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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Hadish Mohamed 2023 Aharon Gero Abstracts Characteristics of an Engineering Course that Combines Serveral Levels of Abstraction: Digital Systems and Computer Structure
Handelman Hadas 2023 Zehavit Kohen Abstracts Scaling Up Mathematical Modelling Instruction: Investigating the Impact of an Effective Professional Development Program for Leading Teachers
Khshiboon Marah 2023 Rinat Rosenberg-Kima Abstracts Evaluating the Effects of using Pair-Programming on Students' Motivation, Self-Efficacy and Learning Outcomes of High School Girls and Boys
Ryndin Moldovan Alina 2023 Ido Roll Abstracts The Impact of Exploration on Learning using Interactive Simulations
Cohen Liat 2023 Zehavit Kohen Abstracts Exploring Best-Instructional Practices within Mathematical Modelling Instruction
Oren Lavi 2023 Tali Tal, Nirit Lavie-Alon, Abstracts The Contribution of Citizen Science in an Outdoor Environment to Improving Achievement and Attitudes towards Science of Students from Low Socio-Economic Status
Essami Heba 2022 Aharon Gero Abstracts Students' Attitudes Toward Interdisciplinary Education Combining Science and Engineering: A high-School Course on Solar Cells
Wolfson Orli 2022 Ayelet Baram-Tsabari Abstracts Media Representations of Scientific Uncertainty During the COVID-19 Outbreak in Israel
Sinai Dafna 2022 Rinat Rosenberg-Kima Abstracts Students' Attitudes towards Social Robots as Motivating Learning Companions for Online Courses
Pshenichny Mamo Anna 2022 Dina Tsybulsky Abstracts Natural History Museums Educators' Conceptions on Integration of the Aspects of Nature of Science in Guidance
Ismail Arwa 2022 Dina Tsybulsky Abstracts Emotional Experiences and Emotional Resilience Among Arabic-Speaking STEM Teachers During the Covid-19 Crisis An Interpretive-Phenomenological Study
Levy Paola 2022 Einat Heyd-Metzuyanim, Talli Nachlieli, Abstracts Characteristics of Students' Explorative Participation While Playing Games Middle-School Mathematics Lessons
Cohen-Nissan Orit 2022 Zehavit Kohen Abstracts Effective PD Program that Prepares Mathematics Coordinators to Lead School-Based Teaching Teams PD Before and During the COVID-19 Period
Ginzburg Tamar 2022 Miriam Barak Abstracts Technology-Enhanced Inquiry-Based Learning: Facilitating Motivation to Learn Science Among Elementary School Students
Thomas Alfin 2022 Rinat Rosenberg-Kima Abstracts People's Perceptions Towards a Social Robot Tutor from a Theory of Mind Perspective
Gharra Badran Yasmin 2022 Zehavit Kohen Abstracts Mathematical Modeling: Classroom Integration Challenges, from Materials Design to Assessment and Teacher Training
Mark Eliya Nofar 2022 Tzipi Horowitz Kraus Abstracts Parental Reading Predicts Child Reading Ability Mediated by Executive Functions
Ganaiem Eman 2022 Ido Roll Abstracts The Effect of Sequencing Examples and Problems on Learning of Research Competencies
Aboelhija Donia 2022 Tzipi Horowitz Kraus Abstracts The Involvement of Switching/Inhibition in Word Decoding and Reading Comprehension-Connection in Children and Adults: An Extension of the Simple View Reading Model
Shlomov Yelena 2021 Tzipi Horowitz Kraus Abstracts Neurodevelopmental Effects of a Mindfulness and Kindness Curriculum on Cognitive Abilities in Preschool Children
Bodaker Liat Ester 2021 Rinat Rosenberg-Kima Abstracts Fostering Computational Thinking and Teamwork Skills Among Elementary School Pupils through Online Pair-Programming in Scratch
Atamly Nadine 2021 Dina Tsybulsky Abstracts Perceptions of Pre-Service Arabic Science Teachers about the Nature of Science and its Teaching
Peleg Tomer 2021 Zehavit Kohen, Ron Aharoni, Abstracts Who Moved my Triangle? Exploring the Effect of Practice in a Mathematics Laboratory on Pre- and in-Service Teachers Technological …
Akiri Ofer 2021 Igor Verner Abstracts Integrating the Subject of Adaptive Control in the Studies of Engineering Systems in High School
Shefet Barkae Hila 2021 Tali Tal, Nirit Lavie-Alon, Abstracts Do the Irises Still Flower? Learning Inquiry through Citizen Science
Romm Tal 2021 Igor Verner Abstracts An Approach to Introduce High School Students and Teachers to the Concepts of Robot Connectivity
Carrasco Romero Ximena 2021 Yehudit Dori Abstracts Online Assessment and Systems Thinking of STEM Educators and Students
