterman Boris 1998 Pinchas Einziger Abstracts Design and Measurement Scheme for Broadband Dipole Antenna
Keren Yaron 1998 Yitzhak Birk Abstracts Judicious Use of Redundancy for Improved Performance in Aloha Networks
Mokryn Osnat 1998 Israel Cidon, Avi Mendelson, Abstracts Distributed Algorithms in Multihop Broadcast Networks
Finkelstein Hod 1998 Yael Nemirovsky, Ran Ginosar, Abstracts Frontside-Bombarded Metal-Plated Electron Radiation Imaging Chip Fabricated in Cmos Technology
Shifman Yair 1998 Yehuda Leviatan Abstracts Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering Using Wavelet Packet Expansion Functions Selected from An Overcomplete Dictionary
Stav )Satuby( Yinnon 1998 Meir Orenstein Abstracts Dynamics and Modulation Properties of Multi-Transverse- Modes Vertical Cavity Semiconductor Lasers
Sun Xianyi 1998 Hector Rotstein Abstracts Low Voltage Smps Equipped with Synchronous Rectifier and Saturable Core
Levy Atai 1998 Israel Cidon Abstracts Vicinity Routing in Large Networks
Gordon Gennadi Gadi 1998 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Characterization of Hetero-Junction Using Capacitance- Voltage Measurements
Pedahel Aviad 1997 Baruch Fischer Abstracts Interference-Induced Transparency in Saturable Absorbers And Fixing by Light of Waveguide Structures in Ferroelectric Crystals
Bar-Sella Ran 1997 Ron Meir Abstracts Aspects of Finite Codebook Vector Quantizer Design Assessment
Sharkansky Marina 1997 Haim Cory Abstracts Coupling Between Dissimilar Dielectric Waveguides
Holder Ophir 1997 Z. Ben-Shaul Abstracts A Model for Interoperability Among Heterogeneous Autonomous And Distributed Software Componetns
Goldgeier Paul 1997 Meir Orenstein, Israel Bar-David, Abstracts Frequency and Phase Tracking of a Pair of Dfb Lasers: the Implementation of the Paramodyne Receiver
Vurgaft Anatoli 1997 Hector Rotstein, Adrian Zukerberger, Abstracts Control of Slip Energy Recovery Induction Motor Drive Using Ac-Ac Direct Converter
Libman Lavy 1997 Ariel Orda Abstracts Atomic Resource Sharing in Noncooperative Computer Networks
Smolyar Lev 1997 Z. Ben-Shaul Abstracts Server Selection in Large Scale Client-Server System
Alexandrov Israel 1997 Adrian Zukerberger Abstracts Digital Simulation of Electrical Motor Drives
Sherman Marina 1997 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Intelligent-Scan Based Transmission and Retrieval of Images
Vinov Michael 1997 Avi Mendelson Abstracts The Dynamic Characterization of Fine-Grain Parallelizm and Its Usage for Supporting Multithreaded Architectures
Caspi Dalit 1997 Nahum Kiryati, Joseph Shamir, Abstracts Adaptive Color Structured Light
Leviant Michael 1997 Israel Bar-David Abstracts Trellis-Aided Phase Tracker for Psk Signals
Volfman Igor 1997 Dan Ritter Abstracts Microwave Effects on the Photoluminescence of Quantum Wells
Finzi David 1997 Gad Eisenstein Abstracts Coupling Between Separated Carriers in a Quantum Well Laser
Leiba Yigal 1997 Eliezer Finkman, Gad Bahir, Abstracts Investigation of Electron Transport Parallel to the Layers Defining Gaas/algaas Quantum Structures Using Intersubband Transitions
Reina Guy 1997 Boaz Porat (Deceased) Abstracts A Comparative Statistical Analysis of Instantaneous Frequency Estimation by Time-Frequency Transforms
Meisler Alon 1997 Boaz Porat (Deceased) Abstracts Parametric Estimation Algorithms for Linearly-Deformed Polynomial-Phase Signals and Their Investigation
Shmuel Avraham 1997 Moshe Sidi, Raphael Rom, Abstracts Design and Implementation of An Atm Local Area Network
Shamir Gil 1997 Neri Merhav, Jacob Ziv (Deceased), Abstracts Universal Coding for Classes of Nonstationary Sources
Raz David 1997 Moshe Sidi Abstracts Tracking Methods of Users in a Bi-Dimensional Cellular Network
Horn Eli 1997 Nahum Kiryati Abstracts Optimal Structured Light Patterns
Lapid Yael 1997 Moshe Sidi, Raphael Rom, Abstracts Analysis of Packet Discarding Policies in High-Speed Networks
Elgrichi Yair 1997 Ezra Zeheb Abstracts Sound Control Under Uncertainty Conditions
Goikhman Alexander 1997 Jacob Katzenelson Abstracts Software for the Supercomputer Toolkit
Shemesh Yair 1997 Gad Bahir, Asher Madjar, Abstracts Delta-Doped Fet Devices for Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuits
Mezer Amir 1997 Boaz Porat (Deceased) Abstracts Parametric Estimation Algorithms for the Modeling and Restoration of Geometrically Deformed Images
Natan Dorit 1997 Meir Orenstein Abstracts Coherency and Stability of Semiconductor Laser Arrays
Kol Tomer 1997 Yitzhak Birk Abstracts Informed-Source Coding-on-Demand (Iscod) for Efficient Dispersal of Information Over a Broadcast Channel
Zaslavsky Yanina 1997 Moshe Sidi, Raphael Rom, Abstracts Adjustment of Lan Topology to Variant Traffic Demands
Efroni Igal 1997 Abraham Alexandrovitz Abstracts Dynamics of a System Synchronous Generator Induction Motor
Qian Lijun 1997 Eliezer Kreindler, Benjamin Gal-Or, Abstracts Catastrophic Failure Prevention in Civil Transport Aircraft By Addition of Thrust Vectoring
Barak Ehud 1997 Ofer Zeitouni Abstracts Bounds on Escaping from Lock of a Tracking System with Low Noise
Shachor Gal 1997 Moshe Porat Abstracts Signal Reconstruction from Partial Information in the Position-Frequency Space
Spiegel Solon 1997 Dan Ritter Abstracts Characterization and Modeling of Inp/gainas Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors
Taich Dmitry 1996 Israel Bar-David Abstracts Feed-Forward Phase Estimator and Tracker Under Frequency Uncertainty and Phase Noise
Ben-Baruch Tal 1996 Joseph Shamir Abstracts Analysis of Holographic Methods for Waveguide Elements
Magram Luis Mario 1996 Arie Arbel (Deceased) Abstracts Combination of Floating Current Source and Translinear Circuits.
