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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Wirzeberger Dana 2024 Havazelet Bianco-Peled Abstracts Controlled Dissolution of Physically Cross-Linked Locust Bean Gum – Kappa- Carrageenan Hydrogels
Grinberg Dorit 2024 Yaron Paz Abstracts Charge Carriers Dynamics in Carbon Nitrides and in MIL-125 MOF Photocatalysts as Studied by Transient FTIR
Felzenshtein Lital 2024 Yaron Paz Abstracts Preferential Photocatalytic Degradation of Enantiomers of Penicillamine and Citrulline by Molecular Imprinting and ALD
Rashed Nagham 2024 Shady Farah Abstracts Synthesis and Characterization of UV Polymerizable Acrylate-based Multifunctional Materials for 3D Printing Applications
Asarthen S Mohamed 2024 Simon Brandon, Matthew E. Suss, Abstracts Improving the Cycling Efficiencies of Membraneless Zinc- Bromine Flow Battery
Tang Jiali 2024 Viatcheslav Freger Abstracts Molecular Engineering of Sub-Nanoporouns Hybrid and Carbon Membranes for CO2 Separation
Liang Zhicong 2024 Xuezhong He, Dario Dekel, Abstracts Fabrication of Thin Film Composite Membranes and Process Simulation for CO2 Separation
Giloni Leo 2023 Oz Gazit Abstracts Acid-Base Properties of Layered Material as Catalyst for Aldol Condensation Reaction
Khalaily Wisal 2023 Yoed Tsur Abstracts Studying the Effect of Operating Conditions and NO2 Cathode Contamination on PEM Fuel Cells Using Distribution of Relaxation Times Analysis
Naser Eldeen Omaier 2023 Gideon Grader Abstracts Fabrication and Characterization of Electrospun Zirconia and YSZ Nanofibers Catalyst Support for CO2 and CH4 Conversion into Syngas
Pieters Calvin 2023 Abstracts Optimising Liposome Sizing through Active Learning and Automated Liquid Handling
Shtayinberg Eitay 2023 Yaron Paz Abstracts Possible Correlation between the Photoactivity of Photocatalysts and Diffusion Directionality of Charge Carriers within the Photocatalysts
Li Zhaofeng 2023 Michael Shoham-Patrascu Abstracts Quantification of Surface Reaction Rate Parameters using Modulation Excitation Spectroscopy-Phase Sensitive Detection
Azaiza Abed-Alhakeem 2023 Raphael Semiat, Viatcheslav Freger, Abstracts Removal of Micro-Pollutants from Reverse Osmosis Concentrate
Pieters Calvin 2023 Avi Schroeder Abstracts Optimising Liposome Sizing through Active Learning and Automated Liquid Handling
Zusmanovich Dana 2023 Alexander Leshansky, Konstantin Morozov, Abstracts Dynamics of Flat Superparamagnetic Micropropellers Driven by a Rotating Magnetic Field
Chen Danlin 2023 Xuezhong He, Raphael Semiat, Abstracts Graphene Oxide Reinforced Polyacrylamide/Polyvinyl Alcohol Blend Thin-Film Composite Membranes for Post-Combustion Carbon Capture
Huang Baoting 2022 Oz Gazit Abstracts Low Temperature Promotion of the Oxidative Coupling of Methane
Kutner Neta 2022 Shady Farah Abstracts Multicomponet Crystalline Formulations of Antifibrotic Drugs for Implants Rejection Prevention
Haj Saja 2022 Dario Dekel Abstracts Measuring the Alkaline Stability of Anion-Exchange Membranes in Conditions Mimicking in Operando Anion Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers Test Environment
Khaskia Mais 2022 Ofer Manor, Oz Gazit, Abstracts A Colloidal Gate for Mass Transport
Reizman Avital 2022 Ofer Manor Abstracts Dynamic Coating of Liquid or Solid by Another Liquid using the Acoustowetting Phenomenon on Piezoelectric Materials
Toker Omri 2022 Yaron Paz Abstracts Selective Photocatalytic Degradation of Hydrophobic Compounds in Aqueous Medium
Zusmanovitch Itay 2022 Havazelet Bianco-Peled Abstracts Bonelike Composite Scaffold for Vascular Bone Tissue Regeneration
Arber Raviv Sivan 2022 Avi Schroeder Abstracts Developing Lung Targeted Controlled Drug Delivery System for ARDS Treatment
Shmilovich Noam 2022 Gideon Grader Abstracts Electrospun PZT Nanofiber-based Composites for Vibration Control
Li Songlin 2022 Dario Dekel Abstracts Characterization of Anion-Exchange Membranes
Yuan Baicheng 2022 Bo Kong, Raphael Semiat, Abstracts Development and Application of a Magnetic Calcium-Alginate Pellet (MCAP) Encapsulated with Fe-Mn-Zr Tri-Metal Oxide for Wastewater Treatment
Hong Zihao 2022 Bo Kong, Raphael Semiat, Abstracts Facile Superhydrophobic Surface Modification of Commercial Polyvinylidene Fluoride Membrane with TiO2 Nanoparticles for Improvement of Membrane Distillation…
