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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Plaut Shahar 2024 Avi Shpigelman Abstracts The Effect of Pressure on Protein-Flavonoids Interactions and the Kosmotropic Effect of Sugars
Zur Yehonatan 2024 Marcelle Machluf Abstracts Development of Regenerative Therapy Platforms based on ECM Derived from Different Tissues
Bamany Shay 2023 Marcelle Machluf Abstracts Spike-NanoGhost as a Safe and Potent Immunization Platform againtst COVID-19
Betker Amir 2023 Marcelle Machluf Abstracts Development of Immunotherapeutic Nano-Ghosts as a Cell-Free Nanometric System for Breast Cancer Treatment
Sabach Omer 2023 Yechezkel Kashi Abstracts The Rise of the Sourdough: Genome-Scale Metabolic Modeling-based Approach in Designing Sourdough Starter Microbial Communities
Skarbianskis Niv 2023 Amit Zeisel Abstracts Preeclampsia on a Single-Cell Scale – from Transcriptome to Molecular processes
Gurevich Daniel 2023 Yosef Maruvka Abstracts Distinct Features of the Chromosomal Unstable Tumors Compared to Genomic Stable Tumors
Arazi Yael 2023 Ayelet Fishman Abstracts Improving the Stability of the Enzyme Lipase T6 in a Wide pH Range for the Synthesis of Biodiesel
Shagidov Dayana 2023 Esther Meyron Holtz Abstracts Low Levels of Serum Ferritin Caused by a Light Chain Ferritin Mutation
Lajterer Carolina 2023 Uri Lesmes Abstracts Advanced In Vitro Digestion Modeling: Development of a Sex-based Model and Application to Study Animal and Plant Protein Proteolysis
Shomrat Nadav 2023 Yechezkel Kashi Abstracts Study of QTLs Effecting Ethanol Tolerance in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Shani Guy 2023 Yosef Maruvka Abstracts Finding Genes and Pathways Correlating with Tumor Morphology in Colorectal Cancer Utilizing Convolutional Neural Networks
Attal Inbal 2023 Esther Meyron Holtz Abstracts The Effect of Targeted Deletion of IRP1 or IRP2 on Iron Homeostasis in Murine Renal Glomeruli
Schwarzbaum Yoav 2023 Sima Yaron Abstracts Profiling Antibiotic Resistant Burkholderia in Tetracycline Treated Soil
Ben David Maayan 2023 Uri Lesmes Abstracts The Impact of Carrageenan on the Proteolysis of Meat Proteins: Insights from In Vitro Digestion Model Coupled to Proteomic Analyses
Lin Yuexi 2023 Ester H. Segal, Dekel Shilo, Abstracts 3D-Printed Bioactive Composite Scaffolds Combining Porous Silicon for Bone Regeneration
Lankry Hodaya 2023 Ayelet Fishman Abstracts Developing a Fermentation Process for a Recombinant Potato Protein Patatin
Peled Stav 2022 Yoav Livney Abstracts Oligosaccharide-Lactoferrin Particles for Selective Targeting of Proteins to Probiotic Bacteria in the Colon
Shapira Or 2022 Avi Shpigelman Abstracts The Effect of Catechin and Anthocyanin Structure on the Stability and Antioxidant Activity as a Function of Pressure in Purified and Multi-Component Models
Merhav Reut 2022 Sima Yaron Abstracts The Antimicrobial Activity of URS Peptides
Vershkov Bela 2022 Maya Davidovich-Pinh Abstracts Development of Bigel Formulation as Laminating Fat
Bitan Aviad Moshe 2022 Yoav Livney Abstracts Studying the Relations between the Composition of Bovine Milk Protein of Individual Cows and the Main Functional Properties Essential for the Production of Dairy Products
Galperin Leonid 2022 Boaz Mizrahi Abstracts Effect of Chirality and Molecular Weight on Mechanical Properties and Drug Release from Liquid PEG4-PLA Copolymers
Navon Noa 2021 Roee Amit, Yoav Shechtman, Abstracts Development of Fluorescent Repressor Operator System (FROS) Based on LexA for DNA Labeling in Live Cells
Shevach Adi 2021 Esther Meyron Holtz Abstracts The Role of the Iron Storage Protein Ferritin in Iron Distribution in the Kidney: Focusing on the Glomerulus
Yang Zhiyun 2021 Ka Yin Leung, Sima Yaron, Abstracts Identification of Novel Type III Secretion System Effectors in Edwardsiella Anguillarum ET080813