Keren Lior 2021 Shulamit )Shu Kapon Abstracts Differences and Interrelations between Science and Engineering: Stereotypes and Experts' Perceptions
Almogi Maya 2021 Tzipi Horowitz Kraus Abstracts Change in Characteristics of Neural Networks Supporting Executive Functions Following an Executive Functions-Based Reading Intervention In Children with Dyslexia: …
Khalfin Fekson Victoria 2021 Tzipi Horowitz Kraus, Tomer Michaeli, Abstracts Creating Different Cognitive and Neurobiological Profiles in Typically Developing Children using a Nonparametric Approach: An fMRI Study
Sharkia Halima 2021 Zehavit Kohen Abstracts Flipped Classroom in Mathematics Education :Its Effect on Conceptual Understanding and Motivation Among Israeli Arab High-School Students
Saxena Arunika 2021 Shirly Avargil Abstracts Chemistry Teachers' Perceptions of Models and Students' Conceptual Models in the Context of Air-Quality Learning Unit
Wagner Yossef 2021 Shulamit )Shu Kapon Abstracts Engaging Low Achieving High School Students in Physics Inquiry: a Case Study
Yuan Shiran 2020 Miriam Barak Abstracts Innovation Cultivation among Higher Education Students from China and Israel via Project-Based Learning
Dahley-Zoabi Hafeeza 2020 Shirly Avargil Abstracts Choosing a Career in Chemistry among Students and Scientist in the Arab Sector
Piorko Ran 2020 Shirly Avargil Abstracts High School Student's Understanding of Molecular Representations in a Context-Based Chemistry Learning Environment
Saleh Abir 2020 Shirly Avargil, C.kerem Nogah, Abstracts The Examination of Professional Identity and its Characteristics and the Reflective Skill among Medical Students Participating in "The Capsule" Course
Varsano Merav 2020 Orit Herscovitz, Yehudit Dori, Abstracts Developing Online Assignments: Chemestry Teachers' Knowledge and Perspections
Shav-Artza Or 2020 Yehudit Dori Abstracts Chemistry-Related Careers in Industry – Chemists' and Chemical Engineers' Perceptions
Shlomo Itschak 2020 Aharon Gero Abstracts Development of Systems Thinking among Practical Engineering Students: Interdisciplinary Course on Medical Ultrasound Systems
Galkin Amit 2020 Yehudit Dori, Ayelet Fishman, Abstracts Project-Based Learning in Food Engineering: High Order Thinking Skills
Lukach Zafit 2020 Orit Hazzan Abstracts The Implementation of the Collective Impact Model in a Municipal Cluster: The Case of STEM Education
Glukhovsky Noam 2020 Tzipi Horowitz Kraus Abstracts White Matter Patterns Related to Reading Challenges and Executive Function Deficits in Children with Developmental Dyslexia: A Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study
Orenstein Doron 2020 Zehavit Kohen Abstracts Integrating Hi-Tech Related Authentic Problems in Secondary School Mathematics Teaching
Bronshtein Julia 2020 Orit Hazzan Abstracts Integrating Outstanding Students in Practical Engineering Education in Israel
Zoubi Kawther 2020 Ayelet Baram-Tsabari Abstracts The Quality of Scientific Information Available to Internet Users in Three Languages
Faris Ola 2020 Yehudit Dori, Orit Herscovitz, Abstracts Adapting and Implementing Online Assignments: Reflection of Pre-and In-Service Chemistry Teachers
Saad Doaa 2019 Igor Verner Abstracts Robotics Experimentation of Ninth Graders for the Development of Motivation to Study High School Physics
Porat Gilit 2019 Shulamit )Shu Kapon Abstracts Learning about the Meaning of Measurement in Physics through the Construction and Calibration of Measurement Devices-Exposing Conceptual Difficulties
Nachshon Ohad 2019 Tzipi Horowitz Kraus Abstracts Does Less Control Relate to Emotional Difficulties? Amygdala Lateralization Interacts with Reading, Emotional and Executive Function Difficulties
Walter Yuval 2019 Igor Verner Abstracts Learning Digital Design and Production through Cross-Age Mentoring
Dolev Avivit 2019 Orit Hazzan Abstracts Integration of Study and Work by Undergraduate Engineering Students at the Technion: Facilitating and Deterring Factors
Perez Villalobos Huberth Andres 2019 Igor Verner Abstracts Characteristics of Engagement in Learning through Design and Experimentation with Robotic Systems
Twait Emma 2019 Tzipi Horowitz Kraus Abstracts Exploring the Effect of Cognitive Control Interventions in Children using Neuroimaging Tools: The cases of Typically Developing and Psychiatric Population
