MSc Theses – Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Nehemia Saar 2023 Ido Kaminer Abstracts Resonances in Quantum Electron-Photon Interactions
Arnold Taub Tal 2023 Hossam Haick Abstracts Spectrally Selective Textiles for Indoor and Outdoor Personal Passive Radiative Heating and Cooling
Veksler Ruth 2023 Netanel Korin Abstracts A Microfluidic Model of Thrombotic Microangiopathy in Cerebral Micro-Vessels for Nano-Therapeutic Testing
Levy Eden 2022 Yuval Yaish Abstracts Electrical and Mechanical Coupling between Low Dimensions Materials
Rosner Tal 2022 Lilac Amirav Abstracts Tuning Semiconductor Nanorod Width for Enhanced Hole Extraction and Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution
Gal Reut 2021 Adi Radian Abstracts Nano-Armor for Atrazine Biodegrading Microbes
Golany Ziv 2021 Tamar Segal-Peretz Abstracts Dewetting of Polymer Films in Non-Solvent-Solvent Environment: New Approach for Polymer Patterning
Bessler Ron 2020 Elad Koren Abstracts Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Bilayer Graphene Interface
Shoyhet Hagit 2020 Noam Adir Abstracts Coupling photosystem II with Nano-Photocatalysts for Overall Water Splitting
Davidovich Irina 2020 Yeshayahu Talmon Abstracts The Study of Nanostructured Self-Aggregates by Cryogenic Electron Microscopy
Eshel Yoni 2020 Nadav Amdursky Abstracts Long Range Charge Transport Across Biological Materials: Measurements, Simulations and Applications
Kabha Ahmad 2020 Eyal Zussman Abstracts Biodegradable Drug-Eluting Device for Localized Treatment of Bladder Cancer cancer
Doron-Rahin Ossnat 2020 Shelly Tzlil Abstracts The Effect of Unfolding Kinetics of Bi-Stable Domains on the Propagation of Mechanical Signals in Biomaterials
Biran Idan 2019 Yeshayahu Talmon Abstracts Immuno-Gold Labeling in the Liquid Phase for Cryogenic-Temperature Electron Microscopy
Ber Emanuel 2019 Dan Ritter Abstracts Interface Traps Characterization in GaN Devices using UV Assisted Gated Van Der Pauw Measurements
Weissler Yonatan 2018 Shy Shoham, Inbar Brosh, Abstracts Realistic Simulation of Neural Excitation Through Nano-scale Effectsum
Khanonkin Igor 2018 Gad Eisenstein Abstracts Ultrafast Dynamics of Optical Gain Media Based on INAS/INP Quantum Dots
Harpaz Shlomit 2017 Dror Seliktar Abstracts Biosynthetic Material for Selective 3D Migration and Invasion of Biopsy Explants for Cancer Cell Characterization
Shomar Aseel 2017 Naama Brenner Abstracts Synaptic Size Dynamics as a Mesoscopic Biophysical Process
Gara Allaa 2017 Hossam Haick Abstracts Monitoring the Release of Volatile Organic Compounds from Single Cancer Cells
Nir-Shapira Maayan 2017 Yeshayahu Talmon Abstracts Cryo-EM Characterization of Mixed Lipid Bilayers Self-Assembly
Masis Sergei 2016 Eyal Buks Abstracts Diamond Magnetometry for Low-Temperature Applications
Porat Gilad 2016 Hossam Haick Abstracts Sensing of Carbon Dioxide in a Multi Component Environment
David Shlomit 2016 Yoav Livney Abstracts Potato Protein-Based Nanovehicles for Health-Promoting Hydrophobic Bioactives in Clear Beverages
Haritan Idan 2016 Nimrod Moiseyev Abstracts Effects of Hermitian and Non-Hermitian degeneracies on photo-induced dynamics of molecules
Homede Abo Jabal Ekhlas 2016 Hossam Haick Abstracts Printing Ultrasensitive Cross-Reactive Functional Sensors Array with a Single Droplet Containing Nanoparticles
Fliman Michael 2016 Marcelle Machluf Abstracts Use of Nanoghosts as New Contrast Agents for Early detection of Cancer
Schwartz Ortal 2015 Moran Bercovici Abstracts Microfluidic Assay for Continuos Bacteria Detection Using Antimicrobial Peptides and Isotachophoresis
Shabtay Keren 2015 Havazelet Bianco-Peled Abstracts Controlled Release of Hydrophobic Drugs from Nanocarriers Embedded in Hydrogels
Goren Emanuelle 2015 Yoed Tsur Abstracts Preparation Application and cCaracterization of a ReRAM Type Nonvolatile Memory Device Made of Oxide Nanoparticles
Bar Daniel 2014 Amit Meller Abstracts Diamond Like Carbon Films for Solid State Nanopores
Barak Michael Ravid 2014 Uri Sivan Abstracts Ionic Diode
Weinstein Eyal 2014 Marcelle Machluf Abstracts Developing Cell-Derived Vesicles as siRNA Delivery Vehicles for Cancer