Jiang Lanjie 2022 Dario Dekel Abstracts Platinum Group Metal-Free Anion-Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
Wang Han 2022 Oz Gazit Abstracts Synthesis and Study of New Heterogeneous Catalysts for Glucose Isomerization
Wang Jing 2022 Hossam Haick Abstracts Solid-Liquid Triboelectrification Based Self Powered Sensing Platform for Urine Analysis
Li Ruiying 2022 Bo Kong, Viatcheslav Freger, Abstracts Mixed Matrix Membranes Made of Interstitially Sealed MOF Nanoparticles
Xiao Ziye 2022 Dario Dekel Abstracts Electropolymerization of Anion- Conducting Polymer Films
Alvarado Salinas Guillermo Samu 2022 Oz Gazit Abstracts Promotion of C-C Coupling Reactions through Controlled Layered Double Hydroxides Surface Properties
Li Yifan 2022 Ofer Manor, Dario Dekel, Abstracts Surface Acoustic Wave Mitigation of Precipitate Deposition on Solid Surfaces
Yu Yuejun 2022 Yaron Paz Abstracts Developing and Study of On-Line Biotoxicity Sensing and Control Unit for Wastewater Treatment, based on a Cell Viability Monitoring Assay
Xie Hanjie 2022 Ziyi Zhong, Raphael Semiat, Abstracts Catalytic Oxidation of Formaldehyde over Binary Metal Oxide Catalysts
Itzhak Tamar 2021 Tamar Segal-Peretz Abstracts Atomic Layer Deposition for Gradient Surface Modification and Controlled Hydrophilization of Ultrafiltration Polymer Membranes
Ianovici Ron 2021 Hossam Haick Abstracts Evaluation of Physiological States through Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds in Urine via Flexible Sensors Array
Huang Yunyan 2021 Raphael Semiat, Viatcheslav Freger, Abstracts Development of a Predictive Kinetic Model with Statistically Analyzed Parameters for Donnan Dialysis Process
Duong Tuan 2021 Hossam Haick Abstracts Nanomaterial-Based Sensors to Detect Chemical and Biological Threats Inside Containers
Rapoport Shelley 2021 Hossam Haick Abstracts Nanomatreial-Based Field Effect Transistors for Detection of Chirality of Volatile Organic Compounds
Odess Ariel Moshe 2021 Viatcheslav Freger Abstracts Nafion/PVDF Membranes with Enhanced through-Plane Conductivity
Bitkover Eden 2021 Avi Schroeder Abstracts Developing a Long-Term Polymeric Controlled Release System
Hadash Shabtai 2020 Gideon Grader Abstracts Fiber based Electrodes for Decoupled Electrochemical Water Splitting
Egbaria Ala 2020 Yoed Tsur Abstracts Impedance Spectroscopy Analysis of Grain Boundaries in GD-Doped Ceria using Genetic Programming
Becker Mattan Ze'ev 2020 Yoed Tsur Abstracts Research of the Mass Transfer Mechanism in Flash Sintering of Ceramic Compounds using Interrupted Flash Experiments
Zhegur Khais Avital 2020 Dario Dekel Abstracts Characterization of Anion Exchange Membranes for Fuel Cells Applications
Halabi Manar 2020 Gideon Grader, Gennady Shter, Abstracts Electrospinning of Ionomer/Metal Nanofibers with Electrical and Ionic Conductivity
Douglin John Chris. 2020 Dario Dekel Abstracts The Essential Role of Water Management on the Performance and Stability of Anion Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
Busool Rami 2020 Hossam Haick Abstracts Wearable Chemical Sensors for Monitoring of Infectious Diseases
Douglin John Chris. 2020 Abstracts The Essential Role of Water Management on the Performance and Stability of Anion Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
Ragonis Peleg 2020 Avinoam Nir Abstracts Shear-Induced Particle Migration in Viscous Fluids
Bar-on Roi 2019 Viatcheslav Freger Abstracts Modeling Hydrodynamic and Physicochemical Effects in Micro-Particle and Bacterium Deposition on Surfaces
Makover Judah Raphael 2019 Raphael Semiat, David Hasson (Deceased), Abstracts Nitrate Removal from High Salinity Solutions by Electrolytic Methods
Ragonis Danielle 2019 Matthew E. Suss Abstracts Characterizing Zinc Deposition onto Flowable Electrodes of Zinc-Bromine Flow Batteries
Gilboa Shoval 2019 Yaron Paz Abstracts Formation of Nucleic Bases, Sugars, and Nucleotides from Prebiotic Substances using Heterogeneous Catalysis
Ben Refael Alon 2019 Yaron Paz Abstracts Transient Phenomena in the Infrared Spectra of Graphitic Carbon Nitride Systems
Shener Yuval 2019 Gideon Grader, Gennady Shter, Abstracts Morphology Control and Catalytic Activity of Ceramic Electrospum Nanofibers