Peretz Yochai 2019 Einat Heyd-Metzuyanim, Ronnie Karsenty, Abstracts Investigating Mathematics Teachers' Professional Development by Means of a Video Club in a Secondary School: A Case Study
Levi Vered 2019 Miriam Reiner Abstracts The Importance of Associations in Lexical Memory of an Unknown Language,and Examples of EEG Patterns of Three Participants During Encoding, Sorted by Levels of Recall
Bassat Nissim 2019 Igor Verner Abstracts Development and Evaluation of an Enrichment Course in Science-Rich Technologies for Middle School Students
Zuckerman Guy 2019 Miriam Reiner Abstracts Enhancing 3D Perception and Mental Rotation Task Execution of Elemantry School Children via Action Video Games Playing
Sabbah Soryna 2019 Einat Heyd-Metzuyanim Abstracts Integration of Arab Students at the Technion – Cultural Aspects and Mathematical Identity
Abraham Gershon 2018 Aharon Gero Abstracts Engineering Preparatory Programs: Students' Motivation and Academic Achievement
Bebar Remonda 2018 Michael Moore (Deceased), Miriam Reiner, Abstracts Diglossia and the Understanding of Science Concepts by Arab Junior High School Students Using Literary and Spoken Arabic
Tal Marina 2018 Yehudit Dori, Orit Herscovitz, Abstracts Assessing Knowledge Types of Pre- and In-Service Chemistry Teachers
Buri Boaz 2018 Igor Verner Abstracts Construction of Basic Knowledge in High School Mechanics through Integrative Learning of Physics and Mechatronics
Matathia Tor Hrisilda 2018 Yehudit Dori Abstracts Attitudes Toward STEM Teaching and Assessment Methods: Policy Makers and Teachers
Abuhatsira Eitan 2018 Michael Moore (Deceased), Miriam Reiner, Abstracts The Relationship Between Smartphone Use and Learning Achievement by Israeli High School Students
Catz Beto 2018 Aharon Gero Abstracts Characteristics of Problem Based Learning in an Electronics Laboratory Course: A Case Study
Abdalla Rana 2018 Yehudit Dori Abstracts Chemistry Teachers' Pedagogical Content Knowledge, Assessment Knowledge and Challenges in Teaching the Energy Topic
Garah Lulu 2017 Miriam Reiner Abstracts Implicit Vs. Explicit Physics Knowledge: Brain responses to naive concepts on the motion of the pendulum
Benishay Dan 2017 Orit Hazzan Abstracts Management Style of High School principals with Experience in the High-tech industry
Yamin Netanel 2017 Aharon Gero Abstracts Characteristics of a Basic Electrical Engineering Course that Incorporates "Real-World" Examples
Segal Nir 2017 Miriam Reiner Abstracts Consolidation of motor memory in a motor task and mathematical task,with theta neurofeedback
Rizowy Brian Isaac 2017 Yehudit Dori Abstracts Affective Aspects of a Flipped Classroom: Mathematics for Computer Science Undergraduate Students at MIT
Weingarden Merav 2017 Einat Heyd-Metzuyanim Abstracts Professional Development for Explorative Mathematics Instruction
Asakly Doris 2017 Ayelet Baram-Tsabari Abstracts Expressions of Scientific Literacy in the Social Media: The Case of Fluoridation of Drinking Water in Facebook Discussions in Hebrew
Cohen Hagit 2017 Orit Hazzan Abstracts Recruiting process in high-tech Israeli companies: The interview phase
Shini-Jaraisy Amal 2016 Yehudit Dori Abstracts The Effect of Technology-Eenhanced Learning Environment in Chemistry on Middle and High School Students` Learning Outcomes
Weisman Anat 2016 Miriam Barak Abstracts Location-Based Learninhg as a Mean for Expressing Creativity among Preservice Science Teachers
Danino Ofer 2016 Aharon Gero Abstracts High-School Course on Engineering Design: Enhancement of Students' Motivation and Development of Systems Thinking Skills
Levy Eliahu 2016 Abraham Berman Abstracts Ways and Strategies, Using Mathematics, to the Heart of Youth at Risk
Kachalov Ruth 2016 Orit Hazzan Abstracts Professional Training of Ultra-Orthodox Women towards their Work in the Israeli High-Tech Industry
Kalif Keren 2016 Orit Hazzan Abstracts Perceptions of College Students and Lectures of the Preferred Reference Materials Used during the Basic Programming Exam: Implementations and Recommendations
Shwartz Gabriella 2016 Orit Herscovitz, Yehudit Dori, Abstracts Science Teachers' Perceptions and Concerns towards Implementing Technology-Enhanced Learning Environment in Junior and High Schools
Abu Salman Issam 2016 Miriam Reiner Abstracts Cognitive Performance after Neurofeedback training of Upper alpha: Changes in Mental Rotation Abilities