Hollander Amit 2014 Dganit Danino Abstracts Development of Lipid Carriers for Drug Delivery
Bayn Alona 2014 Hossam Haick Abstracts The Study of Field Effect Transistors Based on Polycycle Aromatic Hydrocarbons for the Detection and Classification of Volatile Organic Compounds
Sweedan Amro 2014 Yachin Cohen, Sima Yaron, Abstracts Self Assembly of Single Wall Carbon Nanotube (SWNTs) Based on Genetically Engineered Fd Filamentous Virus
Nahor Oded 2014 Gitti Frey Abstracts Charge Transfer in Hybrid Photovoltaic Devices
Wing Dahvyd 2014 Nir Tessler, Avner Rothschild, Abstracts Selection and Optimization of Transparent Conducting Oxides for Electrodes in Polymer Solar Cells
Ben-Arye Tom 2014 Shulamit Levenberg Abstracts Single Cell Analysis in Nano-Liter Wells
Lellouche Alexandre 2013 Gilad Yossifon Abstracts Non-Linear Electrokinetic Phenomena in Asymmetric Nanochannels
Rozitsky Lichen 2013 Gilad Yossifon, Shulamit Levenberg, Abstracts Dielectrophoretic Characterization and Manipulation of Cells and Micro-/Nano-Particles
Dov )David( Netta 2013 Yoav Eichen, Nir Tessler, Abstracts Multi-Parameter Gas-Phase Sensing Using Organic Field Effect Transistors (OFETs)
Hojman Elad 2013 Alon Hoffman Abstracts Properties of Diamond CVD Films Deposited onto Surface Modified WC-Co Substrates
Issman Liron 2013 Yeshayahu Talmon, Benjamin Brenner, Anat Aharon, Abstracts Self-Assembly of cell Membrane Shed Microparticles: a Nanostructural Study by Novel Electron Microscopy Methodologies
Goldberg Michal 2013 Itamar Kahn, Shy Shoham, Abstracts In Vivo Multi Scale Functional Neural Imaging – Bridging between Nanoscopic and Mesoscopic Resolutions
Warshavski Omri 2013 Dvir Yelin Abstracts The Effect of Single Femtosecond Pulses on Gold Nanoparticles
Abramov Avraham 2012 Dvir Yelin Abstracts Multiple Channel Spectrally Encoded Endoscopy
Koifman Naama 2012 Yeshayahu Talmon Abstracts Nanostructure in Non-Aqueous Solutions
Nechayev Sergey 2012 Erez Hasman Abstracts Plasmonic Aharonov-Bohm Effect: Optical Spin as the Magnetic Flux Parameter
Inataev Naila 2012 Eitan Kimmel Abstracts Measuring Ultrasound-Induced Nanoscopic Membrane Deformations
Tepper Tal 2012 Uri Sivan Abstracts The Kinetics of Linear Polymerization of a Fixed Number of Identical Monomers
Haimov Boris 2012 Boaz Pokroy Abstracts On the Formation of Hybrid Organic/Liquid Metal Interfaces
Birman Daniel 2011 Eyal Buks Abstracts Hysteretic Response of Niobium-Based Direct Current Superconducting Quantum Interference Device with Microbridge Junctions
Barzilai Allon Sharon 2011 Eitan Kimmel, Jonathan Kuhn, Abstracts The Effect of Low Intensity Ultrasound on Mechanosensitive Channel in Escherichia Coli
Rabkin Tsvi 2011 Yuval Yaish Abstracts Influence of Dielectric/Nanotube Interface on Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors Charge Sensing
Muallem Merav 2011 Efrat Lifshitz, Yehuda Assaraf, Abstracts Development and Characterization of Nanocrystals for Biological Applications
Gryaznova Anna 2011 Efrat Lifshitz, Rina Tannenbaum, Abstracts Stability and Flow Study of Water-Soluble PbSe Semiconductor Nanocrystals
Fishler Ramy 2011 Uri Sivan, Yoram Reiter, Abstracts T-Cell Activation Studied by Patterned Alkanethiol Monolayers
Lamhot Yuval 2011 Mordechai Segev Abstracts Nanofluids Optical Interactions
Davidson Michael 2011 Hossam Haick, Zaid A. Abassi, Abstracts Detecting Acute Kidney Injury through Exhaled Breath Using Nanosensors Array
Mordechai Emanuel 2010 Yuval Yaish Abstracts Fabrication of Mechanical and Electrical Graphene-Based Devices
Oved Elad 2010 Yuval Yaish Abstracts Scanning Probe Microscopy of Graphene of Charged Substrates
Omer Liora 2010 Yeshayahu Talmon, Daniella Goldfarb, Abstracts The Study of Meso-Phase Formation Mechanisms by Cryo-TEM and EPR
Cherkes Ira 2010 Nimrod Moiseyev Abstracts Electron Relaxation in Quantum Dots by the Interatomic Coulombic Decay Mechanism
Gassman Aaron 2009 Eyal Zussman, Yuval Yaish, Abstracts Investigation of the Electrical Properties of Carbon Nanofibers with Embedded Carbon Nanotubes
Socolovsky Noga 2008 Shy Shoham Abstracts A Hydrogel-Based Nerve Regeneration Conduit with Nano-Scale Feature Control