Cohen Lital 2021 Yoav Livney, Yehuda Assaraf, Abstracts Development of Novel Selectively Targeted Multifunctional Nanostructured Lipid Carriers for Prostate Cancer Treatment
Shimkin Shaked Hilla 2021 Uri Lesmes Abstracts Studying the Emulsifying and Antioxidant Properties of Maca-based Fractions and their Impact on Emulsion Digestive Fate
Borkum Talya 2021 Ester H. Segal Abstracts Diagnostic System for Rapid Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing of Clinical Samples
Reinhardt Nuphar 2021 Amit Zeisel Abstracts Identifying Gene Expression Changes Governing Fear Conditioning using Single-Cell Transcriptomics
Cohen Sari 2021 Yuval Shoham Abstracts Analysis of the Alternative Sigma Factor System Q15/RsgI5, in Clostridium Thermocellum
Szpinak Litvack Veronica Meita 2021 Sima Yaron Abstracts Salmonella's Survival Profiles in Pasteurized Tahini
Zaknoon Fadia 2020 Amram Mor Abstracts Plasma Potentiation Against Gram-Negative Bacteria
Samui Tias 2020 Maya Davidovich-Pinh Abstracts Development and Characterization of Bigel System Based on Hydrogel and Oleogel
Mukha Dina 2020 Omer Yehezkeli Abstracts Enzyme-Based Photoelectrochemical System for Electrical Power Generation
Pozdnyakov Igor 2020 Amram Mor Abstracts Erythromycin Potentiation Against Gram-Negative Bacteria
Moskovicz Veronica 2020 Boaz Mizrahi Abstracts Dynamics of Skin Microbiome upon B. Subtilis Formulation Challenge
Haykin Natan 2020 Amram Mor Abstracts Structure-Activity Relationships of Lipopeptide-Like Rifampin Potentiators
Zahran Sharbel 2019 Marcelle Machluf Abstracts Development of Electrospun Extracellular Matrix-Based Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
Ashkar Areen 2019 Maya Davidovich-Pinh Abstracts Designing Functional Foods with Controllable Lipid Digestion Based on Olegelation Mechanism
Nephomnyshy Ina 2019 Maya Davidovich-Pinh Abstracts Development and Characterization of Zein-Based Emulsion Gels for Edible Oil Structuring
Frechtel-Gerzi Roni Hai 2019 Sima Yaron Abstracts Microbial Differences Between Organically and Conventionally Grown Lettuce
Rozenblit Boris 2019 Boaz Mizrahi Abstracts A New Volatile Antimicribial Agent-Releasing Patch for Preserving Fresh Foods
Cohen Roni 2019 Roee Amit Abstracts Understanding Regulation of Translation through RNA Structure and Investigating Regulatory Synthetic Long Non-coding RNA(slncRNAs)
Tarazi Riess Hila 2019 Uri Lesmes Abstracts Evaluating the Impact of Physiologically Digested Carrageenan on the Human Gut Microbiome Composition and Short Chain Fatty Acid Production
Chirug Libi 2019 Avi Shpigelman Abstracts The Mechanisms of Flavonoids-Pectin Interactions: Effects of Flavonoids Structure and pH
Katzav Hadas 2019 Avi Shpigelman Abstracts Thermal and High Pressure Assisted Gelation of Potato Protein Isolates: Rheological and Fnctional Properties
Harris Limor 2018 Maya Davidovich-Pinh Abstracts Structuring Edible Oils using Mixture of Medium-Chain and Very Long-Chain Saturated Fatty Acids
Lufton Maayan 2018 Boaz Mizrahi Abstracts Living Bacteria in Thermo-Responsive Gel for Treating Fungal Infections
Zheleva Mariya 2018 Sima Yaron Abstracts The Role of T3SS and the Flagella of Salmonella Enterica Serovar Typhimurium in its Survival on Plants
Raz Nitzan 2018 Ester H. Segal Abstracts Selectiven Functionalization of Porous Si Nanostructures
Haimov Yuri 2018 Ester H. Segal Abstracts Optical Characterization of Bacteria Interactions with Micro-Structured Surfaces
Hershkovits Ayelet Sarah 2018 Amram Mor Abstracts Targeting Staphylococcus Aureus Virulence using a Membrane-Active lipopeptide
Ifraimov Ekaterina 2018 Yechezkel Kashi Abstracts Tool Development for Genetic Improvement of S.Cerevisia
Shavit Lee 2018 Sima Yaron Abstracts The Effect of Surfactin on Salmonella Typhimurium Attachment and Biofilm Formation