Raz Or 2016 Abraham Berman Abstracts Advancing Students in Calculus through Learning Workshops
Bursky-Tammam Nina 2015 Miriam Reiner Abstracts The Power of Words: The Role of Verbalization in the Learning of Physics
Bar El Yael 2015 Ayelet Baram-Tsabari Abstracts Characteristics of Science News Coverage in Israel
Harris Alva 2015 Boris Koichu Abstracts Teaching Practices of Novice Mathematics Teachers as a Reflection of their Perceptions about what a Good Lesson is
Rothnitsky Irina 2014 Igor Verner Abstracts Directing Robotics Education in Primary School to the Development of Learning Skills – A Case study
Daniel Lilian 2014 Tali Tal Abstracts Towards Education for Sustainability in an Arab School in Israel – A Case Study
Shehadey-Mubariki Salwa 2014 Abraham Berman Abstracts Integrating Beautiful Mathematical Problems Related to the Curriculum in Teaching Mathematics
Zach Efrat 2014 Aharon Gero Abstracts Interdisciplinary Program in Electro-Optics: Pupils' Attitudes and Development of Systems Thinking Skills
Kallir Meyrav Maya 2014 Ayelet Baram-Tsabari Abstracts Skills and Perceptions of Students Participating in a Science Communication Course
Elkine Yulia 2014 Boris Koichu Abstracts Learning Mathematical Principles through Problem Solving by High Achieving Middle School Students and Pre-Service Mathematics Teachers
Abed Rana 2013 Yehudit Dori, Orit Herscovitz, Abstracts Fostering Teachers and Students Scientific Literacy and Academia-Community Relations via BASHAAR Website
Kardosh Ruba 2013 Igor Verner Abstracts Integration of Mathematics Learning in Middle School Science-Technology Projects A Case Study
Watted Abeer 2013 Tali Tal Abstracts Inquiry-Based Laboratories in Arab Middle Schools in Israel: Teachers' and Students' Perceptions
Apanasenko Svetlana 2013 Tali Tal, Avigail Barzilai, Abstracts Instructional Videos as a Pre-lab Activity in Bio-Chemistry for Undergraduate Students
Nekritch Tatyana 2013 Igor Verner, Rachel Sebba, Abstracts Fostering Visual Literacy and Aesthetic Perception through Practice in Geometric Design and its Application to Creative Work
Arba David 2012 Shlomo Waks, Orit Hazzan, Abstracts Values and Ethical Considerations among High School Students: Comparison between Students Majoring in Technological and Scientific Subjects and Students Majoring in…
Miedzinski David 2012 Orit Herscovitz, Yehudit Dori, Abstracts Perceptions and Self-Efficacy of Physic Teachers who Mentor Inquiry-Based Projects
Zoabi Wishah 2012 Aharon Gero Abstracts Animation Based Learning of Electronic Devices: Practical Engineering Students Case
Khoury Katy 2011 Tzvia Kaberman, Yehudit Dori, Abstracts Teaching, Learning and Assessment of Non-Cognitive Skills among Undergraduate Medical Students
Magid Stella 2011 Tali Tal, Yael Kali, Abstracts How to Make the Topic of Inheritance More Relevant to Students? The Effect of a Web-based Module
Jiris Tamar 2011 Miriam Barak, Yehudit Dori, Abstracts Integrating Animated Movies into Science Education in Elementary Schools and their Effect on Students' Learning Outcomes
Nasser Nihal 2011 Orit Herscovitz, Yehudit Dori, Abstracts Teaching Case Studies and Adapted Scientific Articles in Bilingual Learning Environment
Drucker Doron 2009 Igor Verner, Tanchum Weller, Abstracts Development of Mechanical Literacy throughout the Engineering Science Discipline: A Case Study
Hussein-Farraj Rania 2009 Miriam Barak Abstracts Computerized Molecular Modeling as Means for Enhancing Students' Understanding of Protein Structures and Function
Trotskovsky Elena 2009 Shlomo Waks, Orit Hazzan, Abstracts Engineering Thinking according to Experts and Students: Theory, Implementation and Pedagogy
Sherman-Kolker Sofia 2009 Orit Hazzan, Irit Hadar, Abstracts Computer Science students Perceptions of Human Aspects of Software Engineering
Taub Hanoch 2009 Igor Verner Abstracts Development and Evaluation of Method for Electronic Studies by Building Sensors and Manipulating Robots
Kogan Arthur 2008 Miriam Barak Abstracts Students in the Information Age: Their Perceptions about the Use of Advanced Technologies in Teaching and Learning
Israeli Shai 2008 Orit Herscovitz, Michael Moore (Deceased), Abstracts Integrating Learning Skills' Courses in Engineering College – Characteristics and Students' Perceptions
Shalata Rudaina 2008 Miriam Barak Abstracts The Transition from a Teacher to a Mentor: Science and Technology Teachers' Perceptions about the Role of Mentors in the Arabic Sector