Tzvi Yizhak 2019 Yaron Paz Abstracts Advanced Oxidation of Hydrogen Sulfide
Sun Jiaxing 2019 Hossam Haick Abstracts Time-Resolved and Self-Accommodating Hybrid Functional Fabric Sensor for Decoupling Multiple Stimuli from Bending
Calo Idan 2019 Gideon Grader, Gennady Shter, Abstracts Catalytic Pollutant Abatement from Nitrogen Based Fuel Combustion
Kigli Avital 2018 Simon Brandon Abstracts Capillary Bridges Between Solids
Pusara Srdjan 2018 Dario Dekel Abstracts Molecular Simulation of Quanternary Ammonium Solutions at Low Hydration Levels
Mansour Elias 2018 Hossam Haick Abstracts Development of a Sensing Device for the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis through Exhaled Breath
Dubrovski Oles 2018 Ofer Manor Abstracts Flexural Wave Assisted Electropolishing
Saad Basher Enas 2018 Raphael Semiat, David Hasson (Deceased), Abstracts Removal of Phosphate from Wastewater by Adsorption in Fluidized Bed Calcite Particles
Zheng Yiwei 2018 Dario Dekel Abstracts Water Uptake study of Anion Exchange Membranes
Otmazgin Shani 2018 Havazelet Bianco-Peled Abstracts Permeation of Macromolecules Through the Mucosa Layer
Tankus Karen Adie 2018 Viatcheslav Freger Abstracts Oil-Water Separation using Electrochemmically Modified Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Membranes
Dabush Nitzan 2018 Raphael Semiat Abstracts Removal of Inorganic Water Contaminates by Iron Oxide
Ben Barak Ido 2018 Yeshayahu Talmon Abstracts Cryogenic-Temperature Electron Microscopy of Curvature- Induced Nanostructure in Ionic Surfactant Microemulsions
Zhang Shuo 2018 Dario Dekel Abstracts Wetting Characteristics of polymer Electrolyte Thin Films
Tarnapolsky Ariela 2018 Viatcheslav Freger Abstracts Understanding QCM-D Response to Deposition and Attachment of Bacteria and Particles to Surfaces
Aloush Hila 2018 Daniel Lewin Abstracts Heat-integration Synthesis for Real Process Streams using a Genetic Algorithm
Benisti Itamar 2017 Yaron Paz Abstracts The Effect of Faceting on the Photocatalytic Activity of Bismuth-Oxides
Vasilkovsky Aviv 2017 Abraham Marmur Abstracts Comparison of Methods for Calculating Thermodynamic Functions of Chemical Reactions of Energetic Materials
Karny Avishai 2017 Avi Schroeder Abstracts Adapting Liposomal Drug Delivery System as a Platform for Crop Protection
Pasternak Limor 2017 Yaron Paz Abstracts Low-Temperature Direct Bonding of Silicon Nitride to Glass
Da-Silva Dana 2017 Avi Schroeder Abstracts Lipid Composition of Nanoparticles: Influence on Targeted Drug Delivery in Breast Cancer
Ben-Moshe Elior 2017 Moshe Sheintuch Abstracts Reactor Design for Reactions Coupled by Heat and Mass Exchange through a Membrane
Liron Ofir 2017 Moshe Sheintuch Abstracts Testing and Analysis of Propane Dehydrogenation in a Pd Membrane Reactor
Abo Jabal Mohammad 2016 Alexander Leshansky, Hossam Haick, Abstracts Forced sliding of volatile drops: formation of microrivulet
Greiserman Michael 2016 Raphael Semiat, David Hasson (Deceased), Abstracts Remineralization of Desalinated Water by Pellet and Micronized Dolomite {CaMg(Co3)2}Dissolution
Neufeld Lena 2016 Havazelet Bianco-Peled Abstracts Biopolymer-Clay Hydrogels as Control Drug Delivery Systems
Altshuler Gennady 2016 Ofer Manor Abstracts Induction of Wetting Properties by Acoustic Waves in Microfluidic Devices
Rochkind Malka 2016 Yaron Paz Abstracts Visible Light Activity of Bismuth-Oxide Photocatalysts
Horesh Amihai 2016 Ofer Manor Abstracts Manipulation of Multiphase Systems under MHz Acoustics
Bitton Yehuda 2016 Hossam Haick Abstracts Odor pattern of RPW infected palm trees
Shitrit Yulia 2016 Havazelet Bianco-Peled Abstracts Acrylated Chitosan for Mucoadhesive Drug Delivery Systems
Cherniak Hadas 2016 Yaron Paz Abstracts Approaches towards Photocatalytic Partial Oxidation of Propane
Abud-Hawa Manal 2016 Hossam Haick Abstracts Screening and Monitoring Lung Cancer Patients by Breath Analysis
Ring Shiran 2016 David Hasson (Deceased), Raphael Semiat, Abstracts Characterization of Donnan Dialysis Separations of Applied Interest
Eizckoviz Noa 2016 Simon Brandon Abstracts Model and Characterization of Ablative Composite Material Based on Cork and Silicone Rubber