Givaty Katz Tom 2018 Marcelle Machluf Abstracts Developing Cell-Derived Nano-Vesicles as a Drug Delivery Vehicle for RNA Interference Therapies
Davidesko Ilil 2018 Ayelet Fishman Abstracts Enzyme Mediated Crosslinked Zein for Food Applications
Seifert Adi 2018 Yoav Livney Abstracts Vehicles for Targeted Delivery to Probiotics in the Human Gut Microbiome
Tomsov Alexey 2018 Roee Amit Abstracts Using Synthetic Biology to Investigate and Utilize the Human Skin Microbiome
Chmelnik Oleg 2018 Yuval Shoham Abstracts Protein Engineering of BETA-Xylosidase from GH Family 52 for Efficient Synthesis of Xylooligosaccharides
Romano Alon 2018 Yuval Shoham Abstracts Characterization of Metagenomic Gene Clusters Involved in Biomass Degradation
Ofek Tal 2018 Sima Yaron Abstracts Post Transcription Regulation of AvrA from Salmonella Enteritidis by the Regulator CsrA
Faygenboim-Ornai Rotem 2017 Yuval Shoham Abstracts Structure-Function Relationships of Bacterial Metallo- Aminopeptidases
Sharabi Sion 2017 Avi Shpigelman Abstracts Effect of Ultra-High Pressure Homogenization on Vitamins Stability and Anti-Oxidative Properties of Milk
Shalom Luxenbu Hagit 2017 Marcelle Machluf Abstracts Exploring the Nano-Ghosts Diagnostic Potential:Towards Theranostic Applications
Omar Rawan 2017 Boaz Mizrahi Abstracts Amphiphilic Star PEG-Camptothecin Conjugates for Intracellular Targeting
Meir Ohad 2017 Amram Mor, Uri Cogan, Abstracts Characterization of C14KKc12K: A Miniature Bactericidal Lipopeptide with Anti-Biofilm Properties
Alexandra Ereskovsky 2017 Marcelle Machluf Abstracts Developing Cell-Derived Nano-Vesicles as a Drug Delivery Vehicle for Lipophilic Drug
Kelmansky Regina 2017 Boaz Mizrahi Abstracts Development of Neat Bioadhesives
Cohen-Avni Sharon 2016 Dganit Danino Abstracts Self-Association Behavior and Nanostructure of the Protein K-casein
Stuemler Tanya 2016 Esther Meyron Holtz Abstracts The Effect of Heparanase Overexpression on Iron Metabolism
Massuri Keren 2016 Boaz Mizrahi Abstracts Light-Triggered Self-Assembled System
Levy Lior 2016 Roee Amit Abstracts Reconstructing and Discovering New O54 Regulation Mechanisms in a High Throughput Manner
Magid-Gold Inbar Haya 2016 Esther Meyron Holtz Abstracts Regulation of iron uptake and metabolism in renal epithelia
Linetsky Alexander 2016 Yechezkel Kashi Abstracts The genetic origin of biotype 3 in Vibrio vulnificus
Vaknin Inbal 2016 Roee Amit Abstracts Novel Frontier in Gene Regulation via Expression of T7 Bacteriophage RNA Polymerase in Yeast
Croitoru-Sadger Tsuf 2016 Boaz Mizrahi Abstracts Polymersomes Based on Low Molecular Weight Multi-Armed PEG-PCL
Jammal Joanna 2015 Amram Mor Abstracts Sensitization of Gram-Negative Bacteria to Rifampin
Goldberg Keren 2014 Amram Mor Abstracts Molecular Basis for OAK Synergy with Antibiotics Targeting Gram-Negative Bacteria
Friedman Aya 2014 Roee Amit Abstracts Design and Characterization of a Fluorescent Protein-based imaging System for RNA in Live Cells
Ruiz-Rodriguez Paulina 2014 Uri Lesmes Abstracts Characterization of Pickering O/W Emulsions Stabilized by Silica Nanoparticle and their Responsiveness to in Vitro Digestion Conditions
Soudah Abou Atta Bernadette 2014 Ayelet Fishman Abstracts Use of Formaldehyde-Degrading Bacteria for Bioremediation of Industrial Wastewater and Resins
Marjieh Ibrahim 2014 Amram Mor Abstracts Bacterial Capture by Oligo-Acyl-Lysines
David Tatyana 2014 Uri Lesmes Abstracts Impact of Electrostatic Deposition of Anionic Polysaccharides on Lactoferrin during Simulated Human Gastro-Duodenal Conditions
Katsman Marina 2014 Sima Yaron Abstracts Identification and Characterization of New Type III Secretion System (T3SS) Effector Proteins in Salmonella Entrica Serovars