Zarytsky-Vashuk Katrin 2008 Miriam Reiner Abstracts Physics Learning and Sensory Interaction: The Case of Kinematics and Dynamics
Mara'e Haj Nareman 2008 Shlomo Waks Abstracts Learning Complex Technological Subjects in Hypermedia-Based Environment
Abdu Hisham 2007 Miriam Reiner Abstracts Heuristics for Decision-Making in Virtual Reality, Based on Visual and Haptic Cues
Marjieh Catherine 2007 Yehudit Dori Abstracts Assessing the Learning Environment of Computerized Case-based Laboratory of High School Chemistry Students
Avital-Levi Orit 2007 Mordechai Frank, Avigail Barzilai, Abstracts Developing, Implementing and Researching a Teaching Assistants Training Program in the Technion
Stolin Yulia 2006 Orit Hazzan Abstracts On the Understanding of Soft Ideas in Computer Science: The Case of Programming Paradigms
Be'eri Avital 2006 Miriam Reiner Abstracts Choosing Authentic Problems by Learners as Leveraging Meaningful Learning
Sleiman-Bahous Manal 2006 Reuven Lazarowitz Abstracts The Investigation of Learning Environment and the Instructional Methods of Biology in 9th Grade in Arab and Jewish Schools in Israel
Di-Nur Nirit 2006 Luli Stern Abstracts Examining 10th Grade Students' Conceptions Regarding the Mechanism of Natural Selection during the Course of Instruction – A Case Study
Buchbinder Orly 2006 Orit Zaslavsky Abstracts Counter Examples in Mathematics: Generation Processes and Modes of their Use
Duek Oshra 2006 Luli Stern, Michael Moore (Deceased), Abstracts Characterization of Middle School Students' Conceptions of the Nature of Science and their Relationship to Attitudes towards Science-Using Original Instruments
Eidelman Larisa 2006 Orit Hazzan Abstracts Gender and Sector-Based Analysis of Israeli High School Computer Science Studies
Kedmi Yarden 2006 Tali Tal Abstracts Decision Making and Value Judgment of Students Studying "Tresures of the Sea – Use and Abuse" Module
Levy Yacov 2005 Michael Moore (Deceased) Abstracts The Effect of a Course for Principals on the Building Process and Quality of Time Tables
Roshu Yochanan 2005 Shlomo Waks Abstracts Simulation and Lab Practice in Learning Electronics Systems in Junior High School
Zimmerman Ifat 2005 Luli Stern Abstracts Using a Novel Protocol for the Development of Assessment Tasks that Diagnose Understanding of Biological Evolution
Steiner Laura 2005 Tali Tal Abstracts Patterns of Teacher-Museum Stuff Relationships: School Visits to the Educational Center of a Science Museum
Teif Mariana 2005 Orit Hazzan Abstracts Junior High-School Students' Perceptions of Object Oriented Basic Concepts
Hagay Galit 2005 Luli Stern Abstracts High School students' Conceptions Related to Speciation and Common Descent
Shpigler Shabtai 2005 Miriam Reiner, Ido Erev, Abstracts Aspects of Decision Making and Skill Development in Touch-Typing Learning
Tanhum-Zodik Iris 2004 Orit Zaslavsky Abstracts Characteristics of Mathematics Tutoring in an Informal Setting: A Case Study of an Engineer
Fishbein Shay 2004 Shlomo Waks, Jacob Shragai, Abstracts Evaluation of Interdisciplinary Learning in Science and Technology
Hochberg Nurit 2004 Tali Tal Abstracts Metacognitive Skills of Students Participating in WISE Project
Kfir Niv 2004 Uri Leron Abstracts NLink: Web Based Application for Reducing the Cognitive Load of Hypertext Navigation
Argaman )Cohen( Sarit (Sara) 2003 Tali Tal Abstracts Characteristics of Mentoring "Ecotop"-Inquiry Projects by Environmental Studies Teachers
Jaliff Revital 2003 Shlomo Waks Abstracts Capability of Assimilating System Concepts and Characteristics among Junior High School Students – Case Study
Sela Hagit 2003 Michael Moore (Deceased) Abstracts A Survey of Drug-Abuse Prevention Programs in High Schools
Ben-Ami Vered 2003 Michael Moore (Deceased) Abstracts Myths in Education
Hershko Eyal 2003 Igor Verner Abstracts High School Graduation Projects in Robotics – Contents, Learning Processes, and Assessment
Kaberman Zvia 2003 Yehudit Dori Abstracts Higher Order Thinking Skills of Chemistry Students Studying the Case-Based Computerized Laboratory Program
Chen Yaffa 2003 Michael Moore (Deceased) Abstracts High School Principals' Managerial Perceptions and Their Tolerance of Ambiguity