Jakobson Claudio Gabrie 1996 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Cmos Low Noise Switched Charge Sensitive Preamplifier for X-Ray Detection
Bekerman Michael 1996 Avi Mendelson Abstracts Architecture of Processor with Simultaneous Execution Of Multiple Instruction Streams
Moulin Mark 1996 Eliezer Kreindler, Mauricio Guelman, Abstracts Bearing-Only Target Estimation for Antimissile Interception
Levi Daphna 1996 Haim Cory Abstracts The Guiding of Electromagnetic Waves Along a Rectangular Chirowaveguide
Burdhima Kristak 1996 Abraham Alexandrovitz Abstracts Switched Reluctance Motor
Veinger Dmitry 1996 Gad Bahir, Yosef Salzman, Abstracts Inp/ingaasp Epitaxial Growth in Mocvd System for Laser Application in Optical Communication. Comparison Between Selective and Regular Growth Methods.
Starobinski David 1996 Moshe Sidi Abstracts New Call Blocking Versus Handoff Blocking in Cellular Networks.
Francos Amir 1996 Moshe Porat Abstracts Signal Representation and Analysis Using Positive Time-Frequency Distributions
Lichtsinder Arkady 1996 Eliezer Kreindler, Benjamin Gal-Or, Abstracts Suboptimal Control of Thrust-Vectored Aircraft Maneuvers
Urieli Sharon 1996 Moshe Porat Abstracts Image Analysis and Representation by Spectral Phase
Gabbay Joseph 1996 Adrian Zukerberger Abstracts Ac/ac Energy Converter Based on Resonant Topology
Bettesh Ido 1996 Jacob Ziv (Deceased) Abstracts On the Efficiency of Using Mutual Parsing Algorithm for Classification Instead of Finite State Machine
Yoaz Adi 1996 Shlomit Pinter Abstracts Hardware- Based Data Prefetching Approach for Superscalar Processors
Steiner Ami 1996 Nahum Kiryati, Alfred Bruckstein, Abstracts Planar Shape Enhancement and Exaggeration
Menaker Ohad 1996 Avi Mendelson Abstracts Survey on Multi-Threaded Implementations
Schatz Yaakov 1996 Nir Cohen Abstracts The Location of Zeros and Poles in Rational Positive Real Functions.
Tuchfeld Arie 1996 Shlomit Pinter Abstracts A Working Environment for End-User Multimedia Communication.
Zigdon Shimon 1996 Haim Cory Abstracts Radiation from the Aperture of a Semi Infinite Chiral Slab
Bublil Baruch 1996 Shlomo Shamai )Shitz( Abstracts Suboptimal Noncoherent Detection of Cpfsk
Erlich Yossi 1996 Dan Chazan, Neri Merhav, Abstracts On Hmm Based Speech Recognition Using Mce Approach
Rosenhouse Isaac 1996 Haim Cory Abstracts Methods for Analysis and Synthesis of Thin Film Chiral Filters
Blass Doron 1996 Eliezer Kantorowitz (Deceased) Abstracts A Graphical Debugger for Object – Oriented Languages With Definable Region of Interest.
Gofman Yossi 1996 Nahum Kiryati Abstracts Detecting Symmetry in Gray Level Images
Shmouely Meir 1996 Yehoshua Zeevi Abstracts Image Representation by Partial Information of Its Wavelet Transform
Wirsansky Eyal 1996 Ron Meir Abstracts Creating Modular Neural Networks Using Genetic Algorithms
Lev Ido 1996 Amir Dembo, David Malah, Abstracts Universal Signal Enhancement by Coding.
Peretz Yona 1996 Shlomo Shamai )Shitz( Abstracts Coded Cpfsk with Limiter Discriminator Detection
Tweig Reuven 1996 Boaz Porat (Deceased) Abstracts Numerical Optimization Methods for Array Signal Processing
Gabbay Freddy 1996 Avi Mendelson Abstracts Tmoesi – a New Cache Coherency Protocol for Distributed Multi-Cache Systems
Perets Ronen 1996 Yitzhak Birk Abstracts A Switch Architecture for Video-on-Demand Servers
Karniel Amir 1996 Gideon Inbar (Deceased) Abstracts Model of Human Motor Control Using Artificial Neural Networks
Pisarevski Felix 1996 Ron Meir Abstracts Comparative Study on Non Linear Time Series Prediction Methods
Avrahami Shlomo 1996 Arie Arbel (Deceased) Abstracts Development of Current Mode Standard Cells
Toivi Daniel 1996 Gideon Inbar (Deceased) Abstracts Parametric and Non Parametric Methods for the Investigation Of the Spindle Transfer Function from Surface Emg Of the Upper Arm Muscle
Assa Gil 1995 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Metal-Semicdnductor Contacts on Ii-Vi Compounds
Reshef Ofer 1995 David Malah Abstracts Affine Motion Estimation and Compensation in Image Sequences with Quadtree Segmentation for Coding Applications
Freizeit Amir 1995 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Hierarchical Conditional Replenishment Video Compression Algorithm and Architecture
Elbaum Reuven 1995 Moshe Sidi Abstracts Topological Design of Local Area Networks Using a Genetic Algorithm
Hershkovits Yehuda 1995 Jacob Ziv (Deceased) Abstracts Universal Data Compression with Finite-Nemory
Engel Yehiel 1995 Jacob Katzenelson Abstracts Desigh and Implementation of Basic Hardware Cards for The Supercomputer Toolkit
Betser Yoram 1995 Dan Ritter Abstracts Electron Transport in Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors
Fisher Abraham 1995 Israel Bar-David Abstracts Using Vector Quantization for Mechanized Morse Decoding