Sand Andy 2013 Yuval Shoham Abstracts Regulation Analysis of Cellulose Utilization Genes by Alternative SIGMA Factors in Clostridium Thermocellum
Levinson Yonatan 2013 Yoav Livney Abstracts Soybean and Milk Protein Nanoparticles for Protecting and Delivering Vitamin D as a Model Lipophilic Nutraceutical
Yizhar Barnea Ofer 2013 Ben-Zion Levi Abstracts Interferon Regulatory Factor 8(IRF8) Lineage Specific Expression in Myeloid Cells
Haham Michal 2012 Yoav Livney Abstracts Stability and Bioavailability of vitamin D Nanoencapsulated in Casein Micelles
Richter Hadas 2012 Eyal Shimoni Abstracts Ultra High Temperature (UHT) Aggregation of Hydrolyzed Soy Protein Isolates (SPI)
Kaneti Galoz 2012 Yechezkel Kashi Abstracts Stationary Phase Mutations in the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Radetsky Irina 2012 Eyal Shimoni Abstracts Combined Encapsulation for Enhanced Bioavailability of Curcumin
Krepker Maksym 2011 Ester H. Segal Abstracts Development and Characterization of Optical Biosensors for Detection of Organophosphorus-Containing Compounds
Kaplun Zoya 2011 Eyal Shimoni Abstracts Developing a Continuous Process for Encapsulation of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Starch Complexes
Bachar Michal 2011 Dganit Danino Abstracts Development of B-Casein Nano-Capsules for Oral Delivery
Goldfeder Yair 2011 Amram Mor Abstracts Experimental Conditions that Enhance Potency of Antibacterial Oligo-Acyl-Lysyls
Kadosh Inbal 2011 Sima Yaron Abstracts The Correlation between Microbial and Biochemical Characteristics of Raw Milk and the Yield of Cheese Production
Markman Gilad 2011 Yoav Livney Abstracts Maillard-Reaction-Based Compounds as Nanovehicle for Enrichment of Clear Beverages with Hydrophobic Nutraceuticals
Shivinsky Anna 2011 Marcelle Machluf Abstracts Tailoring PLGA Delivery Systems for Glioma Cancer Stem Cell Like Cells
Lupu Yael 2011 Marcelle Machluf Abstracts Development and Characterization of a Bioactive Ceramic Scaffold Conjugated with PLAG Particles for Bone Tissue Engineering
Schlisselberg Dov 2010 Sima Yaron Abstracts Characterization of the pHD1 Plasmid of Salmonella enterica Serovar Virchow
Kisiliak Renata 2010 Yoav Livney Abstracts The Mechanisms of Thermal Stabilization of Proteins by Sugars in Aqueous Solutions
Livne Liran 2010 Amram Mor Abstracts OAK and Antibiotic Combination Effects on Antibacterial Activity
Alterzon Sharon 2010 Yechezkel Kashi Abstracts Studying the Genetic Variation in Uropathogenic E. Coli Using SSR and Box Repeats
Albert Elinor 2010 Ben-Zion Levi Abstracts Identification and Characterization of PML as a CML Tumor Suppressor Gene Using a Murine Model
Kovachi Tchelet 2010 Amram Mor Abstracts Structure-Activity Relationships of Acyl-Lysine Oligomers
Zeidman Kalman Tal 2010 Ester H. Segal Abstracts Development of Nanostructured Porous Silicon/Hydrogel Hybrids: Towards Cell-based Biosensors
Gottlieb Yehonatan 2009 Esther Meyron Holtz Abstracts Orientation and Localization of Heme-Oxygenase in Macrophages
Salzmann Nir Izhak 2009 Eyal Shimoni Abstracts Development of a Dry System for Oral Delivery of Insulin
Weiss Avital 2009 Esther Meyron Holtz Abstracts Characterization of a 28kDa Form of Heme Oxygenase-1 in Mouse Macrophages
Derry Netta-Lee 2009 Ayelet Fishman Abstracts Biocatalytic Synthesis of Chiral Sulfoxides and Epoxides Using Toluene Monooxygenases
Nin-Nun Ofra 2009 Joseph Miltz, Amram Mor, Abstracts The Use of Peptides in Antimicrobial Films for Packaging of Pastrami
Cohen Yotam 2009 Yechezkel Kashi Abstracts Identifying Locations of RNA polymerase II along the Genome in Stationary-phase Cultures of the Yeast S. cereuisiae, under Various Stress Conditions, Using a ChIp-on-
Hirshberg Netta 2009 Ayelet Fishman Abstracts Utilization of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for production of Valuable Chemicals