Aharoni (Yagoda) Anat 2002 Orit Hazzan Abstracts Understanding of Entities and Their InterRelationships in the Design of Databases by Software Engineering "Handassaim" Students
Abed Abir 2002 Yehudit Dori, Tali Tal, Abstracts Cognitive and Affective Aspects of Bilingual Teaching/ Learning of Science by Using Case Studies among High School Arab Students
Cohen Monika 2002 Eli Raz, Michael Moore (Deceased), Abstracts Causes of Perseverance and Dropout of Students participating in Extra-Curricular Courses at a Science Enrichment Center – a Case Study
Peled Bruria 2002 Orit Hazzan Abstracts Conception of Data Structure "Array" by "Handassaim" Students Learning Software Engineering
Shauli Sofia 2002 Nitza Barnea, Luli Stern, Abstracts The Effect of a Computerized Simulation on Middle School Students' Understanding of the Particulate Nature of Matter
Levin-Peled Rachel 2001 Shlomo Waks Abstracts Aspects of Imparting Information-Handling Skills, by Science and Technology Teachers via Computerized Assignments
Tachnai Ronit 2001 Orit Zaslavsky Abstracts Problem Posing in Mathematics – Pupils' Ways of Coping with the Task
Kolberg Eli 2001 Igor Verner, Shlomo Waks, Abstracts Case Study: "Real Time Systems and Robotics" as a High School Subject-Aspects of Integrating Technology in School Curriculum
Baratz Robert 2001 Miriam Reiner Abstracts Changes in the Characteristics of Arguments on Problem Solving by Science and Technology Students
Aroshas Shmuel )Shuki( 2000 Abraham Berman Abstracts Mathematical Problems That Can Be Used to Identify Gifted Students
Nitecki Orit 2000 Gedalyahu Manor, Shlomo Waks, Abstracts Factors Influencing Choice of Trend in Israeli High-School ((Case Study)
Dror Yehudith 2000 Abstracts Cooperative Learning Tasks on "Nutrition" Using the Sts Approach in 9th Grade
Zamir Smadar 2000 Orit Zaslavsky Abstracts Understanding the Connections Between the Graph of a Function and the Graph of Its Derivative
Rabinovich Tamara 2000 Ehud Bar-on, Michael Moore (Deceased), Abstracts Training of Automatic Motoric Skill
Maor Sarah 2000 Abstracts The Effect of Integrating Design Problems on Attitudes and Achievements in Math Course of Architecture Practical Engineers
Thimor Eliana 2000 Abstracts Learning Tasks in Biology in the Internet and Library: Achievements and Creativity of Middle School Students
Sela Hagit 2000 Orit Zaslavsky, Uri Leron, Abstracts Changing the Scale on the Axes as a Springboard to Rethinking the Notion of Slope
Tsaushu Masha 1999 Yehudit Dori Abstracts Teaching/learning and Assessing Biotechnology Topics through Case Studies with Built-in Dilemmas
Spivak Rita 1999 Abstracts Nutrition and Dieting: Perceptions of Adolescent Girls
Rafalovitz David 1999 Shlomo Waks Abstracts Formative Evaluation of the Assimilation Process of a Science and Technology Course in Junior High School Teachers
Shemi Arnon 1999 Shlomo Waks Abstracts Assembler Mistakes 8 Misconceptions of Technical College Students in a Micro Computer Course
Sagie Yafa 1999 Abstracts Model Perception Concept Among Science Major High School Students
Bloch Ilit 1999 Reuven Lazarowitz Abstracts Awareness of Social Dilemmas While Teaching Genetics Amongst High School Biology Teachers
Barak Miriam 1999 Abstracts High School Student's Model Perception and Understanding Of Spatial Structure of Organic Compounds
Shehadeh Shehadeh 1999 Miriam Reiner Abstracts Understanding the "Quantum" Concept by Advanced Physics Students
Meir Yael 1999 Abstracts Sts Approach in Science Education – Literature Review and Learning Unit in "Nutrition"
Mador Gadi 1999 Abstracts Analysing Science and Technology Teachers' Opinions About Laboratory Teaching Methods
Gershoni Raya 1999 Yehudit Dori Abstracts Science Teachers' Perception of the Nature of Matter At the Phenomenon, Particle and Symbol Levels
Sabag Nissim 1998 Shlomo Waks Abstracts The Effect of Integrating Examples from Electronics on Learning Achievements in Mathematics
Doppelt Yaron 1998 Moshe Barak, Shlomo Waks, Abstracts Learning and Creative Thinking in Science and Technology Projects
Argaman Irit 1997 Shulamith Eckstein (Deceased) Abstracts Guidance of Teachers in the Use of Analogies as a Tool in Science Education
Ron Gilla 1997 Orit Zaslavsky Abstracts Counter-Examples in Mathematics – How Students Understand Their Role
Frank Mordechai 1997 Shlomo Waks Abstracts Evaluating Utcomes of An Engineering Curriculum ((Communication Engineers at the Technion) .