Wjnbergen Chaim 1995 Gideon Inbar (Deceased) Abstracts A Functional Architecture Based Neural Network Model For the Primary Visual Cortex V1
Hilu Mordechay 1995 Asher Madjar, Adir Bar-Lev (Deceased), Abstracts Amethod to Umprove the Optical Respopnse of Mesfets Beyond The "Natural" Cutoff Frequency
Baruch Eyal 1995 Yehuda Leviatan Abstracts Analysis of a Quasi-Periodic Reflector Antenna
Naftali Ron 1995 Baruch Fischer Abstracts Multi-Mode Erbium Doped Fiber: Laser Realization Fiber Properties and Complex Resonators
Pesach Rafi 1995 Arie Arbel (Deceased), Israel Bar-David, Abstracts Three Phase Delta-Couped Frontend Ror Optical Receiver
Kolisher Izzydor 1995 Arie Feuer Abstracts Methods for Signal Seperation Or Decorrelafion
Chazan Gilia 1995 Nahum Kiryati Abstracts Pyramidal Intensity Ratio Range Sensor
Korman Ronen 1995 Neri Merhav Abstracts Design of Power Limited Signals for Mismatched Gaussian Channels
Zelig David 1995 Neri Merhav, Abstracts Rake Receiver in Severe Intersymbol Interference Conditions
Ramati Naftali 1995 Avi Mendelson Abstracts Developing Fault Injection S-W for R.t. Systems Evaluation
Falik Ohad 1995 Avi Mendelson Abstracts Improving Data Availability in Advanced Memory Architectures
Karelic Yair 1995 David Malah Abstracts Compression of High-Quality Audio Signals Using a Time-Varying Filterbank and a Zero-Tree Coder
Chen-Levy Sarit 1995 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Adaptive Sensitivity Ccd Image Sensor
Weissman Shaul 1995 Gideon Inbar (Deceased) Abstracts Identification of Elbow Joint Time Varying Parameters
Bloch Noam 1995 Yitzhak Birk Abstracts Operation of Nun-Bus-Oriented All-Optical Single-Hop Interconnections
Gil Amit 1995 Boaz Porat (Deceased), Arie Feuer, Abstracts Indirect Adaptive Control of Systems with Uncertainties Base On Robut Controller Design
Cohen Yosef 1995 Gideon Inbar (Deceased) Abstracts Artificial Neural Networks for Adaptive Control
Nachman Yaron 1995 Yitzhak Birk Abstracts Reducing the Wireless Resource Needed for Tracking Mobile Users in Cellular Communication Networks
Stein Jeremy Martin 1995 Jacob Ziv (Deceased), Neri Merhav, Abstracts Universal Delay Estimation for Discrete Channels
Wechsler Sofia 1995 Eliezer Kantorowitz (Deceased) Abstracts A Survey on Development Methods for Real Time Systems
Yavits Leonid 1995 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Architecture and Design of An Associative Processor Chip
Weinstock Dan 1995 Adrian Zukerberger, Abraham Alexandrovitz, Abstracts Analysis of Matrix Converter Properties
Hanin Evegeny 1995 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Growth and Characterization of Undoped and Doped Mocvd Cdte Epilayers
Goldgisser Leonid 1995 Jacob Katzenelson Abstracts Waveform Relaxation Using the Supercomputer Toolkit
Zimin Michael 1995 Abraham Alexandrovitz Abstracts Analysis of Incorporation of a Battery Storage Plant in Power System
Elbaz Moshe 1995 Yehoshua Zeevi, Jacob Rubinstein, Abstracts Invariant Compression of Images by Using Partial Information
Loy Irit 1995 Moshe Sidi Abstracts Globaly Gated Systems: Correlated Arrivals Routing Branch
Zur Dror 1995 Yoram Baram Abstracts Deinterleaving of Radar Signals Using Self Organizing Neural Network
Mitnick Yuri 1995 Baruch Fischer Abstracts Dynamics of Gratings Formation in Optical Fibers
Levin Lior 1995 Joseph Shamir Abstracts Fiber Optic Interferometer for Velocity Measurements
Twitto Abraham 1995 Joseph Shamir, Amos Notea, Abstracts Detection of Internal Defects Using Holographic Interferometry
Weinberg Nitzan 1995 Ran Ginosar Abstracts A Neural Network Architecture for Image Processing
Levin Jacob 1995 Shlomit Pinter Abstracts A Parallelizing Compiler for Fortran 777 Programs
Tadmor Ittai 1995 Yitzhak Birk Abstracts Disk Performance Optimizationin a Video Server
Ghenassia Frank 1995 Yitzhak Birk Abstracts An Adaptive Mlultimedia Presentation System and Its Underlying O.s. Support
Krupnik Hagai 1995 David Malah, Ehud Karnin, Abstracts Fractal Representation of Images Via the Discrete Wavelet Transform
Margaliot Michael 1995 Chaim Craig Gotsman Abstracts Sampling and Approximation of Smooth Function by Piecewise Linear Interpolants
Jonas Amnon 1995 Nahum Kiryati Abstracts Digital Representation and Length Estimation of Three Dimensional Curves
Sahar Ofir 1995 Ofer Zeitouni Abstracts Aproof of the Existence of Derivative with Respect to the Intial Condition for the Filtering Eqation of Wonham in Hilbert Space
Kashwe Assaf 1995 David Malah Abstracts Volce Conversion Methods for Automatic Translation Systems
Cohen Gilad 1995 David Malah Abstracts Speech Analysis and Synthesis Using a Glottal-Excited Ar Filter Model