Zadok Israel 2016 Simcha Srebnik Abstracts Evaluation of Protein-Imprinted Hydrogel Performance Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Reis Jochanan 2016 Abraham Marmur Abstracts Thermodynamic and Kinetic Models of Micelle Formation – A Self Assembly Case Study
Klein Riki 2016 Simcha Srebnik Abstracts Molecular Modeling and Investigation of Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Resin Using Molecular Dynamic Simulations
Kahn Nicole 2016 Hossam Haick Abstracts Gold Nanoparticle-based Sensors on Flexible Substrates for Diagnostic Sensing Applications
Zaslavski Ekaterina 2016 Oz Gazit Abstracts Effect of Metal Type on the Catalytic Performance of Inorganically Grafted Polymers
Halperin Victor 2015 Gideon Grader, Gennady Shter, Abstracts Electrospinning of metal; Ceramic and Composite Nanofibers for Catalytic Applications
Tvil Gal 2016 Gideon Grader, Gennady Shter, Abstracts Catalytic Pollution Reduction for the Combustionn of a Nitrogen-Based Alternative Fuel
Zoaby Nour 2015 Avi Schroeder Abstracts Autonomous, Self-destructing, Nanoswimmers for Cancer Therapy
Schwartz Rinat 2015 Raphael Semiat, David Hasson (Deceased), Abstracts Magnesium Salt Dissolution in Desalinated Water
Bachar Nadav 2015 Hossam Haick Abstracts Decoupling between Various Stimuli in Multiparametric Gold Nanoparticles based Flexible Sensors
Kafri Bar 2015 Simon Brandon, Nir Haimovich, Abstracts Global Modeling of an Alkaline Membrane Fuel Cell System
Reshef Maayan 2015 Avi Schroeder Abstracts Cancer Nano-Therapeutics and Instructive Science Technologies
Dzhanaev Grab Olga 2015 Yachin Cohen, Eric Assouline, Abstracts Characterization of Expandable Thermoplastic Microsphere Based Foam
Fine Larissa 2015 Raphael Semiat, David Hasson (Deceased), Hilla Shemer, Abstracts Remineralization of Desalinated Water by Micronized CaCO3
Ronen-Manukovsky Rona 2015 Viatcheslav Freger Abstracts Preparation and Characterization of Biomimetic Membranes on a Porous Conductive Substrate
Lisitsin Marina 2015 Raphael Semiat, David Hasson (Deceased), Abstracts Novel Technique for Characterizing Scale Suppression Effectiveness of Anti-Scalants on RO Membranes
Drach Zohar 2015 Yoed Tsur Abstracts Electrical Characterization of Physical Processes in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell/Electrolysis Cell
Artoul Moris 2015 Moshe Sheintuch Abstracts On-Board Hydrogen Production by Methanol Steam Reforming for Internal Combustion Engine Fueling
Horev Yehu David 2015 Yachin Cohen Abstracts Quantitative Analysis of Carbon Nanotube Dispersion by Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering
Kestenberg Tomer 2015 Abraham Marmur Abstracts The Effect of Gravity on the Hysteresis of Contact Angles
Halimi Lea 2014 Yoed Tsur Abstracts Integration of a Stress-Adaptive Material and Evaluation of the Chemical Expansion for the Mechanical Properties Improvement of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Barsht Iris 2014 Havazelet Bianco-Peled Abstracts Chitosan Based Hybrids as Antibacterial Additives for the Plastic Industry
Yaloz Avia 2014 Abraham Marmur, Abstracts Dispersion of Hazardous Materials in Buildings
Pinkesfeld Or 2014 Raphael Semiat, David Hasson (Deceased), Abstracts Novel Technique of Electrochemical Removal of Inorganic Ions
Karawany Tamer 2014 Simcha Srebnik, Yachin Cohen, Abstracts Investigation the Mechanism by which Single Stranded ssDNA Adsorbs onto Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Zlotnik Victoria 2014 Yoed Tsur Abstracts Preparation, Application and Characterization of a Proton Conductor for Dual Electrolyte SOFC
Komarov Olga 2014 Simcha Srebnik Abstracts Coarse-Grained Monte Carlo Simulation of ssDNA Adsorption on Carbon Nanotubes
Statman Adiel 2014 Naama Brenner Abstracts A Population Approach to Synaptic Size Distribution
Abbas Nijmeh 2013 Yaron Paz Abstracts Cementitious Photocatalytic Surfaces for Self Cleaning and Air Purification
Peleg Anna 2013 Raphael Semiat Abstracts Pesticides Removal by Activated Carbon Fibers
Kleinerman Olga 2013 Yeshayahu Talmon, Yachin Cohen, Abstracts A Nanostructural Study of Carbon Nanotubes in Superacids: Isotropic Solutions, Liquid Crystalline Phase, and Spun Fibers