Koral-Kordova Sigal 1997 Ayala Cohen (Deceased), Yehudit Dori, Abstracts Development and Implementation of a Statistical Process Control Module
Wagner-Gershgoren Iris 1997 Reuven Lazarowitz Abstracts Choices and Preferences of Topics in Biology by High School Students
Schechter Zvi 1997 Shlomo Waks Abstracts Teaching Technology Based on Projects Method
Khalil Mahmood 1997 Reuven Lazarowitz Abstracts Teaching "Microorganisms" in a Sts Mode in 9th Grade
Albert Zivit 1997 Reuven Lazarowitz Abstracts Teaching by Intervention Mode the "Water" Topic in the 7th Grade and Learning Achievements
Grotas Isaac 1996 Yehudit Dori Abstracts Using Concept Mapping of Acid Rain Topic in Chemistry Teaching
Ophir Shulamit 1996 Michael Moore (Deceased) Abstracts Developing Tools for the Assessment of Mass Mathics Project
Hadashi Rinat 1996 Uri Leron Abstracts Interdisciplinary Aspects of Computer Science
Lavy Ilana 1996 Uri Leron Abstracts Teaching Tenth Grade Mathematics Via Isetl Programming
Dermer Galit 1996 Abraham Berman Abstracts Seeing Mathematics – a Study Program in a Way of Focused Computer Inquiry Compatible with the Standards Document
Paz Tamar 1996 Uri Leron Abstracts High School Computer Science for "Gemer" Students: Processes of Learning and Teaching
Dickman Nomy 1996 Michael Moore (Deceased) Abstracts Sociometric Status, Satisfaction with School and Academic Achievement in a Military Boarding School
Herscovitz Orit 1996 Yehudit Dori Abstracts Academic Achievements and Question Posing Skill in Teaching the "Quality of Air Around Us" Topic by The Jigsaw Method
Zaslavsky Tatyana 1996 Orit Zaslavsky, Michael Moore (Deceased), Abstracts Teachers' and Prospective Teachers' Knowledge of Probability And Teaching Probability
Kozhevnikov Maria 1996 Shulamith Eckstein (Deceased) Abstracts Children's Conceptions About Projectile Motion: Effect of Age, Cognitive Levels, Gender, and Country of Origin.
Sarid Dalia 1996 Yehudit Dori, Reuven Lazarowitz, Abstracts Teaching Sequence, Concept Mapping and Students' Achievement in Genetics for 9th Grade
Abu-Elhaiga Adnan 1996 Yehudit Dori Abstracts The Effect of Incorporating Studyware in Science Teaching/ Learning on Particulate Model Understanding and Class Environment for Seventh Grade Students
Cooper Amira 1995 Shmuel Avital (Deceased) Abstracts Integration of the Historical Developmentof Mathematics in Mathematics Teaching in the High Schoole Using Individual Reading.