Naimark Leonid 1994 Nir Cohen, Allen Robert Tannenbaum, Abstracts The Two Block H Problem for Systems with Delay
Piestun Rafael 1994 Joseph Shamir Abstracts Methods for Efficient Storage of Information in Wavefront Synthesis
Glasgow Jason 1994 Hadas Shachnai Abstracts Scheduling Parallelizable
Baharav Izhak Zachi 1994 David Malah, Ehud Karnin, Abstracts Hierarchical Approach for Fractal Representation of Signals
Levin Michael 1994 Arie Feuer Abstracts Control of Very Flexible Bar
Baharav Yael 1994 Joseph Shamir Abstracts Correction of Imaging by Adaptive Optics
Fussfeld Eyal 1994 Yehoshua Zeevi Abstracts Estimation of Edge Position with Sub-Piwel Resolution
Abraham Zamir 1994 Yehoshua Zeevi, Jacob Rubinstein, Abstracts Classification of Compressrd Image in a Rotatior and
Kramash-Stettiner Orly 1994 Dan Chazan Abstracts A Statistical Porametric Model for Rocognition
Silvera Ezra 1994 Joseph Shamir Abstracts Rotation Scale and Shift Invariant Optical Pattern
Soffer Menashe 1994 Nahum Kiryati Abstracts Conditions for Convergence of the Hough Transform
Ben-Tal Gad 1994 Yoram Baram Abstracts Obstacle Detection from Texcure by Monocular Vision
Shatz Amir 1994 Neri Merhav Abstracts Robvst Techniqes in Speech Recogn Tion
Ayal Moshe 1994 Michael Erlicki (Deceased) Abstracts Artificial Supplement of Transformer Maghetizing Current
Erez Doron 1994 Jacob Katzenelson Abstracts Clock Syncronization of a Largesystem of Processors
Zodik Gabi 1994 Abstracts A Visual & Interactive Approachto the Mapping Problem
Caspi Rami 1994 Shlomit Pinter Abstracts Monitor Program to Control a Distributed Multiprocessor
Riemer Ivona 1994 Gideon Inbar (Deceased), Dan Adam, Abstracts A Model for Heart-Rate Variability and Its Bispectral
Segall Eitan 1994 Haim Cory Abstracts Coupling Between Open Waveguideslectric Antennas
Akons Ilan 1994 Abraham Alexandrovitz Abstracts Brushless Dc Motor
Bren Daniel 1994 Israel Bar-David Abstracts On the Performance of Feed-Forward and Closed Loop Receivers
Sorek Noam 1994 Yehoshua Zeevi Abstracts Image Motion Compensation Using Multiple Exposures
Peer Joram 1994 Ron Pinter Abstracts Minimizino of Boolean Computational Trees for Multi Level
Levkovich Avraham 1994 Nir Cohen Abstracts Freguency Response of Systems with Uncertainty
Gal Lior 1994 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Hgte Contacts to Wide Bandgap Hgcote
Lange Daniel 1994 Gideon Inbar (Deceased) Abstracts Processing of Movement Related Cortical Signals
Levi Rachel 1994 Adam Shwartz Abstracts A Therory of Approchability and Throughput-Cost Trade
Shalev Amir 1994 Israel Bar-David Abstracts High Speed Electronics for Decoding in Optical Communication
Jacobson Itzchak 1994 Michael Lindenbaum Abstracts Shape Recognition System Using Interpretation Tree
Hoory Ron 1994 Dan Chazan Abstracts Speech Production Models and Their Calibration for the
Atar Rami 1994 Ofer Zeitouni Abstracts Lyapunov Exponents in Optimal Non Linear Filtering
Fried Rafael 1994 Arie Arbel (Deceased) Abstracts Ea A/d Converter for Nuclear Spectroscopy
Nagar Ron 1994 Gad Eisenstein Abstracts Short Pulse Generation by Fm and Pm Mode Locking Df Diode
Fishman Tal 1994 Meir Orenstein Abstracts Lasing Modes of Surface Emitting Semicouductor Laser Arrays
Levy Danny 1994 Joseph Shamir Abstracts Interaction of Em Waves with Structures Smaller Than Wavelen
Shalit Tzahi 1994 Alfred Bruckstein Abstracts Machine Vision Controlled Robotic Manipulation 3-D Object
Weinfeld Daniel 1994 Israel Bar-David Abstracts Phase Locked Loop with Extended Range Phase Range
Brandl Armona 1994 Gad Bahir, Eliezer Finkman, Abstracts Gaas/ Gaalas Quantum Well Ir Photo Detectors-Asymetric Struc
Livne Amir 1994 Gad Eisenstein Abstracts Optical Fiber Communication System Based on Fm and Pm
Amitay Amichay 1993 David Malah Abstracts Compensation of Giobal Motion in Image Sequnces of 3d Scene
Gureshnik Eran 1993 Neri Merhav Abstracts Methods of Desiging Combined Source-Channel Coders with
Ashkenazi Rony 1993 Shlomo Shamai )Shitz(, Eli Plotnik, Abstracts Suboptimal Detection for Interymbol
Hirshberg David 1993 Neri Merhav Abstracts Robust Methods for Model Order Estimation
Shtaif Mark 1993 Gad Eisenstein Abstracts Wave Coupling Induced Feedback in Semiconductor Optical
Sommer Ziva 1993 Alfred Bruckstein Abstracts Subpixel Edge Following
Hamami Ehud 1993 Uri Shimony (Deceased) Abstracts Lzw Compression of Musical Files
Ben-Eli David 1993 Israel Bar-David, Shlomo Shamai )Shitz(, Abstracts Information Rates in Optical Channels Including Optical
Shevach Ronen 1993 Neri Merhav Abstracts Handwritten Character Recogniton Using a Hidden Markov Mode
Olier Albert 1993 Pinchas Einziger Abstracts Analysis and Synthesis of Nomlinear Transmission Line
Bertman Gidon 1993 Daniel Lubzens Abstracts Imp. of 3-Level Logic Circ. as a Base for Self Timed Circ.
