MSc Theses – Autonomous Systems and Robotics

Department Autonomous Systems and Robotics
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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Levy Rotem 2022 Jack Haddad Abstracts Autonomous Vehicles Motion Planning and Control without Lanes
Puzev Alexander 2021 Pinchas Gurfil Abstracts Modelling and Control of a Variable-Mass CubeSat Reaction Wheel
Gershov Sapir 2021 Shlomi Laufer Abstracts Autonomous Medical Simulators
Zak Idan 2021 Reuven Katz, Itzik Klein, Abstracts Improving Autonomous Platforms INS Alignment Process using Machine Learning Methods
Pukshansky Michael 2021 Yizhar Or, Amir Gat, Abstracts Minimialistic Fluid-Driven Actuation of Multi-Stable Soft Robots
Rivlin Or 2021 Erez Karpas, Tamir Hazan, Abstracts Generalized Planning with Deep Reinforcement Learning
Pevzner Alexei 2021 Amir Degani Abstracts Automated 3D Point Cloud Sensing and Real-Time Dynamic Projection for Operation Monitoring and Quality Assessment
Hurwitz Dror 2021 Sagi Filin, Itzik Klein, Abstracts Relative Constraints and their Contribution to Autonomous Navigation of Platforms Formation
Barenboim Moran 2020 Amir Degani Abstracts Steerable Burrowing Robot: Design, Modeling and Experiments
Josef Shirel 2020 Amir Degani Abstracts Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Vehicle Navigation in Unknown Rough Terrain
Fonaryov Mark 2020 Michael Lindenbaum Abstracts In Search of the Minimal Recognizable Patch
Amitai Yotam 2020 Erez Karpas Abstracts Automatically Generating Flexible Plans with Choice
Rabinovich Roman 2020 Ron Kimmel Abstracts Coded Beacons for Localization, Object Tracking and SLAM Augmentation.
Kaufman Omri 2019 Pinchas Gurfil Abstracts Space Navigation with an Omni-Directional Vision Sensor
Gur Doron 2019 Per-Olof Gutman Abstracts MIMO Modeling, QFT Control Design and Optimal Obstacle Avoidance Path Planner for an AUV
Shalev Omer 2019 Amir Degani Abstracts Robot Navigating in Orchards using Top-View Imagery
Ovechkin Vladimir 2018 Vadim Indelman Abstracts Bundle Adjustment with Feature Scale and Constrains for Enhanced Estimation Accuracy
Tibi Gal 2018 Amir Degani Abstracts Design of Thin, Multi-Layered, Electrically Driven, Thermal Expansion Based Actuators for Soft Robotic Applications
Kagan Guy 2018 Daniel Weihs Abstracts Propulsion System for Autonomous Vessels using Oscillating Foils
Levin Mark 2018 Amir Degani Abstracts Design of an Agricultural Modular Task-Based Robot
Tsukerman Alexander 2018 Tal Shima Abstracts Trajectory Planning and Guidance for Civil Autonomous Aerial Refueling
Cooper Anton 2018 Omri Rand Abstracts The Aeromechanics of an Autonomous Multi-Multirotor UAVs System for Payload Transportation
Ben Shaul Ron 2017 Amir Degani Abstracts Examination and Comparison of Mapping and Navigation Algorithms for Autonomous Vehicle in Orchards
Kopitkov Dmitry 2017 Vadim Indelman Abstracts Efficient Belief Space Panning in High-Dimensional State Spaces by Exploiting Sparsity and Calculation Re-Use
Dovrat David 2017 Alfred Bruckstein Abstracts Gathering & Control of Unicycle A(ge)nts with Crude Bearing-Only Sensing Capabilities
Aharoni Tal 2017 Shy Shoham Abstracts Computational platform for portable holographic vision restoration neural interfaces
Shambi Dotan 2017 Reuven Katz, Arnon Gilan, Abstracts Electrical System Engineering for a Small Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Nusbaum Uriel 2017 Yoram Halevi, Miri Weiss Cohen, Abstracts Path Design and High-Level Control of Redundant Manipulators
Chojnacki Michael 2017 Vadim Indelman, Ehud Rivlin, Abstracts Vision-Based Target Trajectory and Ego-Motion Estimation Using Incremental Light Bundle Adjustment
Tuchner Alon 2017 Jack Haddad Abstracts Vehicle Platoon Formation using Interpolating Control
Livshitz Igor 2017 Reuven Katz, Hector Rotstein, Abstracts Development of a Navigation System for a Small Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Gaathon Adar 2017 Amir Degani Abstracts Improving Stability and Reaching Absolute Destinations for the Conservative SLIP Model
Ben-Shoushan Yaniv 2017 Daniel Zelazo Abstracts Negotiation between Dynamical Systems with Connectivity Constraints
Elfasi Roei 2017 Amir Gat, Yossef Elimelech, Abstracts Interaction between Two Closely-Spaced Waving Slender Elastic Cylinders Immersed in a Viscous Fluid
Refael Gilad 2016 Amir Degani Abstracts Design and Modeling of a Minimalistic Robotic Swimmer
Rozenheck Oshri 2016 Daniel Zelazo Abstracts Distance-Constrained Formation Tracking Control
Achache Yonathan 2016 Amir Gat, Yossef Elimelech, Abstracts On the Annual Cycle of a Hovering Hummingbird Wing An Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics Perspective
Levinsky Alexandra 2016 Shy Shoham, Itamar Kahn, Abstracts Holographic Fiber Bundle System for Patterned Optogenetic Activation of Large-Scale Neuronal Networks
Turgeman Avraham 2015 Amir Degani, Shraga Shoval, Abstracts Sensor Data Fusion of a Redundant Dual Platform Robot for Terrain Mapping
Shaviv Eliya 2015 Amir Landesberg, Per-Olof Gutman, Abstracts Modeling and Analysis of the Integrated Work of a Synchronized Cardiac Assist Device and the Failing Heart
Maor Raz 2015 Pinchas Gurfil Abstracts Optimal Self-Organization and Self-Assembly in Multi-Robot Systems
Alpert Lior 2015 Yoram Halevi Abstracts Minimum Energy Control of Redundant Robots
Shemer Natan 2015 Amir Degani Abstracts Minimalistic Control Strategies for Damped and Undamped SLIP-Based Dynamic Running Robots
Moreno Hirshfeld Coral 2014 Pinchas Gurfil, Erez Ribak, Abstracts Stellar Intensity Interferometry Using Autonomous Nanosatellites