Charir Shlomo 1995 Shmuel Avital (Deceased) Abstracts The Pupils' Standpoints Towards Mathematics in Relation To Combined Lessons Talmud-Mathematics
Razer Galante Michal 1995 Ehud Bar-on Abstracts An Object Oriented Graphic Environment for Problem Solving
Eshach Haim 1995 Menachem Finegold (Deceased), Miriam Reiner, Abstracts Discussion in Class as a Reflection of Change in Student's Concepts of Optical Images
Berkov Anat 1995 Michael Moore (Deceased) Abstracts An Evaluation of the Mass-Mathics Project
Dozortsev Julia 1994 Shmuel Avital (Deceased) Abstracts Teaching the History of Mathematics to Secondary School
Boner Michal Yehudit 1994 Moshe Barak, Eliahu Eisenberg, Abstracts Imparting Awareness to Consumerism Proper Use and Safe
Leikin Roza 1994 Orit Zaslavsky Abstracts Implementation of a Cooperativelearning Method in Math
Yaroslavsky Orly 1994 Yehudit Dori, Reuven Lazarowitz, Abstracts Group Instruction of the Cell Unit and Qth Graders
Azriel Chalom 1994 Michael Moore (Deceased), Shlomo Waks, Abstracts Hl-School Pupils'reasons for Studying Electronics Vs Physics
Bahalul Hana 1994 Shmuel Avital (Deceased) Abstracts Teaching the Concept Rate of Change as An Attribut of a
Vaisman-Alul Shulamit 1994 Nitsa Movshovitz-Hada Abstracts Effects of Paradox Resolution Activity on Concept Formation
Lapidot Tamar 1993 Uri Leron Abstracts Educational Aspects of Concurrent Programming Languages
Hayer Ilana 1993 Ehud Bar-on Abstracts Project Oriented Problem Solving
Albert David 1993 Shlomo Waks Abstracts Characteristics of a Curriculumfor Practical Engineering
Barnea Nitza 1993 Yehudit Dori Abstracts Development and Implementation of a Cai Module on Polymers
Levita Asia 1993 Michael Moore (Deceased) Abstracts Developing Geometrical Thimkingin Early Childhood
Avishay Smadar 1992 Reuven Lazarowitz Abstracts Teacher Impact on Students' Choice on Learning Chemistry
Amir Peli 1992 Ehud Bar-on Abstracts Typology of Errors in Problem Solving with the Spreadsheet
Menuhin Asaf 1992 Michael Moore (Deceased), Jacob Shragai, Abstracts Problem Solving in Technological Subjects
Winicki Greisy 1992 Shmuel Avital (Deceased) Abstracts Impact of Historical Problems on Students Attitude and Achie
Bar Yoseph Hanna 1992 Reuven Lazarowitz Abstracts The Development of the Concept of Life as Held by Elementr
Tzur Ron 1992 Nitsa Movshovitz-Hada Abstracts Assessing Mathematics Learning of Non College-Bound Students
Anton Caesar 1992 Reuven Lazarowitz Abstracts The Identification of Exempiary Practices in Biology Classro
Levy Dalit 1992 Uri Leron Abstracts Metaphors in Computer-Science Teaching
Nachshon Michal 1992 Reuven Lazarowitz, Michal Shemesh, Abstracts Teaching/learning in a Thematic Mode "the Biological Effects and Uses of Ionizing Radiation" Case Study And Creativity of 11th Grade Students
Posen Karen 1992 Ehud Bar-on, Rachel Orbach, Abstracts Intelligent Tutoring System Forenhancing Logical Thinking
Hazzan Orit 1991 Uri Leron Abstracts Application of Computer Science Ideas in Presentation of
Himelbrand Shlomo 1991 Shlomo Waks Abstracts Testing Reading Comprehension in Technical English
Rosner Shmaryhu 1991 Shlomo Waks Abstracts Didactic Characteristics in Modular Learning of Computer
Romem Abraham 1990 Jacob Shragai Abstracts Development of Study Design Machinvision Its Application
Erlich Edna 1990 Michal Shemesh Abstracts Effects of Ipr Workshop on Councellors for Adults Occupatio
Navon David 1990 Jacob Shragai Abstracts The Connection Between Logo Programming and Problem Solving
Soffer Ran 1990 Jacob Shragai Abstracts Modular Norm-Referenced Tests for Students of Various Level
Shriki Atara 1990 Nitsa Movshovitz-Hada Abstracts ""Five:Five" a Program to Promote the Participation of Girls
Aboaf Lazar 1990 Jacob Shragai Abstracts Integrated Training Program for Workshop Instructors
Bar-Shalom Hary 1990 Jacob Shragai Abstracts Review Technician Study Programconforming Industrial Needs
Harel Henry 1990 Jacob Shragai Abstracts Study of Required Skills for Practical Engineers in the Army
Ben Yoash Nizza 1989 Shmuel Avital (Deceased) Abstracts Using Exploratory Problems in the Classrodm as a Means
Mahagnee Asad 1989 Azriel Evyatar (Deceased) Abstracts At Titudes and Achievement in Mathematics
Welicker Miriam 1988 Michal Shemesh, Reuven Lazarowitz, Abstracts Relationships Between Mastery of Formal Reasoning Patterns
Kvidin Hani 1988 Michael Moore (Deceased) Abstracts Learning Climate of 11 12 Arad Graders Stadying Chemistry
Decalo Moshe 1988 Shlomo Waks Abstracts Misconceptions of Pupils in Switching Theory