Maimon Shimon 1993 Semuel Schacham, Kurt Weiser, Abstracts Semi Insulating/ Semiconductor Junction in Gaas During
Strasman Nery 1993 Baruch Fischer Abstracts Light Coupling to Complex Cavities and to Fibers Using
Bitan Avraham 1993 Avi Mendelson, Abstracts Asymptotic Performance Evaluation of Computer Memory Models
Ivry Raanan 1993 Ephraim Zehavi, Abstracts Cdma in Mobilg Radio Channel
Nahshon Itai 1993 Jacob Katzenelson Abstracts Type Matching and Substitvtion for a Very High Langvage
Daisy Ron 1993 Baruch Fischer Abstracts Optical Bistability and Coupling Effects at An Interfce of
Zipper Eliav 1993 Gad Bahir, Yosef Salzman, Abstracts Inp Passivation and Misfet Devices
Levin Ilan 1993 Ron Pinter Abstracts Implemevtation of Logic Functions with Xylinks
Stein Doron 1993 Arie Feuer Abstracts The Approximation of Functions Using Neural Networks
Segalescu Victor 1993 Yehoshua Zeevi Abstracts Applications of Jrames Biorthogonality and Warelets in
Sivan Zohar 1993 David Malah Abstracts Motion Detection and Texture Analysis for Image
R.i.p Kaufman Kalman 1993 Yoram Baram Abstracts Classification Prblems Solution Using Neurol Networks
Snowbell Michael 1993 Baruch Fischer Abstracts Dynamic Multi-Two Wave Mixing Image Range Compression
Benmair Izakino 1993 Abraham Alexandrovitz Abstracts Switching Overvoltages in Large Electrical Motors
Landau Uzi 1993 Arie Arbel (Deceased) Abstracts Development of An Optimal Electro-Optical Receiver for An
Friedmann Michael 1993 Joseph Shamir Abstracts Genetic Algorithms in Electro- Optical Sighal Processing
Beer Ilan 1993 Michael Yoeli (Deceased) Abstracts Formal Computer Aided Hardware Verification
Parash Avi 1993 Uri Shimony (Deceased) Abstracts A Multi Transputer Based Musical Synthesizer
Dag Shahar 1993 Abstracts Intelligent System for Article Reading
Sinai Eyal 1993 Ofer Zeitouni Abstracts Asymptotic Bounds for Intersymbol Interfernce
Cohen Israel 1993 Amiram Ron, Mordechai Botton, Haim Cory, Abstracts Electromagnetic Properties of Priodic Structures in Hpm
Amir Ishai 1993 Raphael Rom Abstracts Rovting in Local Radio Networks-a Survey
Mizrachi Liron 1993 Shlomit Pinter Abstracts Parallelization Using Idions
Biniashvili Aharon 1993 Ephraim Zehavi Abstracts Error-Correcting Dodes for Peak Shift Channol
Gavish Amnon 1993 Abraham Lempel (Deceased) Abstracts On Complementary Seqnences
Aharon Nissim 1992 Nir Cohen, Israel Navot (Deceased), Abstracts Interpolation with Network Functions of Minimal Degree
Goren David 1992 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Heterojunctions in the Alloy System Mercury Cadmium Tellurid
Kasher Ziv 1992 Abstracts 3-D Object Cognition from 2-D Line Images
Tessler Nir 1992 Gad Eisenstein Abstracts Active Optical Filter Based on Bragg Mirrors and Quantum Wel
Hardon Roni 1992 Shlomit Pinter Abstracts Optimizing Code-Grain-Size for Data Flow Machines
Salee' Dror 1992 Yoram Baram Abstracts Memory Capacity of Neural Networks Storing Sparse Vectors
Leshets Yona 1992 Shlomo Shamai )Shitz(, Eli Plotnik, Abstracts Post-Detector Processors for Cpm Signals
Wasserman Yoram 1992 Dan Adam, Yoram Palti, Abstracts Modeling and Analysis of Gating Processes in Ion Channels
Shihadeh Elias 1992 Abstracts Expert System for Failures Debug in Vlsi Microprocessors
Bacall Paul 1992 Moshe Sidi Abstracts Real Time Facket Switching Withswitch Over Times
Eldar Yuval 1992 Yehoshua Zeevi, Moshe Porat, Abstracts Irregular Image Sampling Using the Voronoi Tessellation
Romano Itzhak 1992 Abraham Alexandrovitz Abstracts Field Oriented Control of An Induction Motor
Shavitt Yuval 1992 Israel Cidon Abstracts Distibuted a Lgorithms for Ring Networks
Migdal Yifat 1992 Ofer Zeitouni Abstracts Large Deviations Theory in Hypotheses Testing
Margalit Mordechai 1992 Pinchas Einziger Abstracts The Space-Time Paraxial Approximation
Zelikson Michael 1992 Yosef Salzman Abstracts Investigation of Electrooptic Feaures in Amorphous Silicon
Pecht Efraim 1992 Shlomo Shamai )Shitz( Abstracts Analysis of Comm Channels Sesitivity to Interferenle
Peleg Alexander 1992 Uri Weiser Abstracts Performance Limitations and Concep Tual Design of a Cisc
Zuniga Gabriel 1992 Amos Israel, David Grosberg, Abstracts Multi Processor Controller for Real Time Systems
Zachman Susan 1992 Eliezer Finkman, Gad Bahir, Abstracts Characterization of Deep Levels in Hgodte Junctions
Wolf Stuart 1992 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Development of a Colour Enhancealgorithm Using Spatial Proce
Chimes Stanley 1992 Eliezer Kreindler, David Grosberg, Abstracts Impedance Control of a Non-Backdriveable Robot Arm
Kimmel Ron 1992 Alfred Bruckstein Abstracts Shape from Shading Via Level Sets
Ruzin Arie 1992 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Photon Assisted Epitaxial Growth and Characterization of Hod
Kurts Tsvika 1992 Moshe Sidi Abstracts Full Duplex Twisted Pair Ethernet High Performance Protocol
Silberger Amnon 1992 Ephraim Zehavi, Abstracts Performance Evaluation of Ds/cdma Cellular Commuication
Seri Matan 1992 Moshe Sidi Abstracts Capture Effect in Chnnels with Memory Multiple Access Alg
Levy Yesayhau 1992 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Optimization of a Parallel Scannig Thermal Imging System
Zibulski Meir 1992 Yehoshua Zeevi Abstracts Signal Representation by Gabor-Type Schemes
Chavet Naftaly 1992 Shlomo Shamai )Shitz( Abstracts Bounds on the Capacity of Augnc with Duration Limited
Unikovski Aharon 1992 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Measurement and Characterization of Noise in Mct Photdiodes