Avigad Ornit 2009 Ben-Zion Levi Abstracts The Effect of Human NRAMP1 Promoter Polymorphism on Transcriptional Activity
Ram Sigal 2009 Ben-Zion Levi Abstracts The Role of Interferon Regulatory Factors 8 (IRF-8) in Regulating Innate Resistance to Intraphagosomal Pathogens
Khalfin Yana 2009 Ben-Zion Levi Abstracts The Role of PML in the Differentiation and Function of Bone Marrow Macrophages
Dolkinshtein Margarita 2009 Yuval Shoham Abstracts The Partial Genome Sequence of Geobacillus Stearothermophilus and Characterization of its Acetylxylan Degrading Enzymes
Zimet Patricia 2009 Yoav Livney Abstracts Milk Protein Based Nano-Vehicles for Omega 3-Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids
Savion Orly 2009 Esther Meyron Holtz Abstracts Iron Homeostasis in Cell Models for Intestinal Inflammation
Ehelich Sharon 2009 Ben-Zion Levi Abstracts Characterization of the Interaction between ICSBP and Miz-1
David Liat 2009 Esther Meyron Holtz Abstracts Establishing a Model of Erythrophagocytosis with in vivo Generated Senescent Erythrocytes
Pinhassi Roy 2008 Yoav Livney, Yehuda Assaraf, Abstracts Nano-Sized Polymer-Drug Conjugates for Targeted Delivery and Target-Activated Release of Anti-Cancer Drugs
Shpigelman Avi 2008 Yoav Livney Abstracts Mechanisms of Saccharide Effect on PNIPA Behavior in Aqueous Media as a Model for Water-Saccharide- Protein Systems
Daniel Naama 2008 Chaim Mannheim (Deceased), Uri Cogan, Hadassa Zuckerman, Abstracts Texture Properties of Colloidal Poultry Meat System, Modified by Vagetable Proteins and Polysaccharides
Shragai-Vollach Tamar 2008 Joseph Miltz, Yoav Livney, Abstracts Development and Characterization of Antimicrobial Films for Packaging of Pastrami
Margolis Moran 2008 Dganit Danino Abstracts Self-Assembly-Activity Relationship Study of the GTPase Dynamin-1
Bashan-Hadas Ravit 2008 Chaim Mannheim (Deceased), Uri Cogan, Abstracts Effect of Dietary Fibers and Sugar Substitutes on Texture, Nutritional and Organoleptic Properties of Chocolate
Semyonov David 2008 Eyal Shimoni Abstracts Dry Microencapsulation and Enteric Coating of Probiotic Bacteria
Lapidot Anat 2008 Sima Yaron Abstracts The Role of Biofilm Formation in the Attachment, Survival and Resistance of Salmonella Typhimurium on Parsley
Mizrachi Roey 2008 Amram Mor, Yuval Shoham, Abstracts Expression of Antimicrobial Peptides from the Dermaseptin Family in Escherichia Coli by Gene Fusion
Iliassafov Lubov 2007 Eyal Shimoni Abstracts Loss of Crispness in Frozen Pre-fried Foods and Methods for Improvement
Semo Efrat 2007 Yoav Livney Abstracts Casein Micelle as a Natural Nano-Capsular Vehicle for Nutraceuticals
Feingersch Roi 2007 Ayelet Fishman Abstracts Protein Engineering of Toluene Monooxygenases for Synthesis of Chiral Sulfoxides
Porat Yaara 2007 Amram Mor Abstracts Antimicrobial Peptides and Peptidomimetics for Controlling Oral Microflora
Grimpel Yael 2007 Yuval Shoham Abstracts Clonning, Expression and Biochemical Characterization of Acetylxylan Estrases from Geobacillus stearothermophilus T-6
Raz Nili 2007 Yechezkel Kashi Abstracts Development of Rapid Methods for Monitoring Vibrio cholerae in Endemic Areas
Nechooshtan Ram 2007 Yuval Shoham Abstracts Characterization of Regulatory Elements of the Cellulase System in Clostridium thermocellum
Ron Nadav 2007 Yoav Livney Abstracts Beta Lactoglobulin as a Nano-Capsular Vehicle for Hydrophobic Nutraceuticals
David Keren 2006 Marcelle Machluf Abstracts Ultrasound for the Delivery of Genes to Suspended Cells: Design and Characterization
Ben-Shalom Lior 2006 Sima Yaron Abstracts MAR (Multiple Antibiotic Resistance) Phenotype Regulation in Escherichia coli and Salmonella
Wolf Hila 2006 Eyal Shimoni Abstracts The Effect of type III Resistant Starch Crystallite Structure on its Prebiotic Properties