Katz Dana 2013 Yaron Paz Abstracts Composite Particles as Catalytic Substrates for Non-Enzymatic Synthesis of Nucleotides from Prebiotic Reactants
Gliksman Sagi 2013 Hossam Haick Abstracts Sensing Temperature and Humidity by Monolayer-Capped Metal Nanoparticles on Flexible Substrates
Oz Ari Lanuel 2013 Alexander Leshansky Abstracts Investigation of the Optimal Velocity and Dragging Efficiency of the Nano Propellers Towing a Passive Load
Dor Elad 2012 Simon Brandon Abstracts Computational Analysis of a Capacitive Deionization System
Shomrat Neta 2012 Yachin Cohen Abstracts Design of Porous Polyethylene Membrane by Multilayer Deposition
Marom Ophir 2012 Hossam Haick Abstracts Detection of Abnormal Renal Function by Measurement of Volatile Organic Compounds in Exhaled Breath
Cohen Assael 2012 Gideon Grader, Gennady Shter, Abstracts Miniaturization of Thermal Batteries by Tape Casting Technology
Sidorenko Georgiy 2012 David Hasson (Deceased), Raphael Semiat, Abstracts Scale Removal by Electrochemical Techniques
Milyutin Yana 2012 Yaron Paz Abstracts Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) between Adsorbed Molecules as a Means to Study Surface Contact Lines in Composite Particles
Peleg Adi 2012 Simcha Srebnik, Simon Brandon, Abraham Marmur, Abstracts Molecular Simulation of Surface Tension of Lennard-Jones Liquids
Kesler Vladislav 2012 Raphael Semiat, David Hasson (Deceased), Abstracts Injection of a Concentrated Solution into a Flowing Stream
Raim Vladimir 2012 Simcha Srebnik Abstracts Defining Descriptors of Proteins for Predicting Molecular Imprinting Efficiency
Shmueli Yuval 2012 Gideon Grader, Gennady Shter, Abstracts Electrospinning and Characterization of PZT and Ga/ZnO Nanofibers
Levchenko Stanislav 2012 Alexander Leshansky Abstracts Dynamic Simulation of Low-Reynolds-Number Swimmers near Boundaries
Bass Oren 2012 Simon Brandon Abstracts The Impact of Solution Fluid Dynamics on Interface Evolution during Crystal Growth from Solution
Gaponenko Vladimir 2012 Yachin Cohen, Eyal Zussman, Abstracts High Surface Area Carbon Anode for Glucose Fuel Cells
Alfassi Juliana 2011 Rina Tannenbaum Abstracts Developing Nanoscale Metastable Intermolecular Composites (MIC) using SOL-GEL Techniques
Kap Ilia 2011 Gideon Grader, Gennady Shter, Abstracts Corrosion Resistance of Aluminum, Iron, Nickel based Alloys and SiC in Ammonium Nitrate-Urea Alternative Fuel
Elyahu Noa 2011 Erez Braun, Naama Brenner, Abstracts Population Structure and its Role in Adapting to an Unforeseen Challenge
Katz Liran 2011 Yachin Cohen, Eyal Zussman, Abstracts Compounding and Orientating Nanofibers for the Formation of Transparent Optical Coatings
Yom-Tov Ortal 2011 Havazelet Bianco-Peled Abstracts Characterization of PEG-Fibrinogen Nano-Structured for Tissue Engineering
Winer Ido 2011 Gideon Grader, Gennady Shter, Abstracts Sol Gel Synthesis of Doped ZnO Transperent Electrodes for Photovoltaic cells
Valal Dorit 2011 Abraham Marmur Abstracts Interfacial Tension in Liquid-Liquid Systems
Tomer Shiri 2011 Yoed Tsur Abstracts Highly Porous Anode for Application in Double Electrolyte Fuel Cell
Yarom-Reuveni Michal 2011 Abraham Marmur Abstracts The Kelvin Equation for Three-Phase Systems
Brook Irena 2011 Raphael Semiat, David Hasson (Deceased), Abstracts Characterization of Precipitation Potential of Low Solubility Salts in Seawater Concentrates
Bassal Rana 2011 Hossam Haick, Zaid A. Abassi, Abstracts Detection of Chronic Heart Failure by Breath Samples
Kostovetsky Alexandra 2011 Noah Galil (Deceased) Abstracts Evaluation of Energy Requirement as Influenced by the Level of the Primary Treatment Sedimentation
Moldavsky Alexander 2010 Raphael Semiat, Eyal Zussman, Abstracts Production of Hollow Fibers Membranes Using the Electrospining Process
Meirson Gleb 2010 Yachin Cohen, Raphael Semiat, Dmitry Rein, Abstracts Manufacturing of Polymeric Membrane by Melt Extrusion
Schur Ammon 2010 Raphael Semiat, Grigori Zelmanov, Abstracts A Model for Estimating the Crystal Size in a Single DTB Crystallizer
Belous Ayelet 2010 Moshe Narkis Abstracts Development and Characterization of Plasticized Polyamides by Fluid and Solid Plasticizers
Ben-Yehuda Maya 2010 Havazelet Bianco-Peled, Abstracts Development of Nanometric platform for the Delivery of Hydrophobic Compounds