Harris Bernard 1992 Isak Gath Abstracts Methods for Delay Estimation in Epileptic Electro-Encephalog
Nir Eyal 1992 Uri Shimony (Deceased) Abstracts Digital Coping of Music for Compression
Najson Federico 1992 Eliezer Kreindler Abstracts A Lyapunov Approach to Robust Stability of No-Linear Systems
Rupp Moshe Zvi 1992 Johann Makowsky, Irith Pomeranz, Abstracts Program Testing by Acceptability Estimation
Levy Shai 1992 Dan Adam Abstracts Classification of Gabor Transformed Maps by Neural Networks
Zaideman Moshe 1992 Abraham Alexandrovitz Abstracts Transient Rehavior Analysis of a Synchronous Generator Durin
Friedler Osnat 1992 Uri Shani Abstracts Efficient Plotting of Non-Unif. Polynomial B-Splines in Ccr
Zamsky Arkady 1992 Shlomit Pinter Abstracts Early Stopping Efficient Algiri Thms for Agreement Problems
Khamisy Asad 1991 Moshe Sidi Abstracts Priority Queueing Systems with Markov Modulatad Arrival
Adin Einat 1991 Alfred Bruckstein Abstracts Nauigation Between Moving Obstacles
Eisips Zvi 1991 David Malah Abstracts Estimation of Global Change Parameters in Image Sequences
Meir Doron 1991 Dan Chazan Abstracts Identification of a Quasi Statiomary All Pole Filter
Ringach Dario 1991 Yoram Baram Abstracts A Diffusion Mechanism for Obstacle Detection from Size
Meyassed Moshe 1991 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Electrical Characterization of Narrow Bandgap Semiconductors
Strommer Gera 1991 Abstracts Expert System for Evaluation & Decision in Fighting Sitvatio
Somekh Oren 1991 Ephraim Zehavi, Israel Bar-David, Abstracts Optical Communication Channels with Active Optical Filters
Galperin Victor 1991 Israel Bar-David, Abstracts Combined Am-Pm Modulation in Optical Channel
Kotzer Tuvia 1991 Joseph Shamir Abstracts Optical Phase Extraction Correlation
Goldberg Avraham 1991 Julius Preminger Abstracts Review of Commercial Adaptive Control Systems
Segalowitz Dan 1991 Daniel Lubzens, Yossi Shaham, Abstracts Intgrated System for Low Temperature Mos Circuit Simul
Goldenberg Sorin 1991 Israel Bar-David Abstracts The Influence of Noisy Phase on Optical Meceivers Performan
Even Adir 1991 Yoram Baram Abstracts Investigation of the Mapping and Classification Capability
Schechner Yoram 1991 Eliezer Kantorowitz (Deceased) Abstracts Shape Preservation of Curues and Surfaces
Dana Raphael 1991 Eliezer Kreindler Abstracts Non-Linear Robust Position Control of a Tank Turret/gun
Solomon David 1991 Amiram Ron Abstracts Electron States in Semiconductor Quantum Structures
Dory Yehuda 1991 David Malah Abstracts Registration of Seguentiol Inages of Ir Sensing
Chertkou Mark 1991 Isak Gath, Gideon Inbar (Deceased), Hillel Pratt, Abstracts Cortical Electrical Analysis Puring Uoluntary Motor Activity
Hilel Leonardo 1991 Eliezer Kreindler Abstracts Partial Decoopling for Mimo Systems Via H8 Methous
Shaked Doron 1991 Alfred Bruckstein Abstracts Visibility Features of Digitized Planar Shapes
Keschet Daniel 1991 Ephraim Zehavi, Abstracts Receiving and Gombining Techniques for Cdma System
Sacher Ari 1991 Arie Feuer, Gideon Inbar (Deceased), Abstracts Tracking of the Muscle Recruitment Characteristic During
Bin Eyal 1991 Shmuel Katz Abstracts A Pre-Processor for Generating Self-Stabilizing Systems
Intrater Gideon 1991 Ilan Spillinger Abstracts Decoded Instruction Cache
Zehavi Sharon 1991 Yosef Salzman Abstracts Silicon Based Integrated Optics Devices Modulated by Surfac
Prussak Oded 1991 Uri Shimony (Deceased) Abstracts Design of a Multi-Tone Computer Contwled Synthesizer by
Ozeri Rotstain Aya 1991 Eliezer Kantorowitz (Deceased), Abstracts Parallel Processing and Optimization of Datalog Programs
Horowitz Moshe 1991 Baruch Fischer Abstracts Filtering Behavior of Photorefractive Wave Mixing
Farfara Yossi 1991 Allen Robert Tannenbaum Abstracts Broshless Dc Motor in Servo Systems
Tal Jacob 1991 Pinchas Einziger Abstracts Analysis and Synthesis of Linear Arrays Uia the Beam
Nissim Theodor 1991 Amos Israel Abstracts Simgen a Simulation Generator for Multiprocessor Systems
Josef 1991 Eli Plotnik, Abstracts Convolution Codes for Channel with Memory
Eilam Alon 1991 Dan Chazan Abstracts Sub Dand Acoustic Echo Cancellation
Baruch Ezra 1991 Yosef Salzman Abstracts Complex Index Waveguides with Applications to Wave Sensing
Bohadana Mordechai 1991 Abraham Alexandrovitz Abstracts Computer Investigation of the Synchronous Motor Dynamic
Ofhir Yoav 1991 Baruch Fischer Abstracts Selt Scatlering of Light Beams and Tormation of Short Pulse
Weiner Ehud 1991 David Malah Abstracts Interpolation of Skipped Image Frames for Image Sequence
Ben Shachar Itamar 1991 Adir Bar-Lev (Deceased) Abstracts Carrier Trapping Influence Upon Mesfet Performance
Sapiro Goillermo 1991 David Malah Abstracts Image Coding by Morphological Techniques
Klass Fabian 1990 Uri Weiser Abstracts Efficient Transfromations for Systolic Arrays
Kurin Eliahu 1990 Kurt Weiser Abstracts Temperatme Dependence of Diffusion Length in A:si:h Measured
Maayan Eduardo 1990 Daniel Lubzens, Abstracts Design of Analog Ics with Variation of Parameters
Mazaltov Jerome 1990 Gideon Inbar (Deceased) Abstracts Parametric Estimation of the Ecg Wave for Identification of
Doweck Jacobo 1990 Adrian Segall Abstracts Analysis of Link Protocols by Means of Emulation and Link
Volpert Yehuda 1990 Yael Nemirovsky Abstracts Novel Silicon Focal Plane Signal Proccessor for Mct Diode
Landesberg Iolanda 1990 Joseph Shamir Abstracts Correlations of Polarizel Coherent