Zarbiv Gabriel 2006 Marcelle Machluf Abstracts Tissue Engineering of Blood Vessels: Improvement of Cell Adhesion and Characterization of Polymer Immunogenicity
Berkovitch Yulia 2006 Yuval Shoham Abstracts Structural Elements in Lipase T6 that Affect Hydrolysis of Triglycerides at the sn-2 Position
Shufrin Marina 2006 Uri Cogan, Shmuel Yannai (Deceased), Abstracts The Effect of Physical and Biochemical Treatments on the Allergenic Activity of Milk Proteins
Ben Shoshan Einav 2006 Dganit Danino Abstracts Association Behavior of Beta-casein
Langut Yael 2006 Yuval Shoham Abstracts Characterization of XylR, the Repressor of the Xylanolytic System in Geobacillus stearothermophilus T-6
Marynka Keren 2006 Amram Mor Abstracts Structure Activity Relationship of Acylated Dermaseptin S4 Derivatives
Feider Tatyana 2005 Shmuel Yannai (Deceased), Uri Cogan, Abstracts The Effect of Physical Treatments on the Allergenic Activity of Peanut Proteins
Rosenbaum-Dekel Yifat 2005 Ben-Zion Levi Abstracts L-VEGF and its Cleavage Products: Intracellular Localization and Initial Characterization of Biological Activity
Raikin Shira 2005 Yuval Shoham Abstracts Isolation and Characterization of Bacterial Lipases with Unique Activity
Shazman Asher 2005 Shimon Mizrahi, Uri Cogan, Abstracts Examining for Possible Non-Thermal Effects in the Microwave Oven
Chefetz Ilana 2005 Yuval Shoham, Ishak Neeman (Deceased), Abstracts The Antioxidant Activity of Rhus coriaria Fruit Extracts
Rydlo Tali 2005 Amram Mor Abstracts Antimicrobial Peptides in Food Model Systems: Structure- Activity Relationships Studies
Ziserman Lior 2005 Dganit Danino Abstracts Relationship between Rheological Properties and Nanostructure in Mixed Micellar Surfactant Systems
Shimoni Karin 2005 Dganit Danino Abstracts Nanoscopic Characterization of the Interaction between Nonionic Amphipilic Block Copolymers and Nonionic Surfactants in Aqueous Solutions
Souli Einat 2005 Shmuel Yannai (Deceased) Abstracts Effect of Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C) on Prostate Cancer Cells in Vitro and in Vivo
Dvir Addie 2005 Marcelle Machluf, Moshe Flugelman, Abstracts Tissue Engineering of Blood Vessels Based on Acellularized Collagen Matrix
Netz Meital 2005 Yuval Shoham, Ishak Neeman (Deceased), Moshe Werman, Abstracts AGEs' inhibition by AGEs-breakers
Michael Inbal 2005 Eyal Shimoni Abstracts Molecular Nanocapsules for Protection and Controlled Release of Anticarcinogenic Fatty Acid
Liezerson Shirly 2004 Eyal Shimoni Abstracts Effects of Ohmic Heating on the Quality of Orange Juice
Fuchs Alisa 2004 Ben-Zion Levi Abstracts Cellular Localization and Expression Pattern of the Amino Terminus of L-VEGF in Normal and Tumor Tissues
Reisner Maya 2004 Uri Cogan, Moshe Werman, Assaf Sukenik, Abstracts The Effect of Cylindrospermopsin from Aphanizomenon ovalisporum on Several Biochemical Pathways in Mice
Shilovitzky Orit 2004 Shmuel Yannai (Deceased), Moshe Werman, Abstracts Long-Term Fructose Consumption: Presence of Advanced Glycation Endproducts, Oxidative Stress and Renal Function
Dinevich Nonna 2004 Uri Cogan, Fuad Fares, Marcelle Machluf, Abstracts Effect of medicinal plant extracts on proliferation of prostate cancer cells
Kertesz Rosenfeld Karin 2004 Shmuel Yannai (Deceased), Moshe Werman, Abstracts The Influence of Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) on Cells in Culture
Dakwar Suha 2004 Uri Cogan, Arieh Bomzon, Abstracts Characterization of the Biological Activity of Medicinal Plant Extracts of Pistacia palaestina and Teucrium polium
Baumzweig Ayelet 2003 Uri Cogan, Yuval Shoham, Abstracts Protein Engineering in Xylanase T-6: Thermostability and Activity Improving
Kedar Tamar 2003 Yechezkel Kashi Abstracts Diversity in Extrachromosomal DNA Species in Several Rhodococcus Erythropolis Strains