Vinnik Elena 2010 Hossam Haick Abstracts Monitoring Chemotherapy Treatment of Lung Cancer via Exhaled Breath Using an Electronic Nose
Steckelman Yoav 2010 Avinoam Nir, Anthony Green, Abstracts On the Effective Permeability of Dry Fabrics during Liquid Composite Molding Processes
Ventura Irit 2009 Naama Brenner Abstracts Morphological Analysis of Cell Cycle in Yeast Populations
Binyamin Yair 2009 Gideon Grader, Gennady Shter, Abstracts Organically Doped Metals: Effect of Synthesis Route on Catalytic Activity
Abir Hadas 2009 Moshe Sheintuch Abstracts Atomistic Calculation of Activated Carbon Adsorption
Fuks David 2009 Gideon Grader Abstracts Highly Porous Ceramics Based on Foamed Suspensions
Goldis Leonid 2009 Moshe Narkis Abstracts Characterization of Structure-Property Relationships of Polyamide Blends
Galico Leon 2009 Raphael Semiat Abstracts Alternative System for Silt Density Index (SDI) Measurement
Rozen Yoav 2009 Havazelet Bianco-Peled Abstracts Studying Medical Sealant Based on Alginate and Phenol
Moses Nir 2009 Yachin Cohen Abstracts Fabrication and Characterization of Composite Polypropylene Fibers with Carbon Nanotubes
Ronen Avner 2009 Yachin Cohen, Dmitry Rein, Abstracts Electrospinning of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)
Byk Leonid 2008 Avinoam Nir, Olga Lavrentev, Abstracts Dynamics and Interaction of Bubbles in Taylor Vortices
Oizerovich Rachel 2008 Simcha Srebnik Abstracts Characterization of Interfacial Polymerization Membranes Using Molecular Simulation
Nakibli Yifat 2008 Rina Tannenbaum Abstracts Morphologic Design of Nanoalloys by Means of Kinetic Control
Holenberg Yulia 2008 Olga Lavrentev, Avinoam Nir, Abstracts Multiphase Dynamics of Visco-Plastic Media Interfacing Newtonian Fluids
Ronen Doron 2008 Daniel Lewin Abstracts An Algorithm for the Evaluation of Controllability and Dynamic Resiliency of Alternative Heat Exchanger Networks
Suckeveriene Ran 2008 Moshe Narkis Abstracts Development and Characterization of Nano-Composites Based on Monomer Polymerization in the Presence of Nano- Particles
Rachamim Sarit 2008 Raphael Semiat, David Hasson (Deceased), Abstracts Investigation of Scale Inhibition on RO Membranes by Trace Amounts of Zinc Ions
Yaron Nechemja 2008 Yaron Paz Abstracts SPM Studies of Self-Assembled Monolayers Adsorption on Silicon Dioxide and Titanium Dioxide
Batzon Meni 2008 Yaron Paz, Yehoshua Zeevi, Abstracts Blind Separation of IR Spectroscopy Signals
Pinhas Yosef 2008 Raphael Semiat, David Hasson (Deceased), Abstracts Study of Water Hardness Removal by Electrochemical Precipitation
Hammer Shir 2008 Moshe Narkis, Yachin Cohen, Abstracts Development and Characterization of Modified Rigid PVC Blends
Shturman Izhak 2008 Gideon Grader, Gennady Shter, Abstracts Preparation of Conductive Ceramic Films by a Sol-Gel Method
Yaakobovitz Barak 2008 Yoed Tsur Abstracts Development of Detection Methods for Line Edge Roughness
Ya'akobovich Avram 2008 Yoed Tsur Abstracts Formation of pn or pin Junction in Mixed Ionic-Electronic Conductor as a Result of Oxygen Activity Gradient
Radu Irina 2008 Raphael Semiat, David Hasson (Deceased), Abstracts Study of Pretreatment of Secondary Wastewater in Reverse Osmosis
Sokol Edith 2008 Rina Tannenbaum Abstracts Synthesis of Metal-Oxide Nanoclusters/Polystyrene Ionomer Composites and Their Interfacial Characterization
Esterlis Dennis 2008 Gideon Grader, Gennady Shter, Abstracts Preparation of Sol-gel Based Alumina Protective Coatings on Optical Substrates
Gozlan Nira 2008 Hossam Haick Abstracts Coverage Effect of Self-Assembled Polar Molecules on the Surface Energetics of Gold and Silicon
Schnabel Lubovsky Maya 2008 Yeshayahu Talmon Abstracts Direct Imaging of Reverse Threadlike Micelles in Non-Aqueous Systems
Filiba Eytan 2008 Naama Brenner, Daniel Lewin, Abstracts Transient Dynamics and Tradeoffs: Heterogeneous Populations in a Competitive Changing Environment
Segal Dovrat 2007 Yaron Paz Abstracts Preferential Photodegradation of Contaminants by Molecular Imprinting on a Photocatalytic Substrate
Stern Shay 2007 Naama Brenner, Erez Braun, Abstracts Genome-wide Transcriptional Plasticity Underlying Cellular Adaptation to Novel Challenge