Gakambos Tiberiu 1990 Gideon Inbar (Deceased) Abstracts Model of the Cardiovascular System for Pacemaker Controler
Shpak Eran 1990 Abstracts Fast Conuergence Adaptive Filtering Useing Pseudo Inverse
Levy Pascal 1990 Dan Adam Abstracts Thw Cardiac Electrical Sources and Their Surface Effects
Fenigstein Amos 1990 Eliezer Finkman Abstracts High Injection Level Effects Insemiconductors
Reinitz David 1990 Shlomo Shamai )Shitz( Abstracts Petection of Coded Cpfsk Signal by Sampling Discriminator
Bar-David Gil 1990 Abstracts Receivers for Low Error Ratg Under Heavy Intersymbol
Altshuler Eran 1990 Gideon Inbar (Deceased) Abstracts Adaptive Mechanical Impedance Control of the Human Forearm
Ben-David Gal 1990 Abstracts On the Error Probability in Optical Heterodyne Dpsk Receive
Dahan Yossi 1990 Joseph Shamir Abstracts Acoustic Sensing by Fiber Optics
Hartmann Ronit 1990 Raphael Rom Abstracts Openation of Fault Tolerant Mulficomnected Ring Netuork
Yadid-Pecht Orly 1990 Adir Bar-Lev (Deceased), Ran Ginosar, Yossi Shaham, Abstracts An Lmaging System with Random Access
Genossar Tamar 1990 Moshe Porat Abstracts On Non-Orthogonal Representations and Gabor Expansion
Dvir Its'hak 1990 Boaz Porat (Deceased) Abstracts Detection of Transient Signals by the Discrete Pseudo-Wigne
Baruch Ram 1990 Alfred Bruckstein Abstracts A Fingerprint Identification System
Abraham David 1990 Adir Bar-Lev (Deceased), Gad Bahir, Abstracts Relations Between Model Parameters of Hemt Transistor and
Sidar Yariv 1990 Allen Robert Tannenbaum Abstracts Gain & Phase Margins-Boundariesusing Interpolation Theory
Katzir Nir 1990 Moshe Porat Abstracts Planar Curve Segmentation for Recognition of Partially
Korner Aharon 1990 Raphael Rom Abstracts Arq Error Control Protocols for Communication Channels -a
Gabay Yosi 1990 Avner Kornfeld Abstracts Basic Analog Cmos Building-Blocks Characterization 77k-300k
Gluska Alon 1990 Boaz Porat (Deceased) Abstracts Adaptive Parametric Detection and Estimation of Transient
Zohar Gady 1990 Joseph Shamir Abstracts Maximum Discrimination Filter for Electro-Optical Pattern
Foux Guy 1990 Michael Heymann Abstracts Two Dimensional Disk Robot Navigation in An Unknown Environ
Waldman Eyal 1990 Raphael Rom Abstracts Flexible Topology Interconnection Networks
Bar-on David 1990 Amos Israel, Shaul Gutman, Abstracts Modular Multi Processor Controller of Robots
Dubiner Zvi 1990 Moshe Porat Abstracts On the Gabor Representation as a Tool for System Synthesis
Haller Mordechai 1990 Yehuda Leviatan Abstracts Analysis of Electromagnetic Scatterjng Cylindrical Shell
Lenz Gadi 1990 Yosef Salzman Abstracts Novel Integrated Opt Devices and Studies of Em Prop in Ps
Gur Shimon 1990 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Design of Carmel 2 and Its Implementation with Silicon
Yellin Daniel 1990 Boaz Porat (Deceased) Abstracts Blind Equalization of Digital Communication Channels
Liran Tuvia 1990 Daniel Lubzens, Yossi Shaham, Abstracts Static Ram Circuits Implemente by Bicmos Technology
Holzer Reuven 1990 Avner Kornfeld Abstracts Analog Signal Processing Integrated Circuits for Gryogenic T
Amir Nuriel 1990 Yael Nemirovsky, Dan Fekete, Abstracts Characterization and Growth of Mocvd Mct Between Hgte & Cate
Hoffman Nir 1990 Dan Adam Abstracts Matched-Adaptive Filters for Late Potentials Detection
Yudilevitch Gil 1990 Raphael Sivan (Deceased) Abstracts Optimal Decoupleing of Control Systems
Rosenfeld Daniel 1990 Boaz Porat (Deceased) Abstracts Mapping of Radiation Distribution by Multiple Sensor Arrays
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Hocherman Iudith 1990 Ezra Zeheb Abstracts Stability of a Non-Linear Filter with Finite Wordlength
Raviv Zvi 1990 Michael Erlicki (Deceased) Abstracts Production of Ceramic Pernanent Magnets Under Magnetic Field
Nehorai Michael 1990 Adam Shwartz Abstracts An on Line Estimation Algorithm for Semi-Markov Decision
Weissberg Yifat 1990 Johann Makowsky, Sara Porat, Abstracts Iterative Learning Finite Automata-Application by Nevral Net
Dvir Menachem 1990 Abstracts Dynamic Range Repacking of Infra-Red Systems
Laniado Izhak 1989 Eliezer Kreindler, Abstracts Implamentation of An Adaptive Loop on a Control System
Etzion Naomi 1989 Gideon Inbar (Deceased) Abstracts Measurment of the Mechanical Impedance of the Human Forearm
Boag Alona 1989 Yehuda Leviatan Abstracts Analysis and Optimization of Multiapplicator Hyperthermia
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Behar Jacques 1989 Moshe Porat Abstracts Localized Phase of Signals and Its Role in Vision
Mahlab Uri 1989 Joseph Shamir Abstracts Electroptic Pattern Recognition
Rotman Alan 1989 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Control Unit Syntesis from a High Level Language
Erez Eitan 1989 Yehuda Leviatan Abstracts Analysis of Natural Frequencies of Cauites and Scatters
Altman Zwi 1989 Haim Cory, Yehuda Leviatan, Abstracts Determination of the Propagation Constants in Cylindrical
Goldminz Lavy 1989 Daniel Lubzens, Abstracts Signal Processing Cmos Circuit for Thermal Imaging System
Scheiner David 1989 Dan Fekete Abstracts Supermode Stabilization in Semiconductor Laser Arrays
Buskila Baruch 1989 Abstracts Optimizing the Performence of Optical Hetrodyne Dpsk
Fintz Avraham 1989 Abraham Alexandrovitz Abstracts Emergency Power to Essential Loads in Rutenberg Power Statio
Reshef Yaron 1989 Adrian Segall Abstracts Reliable Multi Link Protocol
Greenspan Hayit 1989 Moshe Porat, Yehoshua Zeevi, Abstracts Image Analysis in Combined Position-Orientation Space.