Shafat Itay 2003 Yechezkel Kashi Abstracts Biochemical Characterization of cpn60 and cpn10 from Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Dimentov Anna 2003 Eyal Shimoni Abstracts Development and Characterization of Food Grade Enteric Coating
Scheinman Eyal 2003 Ben-Zion Levi Abstracts Factors Affecting the Transcription of VEGF
Kimeldorf Merav 2003 Hadassa Zuckerman Abstracts The Effect of Underwater Shock Waves on the Properties of b-Lactoglobulin
Batheesh Saleh 2003 Shimon Ulitzur (Deceased) Abstracts Isolation and Identification of Non Luminescent Marine Bacteria Producing the Auto Inducer of Vibrio Fischeri
Gleit Merav 2002 Ben-Zion Levi Abstracts The Role of Protein-Protein Interactions for the Biological Activity of the IRF's
Diamant Eran 2002 Yechezkel Kashi Abstracts Polymorphism in Microsatellite Sequences in E. coli Genome
Eitan Yuval 2002 Yechezkel Kashi Abstracts Development of Methods for Analysis of Genomic Polymorphism, and Their Application to Domestic Chickens
Anunu Rachel 2002 Ben-Zion Levi Abstracts Characterization of the Factors Affecting VEGF's IRES Activity
Rolider Adi 2002 Yuval Shoham Abstracts The Expression of the Cellulosomal Genes from Clostridium thermocellum in a Continuous Culture
Cohen Tali 2002 Ben-Zion Levi Abstracts Characterization of the Interaction between ICSBP and Trip15
Rabinovich Larisa 2002 Yuval Shoham Abstracts Cloning and Characterization of Aminopeptidases from Bacillus subtilis and Streptomyces griseus
Atias Nurith 2002 Moshe Werman Abstracts The Effect of Long-Term Consumption of Various Sugars on Age-Related Parameters in Rats
Meiron Moran 2001 Ben-Zion Levi Abstracts The Role of the Open Reading Frame in the 5'UTR of VEGF Regulation
Brodzky Orit 2001 Moshe Werman Abstracts The Effect of Fructose and its Derivatives on DNA under In Vitro and In Vivo Conditions
Goodman Uzi 2001 Chaim Mannheim (Deceased) Abstracts The Effect of An Oxygen Scavanging Packaging Film, Combined With Modified Atmosphere, on the Quality of Sliced Luncheon Meats
Gancz Hanan 2001 Yechezkel Kashi Abstracts The Influence of Molecular Chaperones on the Process of Protein Folding and Aggregation
Kolog Gulko Mirit 2001 Yuval Shoham Abstracts Biochmical Characterization of an Intracellular Xylanase from Bacillus Stearothermophilus T-6
Naveh Einat 2001 Ishak Neeman (Deceased), Moshe Werman, Abstracts Avocado Dietary Fiber: Characterization and the Effects on Growth Parameters and Cholesterol Concentrations in Rats
Segev Orit 2001 Shmuel Yannai (Deceased), Michal Green, Abstracts Combined Process for the Removal of Nitrates and Herbicides from Water
Ampel Meirav 2001 Shmuel Yannai (Deceased), Nitsa Mirsky, Abstracts Prevention of Lipid Oxidation Damage in Diabetes Mellitus through the Use of Chromium Compounds
Getzler Ziva 2001 Zeki Berk (Deceased), Abstracts Characterization of Gluten Dough Viscosity by Capillary Viscometry
Chertkow Yael 2001 Yuval Shoham Abstracts Hetrologous Expression of Cellulosomal Subunits from Clostridium thermocellum in Bacillus subtilis
Yehiely Rachel 2000 Yuval Shoham Abstracts Biochemical Characterization of Cel I From Clostridium Thermocellum
Cohen Helit 2000 Abstracts Interaction Between Icsbp and Trip15 – Possible Link Between Signal Transduction by Interferons and the Signalosome
Parizer Batya 2000 Abstracts Loaded and Coated Microporous Powders
Gur-Arie Riva 2000 Yechezkel Kashi Abstracts Evaluation of Polymorphism in Microsatellites Dna Sequences in the Genome of E. Coli
Valfer Eran 2000 Abstracts The Role of Edible Films Hydrophobicity in Determinig Their Oxygen and Water Vapor Permeability
Zaide Galia 2000 Abstracts Biochemical Characterization of Alpha-Glucuronidase from Bacillus Stearothermophilus T-6
Ziv-Raz Iris 2000 Yuval Shoham Abstracts Methyltransferases Involved in the Formation Of Methyl Chavicol and Methyl Eugenol in Sweet Basil (Ocimum Basilicum L.)