Frisman Ilya 2007 Havazelet Bianco-Peled Abstracts Microstructural Characterization of Composite Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
Kabla Meni 2007 Gideon Grader Abstracts Enhanced Piezoelectric Film Properties Using Sol-Gal Derived PbTiO3 Seed Layers
Ram Mirit 2007 Yoed Tsur Abstracts Chemically and Thermally Induced Expansion in Simple Perovskites
Davidovich-Pinhas Maya 2007 Havazelet Bianco-Peled, Offer Harari, Abstracts Toward New Applications of Mucoadhesive Polymers
Nadler Rachely 2007 Simcha Srebnik Abstracts Molecular Simulation of polyamide Synthesis by Interfacial Polymerization
Makarsky Alona Lea 2007 Yeshayahu Talmon Abstracts Nanostructure of Novel Self-aggregative Block-copolymer and Surfactant Systems
Malkes Elena 2007 Yaron Paz, Dan Ritter, Abstracts Passivation of III-V Devices by Organic Self-Assembles Monolayers (SAMs)
Komlos Chagai 2007 Raphael Semiat, David Hasson (Deceased), Abstracts Detection of Fouling on Reverse Osmosis Modules by Residence Time Distribution Analyses
Granite Meirav 2007 Yachin Cohen Abstracts Interaction of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes with Polymers and Synthetic Polypeptides
Vilensky Mickheev Rita 2007 Yeshayahu Talmon Abstracts Nanostructural Characterization of Lipoplexes and Polyplexes
Urbant Polina 2007 Alexander Leshansky Abstracts Drops in Microchannels: Numerical Simulations
Shehter-Garkavyk Inna 2007 Yaron Paz, Yoav Livney, Abstracts Molecular Aspects of Cosolvent Effects on Volume Phase Transition in Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Solutions
Gurevitch Inna 2007 Simcha Srebnik Abstracts Molecular Simulation of Polymer Adsorption on CNTs in Organic Solvent
Tesler Alexander 2007 Daniel Lewin, Yoed Tsur, Abstracts Analysis of Impedance Spectroscopy Data Using Genetic Programming Methods
Manor Ofer 2006 Avinoam Nir, Olga Lavrentev, Abstracts Movement of a Drop due to a Point Source of Heat, with Account to Surface Viscosities
Raichman Yulia 2006 Yoed Tsur Abstracts Understanding the Nature of Inter-Nanoparticle Bonds in Agglomerates
Bialik-Rosenfeld Liat 2006 Avinoam Nir, Olga Lavrentev, Abstracts Thermocapillary Interaction between Drops Induced by a Chemical Reaction
Bittoun Eyal 2006 Abraham Marmur Abstracts Emulsions Stabilized by Colloidal Particles
Arad Alumah 2006 Moshe Sheintuch, Yachin Cohen, Abstracts Solubility of Respiratory Gases in Aqueous Solutions
Haimovich-Caspi Lilac 2006 Yeshayahu Talmon Abstracts Phase Transitions, Nucleation and Crystallization in Mixed- Lipid Model Bile Systems
Ratner Kornblau Inna 2006 Abraham Marmur Abstracts Spreading of Organic Liquid on Aqueous Solutions
Rossinsky Eddie 2006 Simcha Srebnik Abstracts Monte Carlo Simulation of Protein Folding in the Presence of Residue-Specific Binding Sites
Zabar Shiran 2006 Havazelet Bianco-Peled Abstracts Microstructure of Starch Derivatives
Moskovitz Yevgeny 2005 Simcha Srebnik Abstracts Stabilization of Surface-Immobilized Enzymes Using Grafted Polymers
Makarov Carina 2005 Yachin Cohen Abstracts The Structure of Composite Nanoparticles of Sol-gel Ceramics and Polymer
Rudzsky Inna 2005 Abraham Marmur, Itshak Beiran, Abstracts Tear Film Rupture
Goldgraber Ilanit 2005 Havazelet Bianco-Peled Abstracts Characterization of Thermo Responsive Polymer Systems in Aqueous Solutions
Kedem Shahar 2005 Yachin Cohen, Yaron Paz, Abstracts Composite Nano-Fibers for Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity
Shemer Guy 2005 Yaron Paz Abstracts Enhanced Photocatalysis Baesd on Biasing of Interdigitated Microelectrodes Made of Titanium Dioxide
Ilevicky Maya 2005 Raphael Semiat, David Hasson (Deceased), Abstracts Scale Inhibition by Trace Amounts of Metallic Ions
Greenberg Gal 2005 Raphael Semiat, David Hasson (Deceased), Abstracts Scale Control Techniques for Augmenting Water Recovery in Desalination Processes
Yassen Hanady 2005 Yoed Tsur Abstracts Hydrothermal Synthesis and Characterization of Doped and Un-Doped Nano-Sized Barium Titanate Powder
Zelikman Evgeni 2005 Moshe Narkis Abstracts Segregated Dispersion of Nano-Particles in Immiscible Binary Polymer Systems
Dassa Oded 2004 Yaron Paz, Dan Ritter, Abstracts The Effect of the Lattice Planes in III-V Semiconductors on their Passivation by Organic Self Assembled Monolayers