Betser Amir 1989 Ezra Zeheb Abstracts Design of Iir Stable Filters Using Fir by Lsi Polynomials
Meyoohas Yossef 1989 Yehuda Leviatan Abstracts Analysis of Electromagmetic Scattering from Buried Objects
Barak Chen 1989 Gideon Inbar (Deceased) Abstracts Estimation of Stroke Volume by Intracardiac Impedance
Nehoran Itai 1989 Alfred Bruckstein Abstracts Image-Matching for Pointing One3d Target in Two Camera Image
Felder Manuel 1989 Abraham Alexandrovitz Abstracts Vector Control of An Asynchronous Motor
Baril Claudio 1989 Abstracts Override Control Systems
Kol Rakefet 1989 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Self-Timed Finite-State Machines
Weiss Shlomit 1989 Ilan Spillinger Abstracts Techmigues for Mapping Data Flour Programs Onto Vlsi Process
Pritzker Zeev 1989 Arie Feuer Abstracts The Variable Length Stochastic Algorithm and Its Application
Peleg Shimon 1989 Boaz Porat (Deceased) Abstracts Estimation and Classification of Signls with Polynomial
Peterfreund Natan 1989 Yehoshua Zeevi Abstracts Image Representation in Nonuniform System
Elia Avner 1989 Asher Madjar Abstracts Computerized Destgn of Microwave Networks
Friedlander Baruch-Ram 1989 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Vlsi Architecture for Morphological Operations
Dubnow Shlomo 1989 Abstracts Investigion of Neural Network Models with Temperature Differ
El-Zur Uri 1989 Shlomit Pinter Abstracts Mapper of Parallel Algorithm on Parallel Architectures
Naor Yoram 1989 Joseph Shamir Abstracts Electro-Optical Pattern Recognition by Featare Mapping
Feldman Jack Arno 1989 Alfred Bruckstein, Abstracts Generating Two Dimensional Cmos Cells
Glukhovsky Arkady 1989 Alfred Bruckstein Abstracts Building of Adaptive Threshold Surfaces for Segmentation
Batscha Yoram 1989 Shlomo Shamai )Shitz( Abstracts Chapman-Robbins Bound for the Mean Square Error in Estimatin
Zehngut Eliezer 1989 David Malah Abstracts Iterative Image Restoration
Goldenberg Yosefa 1989 Abstracts Expert Sys Textrook Solution Trainee Evaluation in Srainer
Elad Dani 1989 Adir Bar-Lev (Deceased), Asher Madjar, Abstracts Extension of the Harmonil Balane Method of Oscillator Dseign
Lemberger Vriel 1989 Israel Bar-David Abstracts Performance Improvement of Pulse Position Modlulotion by Tre
Wolfsan Yosef 1989 Abstracts Approaches & Techniqnes for E.swith Learning Capability
Alon Dov 1989 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Switch Controller for Mp/l Parallel Processor
Zarfati Yehuda 1989 Uri Shimony (Deceased) Abstracts A Digital Processing Element for Real-Time Sound Synthesis
Eitan Alecsamer 1989 Yehoshua Zeevi, Abstracts Image Scanning According to Lines in Finite Fields
Schrift Avner 1989 Yehoshua Zeevi Abstracts Pyramidal Edge Detection for the Purpose of Image Represent
Kleinman Erez 1989 Yossi Shaham Abstracts Hot Electron Effects in Short Channel N-Mosfets Operating
Amir Noam 1989 Isak Gath Abstracts Segmentation of Eeg During Sleep Using Time Varying Ar Model
Shelef Itai 1989 Uri Shimony (Deceased) Abstracts A Digital Processor for Sunth-Esis and Control of Sounds
Shtrikman Ilan 1989 Israel Bar-David Abstracts Open Loop Frequency-and Phase Estimation of a Psk Modulated
Cohen Gideon 1989 Amos Israel, Shlomit Pinter, Abstracts Resource Allocation Considering Differnt Sgsten Constrains
Gewirtzman Raanan 1989 Gideon Inbar (Deceased) Abstracts Artificial Neural Networks for Signal Procissing
Edelstain David 1989 Gideon Inbar (Deceased) Abstracts Time Warping Methods in Monitoring of Ecg
Mintz Aviad 1989 Ran Ginosar Abstracts Design of Vlsi Prolessor for Hough Transform
Ayoun Serge 1989 Abstracts Optimal Control of a Queuing System with Two Heterogeneous
Yasdi Yoav 1989 Arie Feuer Abstracts Sign Algorithms Statistical Performance Investigation
Alroy Noam 1989 Uri Shimony (Deceased) Abstracts Lzw Compression of Musical Files
Roth Ze'ev 1989 Dan Chazan Abstracts Enhancement of Inteligibility of Reverberated Speech
Singher Liviu 1988 Joseph Shamir Abstracts Waveouide Holographic Grating
Ben Yehooda Shimon 1988 Ron Pinter Abstracts Post Generation Symbolic Layout Optimigtion
Michaeli Avraham 1988 Isak Gath Abstracts Dval Channel Analysis of Sleep Eeg
Maoz Haim 1988 Zvi Kohavi Abstracts Architectures of Fault Tolerant Computers a Survey
Citron Israel 1988 Michael Heymann Abstracts An Expert System for Automatic Control System Design
Eisler Salomon 1988 Yehuda Leviatan Abstracts Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering from Bodies with Edge
Ben-Simon Jacob 1988 Shlomit Pinter Abstracts Cover Problems in Reguler Graphs and Network Applications
Cohen Joseph 1988 Israel Bar-David Abstracts Investigation of Click Detectors in Fm
Taub Eldad 1988 Michael Heymann Abstracts The Configuration Space of a Planar Robot Arm in An Environm
Alfy Itzik 1988 David Malah Abstracts Examination of Approaches for Improving the Performance of Residual Speech Coders
Melamed Zvi 1988 Michael Heymann Abstracts Supervisory Control of Discrete Event Processes
Bornstein Raanan 1988 Alfred Bruckstein Abstracts Finding the Kernel of Planar Shapes
Weintraub Reuven 1988 Shlomit Pinter, Gideon Ishai, Abstracts Prosthetic Gait Control with Learning Capabilities
Satt Aharon 1988 David Malah Abstracts Design of Uniform Dft Filter Banks Optimized for Sub-Band
Eitan Rosen 1988 Pinchas Einziger, Haim Cory, Abstracts The Beam Series Representation for Wave Reflection and Trans
Friedland Noah 1988 Dan Adam Abstracts Ultrasound Boundary Definition Using Stochastic Relaxation
Telichevesky Ricardo 1988 Ran Ginosar Abstracts A Vlsi Architecture for Fntelligent Scan Image Processing
Shvadron Vzi 1988 Isak Gath Abstracts Computerized Analysis of Polygraph Recordines