Ziskind Anna 2000 Abstracts Influence of Some Natural Compounds on Metabolic Elements In Human Skin Fibroblasts
Kizhner Tali 2000 Abstracts Long-Term Consumption of Various Sugars: Morphological and Biochemical Changes in the Rats' Kidney
Kalati Osnat 2000 Uri Cogan, Carlos Dosoretz, Abstracts Neutralizing of Reactive Oxygen Species (Ros) by the White Rot Fungus Phanerochaete Chrysosporium
Somer Lilach 2000 Yechezkel Kashi Abstracts Gene Expression of Cct Subunits in Yeast, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Lache Orit 1999 Abstracts Characterization of Spice Extract. Effect on Staphylococcus Aureus and Helicobacter Pylori
Megzal Faiga 1999 Uri Cogan Abstracts Binding Affinities of Flavors to Beta-Lactoglobulin
Cohen Cyrille 1999 Yechezkel Kashi Abstracts The Role of Heat Shock Proteins (Hsp) in the Development And the Immunization of Adjuvant Arthritis Disease
Kedmi-Nachshon Maya 1999 Abstracts Determination of Proteolytic Activity in Milk Using Luminous Bacteria
Nesher-Aridor Merav 1999 Abstracts The Relation Between the Structure and Properties of Polyethylenes
Ben-Israel Haggit 1999 Shimon Ulitzur (Deceased) Abstracts Development of a Bioassay for Escherichia Coli 0157:h7 Using Bacteriophages Carrying Luxab
Katz Iftah 1999 Shimon Mizrahi Abstracts The Use of Fluorescence Probes in Polymer- Surfactants Systems
Ben-Zaken Cohen Sigal 1999 Abstracts The Relationship Between Chromium Concentrations in the Body Fluids and Carbohydrate Metabolism
Bar Achiam 1999 Abstracts Phase Transition and Changes in Physical Properties of Hydrophobic Hydrogels During Drying
Milo Hadas 1998 Moshe Werman Abstracts The Effect of Copper Deficiency on Hepatic Fructose Metabolism in Rats
Tehan-Arcusin Yael 1998 Moshe Werman, Ishak Neeman (Deceased), Abstracts Ostrich Abdominal Fat: Fatty Components Characterization And Stability to Oxidation
Kadim Daphna 1997 Yair Margalit, Chaim Mannheim (Deceased), Abstracts Extraction of Wood Components During Wine Aging in Barrels
Koren Belly 1997 Ben-Zion Levi Abstracts The Characterization of Protein-Protein Interactions Between Icsbp and the Irf Family of Proteins
Hashmueli Sharon 1997 Yechezkel Kashi Abstracts The Role of the Eukaryotic Chaperonin Cct in Folding and Assembly of Ty1 Virus-Like Particles in Yeast
Mararo David 1997 Ben-Zion Levi Abstracts The Characterization of Heterodimerization Among the Irf Family
Grinberg Gihoh 1997 Ishak Neeman (Deceased) Abstracts Isolation and Characterization of Antioxidant from Spice Plant
Levy Boaz 1997 Moshe Werman Abstracts The Effect of Various Dietary Sugars on Aging Parameters In Rats
Jonas Levi Adi 1997 Ishak Neeman (Deceased) Abstracts Cactus Flower as a Natural Compound for Inhibition of 5-Alpha Reductase and as An Antioxidant
Lavie Osnat 1997 Yechezkel Kashi Abstracts The Role of the Groel Chaperone in Protein Folding
Litvin Svetlana 1996 Joseph Miltz, Chaim Mannheim (Deceased), Abstracts Dehydration of Carrots by a Combination of Several Methods
Ben-Yoseph Eyal 1996 Shimon Mizrahi Abstracts Optimization of Thermal Process for High-Value Food Products
Youditsky Elena 1996 Ishak Neeman (Deceased) Abstracts Lysyl Oxidase Inhibitor from Avocado Seed Oil and Its Effect On Metabolism of Some Components of Connective Tissue
Shulami Smadar 1996 Yuval Shoham Abstracts Dna Sequencing and Characterization of the B-Xylosidase Operon from Bacillus Stearothermophilus T-6
Abramov Amnon 1996 Shimon Mizrahi Abstracts Stability of Enteric Coated Ascorbic Acid in Aqueous Phase
Abbo Hila 1996 Ishak Neeman (Deceased) Abstracts Inhibition of Helicobacter Pylori by Plant Extract In Vitro and in Vivo Experiments.
Nahari Dorit 1996 Ben-Zion Levi Abstracts The Promoter of Vegf: Analysis and Effect of Cytokines And Hypoxia
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