Klein Rinat 2004 Abraham Marmur, Zalman Weintraub, Abstracts Characterization of Pulmonary Surfactant with Throbbing (Clicking) Bubble
Levi Roni 2004 Yoed Tsur Abstracts Early Sintering Kinetics of Nano-Ceramics
Melman Yuri 2004 Yoed Tsur Abstracts Construction and Characterization of System for Electrical Measurement with Temperature Control
Cooper Hadas 2004 Moshe Narkis, Simcha Srebnik, Abstracts Development, Characterization and Simulation of Conductive Polyaniline/Polymer Blends for Sensing of Chemicals
Oss-Ronen Liat 2004 Yeshayahu Talmon Abstracts Nanoscopic Characterization of Self-Assembled Nanotubules of Lithocholic Acid in Water
Gimmelshtein Margarita 2004 Raphael Semiat Abstracts Investigation of the Flow Next to Membrane Wall
Konorty Marina 2004 Yeshayahu Talmon Abstracts Microstructural Aspects of Complexetion between DNA and Positively Charged Colloids
Kaminski Yelena 2004 Yaron Paz Abstracts Selective Photocatalysis Based on Molecular Recognition Sites Located at the Vicinity of Titanium Dioxide Substrates
Sheinman Roman 2004 Daniel Lewin, Simon Brandon, Abstracts Feedback Control of Bridgman Crystallization
Chen Ronen 2004 Naama Brenner Abstracts Dynamic Adaptation in Single Neuron Models
Halaui Rafi 2004 Abraham Marmur Abstracts Separation of Heavy Metal Precipitates from a Dilute Aqueous Suspension
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Dror Yael 1996 Yachin Cohen Abstracts Characterization of Poly (Ethylene Oxid)/poly (Acrylic Acid) Blends in the Solid State
Weiss Oded 1996 Ephraim Kehat Abstracts Prevention of Deliberate Misuse of Economic Evaluations In the Chemical Industry
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Schwartzman Aharon 1995 Gideon Grader Abstracts Effect of Calcination Temperture and Silver Doping on the Properite of Ybco Supercondo
Kazhdan Dmitry 1995 Leonid Pismen Abstracts Numerical Analysis of Eguations of Marangoni Convection
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Weitz Oren 1994 Daniel Lewin Abstracts Integration of Controllability Measures with Process Design
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Leshinsky Enna 1994 Aluf Orell (Deceased), Raphael Semiat, Abstracts Drop Motion through a Continuovs Phase in Liquid – Liquid Sy
Parizat Shimon 1994 Moshe Narkis Abstracts Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Systems
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Rapaport Hana 1993 Abraham Marmur Abstracts Capillary Phenomena in the Separation of Surfaces
Zury Limor 1993 Gideon Grader Abstracts Processing of Ultra-Fine Ceramic Powders by in-Sitv Polymeri
Klinger Mordehai 1993 Gideon Grader Abstracts Production of Ultrafine Ceramic Superconducting Powder by
Sadeh Dalit 1993 Ram Lavie (Deceased), Daniel Lewin, Abstracts Expert Automatic Operation of a Distillation Columm
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Keysar Shani 1993 David Hasson (Deceased), Joseph Yahalom, Abstracts Connosion Protection Cnanacteristico of Poround Coatimgo
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Fuchs Avraham 1992 Daniel Lewin, Abstracts Simulation and Robost Control of An Industrial Furnace
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Brusilovsky Miriam 1991 David Hasson (Deceased) Abstracts Flux Decline of Reverse Osmosis Membranes Foulfd by Sparingc
Kaplun )Levin( Alon 1992 Yeshayahu Talmon Abstracts Intermediate Structure in the Cholate Phosphatipylcholine System
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Bianco Havazelet 1991 Abraham Marmur Abstracts Gibbs Flastieity of a Soap Bubble
Shalom Miriam 1991 Yachin Cohen Abstracts Swelling of Gels Based on Copolymers of Acrylamide
Bar Meir 1991 Moshe Narkis Abstracts Peroxide and Radiation Modified Crosslinked Polymer Blends
Bar Sigalit 1991 Abraham Marmur Abstracts Centrifugal Seaimentaition of Red Blood Cells
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Haim Dror 1991 Leonid Pismen, Moshe Sheintuch, Abstracts Periodic and Chaotic Phenonena in Electrochemical Reactions
Kohav Gil 1990 Ephraim Kehat Abstracts Deveiopment of An Expert Systemfor Thernodinanic Properties
Danino Dganit 1990 Abraham Marmur Abstracts Kinetics of Capillary Penetration Into Paper
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